Best Military Banks and Credit Unions

Military members and their families have a unique banking needs. For example, it’s not uncommon for military members to travel frequently, relocate, work irregular hours, live overseas, maintain multiple official addresses in the course of a year, etc. All of this can make banking difficult, at least, if you don’t use a military financial institution. […]

USAA Blogger Conference

Last month I was invited (along with about 20 other military and financial bloggers) by USAA to a military and financial blogger event in San Antonio. (As a full disclosure, the event was sponsored and paid for by USAA, and took place at their headquarters building in San Antonio). That said, USAA did not require that […]

USAA Deposit@Mobile Easy and Convenient!

I recently bought a new smart phone running on the Android platform. My old cell phone was over 3 years old, and finally starting to wear down. I’m very happy with he upgrade – I went from a cell phone with minimal internet capability (basically enough to check e-mail and sports scores), to what is […]

USAA iPad Application Review

I‘ve said it many times before – I’m a big fan of USAA. They run a top notch financial institution and they have the best customer service I’ve ever run across. In addition to running a tight ship, USAA gets best in class awards for their innovative products. USAA constantly pushes the boundaries of what […]

The Dangers Of Only Using A Joint Bank Account

Joint bank accounts provide a simple and convenient means of sharing money with your spouse. They can also help ease the trouble associated when dealing with an account while your spouse is deployed. But, there are also several risks involved when married couples operate their household budget solely out of a joint checking account. Before […]

USAA Home Circle – Home Buying Made Easy

USA recently brought me and several other military bloggers on a trip to their headquarters to view several new iPhone apps in work, as well as discuss some other applications and features they have in work (See USAA Auto Circle for their iPhone app for buying a car). I have always thought of USAA as […]

USAA Auto Circle – Car Buying Made Easy

USAA recently flew me and several other military bloggers out to their headquarters in San Antonio to get a first look at two new programs they recently developed as iPhone Apps (and a sneak peek at some other things they have in work – sorry, I can’t share everything!). Before I get into the new […]

How to Build a CD Ladder

Investing in certificates of deposit is a good way for investors to minimize risks and keep a percentage of their income unaffected by changes in the stock market. While CDs offer financial security in that you aren’t going to lose the money you’ve added – you can miss out on interest rate increases if you […]