Military to Civilian Transition Tips (Podcast 17) Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSIn this podcast, I discuss the military to civilian transition, and some of the areas I struggled with during my transition. I dive right into my story, where I discuss some of the struggles I went through during the transition into the civilian sector, and […]

Podcast 007: Planning Your Military Exit – Even if You Don’t Know When it Will Be Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSHave you thought about what you are going to do after you leave the military? Whether you’re one and done, or you stay in until retirement, you will one day leave the military. And the steps you take today can go a long way […]

Job Seeking Tips for Veterans

The job market is tough for just about everyone, but veterans seem to struggle even more so with transitioning into a civilian career. However, this struggle most veterans encounter when entering the civilian job market isn’t because employers aren’t interested in hiring them. In fact, veterans have many qualities employers deeply desire in their employees […]

How Military Veterans Can Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

One of the biggest struggles facing veterans is finding a job after they transition from the military to the civilian world. This can apply to almost any veteran, including those who have recently separated or retired from military service, or someone who separated decades ago. Even some highly skilled veterans have trouble finding a job. […]

Homeless Veterans in America [Infographic]

America is proud of her veterans. That much we know. Our country does a lot for those who have worn the uniform and swore to defend our freedom. But sometimes people, even veterans fall through the cracks. There are over 630,000 homeless people in America. 67,495 are veterans. It amazes me that in today’s society, […]

Federal Employment Resources for Military Veterans

Our sluggish economy has virtually turned against the current lot of veterans who’ve served this country. With an unemployment rate nearing 30% for young veterans (18-24), it can seem as if the call for troop support is merely bumper sticker deep. But in times like these, everyone faces hardships – and in actuality, veterans hold […]