Surviving a Military Paycheck Error

No system is perfect. Especially complex systems managing hundreds of thousands of unique inputs and outputs on a biweekly basis. Inputs and outputs that frequently change based on dozens of different factors that can change at a moment’s notice. Of course, the system I’m referring to is the military pay system. I’m sure you guessed […]

New Allotment Rules – No More Allotments for Personal Property Purchases

The Department of Defense recently announced sweeping changes for when they will allow military members to use allotments from their base pay. Starting January 1, 2015, the military will no longer allow active duty servicemembers to use allotments for personal property purchases, including purchases of: Vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, Household goods such […]

Flat Rate Per Diem Update

If you have traveled on official government duty, you have probably receive per diem. Per diem is the daily allotted pay the DoD gives members while they are traveling on official duty assignments. The funds are to be used to cover your lodging, food, and incidental expenses, such as laundry and basic needs. When most […]

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Benefits – Replaces VA Disability Offset for Military Retirees with Combat-Related Disabilities

Did you know that if you are a military retiree with a combat-related disability you may be eligible to receive additional compensation through the Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) program? This is a relatively new law that many retirees are not aware of. Until 2004, there was a law on the books that prevented military […]

Lesson Learned from the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown affected just about everyone in some way. And for many of us, it was scary. Would we get paid? Would veterans benefits continue? The answers changed depending on the day of the week. Until laws were changed, no one would get paid. Congress eventually passed a law that ensured active duty military […]

Will Military Members Get Paid if Government Shuts Down?

The government still hasn’t passed next year’s funding bill, leaving the possibility of a government shutdown if the funding bill isn’t passed by September 30, 2013. How would a government shutdown affect the average American, and just as importantly, what would it mean for our men and women in uniform? These are great questions. A […]

5 Priceless Money Tips from the WWII Generation

The World War II generation is fading away, and with them goes a lifetime of lessons this generation could certainly use today. If you were to sit down with one of these wise men or women, what would they tell you about life and money? Likely, you’d learn a thing or two about surviving difficult […]