How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

You may not know it, but you are at risk. In recent months there have been major hacks in a variety of industries. Target had more than 40 million credit card and debit card numbers and related information stolen over the course of several months. Home Depot admitted hackers got access to over 60 million […]

How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

Most financial experts recommend an emergency fund equal to the size of three to six months of your salary.  That’s not a bad rule of thumb, but a better way to base the size of your emergency fund is on the amount you normally spend, not your income. An emergency fund should contain enough money […]

Is Your Frugality Actually Costing You?

One of the results of the recent recession has been a renewed interest in frugality. We all seem to want to know how to save money. However, sometimes being frugal can be costly in the long run. As you make an effort to be frugal, it’s important not to let the desire to save money […]

Commit Your Budget to Paper or Pay a High Price

The first rule of personal finance has always been creating a budget. While some people don’t use any budget, others feel they’ve got their budgeting system stored in their head. They are satisfied to know they have a ‘good idea’ of how they spend their money. It would be nice if we only had one […]

How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents?

For the financially conscious person, keeping good financial records is an important part of managing the household. It is generally a good practice when you observe some good rules about how and when you should dispose of certain financial records. How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents? Knowing which bills and other documents to file […]