Disney World Military Discounts – Discount Park Hopper Pass

If you are a military member or retiree who is planning a Disney World vacation, then it pays to take advantage of the generous military discounts Disney offers through their Disney’s Armed Forces Salute program. There are several promotions available, including a discounted Park-Hopper pass, discounted rates at Disney Resorts, and Disney’s military hotel, Shades of Green, and Disney Cruise Vacations.

Disney World Military Discounts Eligibility

Disney World Military Discounts

See the Magic World of Disney without paying a fortune!

Eligible participants include:

  • Active duty members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard
  • Members of the National Guard and Reserves
  • Military Retirees
  • Spouses of Military Service Members also qualify if they are able to present valid and active U.S. Military IDs in the absence of active Military Personnel.

Valid ID is required to purchase and use these discounted tickets.

Disney World Park-Hopper Pass

The Park-Hopper promotion is good for a 4-Day Park Hopper ticket, which gives you access to all four Disney World parks.

2015 Valid Dates: Purchase a 4-day Park-Hopper pass through December 17, 2015, for use through December 20, 2015. Price is $177, plus tax (add the water park option for $30, plus tax). (2015 Details).

2016 Valid dates: Purchase through December 16, 2016 and receive admission on any 4 days for just $196 plus tax, from January 3 through March 19, 2016 and April 2 through December 19, 2016. (see blackout dates below). You can also add park admission to the water parks for $34 more per person, plus tax. (2016 Details).

Where to buy tickets: Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be only purchased at participating U.S. military sales locations, and can only be purchased by the servicemember, or their spouse (but not both), for use by themselves and other family members and friends.

Up to 6 tickets may be purchased at these discounted rates, however, the tickets may not be sold or transferred, so be sure to only buy what you will use! As a security feature, these promotional tickets are not valid until activated by eligible service members or their spouse at a Disney Wold theme park ticket window.

The Disney website states, “The actual prices charged at the individual U.S. military base ticket offices for Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be less than the prices set forth above.” There are no guarantees your local base will offer these tickets for less than the stated price, but that would be a nice bonus!

Fine Print and Exclusions

As mentioned above, you or your spouse can buy up to 6 total tickets, however, they cannot be transferred. In addition, there are some blackout dates and locations:

  • December 21, 20145through January 2, 2016: Not valid at any theme parks or gated attractions.
  • March 20, 2016 through April 2, 2016: Not valid at any theme parks or gated attractions.

Expiration dates and other fine print:

  • Valid military identification will be required for purchase and use. Tickets must be activated at Walt Disney World theme park ticket windows.
  • Tickets and options expire and may not be used after December 19, 2016.
  • No more than six (6) Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be purchased and (if applicable) activated by any Eligible Service Member or spouse (regardless of the place of purchase and whether purchased by that person or that person’s spouse).
  • In addition, one of the six (6) Tickets purchased must be used by the Eligible Service Member or his/her spouse.
  • Each Disney Military Promotional Ticket must be used by the same person on any and all days.

For more information on Park-Hopper Passes, see the Disney website.

Shades of Green – Disney’s Military Hotel

Orlando area hotels are typically very expensive. A good way to save money is to stay at the Shades of Green resort, a military-owned resort located at Walt Disney World. They offer more affordable rates, as well as free shuttle transportation to the Disney World Theme parks. Members who stay at the Shades of Green resort are also eligible for the Extra Magic Hours benefit, which gives Disney hotel guests an extra hour at the theme parks before they open to the general public. Visit the Shades of Green website for more information about rates and availability.

Military Discounts at Disney Hotels

Disney also offers military discounts to military members, retirees, and their spouses. Discounts can be up to 30-40% off regular rates. However, the number of rooms is limited, there may be length of stay requirements, and blackout dates may apply. Valid military ID is required.

Blackout Dates: Enjoy great rates at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels when you book by December 19, 2016 for stays most nights from January 3 through December 19, 2016. Offer not valid March 20 through April 1, 2016.

For more information on Disney Hotel offers, see the Disney Website.

Disney Military Cruise Discounts

These discounts vary by season, destination, which cruise ship, and other factors. Discounts are often announced with short notice (30 – 60 days out), so it is recommended to check back frequently. Here is the Disney Cruise Line Military Discount page.

More Military Discounts, Theme Parks, & Travel Savings

Here are some more savings you may find helpful:

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Date published: June 11, 2015. Last updated: October 7, 2015.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. STEVE STARK says

    Dear Sir: Sometimes you talk about qualifications to events good to: active or retired personnel. Does this include vets that served in the military during certain theaters of war? Some of us were not in combat but served state side or in a not combat zone. Are we included to some of these special offers? Thanking you in advance for your reply. STEVE (Army Vet 1966-1968)

    • says

      Steve, when the term “active or retired personnel” is used, it typically means persons currently serving in the military, or those who retired from military service after 20 years, or those who were medically retired. Those who serve honorably, but do not retire, are generally referred to as veterans. Some discounts and offers include all veterans, while others may be given only to those currently serving, or possibly to those who served long enough to become a military retiree. Each discount can be unique from others offered by other companies or corporations, so it’s best to read the terms and conditions to know if you are eligible or not. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Vicki Brown says

    I have been looking at Disney. It states 100% disable veterans are also able for this discount I am not sure where to buy tickets: Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be only purchased at participating U.S. military sales locations, and can only be purchased by the servicemember, or their spouse (but not both), for use by themselves and other family members and friends. I am not close to a U.S. Military sales office as far as I can find. How can I get tickets?

    • says

      HI Vicki, Thanks for sharing the information about 100% disabled veterans being eligible for his offer. To be honest, I’m not sure how you can obtain the tickets if you are not close to am military installation. I would start by contacting Disney if possible. Then I would contact the closest base to you and ask if tickets can be purchased over the phone. If that doesn’t work, then I would look into a military installation near Orlando (there are several) and ask if they have tickets available for purchase. Then try to work that into your trip. You may want to plan an extra day in advance of your trip to make sure you have time to pick up the tickets. And try to purchase the tickets over the phone or online if possible, with the message that you will pick the tickets up in person before you need them – be sure to try and get copies of receipts if you are able to do this. If you are unable to buy them over the phone or online, then try to contact them in advance and let them know when you are coming so they will be sure to have tickets. Best of luck!

  3. says

    Slightly off-topic but, Shades of Green is a great place to stay if you’re going to Disney. Nice hotel, inexpensive, shuttles to all the parks…can’t ask for much more.

  4. Pyper B. says

    This is some great information! I am always looking for military discounts for my friends. A lot of military families don’t even know they can get discounts at places like this. Thanks!

  5. PJ Stephens says


    I am retired USAF IL & WI Guard retired vet. I was wondering if Disney Land was offering any military discount. On the 24th of May 2016, I will be laying to rest my mother’s remains at the LA Veteran’s Cemetery. My father was a Koran & WWII retired Marine and since my mother was his last spouse I plan to reunite them after death. While my spouse & I are in California
    we plan to go to Disney Land to celebrate my parents lives, but was interested if I would be able to get any discounts at Disney land or lodging. My mother’s burial will be free, the travel cost & lodging is not always cheep. Could you assist?

    Thanks PJ

    • says

      PJ, Thank you for contacting me, and I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Here is the Disneyland military discount page. You should find the info you need on this page. You may need to visit a military base ticket office to make the purchase. But call them to see if you can buy over the phone or in person if you do not live within reasonable driving distance of a military installation with a base ticket office. I hope this helps.

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