Free Sam’s Club Membership for Military ID Card Holders During Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is causing a multitude of disruptions across the country as many government offices and institutions are shutdown until the spending bill can be passed. Among the programs that have been placed in limbo are many base support facilities, including things such as child care, the Class Six, the Commissary, and more. The closed Commissary worries many military members because the savings on grocery shopping can often be substantial. One major corporation decided to take it upon themselves to help military members and their families during this time.

Sam's Club Military DiscountsSam’s Club has announced that all Sam’s Club locations are offering a membership waiver for all military ID card holders during the government shutdown. This is an excellent benefit for military members and retirees who rely on the Commissary for buying discounted groceries.

Sam’s club is normally a member’s only warehouse, much Like Costco or BJ’s. If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, you can often shop there if you are willing to pay a 10% surcharge at the time of checkout. But that service fee is waived for military members during this program.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Military Discount: Free Sam’s Club Access until the government shutdown ends and the Commissaries reopen.
  • Where: All Sam’s Club warehouses.
  • Eligibility: All Military ID Card holders, including active duty, retirees, dependents, Guard, and Reserves.

How to get the discount: Show your military ID at the warehouse entrance where the Sam’s Club employees verify membership. They will direct you to the service desk where you can work out the details with the store employees. The press release also states anyone with proof of prior military service. So you may be able to get a temporary Sam’s Club pass with your DD 214, a VA issued ID Card, or other proof of service.

Keep in mind this is a special offer, so be patient with the service desk employees if they haven’t heard of this program (especially in areas that aren’t close to militarty installations, as there is a smaller militay population and less chance they have had to deal with this).

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Date published: October 4, 2013.

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  1. Paul says

    We just joined Sam’s Club a few days (11/2/2013) ago and we were given a $15 gift card for joining. They were also running another promotion where we received $40 off anything we bought but that was for anyone signing up for a Plus membership that day. I asked if I would receive the $15 gift card every year and he (Vick) said I would have to renew in the store to get it and current members who renew that are veterans should renew in the store and ask about the veteran’s promotion.

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