10 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Staging a home is the best thing you can do to help it sell for the best price and in the least amount of time.  Most areas of your home can be “staged” to appeal to buyers the way a model home appeals to buyers, in an inexpensive way that gives you big results.  The reason model homes are so appealing to home buyers is because they are a “turn-key home” – designed for the buyer to move right in and start living.  With a few adjustments to your own home, you can give potential buyers that same impression. Use the following tips to learn how to stage your home.

10 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly:

1. Elbow Grease. Use a little “elbow grease” for big results.  Clean your home like your life depended on it!  Windows should be sparkling, home vacuumed and carpets shampooed, cobwebs removed from little used corners, lawn perfectly manicured.  A home that is clean and maintained lets the buyer believe they can move right in, and not have to do anything to prepare the home for living.

2. Earth Tones. A fresh coat of paint in every room is an inexpensive and effective way to brighten up the home.  Use earthy tones on walls, and use accents in each room for a slight pop of color.

3. Make it Smell Good. Smell is as powerful as the sense of sight for most people.  If your home smells like a wet dog, you can lose potential buyers.  Deep cleaning is the first step to eliminating odors, but don’t be afraid to add plants for a natural scent.

4. Unclutter. One of the reasons a newly built home that no one has lived in is so appealing to buyers is because of all the unused closet space they can fill!  When you show your home to prospective buyers, the less cluttered it is, the larger it appears.  If you can, install closet organizers in each of the bedroom closets.  Remove all knickknacks and unnecessary personal items from every room in the home. Consider reducing the amount of furniture you have in each room to make more space, too.

5. Curb Appeal. Do not forget that the first impression of your home comes from the outside.  Power wash the driveway, sidewalk, and side of house.  If the house or trim needs painting, get it done.  Maintain the landscaping, add low maintenance annuals or perennial flowerbeds, and make sure the front door looks inviting.

6. Lighting. Keep all of your window blinds open and curtains pulled back during home showings to allow as much natural light into each room as possible.  Consider candles where appropriate for ambiance.

7. Set the Table. Use a pretty table cloth on your dining room or kitchen table, and set the table as if it was time to sit down and eat a big, family dinner!  Use your best china and napkins, and put a couple of candles in the center or a pretty floral centerpiece.  It will look inviting and the potential buyer will imagine themselves hosting dinner here.

8. Appeal to Your Target Market. Just like in business, you are selling your home to a specific group of buyers.  Your home is either perfect for the empty-nesters, child-free couples, single working woman, or large and growing family.  Whoever your home caters to, make sure the home’s accessories and furniture placement all caters to their lifestyles.

9. Kitchen Tune-up. It’s been said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.  Remove all appliances and clutter from your counter to maximize your counter space.  Replace outdated cabinetry or give a fresh coat of stain or paint.  Consider the profit you stand to gain by replacing counter tops or putting in a new floor.

10. Bathroom Tune-up. Your bathroom should be sparkling clean, with fixtures that match (a pink toilet and white tub does not scream move-in-ready to most buyers!).  Hang a new shower curtain and matching hand towels to complete the mini-makeover.

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Date published: September 23, 2010.

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    Yes people….earth tones…that doesn’t mean McDonalds yellow, cherry red or anything else like that. I regularly see homes that are way too personalized. Many buyers just can’t see beyond the alien neon green paint on the walls. Neutral tones are the best when you want to appeal to the masses.

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