Money Hacks Carnival – 84th Edition

Welcome to the 84th Edition of the Money Hacks Carnival. This carnival features a variety of recent personal finance articles, reviews, and resources from a wide range of personal finance websites.

What is a Money Hack? A money hack is anything that makes it easier to manage your personal finances, better understand a complex financial topic, earn money, save money , or improve your finances. Each article in this carnival will help you improve your financial situation.

What you will find in this week’s selections: There were almost 100 articles submitted for this carnival, and my job as editor was to go through them to provide only the most recent and helpful money hacks in one place – so you don’t have to search the web for the latest and greatest. It took awhile, but I got the job done. I cut out quite a few articles to keep the focus on “money hacks.” What you will find: hacks, tips, tutorials, and comparisons designed to help you make money, save money, get out of debt, become a better investor, or create a better financial lifestyle. What you will not find: commentary, economics, or articles more than a few weeks old.

Editor’s Choice:

Personal Finance


  • Luke Grand presents Chart Early Retirement posted at Cash Out Life.
  • April presents 5 Ways To Rescue Your Rotten Résumé posted at Get Rich Slowly, saying, “Kerry from Squawkfox outlines countless actionable tips to improve your resume! Complete with pictures and samples. Fantastic resource.”

Debt & Credit

Frugality & Saving Money



  • Retirement Savior presents Index Funds – When NOT to Use Them posted at Retirement Savior, saying, “If you know where to look, mutual funds can have a place in your portfolio.”
  • Paul Williams presents How to Invest for Retirement: A Diversified Investment Portfolio posted at Provident Planning, saying, “Use this free portfolio allocation calculator to invest in a low-cost portfolio of index funds at Vanguard.”
  • George presents Special Situations Real Money Portfolio Summer 2009 Update posted at Fat Pitch Financials. George writes, ” The Special Situations Real Money Portfolio was up 38.0% year-to-date on August 31, 2009. That crushes the S&P 500 year-to-date total return of 14.97% over the same period. Learn how that performance was achieved.”
  • Dividend Growth Investor presents Not all dividend stocks are overvalued posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, “While the market has enjoyed impressive gains ever since it hit a multi year low in March 2009, investors are beginning to get nervous about valuation. If valuation is too high, chances are that investors are overpaying for stocks purchased, which could lead to lower performance over time.”
  • Investing Toolkit presents How To Find A Good Mutual Fund posted at Investing Toolkit.



  • Kate Kashman presents Calculating the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit posted at The Paycheck Chronicles, saying, “Make sure you understand how the energy efficiency tax credit is calculated before you make any purchases.”
  • My Life ROI presents Do I Have to Pay Capital Gains Tax on my House? posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life, saying, “Some people are unfamiliar with the capital gains tax rule for house sales. Whether you have no clue or you are following the old rule that deducted whatever you reinvested into another home, this article will bring you up to speed.”

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Date published: September 30, 2009. Last updated: April 4, 2012.

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