Pennsylvania Military Veterans Bonus

Pennsylvania offers a military veterans bonus for state residents who served in the Persian Gulf during specified dates. This bonus was enacted on April 24, 2006, when Governor Edward Rendell singed the Persian Gulf Veterans’ Benefit Act into law.  The bond issue created a fund to pay compensation to eligible current and former members of the US Armed Forces, Pennsylvania National Guard, or members of the Reserves. The bonus is $75 per month of eligible service (or prorated basis for a fraction of a month).

Pennsylvania Military Veterans Bonus

Pennsylvania Military Veterans Bonus Eligibility Requirements

Southwest-Asia-Service-MedalPennsylvania residents who served in the Armed Forces, including active duty, Guard, and Reserves, in the Middle East in support of the Persian Gulf conflict may be eligible for the Persian Gulf Veteran’s Benefit Program.  Eligible members must have served anytime from August 2, 1990 to August 31, 1991, and must have been awarded the Southwest Asia Service Medal. Veterans must either still be on active duty or have received an Honorable Discharge to be eligible for this award.

Veterans who are not eligible: Service members, veterans or their surviving beneficiaries may not be eligible for the Persian Gulf Veteran’s Benefit Program, if they have received a bonus, gratuity, or similar form of compensation from another state, if the service member or veteran has renounced his or her US citizenship, or separated from the armed forces under less than honorable conditions.

Survivors claims. Surviving relatives may also be eligible for this bonus if the military veteran is deceased or is deemed incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction. Eligible beneficiaries of deceased veterans include, in the following in order of precedence:

  • Surviving spouse.
  • Surviving children.
  • Surviving parents.

If declared incompetent, the order of precedence is: Court-appointed guardian, spouse, children, parents, facility.

How to Claim the Pennsylvania Military Veterans Bonus

Veterans and military members must provide documentation to prove they received the Southwest Asia Service Medal  and were Pennsylvania residents at the time they were awarded this medal.

Required information:

  • Proof of  Southwest Asia Medal: Member 4 copy of your DD Form 214 documenting your receipt of the Southwest Asia Service Medal during specified time periods and a discharge under Honorable conditions. If still active duty, must show official documentation proving receipt of Southwest Asia Service Medal.
  • Proof of Pennsylvania Residency at Time of Award. Proof of residency can include listing Pennsylvania as home of record on D Form 214, voter’s registration records, Leave and Earnings Statements, State tax return, driver’s license from specified time period, or W2 Wage and tax statement from time frame.
  • Proof of relationship if claiming on behalf of another individual. Documents could include a marriage certificate (for spouse to make claim), birth certificate (for child to make claim), veteran’s birth certificate (for parents to make claim), or a Proof or authorization for a representative to make a claim.
  • Other: Death certificate, if applicable, or DD 1300 or Veterans Affairs Rating Decision if applicable.

Application form: Applications for the Persian Gulf Veteran’s Benefit Program must be made on an official application form, PG-1. A short form (PG-1 Short) is available for veterans filing on their own behalf, of a long version (PG-1 Long) is available for persons filing on behalf of a veteran who is deceased or incapacitated. You can find these forms at the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs application page.

Deadline for claim: Applications for the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Benefit Program must be submitted by August 31, 2015.

Completed applications and supporting documents should be mailed to:

Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Benefit Program
PO Box 1109
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1109

For more information: Please contact a representative during hours of operation: 9am to 5pm — Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans Benefit Program at 1-866-458-9182 (toll free) or visit the Pennsylvania Persian Gulf Veterans Bonus Program website.

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Date published: September 30, 2010. Last updated: October 6, 2010.

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  1. SSG Jones, Douglas says

    I have served in three different conflicts why is it that I cannot get a 1500 bonus or more from my state of residence, I have tour Kosovo in 1999, civil war in Macedonia during 911, Iraq in 2003, and Afghanistan in 2010 I just think that all states should show some type of appreciation for us I have been in for almost 16 years protecting my country.


    I sent in application for Cold War Recognition Certificate about 3 or 4 months ago and have not heard anything. Who do I need to contact or should I fill out another application and send it in?

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