Veterans Affairs Post-Military Employment Survey

I was recently contacted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to complete a post military employment survey. The survey is designed to “help understand the employment experiences and opportunities for recently discharged veterans.”

There is an increased level of attention to the quality of life veterans experience after separation from the armed services – due in large part to Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. This survey is designed to assist the VA and Department of Defense (DoD) to better understand what veterans are experiencing.

After verifying this survey was legitimate, and it was, I completed the survey. I wanted to verify the survey was legitimate before giving away any personal information, but the only personal information the survey requested was to verify the information they already had on file and my current employment and salary.

The intent of the survey is to get information about how veterans have adapted to their post military careers. The types of questions are designed not only to get employment information but to also find areas where the VA can work with the DoD to better prepare military members for the transition to civilian status.

Some of the types of questions included:

  • current type of employment
  • how long it took to find post-military employment
  • education level
  • whether or not your military training prepared you for your current job
  • which VA or other government programs you have participated in or benefits you received (Transition Assistance Program, MGIB, training programs, state employment office, etc.)
  • military connected disability status
  • various demographic questions

I answered these as truthfully as I could, and I hope the other veterans contacted for this survey take the time to answer these questions. More importantly, I hope the VA gets the information they seek. In a perfect world, our answers will help the Depart of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs better prepare military members for post-military employment.

Note: It appears this survey was designed for recently separated veterans of the Global War on Terror. (Right around 1-2 years since separation from the military).

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Date published: January 15, 2008.

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