Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program

The Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program is a nationwide benefits program developed in 2001 to provide rewards to the members of those who have served in the United States Military including active military members, retired veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as the family members of eligible service personnel.

Veterans Advantage Card - Military and Veteran DiscountsThe companies which have partnered up with the program provide preferred pricing on products and services to show their appreciation of military members. Companies that participate in the program range from a wide spectrum of categories including travel, entertainment, home, office, health, business, and financial. There are also benefits offered by both the federal government and participating state governments.

Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program Review

Eligibility. There are no limitations on the time period of service, the branch of the military, or the rank of the individual to participate in the program. The Veterans Advantage Program offers benefits nationwide to active members and Veterans based on a membership plan. There are three option available for membership and pricing ranges from a one-year membership at $59.95 to a five-year membership at $199.95. Interested individuals can also start a 30-day free trial membership. Trial memberships can be canceled at any time. Family members interested in participating can be enrolled for half the price of a regular membership. Gift memberships are also available for purchase.

Plan Benefits

VA Travel CardIn addition to the many discounts and preferred pricing options for members, each plan also includes:

  • Act now and get your 30-day FREE trial
  • Save thousands: Enjoy everyday savings nationwide
  • Special Insurance coverage: Up to $55,000 insurance coverage at no extra charge
  • Prescription Drug Discounts: up to 65% off medication at no extra charge
  • Free $25 Gift Card with your full membership
  • Personal Attention: Toll-free member support number plus online help

Members will receive a Veterans Advantage ID card in the mail accompanied by a benefits booklet that outlines the programs benefits and lists the many US corporations that participate. Just some of the national companies include:

  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • 1-800-PetMeds
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Continental Airlines
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Greyhound
  • Target

State and Federal Benefits

Every state and even some municipalities offer a variety of benefits for program members. There are also federal benefits provided through the card and Veterans Advantage members will receive a compilation of State, Local and Federal Benefits online and sent by e-mail so they can remain informed and up to date.

The program’s website ( offers extensive information about the rewards program and provides 24/7 member support services online or by phone. Each month, a new partnership company is put in the spotlight that showcases the discounts being offered by the many participating retailers and businesses. Additionally, there are various resources, articles, and news topics to benefit Veterans, active members, and family members available on the website. Enrollment in the annual membership or 30-day trial program can be completed online and activated instantaneously.

Is Veterans Advantage Worth It?

There is a large variety of participating partners that can make this plan worthwhile, especially since family members can participate. For a few dollars a month, the annual membership can save members on services they normally use and on brand name products they buy. The Veterans Advantage website also features testimonials from other members and a toll free phone number for customer service questions. The 30 day free trial membership may be the best resource for determining whether the program is worth the annual fee.

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Date published: August 26, 2010. Last updated: August 7, 2012.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. nicholas says

    So Iin looking on there website it seems that most of the dicounts they show are available already outside of any membership with them. Example being verizon and apple offer there discounts to all military already do not see why anyone would pay for this.

    • says

      Nicholas, Those discounts are generally only available to Active/Guard/Reserves, but not for military veterans in general, which is the group of people who will find the most benefit for this specific card. There aren’t many discounts available to military veterans, outside of those offered on military holidays.

  2. Carlos says

    Ryan, I have to say that I agree with both of you but Nicholas has a stronger point. I have travelled all over the states and when you show your military or Veterans ID card they automatically give you a discount. For example Home Depot gives discounts to all military and veterans with a service connected disability.
    So if you are a Veteran with no disability then this card is worth it. But if you have a service connected disability as most of us do, then I would recommend against it.

  3. Michelle says

    This program is a scam for military people. I have had my card for 10 months and every time I try to use it to get a discount there is a problem. I am active duty military and majority of the partners shown are already available to us by showing your ID card. I have tried to use my veterans advantage card with various of these partner and the employees had no knowledge of the card. They used my regular military ID to give me the discount. What a waste of money??

  4. David W says

    I took a trial membership and found I could get most of these discounts without the card (and confusion) be warned that they will keep your credit card information & auto renew your membership a few days before the trial has ended. I am still trying to get $89.92 in charges back on my account. My account was canceled immediately. BUT I am still waiting to get my refund.

    Hi, just a quick note on my experiences. I took the 30 day free trial, for me & the wife I paid about 15 bucks.adding the wife was useless since I make all the reservations her card is not needed … ever. anyways before the 30 days had lapsed I was billed $89.92 for a year membership that had not been ordered. I was able to use the hotel & flight discounts but found I could have received these without being a member of this “club”. I have canceled my membership, wow that was quick, all data erased in seconds after the phone call but I am still waiting for a refund. I must note the cancellation process was painless,I was not harassed or offered anything to stay. I just hope to get my money back now.

    After looking up the BBB complaints I have found they have settled up w/ everyone and 99% of the complaints were because the company auto renews every account unless you specifically tell them not to.

  5. Walter Taylor says

    I’ve never had a problem receiving a military discount until today at kids footlocker which the manager referred me to this site. I have never even heard of this company until today. I’m a disabled vet which it is stated on my Veteran Affairs (VA) card. This group wants veterans to pay for discounts which should be afforded to them for service to country, not out of pocket payment. A soldier can easily mistake Veterans Advantage (VA) with Veterans Affairs (VA) because of the “military discounts” they provide.For me, I’ll just go to establishments that offer “free” military discounts.

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