Search Regex Plugin

You can download the plugin here:

Once activated, the settings can be found under Tools.

Source: Post Content. And if you're feeling especially generous, comment author URL and if you're using ComLuv, comment content.

Please do these two different search and replace commands in the order listed here.

Search pattern: |[01][0123456789]/[01][0123456789]/[0123][0123456789]|

Replace pattern:

Make sure you have the "Regex" button selected for this first search and replace.

That'll cover all links to individual posts.

If you click "Replace" it'll show you what they look like replaced and you can browse before replacing and saving. "Replace and Save" makes the change permanent.


Now to convert any links to from the old home page to the new home page at The Military Wallet.

Search pattern:

Replace pattern:

Make sure the "Regex" button is not selected for this second search and replace.