USAA Subscriber Savings Account Distribution Announcement

My wife and I received our Subscriber Savings Account letter from USAA yesterday. USAA is a member owned financial institution, so if you are a member of USAA, you actually own a portion of the company. The Subscriber Savings Account is one way in which USAA shares its profits with its members.

I think it is a testament to USAA’s strength that they are able to give back to its members this year, especially in light of the current economic crisis and the natural disasters we saw this year, including floods in the midwest, Hurricane Ike in the Gulf of Mexico, and the wildfires in California.

Subscriber Savings Account distributions were made on 12-08-2008, so you should already have it within your SSA. While the money in your SSA is your money and no longer belongs to USAA, they do maintain possession of it in the even that the money is needed to settle claims or other insurance settlements. USAA members are not able to make deposits or withdrawals to their Subscriber Savings Accounts. When you decide to no longer use USAA forinsurance, you will then receive the contents of your SSA.

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Date published: December 15, 2008. Last updated: December 23, 2008.

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  1. Susan K. Perkins says

    I am trying to locate the place on your website where I can let you know of my distribution preference. The letter I recieved said to go to and select a pin # and select a preference on how I want to recieve my distribution payment. Thank you. Susan Perkins

  2. george e carr says

    i have used the website you gave susan ref preference of distribution on how want to receive my distrubtiom payment have tried several times to log in but get nothing

  3. Rodney P. Oliver says

    I received the letter with my subscriber’s account distribution which directed me to go to My Profile>Manage Insurance Dividen & Distribution Preferences on I followed those instructions, however could find a place nor instructions indicating exactly how to actually get into that particular site.

  4. Kenneth W. LaGrandeur says

    I attempted to go to My Profle>Manage Insurance Dividend & Distribution Preferences on usaa com but received no instructions as to how to get into that site so I can sign up for direct deposit to my bank account for subscriber account distributions. Please send specifics. Thank you. Kenneth W.

  5. Jim Bruyere, Jr 0582583 says

    I have been trying for the last hour following your letter instructions on my
    Dividends distrubutions selection. There has been no manage Preference
    web site that I can find . I do not understand why all this B.S. has to be started at this time to get our refunds. I have been with USAA since the spring of 1962. I desire to have a check sent to me as has been the way it has been done in the past years.
    I do not feel you need to know my banking account number to transfer this refund. I will pay for the check if need be.
    Jim Bruyere, Jr.

  6. Ferman O Gleiser says

    I have been all over the map trying to direct my Subscriber Account. Got more things to do than spending time playing electronic roulette .

  7. Puccini, Terry B. says

    I have tried toget through the management preference maze to the select and distribution phase, but have had no luck. There must be an easier way.

  8. John G. Boyd says

    I just recieved in the mail, my check related to this year’s distribution from my Subscriber’s Account. Your letter gives instructions to log onto, and:
    1. Go to MY PROFILE at the top of the page.
    2. Click on Manage Peferences under Personnel Information.
    3. Select Insurance Dividend and Distribution.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find, as instructed, MY PROFILE in Step 1. “at the top of the page.”

    Is there an alternative for accessing MY PROFILE?

  9. allison says

    We terminated out insurance policy with USAA at the end of last summer since we were offered a better deal on car insurance through our home insurance agency. It has been 6 months and we still have not received the money that was in our Subscribers Savings Account. How much longer does it take?

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