West Virginia Veterans Bonus

The state of West Virginia has historically been a very patriotic state, sending many of their men and women into battle to defend this country.  In 2004 the governor of West Virginia signed into legislation the West Virginia Veterans Bonus Amendment which was approved by the states voters.  This made it possible to facilitate paid bonuses to veterans of the state who served in the most recent military conflicts including those in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

West Virginia Veterans Bonus

The West Virginia Veterans Bonus bonuses include $600.00 paid to veterans who served in a combat zone and received a campaign badge or expeditionary medal; a $400.00 bonus for active duty service outside the combat zone for Afghanistan and Iraq during the specified time periods; or $2,000.00 for a surviving spouse or children of a veteran who was KIA during the specified time periods.

West Virginia Veterans Bonus Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the West Virginia Veterans Bonus, military members must have been “bona fide” residents of the state at the time of and at least six months prior to the time they entered into active duty.  Any veteran who was separated from service under dishonorable conditions will not be eligible for the West Virginia Veterans Bonus.  Also, any member of the armed forces or reserves who were called to active duty by the President are eligible.  For military members KIA, the surviving spouse or children may apply for the bonus.

West Virginia Veterans Bonus Deadlines

Veterans who were serving on active duty in Afghanistan between October 7, 2001 and a date that has yet to be determined can apply for this bonus.  The dates for those serving in Iraq begin on March 19, 2003 with an end date not yet determined.  Veterans who served in Kosovo and received a campaign badge or expeditionary medal for Kosovo between November 20, 1995 and December 31, 2000 are eligible for the veterans bonus.

How to Claim West Virginia Veterans Bonus

A surviving spouse or children of a veteran KIA during these periods may request an application for the bonus by calling 1-888-838-2332 or via email at WVDVA@state.wv.us.  Applications can be mailed to the West Virginia Division of Veterans Affairs, 1321 Plaza East Suite 101, Charleston, WV 25301.

Living veterans of each conflict must fill out forms which vary based on the area in which you served.  For more information on which forms must be completed as well as any other documentation required to receive the West Virginia Veterans Bonus, please visit West Virginia Division of Veteran’s Affairs for more information. Be sure to include a copy of your DD Form 214 with your application. This form shows proof of military service, campaign medals, and other important information to prove your claim.

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Date published: September 27, 2010.

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