2020 Economic Stimulus Checks – How Much & When You Will Receive Your Check

The IRS sent out stimulus checks in response to the 2020 pandemic. This article covers information related to these checks, including how much the checks were for, the payment schedule, and more.
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2020 Economic Stimulus Check

The government recently started issuing stimulus checks that were announced as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a $2.2 trillion stimulus package designed to shore up the economy in light of the coronavirus outbreak and mandatory social distancing.

The Economic Impact Payments (stimulus Checks) will send up to $1,200 to individuals and up to $2,400 to married couples who file a joint tax return. There is also an additional $500 per child under the age of 17.

However, there are some eligibility rules based on income and other factors. And, while the stimulus check will be sent out automatically to most taxpayers, there are some people who will need to take action to contact the IRS before they will receive their stimulus check.

This primarily applies to people who have dependents and whose income is too low to file a tax return or their income non-taxable income such as VA disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Urgent: the IRS has set a deadline of April 22nd to updated your dependents in order to receive the additional $500 per dependent. See below for more infomration.

We will cover all of these details below.

Table of Contents
  1. 2020 Stimulus Check Eligibility
  2. How Much is the Stimulus Check?
  3. When Will I Get My Stimulus Check?
  4. How Will I Receive the Money from My Stimulus Check?
  5. Do I Need to Do Anything to Get My Stimulus Check?
    1. You Do Not Need to Take Action to Receive Your Stimulus Check If:
    2. You May Need to Take Action to Receive Your Stimulus Check If:
  6. Can I Change My Information with the IRS?
  7. Will the Stimulus Check be Taxed?
  8. Where Can I Find More Info on the Stimulus Check?

2020 Stimulus Check Eligibility

Taxpayers must be eligible to receive the stimulus check. Eligibility is based on three main factors:

  1. Whether or not you have a Social Security Number
  2. Whether anyone can claim you as a dependent on their tax return, and
  3. Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your most recent tax return (2018 or 2019).

Eligibility Factor 1: Do you have a Social Security Number? The stimulus check will only be sent out to U.S. citizens and resident aliens who have a Social Security Number. It will not be sent out to those who have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Eligibility Factor 2: Can Anyone Claim you as a Dependent? You will not receive a stimulus check if anyone can claim you as a dependent on their tax return. This eliminates many children ages 17 and over who have their own job and pay taxes, but are claimed as a dependent on their parent’s tax return.

Eligibility Factor 3: Do You Meet Income Eligibility Requirements? The stimulus check will only be sent out to lower and middle-income taxpayers. Individuals whose AGI exceeds the cutoff limits will not receive a stimulus check.

Here are the income limits for the 2020 economic stimulus check:

  • Individual taxpayers are eligible for the full amount of the stimulus payment if their AGI was less than $75,000 ($150,000 for married couples filing jointly). This will be based the AGI from the most recent tax return the IRS has on file – either 2018 or 2019.
  • The Stimulus Check payment phases out starting at $75,000 through $99,000 for individuals ($150,000 through $198,000 for married couples).
  • Individual taxpayers who had an AGI greater than $99,000 will not be eligible for the stimulus check ($198,000 for married couples).
  • Taxpayers will receive an additional $500 for each qualifying child ages 16 and under.
  • There is no stimulus check for children ages 17 and over if they are claimed as a dependent on their parent’s tax return.

How Much is the Stimulus Check?

The stimulus check is $1,200 for qualifying individuals and $2,400 for qualified married couples.

There is a phase-out based on your AGI. If your AGI falls within the phase-out range, then you will receive a reduced stimulus check. The amount will be reduced by $5 for every $100 your income exceeds the lower limit ($75,000 for individuals, or $150,000 for married couples).

As an example, someone whose income exceeds the lower limit by $1,000 would have their stimulus check reduced by $50. If their income exceeds the lower range by $5,000, their stimulus check would be reduced by $250.

You will not receive a stimulus check if your AGI exceeds the upper range of the phase-out limits ($99,000 for individuals and $198,000 for married couples).

When Will I Get My Stimulus Check?

The IRS began sending out stimulus checks on Saturday, April, 12. They will be processing checks by direct deposit first, followed by mailing physical checks in the coming weeks.

The Treasury is starting by sending the stimulus checks to those at the lower-income levels first, and working their way up to those with higher income levels.

The government has previously sent out stimulus checks in 2001 and in 2008. It took several months for them to process the tens of millions of stimulus checks.

We don’t have a firm estimate of when everyone will receive their stimulus check, but we will update this article when we have more information. Additionally, the IRS is in the process of creating a portal where taxpayers can log in to check the status of their stimulus check or update their personal or banking information. You can check this page to see when it goes live.

Keep in mind, like the tax refund schedule, there will be some variation in when checks are sent.

How Will I Receive the Money from My Stimulus Check?

The IRS will automatically send stimulus checks to most individuals. However, some taxpayers will need to take action in order to receive their stimulus check. We cover this in the next section.

The IRS will send stimulus checks based on the information from your most recent tax return (either 2018 or 2019). If they have your direct deposit information, the IRS will automatically deposit the check in your bank account. If they do not have your banking information, they will mail you a check. Receiving a physical check will delay your payments because the IRS can only print and issue up to 5 million checks per week (they anticipate having to send out tens of millions of checks, so that could take months).

The IRS is in the process of creating a website where taxpayers can check the status of their check, update their banking information, or update their address if they have moved.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Get My Stimulus Check?

Most taxpayers will not need to take any action to receive their stimulus check. The IRS will simply send you the check based on the information they already have on file.

However, some individuals are not required to file a tax return. If you are in this situation, the IRS may still have you covered.

You Do Not Need to Take Action to Receive Your Stimulus Check If:

You do not need to take any action if the IRS already has your information on file.  They will have your information if you filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019, or if you received any of the following sources of income:

  • Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability (SSDI), or Social Security Survivor Benefits
  • Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits
  • VA Disability Benefits (This is a late addition, announced by the IRS on April 17, 2020).

Note: You may need to info the IRS if you have dependents under the age of 17. The IRS will not automatically have this information. You can submit this information on the IRS Non-Tax Filers Payment Info Page.

You May Need to Take Action to Receive Your Stimulus Check If:

The IRS will not have your information on file if you have not recently filed a tax return. If any of the following apply, you will need to submit your information to the IRS:

  • Your income was too low to file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 ($12,000 or lower for individuals, or $24,000 for married couples), or
  • Your primary source of income was non-taxable income such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and you did not need to file a tax return.
  • You do not file a tax return and you have dependents under the age of 17 that are eligible for the $500 payment per child. The Deadline to Add Dependents if April 22, 2020 (more info).

You can submit your information on the IRS Non-Tax Filers Payment Info Page.

You can also file a tax return with the IRS if you wish to do so – you can either do this online with the IRS Free File page, or with one of the popular tax software programs.

Can I Change My Information with the IRS?

Yes, the IRS is working on a page that will allow taxpayers to check on the status of their stimulus check, update their banking information for direct deposit, or change their mailing address if they will be receiving a physical stimulus check by mail.

The IRS portal will also allow taxpayers to change their method of payment if they have not already been issued their check. It may be a good idea to provide your banking information if the IRS does not already have it. That will ensure you receive your stimulus check more quickly, as it may take months for the IRS to process all stimulus checks.

The IRS portal is expected to go live in mid-April. You can find more information or check for updates here.

Will the Stimulus Check be Taxed?

No, the IRS will not tax your stimulus check. It is considered to be a refundable credit for your 2020 tax return. You are just getting it a year in advance.

In an interesting twist, eligibility for the 2020 stimulus check is based on the AGI from your most recent tax return, either 2018 or 2019. However, the tax law states this is a refundable credit for your 2020 income.

How does this impact you? Glad you asked. If your 2020 income exceeds the AGI limits for the refundable credit, the IRS will not clawback your stimulus check. In other words, once you get the check, the money is yours to keep.

It gets better – if your income was too high to receive the stimulus check this year and your income drops below the threshold in 2020, then you should receive the refundable tax credit when you file your tax return next year. This doesn’t help you today, but it may come as a welcome bonus when you file your tax return next year.

Where Can I Find More Info on the Stimulus Check?

The IRS website has a wealth of information and is being updated on a regular basis. We will also fo our best to frequently update this page.

Also, note that the IRS is being inundated with phone calls and they have requested taxpayers not to call with questions about the stimulus checks. Just visit the IRS stimulus check page for updates.

You can also see the full CARES Act here.

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  1. carol buck says

    I filed 2019 Joint return as my husband died in 2019 and had SS income the first part of 2019. Because he died, did that keep ME from getting a stimulus check??? Income for 2018 and 2019 was well below 95K. Can you help. I type in information on IRS site, but it says not enough information or information does not match????

  2. Marquell says

    The irs sent my stimulus check to old address and I don’t know if it got sent back or if it got cashed …How do I go by seeing if the irs got it back

  3. Doris a Williams says

    I been on SSDI since 2015 in California moved to texas also in 2015 had everything transferred. Social Security directly deposit my check every month into the same bank account. I know I have not made more than 13,500 so I did not need to file taxes. I still have not received my stimulus check. I keep checking the IRS.gov website it says no payment info avail. I also filed the non-filers and it says that the IRS has accepted my return. Still no stimulus check.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Doris, The IRS is making stimulus check payments later to many social security recipients because it took some time to integrate the two systems. Your payment should hopefully be coming soon. Best wishes!

  4. Claire says

    I have a question I can’t seem to find any information on. I’ve called the IRS number but haven’t been able to talk to a real person at all.

    I was not eligible in 2018, but got married in 2019 and was eligible for 2019 (my husband is in grad school). Our taxes were submitted on April 14 or 15. My husband got a check for 1200, but we did not get the fill 2400. Is the IRS system smart enough to still send a check, or do I need to call the IRS to inform them of this? It seems the IRS hadn’t received our 2019 taxes when they did their first passthrough. I’d rather not let $1200 slip through the cracks…


  5. ED Kraml says

    I also have not received stimulus am on social security and cannot use the tool or find information have had direct deposit for 8 years everyone else can check on line except seniors and vets who don’t have to file taxes. Why is that? And no real info on what we can do about it just wait for no one knows how long to see if you hear from the IRS. But what if you don’t? Than what? September is a long way off to find out what happened. We need real answers.

  6. Anthony Woodard says

    Im frustrated with all of this get my payment tool and status not available. I receive social security and have no way to find out about or when ill receive my check because all i get is status not available. Is it really that hard to tell me when and where it will be sent. It never gave me an option to put my info in and wont let me either. I have been on social security for the last 10 years and my wife too with same account what more do they need. Very Frustrated. ???

  7. James Glancey says

    Refund due in 2018 did not file wasted for 2019 for larger refund wanted 2 check at once will this affect my stimulus check

  8. Mary Lou Adams says

    I received my stimulus check deposited to the bank where I receive my S.s. check. My husband’s S.S. check is received in another bank. He didn’t receive his stimulus check. Any idea why?

  9. Saundra cook says

    Hello, my husband filed and the bank sent it back. But in the IRS “Get My Payment” site it asked my for bank info and other questions, likely AGI. I put 0 in and its telling info is not correct and keeps locking him out. He has not filed taxes since 2010. Can you help me with info so he can put in his new account? Please and ty. Doing an awesome job.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Saundra, the IRS website is the best source of information for your question. I know you have already tried that, but the IRS isn’t providing any information outside of that official channel. I don’t have any other information to offer. Sorry!

      • Claire says

        This probably answers my question, unless you found something I didn’t about qualifying with a 2019 return that wasn’t processed before many checks went out.

  10. Jameliah Thierry says

    I have received two different notifications about how I would be getting my stimulus check. first message said my check would be deposited to my bank account information I had put in, but I had no date of when I wouyld be receiving the check. Now I have a different message saying that my check will be mailed on May 4, 2020. Is there a way I can check and see if the check will be deposited or mailed to me?

  11. Cyndy Taber says

    Our stimulus check is lost. I cannot find instructions applying directly to the re-issuance of our economic stimulus check. After trying repeatedly to contact the IRS, I learned the offices are closed in part due to Covid-19. There was no mention of a re-open date. I spoke with a person on one of my many phone calls, who directed me to a claims department. She was kind enough to provide the phone number, but again, after 3 hours on hold, “waiting for the next available agent,” I was never connected.
    I did discover information regarding the re-issuance of income tax refund checks. Form 3911 is considered a “Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund,” so, do I prepare that form, and submit for a replacement check? Are there plans to develop a “form” specific to economic stimulus checks? Any guidance provided is greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Cyndy, I don’t have any updates at this time. The IRS is steadily issuing updates on its website. That’s the best I can offer at this moment. I wish you and your family the best.

  12. gayle smith says

    It is May 5.I have not received any stimulus.I am on ss with direct deposit also work part time filed taxes and added my bank account info to IRS.Still says payment status not available

  13. Sue says

    I received the check for my mother, who died in 2018. I have read that they should be returned (but they don’t tell you how or where), and have also read that the CARES act implies that they don’t have to be returned. I was her caregiver and had a joint bank account, which has been closed out. Not sure what to do. IRS is not a big help on this issue.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Sue,

      I’m sorry for your loss and that you have to deal with this. The Treasury has announced that checks should be returned. However, I have not seen guidance on how to do so. I wouldn’t cash the check and I would just hang on to it until you have more information on how to proceed.

      I wish you and your family the best!

  14. Charles Owen says

    My stimulus check went to a closed account instead of my social security account. Cant figure that one out. Cannot get in touch with anyone at IRS. What happens now? Will my wife and I ever get it?

  15. Penny Cole says

    My friend’s ex got her portion of the stimulus check. He will not give her her $1200. What can she do about this? She just filed her 2019 but the 2018 they filed together. His statement shows him & her on the stimulus deposit in his account.

  16. duane says

    mine says schedule direct deposit on April 15th but to an account that was closed 3/26/19 bank said sent back on the 16th but no update on the check or no way of getting in touch with someone to get it right. filed 2019 taxes got refund sent my current bank account al good now the stim they send to a close account

  17. Rena Chittick says

    I filed the nonpayment sight that it had me go to and put in my bank info and everything they asked me to. I make less then 12000.00 a year. the same night I got a confirmation that said; Congratulations the IRS excepted your return. That was on April 10th. And that’s the last my stats have changed on the get my payment site. Has anyone else had this problem and should it be taking this long after they except it?

  18. Vet Mom says

    First I want to say as a 100% disabled female veteran who lost everything (filed bankruptcy) due to deadbeats working under the table but made more kids, I have no sympathy for all the whining checks are being intercepted!!THANK YOU Gov Hogan for getting action on my 30yrs old cases!! I better get his recent stimulus!!! Next my daughters and I were SHOCKED we all got direct deposits same day 15th and I’m on federal/VA disabilities!! Yes our 2019 taxes were filed!I donated my stimulus to food bank because I don’t think retired/disabled folks should have gotten stimulus!! We didn’t lose jobs because biz shutdown…..stay safe!!

  19. Diana J Lightner says

    My 2019 taxe s were electronically filed. I owe IRS, but was waiting until July to pay what I owe. They have my financial info with not date given when I should expect money. Are they holding it until I pay my 2019 taxes owed?

  20. Shanda Hewlett says

    So when I checked my status of my check it said it was going to my account on the 22nd and I owe back child support I have not received any money yet is that where it went? It

    • Lauren Mutters says

      If you owe back support you will not receive a dime. The stimulus check will go to your ex.

  21. Shanda Hewlett says

    So when I checked my status of my check it said it was going to my account on the 22nd and I owe back child support I have not received any money yet is that where it went?

    • Lauren Lee Mutters says

      If you owe back support you will not receive a dime. The stimulus check will go to your ex. To the custodial parent of the child/children.

  22. Wayne Dietrick says

    In 2018 and 2019 we got money back from our taxes because we had lots of deductions but in 2020 we will probably have a higher adjusted gross income so does that mean we will have to pay back our stimulus money? I thought we didn’t have to claim it.
    Also I get VA disability do we also get $250 also ? Thank you , stay safe!

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Wayne, You will not have to repay your stimulus check – the government has made this announcement. There is no government $250 stimulus check at this time – just the $1,200 check. Any other checks would be from a different organization.

  23. Charlie Montague says

    Ryan, you are providing an invaluable website with no BS. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the IRS could do the same thing?? Keep up the great work.

  24. Harold D Watson says

    I filed my 2019 taxes and I don’t have a direct deposit account. Will my stimulus 1,200 check be sent to my address I filed on my 2019 taxes? and about how lone will it take.

  25. Quincy says

    Hello I filed my 2019 taxes and all bank info is correct. I received the $1200 payment but I did not receive the $500 for my daughter whom I filed on my 2019 taxes. No one has filed het but me. Is there something I need to do to claim the additional $500 for my child?

  26. Heather L Fiegel says

    if my husband owes a week back child support will that stop our stimulus check? It says i will get my stimulus deposited April 15 into my bank account but the account they have isn’t mine. Does anyone have anything Similar going on with them?

    • Kim says

      They took mine and my husband’s check because he owes back support. Did you file with H&R BLOCK? IF SO AND YOU HAVE A EMERALD CARD IT WILL GO TO THAT BANK.

      • Shanda Hewlett says

        When you checked your payment status did it say it was going to your account?

    • Heidi Ennis says

      My friend received the letter from the “White House” saying his check has been mailed. The IRS website also says it was mailed on May 22. Here we are July 3rd and no check. He owes a small portion in back child support and my guess is they gave the entire check to his ex. Not much he can do at this point. Once the money is in a crack pipe….it’s gone! Meanwhile, we suffer. Good luck!

  27. Chaunti Miller says

    I file my taxes with jackson hewitt and I haven’t heard anything about when I will be receiving my check. I can’t login into the irs.gov because they keep saying my information don’t match.. Someone Please Help Me.. Thanks..

  28. roy sperbeck says

    Hi I get VA disability ,My daughter claimed me on 2019 Fed tax form ,My income is less than $10,000.00.Can I get a Stimulus payment ?

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Roy, From what I understand, you generally will not get a stimulus check if you can be claimed by someone else on their tax return. The IRS is the agency to contact regarding this. Best wishes.

  29. Melanie says

    I was told to enter my bank account info for direct deposit and they said they updated my info and my payment would be direct deposited and now it’s saying my check is going to be mailed on April 24th, why that’s not fair, right? Can I change it still, what do I do?

    • Zak says

      I was told to enter my bank account info for direct deposit and they said they updated my info and my payment would be direct deposited and now it’s saying my check is going to be mailed on April 24th, why that’s not fair, right? Can I change it still, what do I do

  30. Veronica Powell says

    I filed my 2019 taxes on March 27th and irs took my little 114.00 check because I owe but I have yet to receive my stimulus check says payment unavailable but I supplied my banking info because my state was direct deposited so I’m concerned now that I may not receive it.

  31. Karen says

    My husband receives disability, we have 3 children and I do not work, we receive children and spouses benefit from his SS, do we still do nothing?

  32. Angela says

    So if your taxes have not been processed for 2019 irs will hold your stimulus check . They holding my taxes money. To make sure I don’t owe taxes for 2015. And I sent them my 2015 taxes again certified by mail they have signed for it but yet they said it still be 12 weeks but yet the office has shut down and I have not received a stimulus check I guess they’re holding that too. I’m sure the IRS see that I have file my taxes the president say we would get these checks no matter if we owe taxes or not just because it has not been processed don’t mean they should be holding my check. Do it. Because they still not sent my tax return to me either. So the IRS do as they please with the stimulus checks. Because I working in healthcare with positive people that have coved-19. And I just just end up with it. And I’m A single grandmother who has custody of her grandson now I don’t have family to get money from

  33. Carmella Donnelly says

    I over paid my taxes for 2018 and 2019 each time I applied the over payment to the next year, the “get my payment tool” does not apply to this so therefore it will not accept my information for direct deposit. I don’t know what to do! I’ve tried typing in what would have been the refund it tells me that my records don’t match and I’ve tried putting in 0 and it tells me there are technical difficulties I just can’t win I get booted out each time ! I’m so frustrated does anyone know what to do?

    • Debra Garcia says

      Debra Garcia Wish i could get my stimulus check I’m on SSI and rent and car Insurance and lights bills are coming in and it would be nice to pay them all at the same time.

  34. Kellie says

    I’m behind on filing my taxes, the last time I filed was 2017. Will we still get a check? Planing on filing 2018 & 2019 soon.

      • Tia says

        My stimulus went into a closed bank account on April 15 shouldn’t it be returned to irs by now and will that update on my payment tool or what if the ban of America took it

  35. Angie Cox says

    if I filed an itemized ta return , I work full time and have a mall business which is combined on same tax form , will this delay my stimulus check

  36. Richard Pethoud says

    I made less that $12,000.00 the last three years and didn’t file any income taxes so I went to IRS.gov and filled out their form and the next day got an email from them saying some thing on my form didn’t conform with my last years taxes and they said they could not accept it and won’t even communicate with me to help me correct it. Is there so way way I can get them to acknowledge I even exist?

  37. Albert L. Wilson says

    I receive Va and social security benefits direct deposited each month. I do not file taxes. Will I still ge my stimulus check?

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Albert, Yes, this information is covered in the article. The IRS has announced they will automatically send stimulus payments to those who receive Social Security Benefits. Best wishes.

      • Julie says

        My mother hasn’t received her stimulus payment yet. She collects social security retirement payments. Today is 4/20/20

      • Ryan Guina says

        Julie, the payments are being made over the course of a few weeks for direct deposit. If she will receive a paper check, it may take a few weeks or moths. The IRS has a page where you can check the status of your stimulus payment. Best wishes.

      • Anthony Woodard says

        That is crap about the get my payment tool should be able to check status of my check even if i receive social security. I’m still waiting and my wife and i are both on s.s. and received nothing and no way to know if they have our bank information. Week after week we wait on nothing and my bank information has been the same for years. What is taking so long? Answer this.

    • Marianne Murphy says

      I receive social security and have direct deposit; do not earn enough to file taxes; when will I get my stimulus check?

    • Melissa Howard says

      I get an SSI check every month it is directly deposited to my account but about 3 weeks ago I was told that I needed needed to go online and fili out the non taxable form so that I would receive my stimulus check so I did it for myself and my husband and then 3 days later I see Where people who receive SSI doesn’t have to do anything it will be directly deposited just like my SSI check is every month so I just have been waiting and waiting and I still haven’t received my stimulus check when will we be getting our money please can someone help me find out because I can’t get anything no where about the date we should be receiving our money thanks truly M.H

  38. andrew odell says

    This is a real tragedy the government promises that we will get the checks but there are so many questions and delays .. I am a single father whos ex-wife is an addict I have a 5,3, and 1 yr old. I provide everything my ex doesn’t work and lives off of the government and can’t file taxes because she doesn’t work and owes back student loans anyway. The Tennessee unemployment service website will not allow me to certify this week and these checks haven’t been released to me. I have lived off of savings and my tax returns… There will be a wave of people who don’t get this check that are told they will and that will affect the economy in an unexpected way as that is the variable they can’t control. I know how badly I need this stimulus but can you imagine people in the same situation? I think we are heading toward serious problems that no one really expects. I hope that these problems are ironed out and everyone gets the checks and help they deserve.

    • Christy says

      I filed my taxes w turbo tax but havent reseved my stimulus check when I got on the sight they have to check I get a unavailable statuse what should I do im worried I’m not going to get it

    • Nancy A West says


    • Jeff says

      How do people get this and I’m on ei and cant get it I try all the time is this a scam that you will have to pay it all back

    • James Glancey says

      In 2018 I was do a refund waited until 2019 to file both because I wanted a better refund will this affect my stimulus check

      • Ryan Guina says

        James, the IRS is basing refund eligibility upon the most recent tax return they have on file from either 2018 or 2019. They will not be sending stimulus checks if they do not have one of these tax returns on file. So yes, this will affect your stimulus check if you have not yet filed a return. Best wishes.

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