2023 Tax Refunds: Will There Be Any Delays?

After four consecutive delayed tax seasons, you might wonder what the tax refund timeline 2023 holds. Here’s what to expect when filing your 2023 taxes in 2024.
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Delayed tax refund

The IRS has struggled with delayed tax refunds over the last few tax years. In each of the last few years, the IRS issued notices regarding tax refund delays in early January. So far, in 2024, the IRS remains optimistic that refunds will be processed on time.

Here is all the information we have at this time.

When Can I File My Taxes for 2023 in 2024?

The IRS announced it will begin processing 2023 tax returns on Jan. 29, 2024. This is about a week later than normal, which will push tax returns back accordingly.

However, you can start your tax return before then. Most commercial software providers will allow you to complete your tax return and schedule it to file on the day the IRS begins accepting tax returns.

The IRS opens the IRS Free File program on January 12, 2024. Taxpayers should be able to access the software on that date, and begin working on their returns.

Key 2024 filing season dates

  • January 12: IRS Free File opens.
  • January 16: Due date for 2023 fourth quarter estimated tax payments.
  • January 26: Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day.
  • January 29: Filing season start date for individual tax returns.
  • April 15: Due date of filing a tax return or to request an extension for most of the nation.
  • April 17: Due date for Maine and Massachusetts.
  • October 15: Due date for extension filers.

When Will I Get My Tax Refund?

The IRS issues most refunds within 21 days. However, your tax return’s complexity or other issues may influence how long it takes to process your return and your tax refund.

The IRS recommends filing electronically. This is faster, easier, and safer for taxpayers, and is faster and easier for the IRS to process. Filing a paper tax return may delay your tax refund well beyond the 21-day threshold.

We have tracked historic tax refund schedules and put together a tracker to help you estimate when you may see your tax refund, based on your filing date.

This tax refund table can give you a rough idea of when you may be able to expect your tax refund.

The IRS cautions taxpayers to remain flexible with tax refunds, as many factors may influence the exact date you receive your refund. Use any tables or schedules as a rough guideline only.

EITC Refunds Available Starting February 27

Those who file for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) may begin receiving the EITC starting February 27, 2024. This is the first date the IRS anticipates the EITC being available for most taxpayers.

Federal law prohibits the IRS from issuing EITC and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) refunds before mid-February.

The IRS Where’s My Refund? tool should show an updated status by February 17 for most early EITC/ACTC filers. The IRS announced most EITC/ACTC electronic refunds will be received by taxpayers by February 27th.

Expect delays if you file closer to that date, if there are issues with your refund, or if you chose to receive a paper check or have your refund sent to a third party.

Known Tax Refund Delays – 2023 Tax Year

As of January 2024, the only tax refund delays the IRS has announced pertain to EITC and ACTC tax credits. We will update this page with additional information if the IRS publishes more information regarding systemic tax refund delays.

Who is Affected by Tax Refund Delays?

There are several factors that can cause a delay in your tax return:

Claiming Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit

A 2015 tax law called the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act created built-in certain rules to help protect against tax fraud and identity theft. Part of this law includes a section that requires the IRS to withhold tax refunds for taxpayers who file a tax return claiming either the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC).

By law, the IRS must withhold these returns until at least Feb. 15th of the tax filing year. However, that date represents the earliest possible date, not the expected date. Many returns that include the EITC or ACTC take slightly longer to process than returns without those.

Keep in mind it can take another week or so to receive the funds after being released by the IRS. Returns claiming the EITC or ACTC filed after this date may not be delayed.

Tax Fraud Prevention

Additional delays may apply to certain taxpayers who have previously been victims of identity theft or tax fraud. These delays can also apply to taxpayers if their return has been flagged for potential fraud or for further review.

Additional Causes for Tax Refund Delays

Additional delays may apply to filers with incomplete tax returns, tax returns with errors, or returns that require additional reviews.

The IRS plans to issue 9 out of 10 returns within 21 days, but some returns could take longer. 

The IRS’s new safeguards help screen electronic returns better and combat identity theft fraud and other scams. Such incidents cost the government hundreds of millions of dollars each year, sometimes tying up tax refunds for months while the IRS investigates the fraud (yet another reason why identity theft protection is a good idea).

What About State Tax Refund Delays?

Many states reported delays in tax refunds last year due to the government shut down. 

Most tax software companies will still allow you to complete the state tax forms. However, they will let you know if there are any delays that will impact you being able to file your taxes with your state of residence. If there are delays, you will simply need to wait. If you can file your state tax return, you may still need to wait for your state to process your return and send your refund.

Most tax software companies will still allow you to complete the state tax forms. However, they will let you know if there are any delays that will impact you being able to file your taxes with your state of residence. If there are delays, you will simply need to wait. If you can file your state tax return, you may still need to wait for your state to process your return and send your refund.

What to Do if Your Tax Refund is Delayed

First, verify the date the IRS received your tax return electronically. If you filed your tax return manually, then you may or may not be affected since it takes a while for the IRS to enter returns into the computer. This is done by hand and can take some time depending on the backlog of returns the IRS is working through.

Next, visit the IRS’s “Where’s my refund” page, to determine whether or not your tax return will be late. You may also be able to check on your refund date via your tax return software. Or, if you used an accountant, check with them. If you still can’t find an answer, contact the IRS. 

Avoid Promises That Sound Too Good to Be True

If any of the above delays apply to you, then there isn’t much you can do except wait. No tax preparer or accountant will be able to push your tax refund through more quickly. Anyone who promises they can is most likely pushing a Tax Refund Anticipation Loan, which is an advance on your tax return.

In most cases, you receive your tax refund upfront and sign over the return to the company – usually in exchange for a hefty fee. In almost every case you will be much better off waiting for your return instead of taking an advance and paying the excessive fees.

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  1. worried says

    I filed electronically may 15th and today is august 3rd and it’s “still being processed” 🙁 it’s never been this late before. what should i do – try calling the IRS?

  2. carol gallagher says

    I paper filed my return on 4/12/21 and the online irs website shows no acknowledgement of having received it and i cannot get a live person.

    • Ryan Guina says

      I’m sorry to hear this, Carol. I don’t have any insight into the IRS process. I recommend seeing you have a receipt showing you filed your tax return. That will at least verify you have done your part. You should be able to get confirmation through the tax software program or your tax preparer if you used either of them. Unfortunately, if you filed a paper return, you may not get confirmation and the IRS may also not provide confirmation online. Best wishes!

    • Ryan Guina says

      Arlynwilliams, the IRS is the only agency that will have any insight into your tax return. I am not aware of any other agency to contact. Best wishes.

  3. Tabitha says

    I filed the first of February then corrected my taxes the first of March and I am still waiting. I don’t trust my tax person on the sending the information the irs requested and I have not heard they received it.

  4. Joseph Sinkwitz says

    June 23, 2021; 120 days since I e-filed my 2020 fed tax return. Where the heck is my refund?

  5. R See says

    Mailed in a paper tax return for 2020 tax year Mar 19, 2021. Expecting over $6500 in refund. The “where’s my refund” site doesn’t even show they received the tax form. My bad…should have gotten some sort of traceable mailing when I sent it. Of course, no online support, no phones, no appointments for missing returns.

    Pretty baffled. This is the last time I will mail in my return and last time I am going to overpay my taxes. Better to just pay whatever penalty for underpayment than to give the IRS my money to play with as they please.

  6. Chelle says

    I was accepted 2/12 ive now received 3 letters stating they need 60 days more! Each letter is different but the message the same, last one hilarious it said it didn’t have the information needed in their computer system yet, REALLY ITS ONLY BEEN THERE 4 MONTHS NOW!

  7. Gloria says

    I did my taxes electronically through Tax Act. The IRS received it on April 5th. I filed single. No big deal. Where is my refund IRS? Have been still processing the whole time. No change in 9 weeks!!! Come on IRS!!?

  8. Teresa Shehan says

    I filed March 19th and still haven’t gotten my refund. There is no excuse for this. My taxes were done by H&R Black, so little room for error, and e-filed. I read every week where they are getting the stimulus checks out. If the IRS can still get the stimulus checks out, why can’t they get our refunds out too. They have more excuses, now it’s the computer system. Please, give me a break, I’m not an idiot.

  9. Rick says

    Good idea to issue stimulis checks during tax season. God help us when these incompetent gov idiots take over the healthcare system.

  10. Meredith says

    Frustrated tax payer here. I e-filed March 1st and have been able to get through to a person twice, but not since the beginning of May. They can’t tell me anything other than to wait and call back. This isn’t right and absolutely infuriating.

    I’ve contacted my state’s tax advocates and Congress. No one can do anything.

    • Sal says

      Hi Merideth,

      I also filed on March 1st and have heard NOTHING from the IRS regarding my refund. The Irs.gov website hasn’t been of any help either. It continues to show “still being processed”. What else can we do at this point? I am so frustrated 🙁

  11. Shante says

    None of these help sites are mentioning that the filing deadline was extended to May 17, 2021, and for those of us who filed after the April 15 date and return was accepted by IRS, method of payment by direct deposit and used the e-file system is also delayed more than 21 days. Every time I check where is my refund it only states still processing and I tried to call and never is able to get a live person to know what is going on. It’s been stuck in processing for 4 weeks now.

  12. Mag says

    I feel the same as some of the other posts the democrats are using our money for their budget. and who voted for these A holes anyway. NOT ME !!! I want my money before its time to file again. It’s been 3 months now.

  13. DG says

    Anyone have a number for the IRS that is a real working number? All I get is the same crap you can find on the website..nothing! My return was accepted at the end of Feb. and it still says my return is being processed. I can Guarantee you that if I had filed early and I OWED money, I’d be getting charged interest and late fees! We need to all start demanding they pay US interest and late fees for keeping our money!

    • Catherine Houk says

      Amen to that!! My return was accepted March 6th and I am still waiting as it still shows processing. That oh so competent so called president changed the rules after I filed but why can’t I at least have the small refund I was going to get and get the rest when they get it figured out. The little bit I was going to get would be very helpful but here I sit. The very short time I was on unemployment will not amount to much either. IRS please help.

    • Nick Worden says

      Same thing here DG. I filed electronically. There is no way it should take over 3 months. IRS playing games.

  14. Margot A Complesi says

    I filed my taxes for 2021 on February 18, 2021. The website is STILL telling me my taxes are still processing. What is happening?

  15. YC says

    FINALLY got an answer on the IRS site that my refund is due to be sent on 4/28, after being accepted on 2/17. So there is hope——I guess.

  16. Conrad Ojong says

    My refund was help for 2017 owed tax, I called IRS and told them that the rescue plan protects tax payer’s refund due to pandemic. The lady said people who were affected and got unemployment do not qualify for the refund protection under the rescue plan. So if the people affected are not protected, who is? Student loans payment was differed, eviction was differed, why hold refunds? Trump did not hold back any refund check due to pass due payments.

      • Carol Smith says

        I filed my taxes on March 10 and received per my accountant email verification that it was received. Today May 7 still have not received my refund. Almost two months
        I have called and called , received message that they are processing it and will notify me when completed. Have checked the website and get same message. How do they notify you when it is ready ?

  17. emanuel castro says

    i filed my tax return for 2020 through efile electronically on the 1 of march and was accepted on the 2nd march and was told that i was gonna recieve my refund within 21 days still no answer just said is in processed i also ddint receive my 1 and 2nd stimulus can u PLEASEhelp me about my situiaon

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Emanuel, I’m sorry to hear about the delay. Unfortunately, there is nothing we are able to do – the only agency that can look into your situation is the IRS. You will need to contact them via their website, their toll-free number, or set up an appointment. I wish you the best!

  18. CE says

    Efiiled March 8. Nothing out of the ordinary on my return that would cause a delay. Still being processed as of April 20. State refund was received weeks ago.

  19. Janine M Perez says


    • Ruth A Kennedy says

      I’m in exactly the same boat. It hosts me everyday. I’m just assuming I’ll never get it. It sure won’t take long to find me if I don’t pay my taxes.

  20. JC says

    Is there any recent, additional, accurate information regarding refunds filed over 30 days ago?
    All I have seen is a lot of sites repeating the old info over and over again… Which is sad… People are not interested in recycling info with the cloak of “NEW” or “UPDATED” when it’s not… It would be very appreciated if you share the date of the last bit of fresh information concerning the matter.


    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello JC,

      The date that our article was last updated is listed at the top of the article. Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional updates, and often, tax returns can be held up for reasons unique to the individual. The only way to know for certain is to contact the IRS, which, as you mentioned, is not an easy thing to do.

      This year, things are even more bogged down because the IRS was still processing 2019 tax returns when the 2020 tax returns started coming in. I imagine the IRS will still be working on this several months from now.

      I wish you the best.

      • Mary says

        I normally do not file taxes I receive survivor benefits from social security but I found a return to clean my dependencies that was accepted on March 10th I sense received 1400 . I have two dependents which I did not get either on the first two stimuluses either. Are they still owe me $4,000 I’m waiting on I guess and then it’s been since March10 .

    • JC says

      Stimulus came before I Filed taxes on March 9th
      Still no tax refund as of 4/14
      IRS app no help.
      Phone # useless
      Is there actually anyone who has recent update.. All I see online is repeating info from March.

  21. Bobby says

    Wow i was starting to think My wife and I were the only ones Accepted on 2/15/21. We received our Stimulus But have yet to get tax money back yet. We have never waited this long with no end in sight!

    • Cindy says

      Filed taxes March 11, 2021 and still waiting for Federal and stimulus money. When I look it up says still processing. Everyone else in my home had taxes done same day and have all their tax money.

  22. Alison says

    Filed 2/20. IRS website still saying “processing” as of today. So 6 weeks today and still no refund. I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable. Can everyone who is experiencing a delay join a class action lawsuit? This is not right.

  23. ANN GARNER says

    Well we filed our 2019 taxes still haven’t received a refund but we got the very 1st stimulus check but still waiting on the 2nd. Filed our 2020 taxes they said our direct deposit will be March 5th and its says still pending!! I’m afraid we won’t get anything ?

  24. Staci says

    I efiled at the beginning of February. They’ve flagged our return for further review for the second year in a row (we get the EITC and the Child Tax Credit). Still waiting for our return, have gotten zero communication or information, and now they’re not even accepting calls. Starting to wonder if we’ll even get a tax return this year……

  25. kip poynter says

    filed january 31 efile thru turbotax . still no refund and bc of the delay it also has prevented me from recieving stimulus check. the irs has really ******* me over

    • ANN GARNER says

      Well we filed our 2019 taxes still haven’t received a refund but we got the very 1st stimulus check but still waiting on the 2nd. Filed our 2020 taxes they said our direct deposit will be March 5th and its says still pending!! I’m afraid we won’t get anything ?

      • Kelly says

        Today would be 21 for me and nothing. It’s been accurate for me every year before. I’m feeling the same way due to the same results this year! Still pending!!!!

    • Julie Sewell says

      I’m in the same boat sent me a verification letter on last Monday filed accepted 2/13 finally was able to verify identity on Friday March 26th now back to more waiting and still no stimulus either. Losing everything

  26. LeMarr Hall says

    Filed a paper return in Feb for my tax year 2019 been checking for the last 2 months and all I see is being processed date of return when available. Something is really amiss here and someone needs to address the issues with IRS. There is no excuse for a refund taking over 3 months especially when it is a simple refund. Why are our lives becoming so complicated I am retired military will be 76 years of age in July and I have never seen this constant turnmoil in my life.

  27. Marie OConnor says

    I filed 2019 income tax at the end of February, 2020 and was supposed to get a direct deposit to my bank account like the tax refunds in the past. A refund check was sent to me instead, The check listed the first name but it dropped the last letter off, and last name were misspelled by one letter. I looked up on the IRS website under, “Get Refund Status”. There was a message that said that they sent me a check to the address on the income tax return because they were unable to direct deposit to my account. It also said that my refund was mailed on April 24, 2020. If I did not receive my refund, I was asked to wait until May 22, 2020 to contact them as they were unable to take any further action until then.
    I tried to deposit the check in my bank, and they said that the check was being investigated? The bank tried to submit it a few times without success. They said that they were informed to return the check to me. They did not deposit it or cash it for me. I suspect the the direct deposit was not accepted like the other poster due to the miss spelling of my name. I was told to contact the IRS, but they could not offer a number to call. I returned to the bank later that day to get more of an explanation, and I was told the girl who helped me was off the clock now. The second bank rep, said that the check was red boxed or red flagged. The bank was very vague on what had actually occurred. They just kept repeating to contact the IRS.gov web site. I have searched the IRS web site, and called many numbers without success. I looked up local IRS offices, and there was a notation on the websites that the service was not available due to the COVID-19. Thank you to all who have posted about their troubles… I hope you receive your refund soon.

  28. courtney says

    I filed the beginning of february and was to get a direct deposit the 26th of february but my bank refused the dd bc of an error in the names and the irs informed us it would have to be sent to us in a paper check now. to wait 6 to 8 weeks before calling back. well here we are 2 months later almost and NOTHING the wheres my refund still says there is a delay in your refund call the irs blah blah blah but we’ve done tht and STILL NOTHING and now we CANNOT get ahold of ANY HUMAN BEING to try to track it down! we’ve called hr block who we filed through online and they cant help us or find any additional information. Its quite a bit of money we were getting back but we are supposed to sit here and oh well it bc no one knows anything and the only onoes who do wont answer a telephone???

  29. Jose Aponte says

    I filed my taxes in February and it is now April and due the COVID 19 I can’t reach anyone to see what’s the problem. How can I reach someone during this time?

    • Keri L Jahnke says

      Same we filed on February 8th but we also file injured spouse this is the longest we waited for the federal refund we got our State refund and our stimulus but no federal it is annoying

  30. Rechanda says

    I filed my tax’s February 19, 2020 and here it is March 13, 2020 and still haven’t received them it’s about to be A month I called IRS and they said it’s stilled being processing so I don’t know what do now cause I need that money please help me to relieve this stress

    • Gregory says

      I filed my taxes and they were accepted by the IRS on February 18, 2021, and here it is 3/26/2021, and it is still being processed. I hope you are having better luck this year

  31. Stacey says

    Im still waiting on my 2018 tax refund!! They put it under review and then want to take away my child credit…same 3 kids I’ve had on returns for at least 15 years! Now I’m afraid it will affect this year’s return! It’s really rediculous! Finally getting an tax advocate involved…

  32. KS says

    Since the last comments here are from Sept, I am wondering if everyone’s return has been received. Like many here, we filed first week of March and still no return received and it is November, “still processing” is the message I receive. It seems crazy to me to be just under 40 days until a new year and to still not have received last years return. I have just kind of given up really on trying to call or check on it, but I am curious, going into a new tax season soon, what to expect for 2019 return.

  33. Diane says

    We mailed ours a day late, on 4/16 this year. Never had a delay like this. When I first checked, they didn’t even show it having been received. It has been over 5 months now, and according to their website, is still being processed.

  34. Robert R VanDyke says

    So here I am, August 5 2019, filed originally in Feb, No refund, IRS said to file a 1040X, did so in their office with a tax “IRS tax expert”, in March, The reason they stated is, About 100K filers had their Deduction and income changed to ZERO. Calling every 3-5 days with no results about my refund, excuses and Direct deposit days they say are scheduled come and go. Today, was told to wait another 3-5 days, Wondering now on exactly what 3-5 days in what month and year?

  35. R. D. says

    Our refunds, l feel are probably being used to balance their budgets! They really causing a lot of stress and anxiety with most of us, especially seniors who may only have one income and little income.

    I read about who is issued refunds first and from 1-10 they start with the highest refund amounts and second supposedly the seniors!

    Well l filed Mar 6th it was accepted the 13th still waiting. First l tried to file through the online free app that’s irs approved and they somehow were not adequate with their layout and it didn’t let you send it through. Ok so l copied it and mailed it. So so frustrated because I really have dental issues that seriously needs to be taken care of. Praying that it will come before l’m gone on!

  36. Jo says

    I filed mine January 31st. Received a letter on March 8th stating it would be in review till May 2nd. I’ve called on a weekly basis and they are giving me the run around, stating that they don’t know whats gong on and its my fault and I need to do an amended return or another one blamed it on the social security administration saying they haven’t sent the proper w2’s to the IRS which isn’t even accurate! Another one told me he would flag my file and get it to the correct person and it could be up to another 60 days. I received a second letter which looked bogus because it had no information or account /file numbers on it at all. This is all BS. I feel these people are not doing their jobs and our files are just sitting on these people’s desks collecting dust. I googled how to get a message to the white house/president and I’ve been sending messages there about this but have yet to receive a response. We all nee to figure out way to stand together and get our refunds now! They are reviewing the wrong accounts and this is getting old. This is the second year in a row for me. Maybe I will just file for disability and not file anymore? I am a candidate……

    • Robyn Bouch says

      I had to go thru my congressman’s office to fix mine. I filed 2/4…
      I checked my refund status this morning(6/9)…says my dd will be 6/12.
      Reach out to your congressman if you dont know who it is your state representative should help you get in contact with the correct person.

  37. Gloria Yeager says

    I filed January 18th with HR block as always nothing’s changed and it’s now June 2nd still saying it’s being processed this is crazy

  38. JDE says

    Filed on 4/8 and is still waiting until now. A bit frustrated because I was out of a job for a while. Thank God I found a job after depleting my savings. This is just so wrong.

  39. LRG says

    I called(844-545-5640)and spoke to a real person that said my return went into review on 3/4 and was supposed to take 45 days or less. That time has elapsed and he said that a tax payer advocate was going to call me within 5 business days to see if they can “expedite” my refund.

    The advocate called today (5/1)and said the IRS needed “verification” of wages and I had to fax my last pay stub because I guess the w2 wasn’t sufficient enough. The advocate is sending me a letter to give to my landlord because I can’t pay the rent due to this situation.

    I depend on this money this time of year. Pretty unbelievable to be honest.

    If you end up calling that number above, make sure you press 1 to “set up an appointment”, that way you’ll be able to speak to a real person and they might be able to help you. If I hadn’t called that number, I’d still be sitting here wondering what the hell is going on.

    • nicholas w fazzio says

      thats the same crap i got and i called mid april and was told they were sending a letter with info they needed April 29th so i would have waited 2 more weeks to send info they knew they needed for who knows how long i have a 2 week family vacation to Florida the first of June that depends on my taxes and sadly im gonna probably tell my kids we cant go extremely upset right now

      • LRG says

        Sorry to hear that, dude.

        When I talked to the advocate she said, “we don’t see people, we see numbers”. That should be all anyone needs to know about what the government thinks about the people.

    • Robert says

      We are going thru the same thing right now, spoke to someone last week at the irs. They were able to look i up and basically said that my wife’s w-2 was never submitted and that’s whats causing the hold up. We spoke to the accountant that that her boss uses and he said that he has to submit it to the IRS to be able to get a copy for us. So basically there was a glitch in the system when he submitted and it never went thru on the IRS side. Thats pretty much what the rep from the IRS told us. So now we are waiting on the advocate to call back.

  40. Over it says

    So sad I tried to not come back on here until something changed but nope still nothing this is BS at its finest. About to call tomorrow will update.

  41. Robe says

    And yet the IRS says the still stick to their “Most returns in less than 21 days” thing…even through all the return delays….

    Apparently there have been a lot more delays than they are aware of. Most people I have talked to have had massive delays in their refund.

    I can’t believe you don’t have yours yet. I would be kicking the doors of my local IRS office down if I were you.

  42. LRG says

    E-Filed on 1/29/19.
    2/15/19 got the 1541 code.
    3/1/19 got a letter saying under review.
    3/7/19 received another letter saying return is under review.
    IRS2go app says “your return has been received and is being processed”.
    The letter says to not contact the irs for 60 days(by the date on letter) because they have no information to provide.
    Here we are 3 FULL MONTHS since I filed my taxes and still no refund.

    • Ruth says

      I am in the same boat-return was accepted the first week of February, got a review letter February 28th for 60 days and the letter says do not contact until the 60 days are up. They were up on April 28th and still nothing and the wmr says it’s being processed. Every time I call it’s a terribly long wait-and I don’t have the time so I am just trying to be patient. I would just like to know if something is wrong and if I am getting the return

    • i Do Taxes says

      Go to taxpayeradvocates.gov They can help with getting your issue resolved. Taxpayer Advocates are a part of the IRS. They can help. Don’t give up. Keep writing them sending it certified and calling them.

  43. Matt says

    its crazy. i filed my taxes with H&R block on feb 25th, got confirmation that the state and fed recieved it and they said it would be 4 weeks to mail out my refund checks, its been 8 now. and the IRS website cant give me a reason why my refund hasnt been mailed or anything

    • Angela Bergeron says

      I feel the same way as everybody else here in comments..i haven’t received any of the stimulus and i filed in jan 2021. I got accepted. ALL Thru H&R BLOCK …I STILL HAVENT RECEIVED ANYTHING REGUARDING MY TAXES NOR MY STIMULUS AS OF MAY 31ST 2021 THATS ALMOST 5 MONTHS NEXT MONTH IVE WAITED..WITH THE SAME THING AS THE STATUS -BEING PROCESSED-

  44. Stacy says

    Going through same situation I did get ahold of someone at the IRS and they first said it was under review for 45 days and now they need 60 days to complete review it is crazy claimed same child for 9 years. For some reason they just want to hold our tax money II was told not to call back till after June 4 2019

  45. AK says

    I was trying to remain hopeful until I read all your comments. Is this a pattern, are they holding/reviewing more of us who filed with EITC and Child Tax Credits?

    Just like most of these previous posts, I filed, as I have for previous years, as HoH, one dependent, and one W2.

  46. Over it says

    I am so fed up this is happening to me also. Filed January 17 with HRB. Recieved a letter March 4 after reaching irs and being told they can not give me any reason why I am being reviewed. The letter said it would be done April 18, then received another letter 1 week later saying they needed an additional 60 days. This is ridiculous

  47. Preston says

    I went to H and R block and it was Feb 14 I’m still waiting and irs app say processing for 2 weeks now I have seen so many other people get returns back but I’m still waiting

  48. Sheena says

    I filed my taxes through turbo tax feb 5th claiming my children for tax credit. March 5th roles around and I have a letter in the mail from the IRS to confirm identification. Called the IRS and confirmed my identity. The lady I spoke with as well as the letter said it could take up to 9 weeks before getting a return. AND if I don’t receive anything in 9 weeks I can then contact the IRS back. 😐 ugh This is total crap. WHY is it taking so long?!?!?!

  49. Sandra says

    Me too! I filed Feb 24 and it’s now been 25 days. Website just says still processing and my bars have disappeared. Really annoying!

  50. Patrice carter says

    It’s just nuts and when you owe the irs they make sure they get there’s with no problem but when they have to give us our money it’s a problem that crazy everybody and we have to deal with this lord have mercy.

  51. Jennifer says

    I have been reading the comments on here and finally decided to call IRS today. I filed on Feb 14 electronically and was accepted same day. Like many of you my bars dissapeared and said still processing since around end of Feb. They told me today that mine were under review and I should receive a letter about it soon. Said I would receive another letter if any information was needed. That it takes 45 days for the review. The review is not scheduled to start until March 25th. If I don’t receive my deposit or another letter asking for more information by May 9th to call them back.

    • Jessica Tomlinson says

      I files 2/11 and it was accept however I never got my return I called the said they needed 60 days that was up May 20th I called and then they said they needed another 60 it is still being processed! No reason of explanation it a bunch of BS Now I’m looking towards the end of July when I needed my money in order to move. I will never file with H&R block again. Seems to me the one that filed paper returns are better off.

      • karen says

        what number did you call? I have tried several times to call the IRS and cannot get through to a person. I filled ours by mail in April and cannot get an estimate of it online on the Where’s my Refund. I really want to make sure that they have it and that everything is okay

  52. Sonisee says

    I filed thru H&R block on 1/15 accepted 1/22 then it said they were being delayed for whatever reason.. called the IRS they didnt have any information they offered to give me. I got a letter a few days later simply stating that they were being looked at for further review. Website then said and still says been received and being processed. Receive d another letter dated 3/7 saying that they were still being processed and that could take up to 60 more days…taking me into May for my tax return!!! I spoke with the lady that did my taxes and she said theres nothing I can do but wait the IRS isn’t asking me for any further information from me 🙁 I have a very simple return 1 w-2 and 1 dependent. This is starting to get ridiculous if they are gonna hold taxes we should at least get reasons why!!

  53. Carrie says

    When people are calling the IRS about their refunds being late, what are they telling you? I filed around 2/8 and still haven’t received a refund from Federal. Just wondering if anyone has any idea when they are going to be sending the refunds out.

    • SRR says

      They won’t tell you anything after you sit on hold for an hour or more. They will say they don’t have any information for you

  54. Christopher Galvan says

    Ive been waiting 41 days for my refund and it says it’s still processing..this is 3 years in a row this crap has happened I got a letter that it’s under review why I have worked for the same company since 2010.
    So i told my company to figure out how to pay me cash from now on I’m not paying taxes anymore all they do is screw us around..
    I’m done with the I.R.S.

  55. Timothy evans says

    I filed federal taxes 1/14 and it’s still saying it shows no find of my taxes. It’s almost been 3 months.

    • Nicole says

      the same happened here but I found it to still be processing using Single instead of Head of Household that I filed under. I was told it was a glitch. So if you files HH try searching under single

  56. Charles Lamb says

    Filed on 1/31 … still appears as being processed. Same dependent for 2 years. Don’t understand why there’s a hold up. If anyone knows a number to call please share. Its almost late March and no letter or call from IRS, no status change. Its just a headache.

    • Kathy says

      Found this an called them u talk to a real person they dont always help but I would try it u may get someone that can help 18008290582 extension 652

  57. Alexis Thomas says

    Frustrated!! I filed electronically 1/31 it was accepted 1/31. WMR went from accepted to still processing I will get a date when avail. Ive claimed the same kids 14 yrs old and 11 yrs old never done anything different. Now I’m being reviewed. As of today 3/13 its still being reviewed. I get thru everyday and I never get a different response “I have to wait up to 45 days from 2/15 yesterday they said 45 days from 3/11 I screamed and the rep said I could claim a hardhip which I have still waiting that was yesterday. Call 1-800-829-1040 option 1 for english then option 2 then 3 you will get a rep that will transfer you to a live rep. SMH THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

  58. CASSIE W. says

    I filed 01/25/2019,was accepted on 01/28/2019 on 02/16/2019 My wmr said code 1541 refund delay in processing, on 03/01/2019 ,it went back to processing,0n 03/10/2019 ,I got a date 03/13 ,no later than 03/18,So hold on it is coming

  59. Lorelie says

    Filed 1/28/19. Accepted 1/30 and 1/31 by state. Expecting 2/21 but received state Feb 28 after a month . Fed tax not yet here. It’s only 1 child. Fed tax maybe another month.I will update

  60. Jessy says

    Filed on 1/22 and still waiting…Same dependents I’ve claimed for the past decade and no major changes but now suddenly I’m a fraud red flag?!?!?!

    • Frustrated says

      I feel the same way. Why not flag people who never claimed kids or suddenly have them or better yet claimed a child one year and never claimed that child again!!!

  61. Kristi says

    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/1 went to still processing 2/22. I filed eitc and actc. Can’t get through to speak to anyone at IRS.

    • Frustrated says

      1-800-820-1040 option 1 for english when it prompts to why youre calling dont choose option 1 to check your refund choose option 2 then 3 you will get an agent that will transfer you to a live agent. Im still processing too filed 1/31 ?

      • Tammy says

        That’s insane I filed Jan 31 and so is mine so I called they asked me to give them until March 18 so I waited still nothing then I receive a letter saying they need additional time and they need at least until May 2

      • ashley says

        Shoot, I filed Feb 5 and here it is March 14th! Still processing though lol….***** getting real old now! I need my $$$, they said no later than the 20th, yeah ok we’ll see…. ridiculous!

  62. Waiting too long! says

    My return says it’s been sent to my banking institution on 3/6. Have not received it yet… What do you do if it’s been pass the 1-5 business days the IRS says to wait!

    • Misty says

      Call and check with your preparer to make sure they sent it to the corr3ct bank then call the IRS they typically tell you by phone. If the bank info was wrongs it may cost you up to another 30 days.

  63. Joelicia says

    I filed on 2/13/2019 and it was accepted the same day. It is now almost 22 days…. no refund ! This is absolutely insane.

  64. Greg Buckley says

    My wife and I filed with H and R on 1/20/19 and the IRS still says our refund is being processed, no date or any other information. We filed like normal claiming our 2 children as we have for the past 3 years and have never had to wait so long. Apparently people who had their refund go onto the emerald card offered by H and R instead of into their bank account already have their refund. I have tried to call the IRS several times and can not get anyone on the phone or any additional information.

    • April says

      Actually mine always goes to my emerald card and i filed on 2/1 and i still don’t have mine so i don’t think that is the issue.

    • Tracie says

      I filed my taxes the very last day and got an EITC which said I should have received it by May 8th and I still haven’t received it, nor have I had any luck with getting it. Is it because of the government shut down that it’s taking so long to get back to me?

    • Sierra says

      I filed mine and my BFs on 2/10, his still says it’s being processed and a date will be given when available, but I got mine on 2/28. I don’t know what is going on. Wish I did.

  65. Cinimod says

    I filed 1/21 with EIC/ACTC/IS…same children every year, same job. Transcripts still on code 570 wit processing date of 2/25…it’s gonna be a long wait this year!

  66. Princess says

    Same i filed on 2/5 it is 3/6 status is still processed fiked same depenedents also my 2 children.

  67. Marie Utz says

    My taxes were efiled and accepted on 2/16 it’s now the 6th no refund. Says that it still bring processed. Such B’S. Never had issue before. Same dependents for the pass 9 years. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  68. anna says

    I am having the same issue. I filed on 2/4/19 today is 03/06 My children have always been claimed by me since they were born 12& 14 years ago. My tax return says still being processed. My colleague filed hers herself and claimed her 2 dependents, and received her refund with in 7 days. She showed me her taxes so I know this is a fact. I am not sure what is going on. This is very strange can anyone offer any info????

  69. Dusti Hoffman says

    Well I spoke with IRS yesterday morning after being on hold for 57 mins. Filed on 2/3 and as on 2/26 was being processed. She told me my return was transferred to another department for further inspection. Because I filed eitc and child tax credit. These are the same 2 children I have claimed for 8 years. Such b.s. nothing to do but wait.

  70. Lisa says

    I filed mine with HR block 2/5 and it was excepted same day. It’s 3/5 and the only thing the IRS status says is it’s still being processed. I just don’t understand why it is so delayed. I don’t know if something’s wrong or what the problem is but I need this money! Somebody give me the number your calling and talking to a real person at the IRS because I cant get passed the automated system. HELP!

    • J says

      Call the number the irs uses to make appointments. Select that you would like to make an appointment and you should get through. Then that person can transfer you to someone who can speak to where your refund is. That’s the only way I got through.

    • Jennifer Rodriguez says

      Mine is the same, i filed 2/2 & mine days still processing. I’m so frustrated because i got laid off & i need that $$$$. Please update if you find anything out.

    • April says

      Mine is the same way. I filed on 2/1 through H&R Block. I’ve filed through them for years. Filed with the same job i have had for 5 years and the same kiddos being claimed. And its 3/14 and all it says is it’s still being processed. It’s very frustrating that all we can do is wait. I just found out that ill be without work for the month of April because we are switching to a new account so ill be without income for the whole month of April until our new training sessions start so i am desperately waiting for this refund. My state refund already was issued but was grabbed up for the my filing fee through H&R Block. So just ticking the time away waiting for the federal return. Hope it comes soon.

    • Tammy says

      Call the IRS select your language push option two and then push zero it’s gonna tell you it’s a invalid option push it again and then ask to speak to account management I’m having the same problem waiting for mine and I filed jan31

  71. Leebee says

    My son filed 1/28 and it’s 2/28 still no deposit even with given date between 2/27/19 up to 3/3/19 He called IRS and they said, ” if you don’t receive deposit that he has to wait until 2/4/19 before the IRS can check on the deposit.” SMH!

  72. Melissa Scott says

    I filed mine on 2-12 and got accepted the same day and i still have yet to be approved or dd date. Anyone else same issue??

    • Jessie b. says

      I filed 2-11 was accepted 2-12
      And WMR still stuck on 1st bar. It’s still being processed. Only when I need the money desperately would this happen.

      • Melissa Scott says

        I read above that someone talked to the irs and they told them the next release date would be the 6th of march so hopefully well get it then!

  73. Dusti Hoffman says

    I filed my return on the 2.4.19 with addtl child credit and eitc and as of 2.25.19 it changed to being processed. That’s all. And calling them was a joke. I swear every year this gets worse. My friend filed on 2.9.19 with my help. She already has a dd date of 3.4.19. So they dont process in order of receipt. And she has all same credits I do. They must randomly choose which ones they process.

  74. Jen Howell says

    PS- Mine was filed via Turbo Tax on 2/15, shows accepted 2/15, however when I just called in the IRS says it shows accepted on their end 2/19 YET A SCHEDULE I REFERENCED ONLINE SAID IF ACCEPTED BY 11 AM 2/17 SHOULD RECEIVE DEPOSIT BY 25th (well the 27th in my case due to the EIC delay).

    • Alexander Allen says

      Definately bookmarking this thread. I’m curious why all our returns are bieng delayed so much when most have gotten theres even with eic and ctc delay.

  75. Jen Howell says

    This is driving me crazy! I am hoping that they will update all of us EIC delays tonight after midnight since it said the 27th would be the first available date and the accounts only update once daily. But then who knows it will take for the funds to actually travel to our banks and make their way into our accounts. Can anyone who has already received their DD money tell us how long it took from the time the “Where’s My Refund” status update between 12 am – 6 am showing refund approved to when they actually received the available funds in their account? I am curious what this average time is. I know worst case it has said 1 week. I am just curious if there is a possibility for same day so that if our account status updates in the morning we may receive the funds in our accounts as early as tomorrow as well. Please help us to get the best educated guess given your experiences. 🙂

  76. Alexander Allen says

    Are a bunch of people having this issue as well? I filed on 1/31 got accepted the same day and now its 2/27 and the IRS says still being processed and nothing else. The bars gone as well as the tax code. I filed eic and ctc and others who filed after have already gotten theres on the 23rd or just after.

      • Donna Akers says

        I have no bars… am I supposed to ? it just says still processing and I filed on 02/19… I filed EIC and HOH… does this mean there is an issue? I am so worried

    • Alexander Allen says

      UPDATE: I called the IRS and talked to someone, they said after checking into it that March 6th is the next ddd and mine should be released then. They also said that the bar bieng gone as well as the tax code is an issue alot of people are having and there not sure what’s wrong. Heres hoping it comes out then.

      • Alexander Allen says

        Update 2: the app updated today for myself, did it update for you or anyone else? The bar is back as well as a ddd.

  77. Justin Robinson says

    I filed on 2/13/2019. Was accepted 2/13/19. Its been only 14 day, but I still have not recieved any update. All I wanna know if it’s been accepted or Not. There are no error codes and I filled EIC and ACTC.
    But my sister filled 2/20/2019 and got her refund today. 2/27/2019. Could this be an error on my taxes?

    • Alexander Allen says

      Having the same issue. People who filed after me are getting theres and no update for me. not quite sure what’s going on. Most people are saying that you’ll get a letter or the IRS will say on the site if you need to contact them but idk

  78. Christian says

    I filed on 1/4 and was accepted on 1/14. After that I received my federal return via direct deposit on February 4th. To this day I have yet to see my state return or be given any info on it. My state return was accepted on the 29th of January by the way.

  79. Stefani LeGrand says

    I filed on 1/27/19 on 2/19 I got a letter in the mail that they will have to check my ID and ask some questions. I called in and they asked me many questions and she said it was good and she will send it to be processed, but now I have another 9 weeks before I get my refund.
    If it is good and I answered everything correctly why 9 weeks. They are not giving me any information other then that. I have seen some get their refund after a check like this with in days others months and a few years. Does anyone have any real information for me.

  80. Tiffany says

    Does anyone else get a notice about offsets when you check the status of your refund? I called the 1800 number to check if my SS# has any offsets against it and it said no. My refund has been approved and scheduled for deposit Feb 27th, but why is it telling me to read the offset info “regarding my tax situation”? Does that mean we will definitely get garnished? Anybody who has had this happen and knows whats up, PLEASE HELP!

    • Tiffany says

      I filed Feb 2nd, was approved feb 2nd. Feb 15th, the “Where’s My Refund” tool stopped giving me the notice about the delay for actc or eitc. Feb 23rd they accepted my refund and sceduled the release date for Feb 27th.

    • ashley glaze says

      I also filied Feb 6 and called the IRS now they are saying I am up for a REVIEW and I won’t receive my REFUND until MAY 3. I have never had this happen. I think its just way for them to hold my money

      • DD says

        I filed 2/2 with JH, was accepted the same day, today 3/4 I was told I was in review, I asked y, they told me so contacted my job because they said as soon as they send my info, they will release my funds

  81. Rob says

    I efiled my return on Feb 1st 2019. It is now Feb 22 2019 and I still don’t have a date. What is going on? I went through hrblock.

    • Sam says

      Same here Rob.. I filed 1/4, was accepted on 1/14. It’s now 2/22 (26 days after the 1/28 date when the IRS started actually processing refunds). I have called the IRS and they have no answer. Yet people on Facebook who have EITC, like myself who filed weeks after me are already getting DDD, even their refunds. All I want to know is a Date. Yet the info out there is so inconsistant..

    • Christie says

      Same here Rob I filed on 2/9 through H&R like I do every year it was accepted the same day and mine is still showing just accepted.

  82. Josh says

    I had a delayed return due to an offset and could not file a return until that November 2018 for the 2017 tax year. With my son being claimed by me (HoH), will my tax return have to wait until Feb 27th 2019 for the refund?

    • Jack says

      Yes, it will have to wait until the 27th. If you claim any earned tax credits or an additional child, all refunds were held back and started getting processed Feb 15th. So if you filed early (the first official week of tax season) you should get a refund approval date beginning Feb 23rd and a refund deposit date beginning Feb 27th.

      • Rahim says

        I filed mines the end of January. I’m claiming two children, so I know that they did not start processing it until the 15th. It has only been saying processing since then. I know most people started getting their dates today. If I havnt, so that mean that I have to wait until next week, or is it possible that I can still see an update tomorrow?

  83. mable says

    does the late release date applies to the your taxes mailed on November 19, 2o18?
    do I have to wait it has been 6 weeks

    • Jade says

      I just did my RAL Jan 2nd was told it was approved on the 4th still nothing I’m waiting and waiting other people have received thiers and I still keep waiting I feel discriminated .and not given the same treatment.

  84. Kenya says

    I filed FEBRUARY 10th 2018 and it was accepted 2/10/2018 now it just says YOUR RETURN IS BEING PROCESSED IT WILL BE UPDATED WHEN WE GET A DATE
    WHY is it taking so long to get a date?

    • Aubrie says

      I did mine Febuary 14th and mine says the same thing……I tried to call and got the same message over the phone and no option to speak to anyone! Have you heard anything?

      • K.Lewis says

        Like wise, if u received a letter it will say it under review and you have to wait 60days! Which is crazy

  85. Erika K Brown says

    My mother claimed the earned income credit. She did her taxes on the 27th of January and got them on the on February 7th. But she works for the state. Does it matter if you work for the state to get your refund earlier than the 15th or the 27th? Also my husband and I claim the earned income and child tax credit. Would it be possible since my mother got here before the 27th that we could gets ours sooner too?

  86. Mark says

    I really don’t understand this either I filed my taxes on Feb. 15, 2017 and it is March 29, 2017 and its saying we send you a dates for when you get your refund check and the states is been gone just as long !!!! What in the world is going on , it hasn’t took this long !!! This don’t make no since for it to take this long !!!!!!

    • Mandy Baiden says

      Oh my…… I should be waiting for it then. Reading everybody’s comments I might as well forget about two money cos I just filed it 19th March now still on received. I have a lot of questionable tax return claims so maybe that’s counts.

  87. Fritzina johnson says

    I filed on Feb 19 I received email that irs accepted the same day I still have not got out of the process portion it has been over 25 days

  88. Michelle Titzer says

    My husband and I filed electronically and they were accepted in 2/2/16. We had an injured spouse form which takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks. Usually we get them back by 11 weeks at the latest. It will be 15 weeks this coming Tuesday which is May 17th. We have called and called. They put in notes and I had to give them 30 days to investigate. 30 days is up the 20th and if we don’t have them back yet we have to have the IRS give us a tax advocate and they supposedly.have 1 week to get us out money. I do not understand what the problem is. Are any of.you having this issue?

  89. Sheryl says

    I filed my taxes on April 6 and got an emailed saying they accepted my refund on April 7 2016. My status have never changed from received yet. Stating from the tax schedule from if I filed between Apr 02 and Apr 08, 2016 the deposit suppose to be sent April 15 .Well its April 20th today. What seems to be the problem?

  90. Robin Shepherd says

    I filed my taxes on February 5th and I requested direct deposit refund. I do not understand how I find out what day the IRS accepted them but when I check the status of my refund on wmr, it says it has been received. My question is 1. where do I find out when it was acceptedby IRS? ? I been using date of February 8th just to give myself a few days. Then I received forms from the Marketplace telling me I had to include these in my taxes this year. I just recently went through a divorce and my ex husband has to keep insurance on me and pay for it, but I had no idea he put me through the Marketplace so I had to file these papers and I sent them in this past Friday which was the 18 by mail c bc no one told me I could face them. Grrrrrr….but on where’s my refund it says my federal has been received but that’s it. Now my tax Accountant said that I should receive my refund regardless if I filed an amended one because that money will come to me separately, but is this correct? Because according to the schedule, I was supposed to be getting my refund the 19 of feb. I should have gotten my money yesterday but I still haven’t seen it… can someone please help me find out what day it was actually accepted bc line on the WMR shows received in tbe.bar. So curious if I’m going to have to wait until the IRS receives my amended taxes before I get anything back but keep in mind that IRS. GOV says they have already received my federal and it’s in the first section of the WMR bar so just curious if someone could shed some light bc im so onfused. But tax accountant said that I should receive it by the 19th of February which was yesterday going off of the schedule the IRS put out, but I did not and I just wrecked my truck so I’m really n need of that refund to get it fixe, it is my only means of transportation. But that would help even more is just knowing if I’m going to get my taxes back anytime soon or having some piece of information that could put my mind at ease so can someone please help me…. anything would be greatly appreciated once again thank you so much

  91. Claudia in MA says

    Filed electronically 2/8 and on “get refund status” it only shows “return received”.
    Our accountant also filed for my 2 teenage kids at the same time and their status already shows as “refund approved” (refunds scheduled to be mailed on 2/22).
    I am wondering if their refunds were approved faster because they filed as single and their refunds are pretty small (a few hundred dollars) and mine is still pending because I filed as married/joint and is for a much higher amount (in the thousands). Does anybody know if higher amounts take longer to get approval? Or if joint returns take longer than single ones?

    • Heather says

      Same thing happened to us, and now WMR says “approved”, as of this AM, BUT it says a check is being mailed before 02/26/2016. Why would a check be mailed instead of DD? This has been such a mess this year! I think time to switch from TT!


    I filed and was accepted between Feb 3 and Feb 4th.. The table indicates I should receive my refund this Friday. The WMR bar has not moved from “accepted”. I’m hoping the refund hits this Friday 2/19 but it could be as late as 3/4 before I see the funds.

  93. CAROL WOOD says

    I filed and was accepted on January 27 my state has been deposited into my account but when I check the status for my federal it still says received and being processed. This is soooo messed up, maybe they need to be hiring a new crew of workers!!

  94. Dale says

    I filed, and was accepted 1/27/16. My status have never changed from received yet. Now the bar is not even there, and it says “Your tax return is still being processed, A refund date will be provided when available”.
    Anybody else getting this still? It’s been like that for a couple days now.

  95. lucky says

    hii was accepted the 28th and was approved by wed and got a date that my check should be mailed by the 9th with nothing came. so im not sure when to expected it.

  96. Draemara says

    Hello, I submitted my taxes on Jan 19th, and on Feb 3rd I received a letter from the IRS requesting for the 8962 form and 1095-A forms from my health insurance marketplace, I faxed everything they requested the very next day, every time I tried to ask how long it is going to take for them to process it, I never have an answer, at this point I dont know what else to do at least to get an answer.

    • Sassy says

      Hi I received a letter from the IRS as well about the health marketplace, and faxed over things on the 9th but still haven’t heard anything back yet. Have you received an answer back or are you still waiting like me?

  97. jazzzzz says

    for anyone who needs an update…. i filed jan 26th and the IRS WMR website finally changed to approved on feb 6th and DD to be applied on feb 10th. The website has not updated anymore since then but i do see the funds have been released to my bank and pending payment YAY!!

    • Dave says

      Same with me , the site still says “refund received” (it was sent on the 5th) and nothing has changed , so I took your advice and just checked my bank account and its in the Pending window for the 18th (today is the 12th)

      Thank you

  98. brad says

    filed our return on jan 19, WMR shows nothing . Checked Tax Act site and states my return was accepted 1/19. What is going on? Very concerned and worried theres an issue with IRS losing the return. Usually WMR will show something by now. Monday will be 20 days. February 8. Anyone experiencing this same thing?

    • Luke says

      Since there was an outage in the 3rd leading to the 4th. I’m, sure there are some technical difficulties still in the way. I would actually call them up Tuesday. You are to receive your refund 21 days after you file. You may get it tomorrow you may not. I have read there have been some cases where nothing updates but it just simply DDs into the account. Good thing is that it says Accepted. That means you did what you could do correctly. Again, contact them, there will however be a long wait time. This year has been very busy for the IRS and the E-File system. I was freaking out but mine finished up and I got my DD Date.

      Hope all goes well for you sir.



    • addie mae says

      yes i was accepted and my refund date said feb 9th and im still waitn and it says still processing will issue a date when available, this is straight bull crap maybe i should have field state because they have there return already. This is crazy.

  99. Tameka says

    Mine says we have no information on your return. When I filed on the 19th of January. Called my tax preparer she said my return was accepted by irs. She don’t see no problems on her end. Supposed to rreceive mines direct deposit on the 5th of February…

  100. Trina says

    I filed on January 31st around 8pm IRS accepted it an hour later. My cousins got accepted around 11pm same night but hers was approved with a dd date of February 8th but mine is still stuck on received and processing however my state has been deposited into my account already as of an hour ago so not sure what is happening. Could it be because of education credit I claimed didn’t have this issue last year with it any help?

    • Yvon says

      Tameka, I have same problem like yours. I got my state online says no information on your refund where I filed they say everything is fine. I am so confused. Have you now got yours?

  101. Niki says

    I filed on the 19th the bars still have not yet moved does anyone know why this is happening been 14 days and nothing yet

  102. Paula says

    Mine also said direct deposit for February 5th as well as my sons. I just found out that there was a major power outage in IRS building and that’s why no deposit today. My son said it should be in there tomorrow 6th or Monday 8th just depending on how your bank operates. I filed January 26 bout 10am and mine was accepted 1 hour later. Hope this helps anyone wondering why no deposit today

  103. Josh says

    They received mine on the 23rd and still haven’t herd anything. My status hasn’t changed since the first day, still says received.

  104. Diana says

    TMadden I have the same situation: filed return 1/25/2016, accepted within 2 hours. As of Feb. 5, 12:00PM I have not had my return deposited in my account. WMR still shows “received”. I cannot find anywhere that gives an indication of refund status on this date-or when it will be deposited. I guess we wait.

  105. TMadden says

    This tax season has been the worst. I filed my taxes on Jan 25th, IRS excepted it the next morning (Jan 26th) at 6:00 am, but my status in the IRS website as of today (Feb 5th) is still in the first bar “Received”. I don’t understand why there is such a problem this year. There is no telling when you will get your refund. Very sad!!

  106. josiah says

    not sure i filed 29th also, maybe it will update tomorrow on the deposit date all people through 29th should get money i assume

  107. Gabrielle says

    Does any one know when I can expect my refund? I couldn’t e-file because they couldn’t verify my stuff. That’s because we had to amend last year. But, my husband and I mailed ours and it said it was delivered today, we selected to have direct deposit.

  108. Alisha says

    We filed 24th of Jan, and it was accepted the same day. Our estimated refund was between the 31st and 4th of Feb. Now it changed to 5th-14th of Feb.

  109. Lindsay says

    I efiled my taxes last Friday the 29th and according to the 2016 refund table I should receive my refund direct deposit tomorrow Friday the 5 the but on the ‘Where’s My Refund’ websitit still just says Accepted and has not even been Approved yet. Last year I got my refund a week after I filed my return. Anyone else have this issue?

      • victoria lee says

        I filed january 29th as well via turbo tax at like 4:00pm. I was accepted an hour later. Still on first bar and no dd date.

      • josiah says

        it may update tomorrow hopefully and you have your money we will see or its the next date, they are so annoying

    • Luvqtrhorsen says

      I filed on 1/12/16 and it was accepted on 1/19/16.. Still says received and being processed. I was expecting a deposit on 2/5 but my status hasnt changed. We got state back within a week. I have friends who filed on 1/24 and got their federal within a week.

      • Greg says

        I am in the same boat. I filed on 1/11/16 and it was accepted a few hours later. TurboTax gave me a “ballpark” date of refund between Jan. 19th and Feb. 8th. However, when I looked on the IRS website WMR it used to show a visual icon like a thermometer with the words “Accepted” “Approved” and “Refunded”. When I looked again yesterday the visual icon is no longer there and it just says your refund is still being processed with no date?

      • Melinda says

        Yes, I filed Jan 19th also…got my state back on Feb 10th but my federal still says being processed. Not sure how long I should wait before I call?

    • REE Ree says

      I filed the same time as you did and mine is saying the same thing! I am so frustrated, last year I received it 3 days after being accepted, what’s going on this year!!!!

      • Charee says

        There is a MAJOR hold on early tax refunds that were filed early due to the filed with EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT and ADDITIONAL CHILD INCOME CREDIT also due to fraud and identity theft… This could be the main reason that lots of people who did file early haven’t received their refund yet… also they have started processing refunds and won’t actually start with direct deposit until the 27th of Feb… Checks that were mailed in will be at least a week or two behind… If you know you have waited your two weeks in or 21 days give it another week.. still no changes give them a call the have representatives there to answer your questions… Their working through a new computer system.. I hope that this info was helpful to anyone..!!

    • P.A. Miller says

      I filed the 27th of January and Saturday February 6th the IRS web site said my deposit will be on February 10th.

      • james says

        who did you file with I am going through the same thing mine said accepted and then I check again now its blank I filed with liberty

  110. BA says

    I had Next day Air my tax forms and I see it was delivered. Does anyone know if there’s a number I can call to actually speak to a person. I would like to know if they were received and being processed. I sent them in Jan 25th. I know I should wait about 3 weeks due to not being electronically entered.

  111. Crystal Scott says

    What day did you file the IRS is not allowed to release any money until the 19th of January and this is the same day you posted this post? Just wondering I was approved on the 14th but told my expected refund dates were between the 19th of January through February 8th.

    • Toysa says

      the original post was from last year. I was accepted the 1/12/16 and i’ve got the dates between 1/19/16 and 2/8/16 to receive my refund. the irs tax table states that they will issue the 1st direct deposit 2/5/16 and mail checks 2/6/16. if you have any new information i would love to hear it as well. thanks

  112. Crystal Scott says

    truth is they actually update it once a week every Monday night between 3 and 8 a.m. just so everyone knows just found that out.

    • Tati says

      I believe thats the direct deposit time. Most checks post Wednesdays with early arrival services provided by most pre-paid and accounts like Chime. That means the IRS sends them EVERY Monday. With updates on Saturday (overnight Friday) FYI

  113. Avis Lloyd-Kimbel says

    My husband and I filed electronically for 2014; and, the IRS accepted the refund on 6/17/2015. Our return was sent to the Ogden Service Center. We asked for direct deposit.

    We have called the IRS about twice per month since July, and have been told every time that our return is “in process.” We do not owe any back taxes, and have not received any other explanations other than “it is in process!”

    Can we sue the IRS for the refund PLUS interest? And, if so, whom should we contact to get assistance?

    • christine terry says

      Interest starts at 45 days post expected return date I believe, you need to contact the Tax Payer advocate office and they will help figure out whats going on

  114. dustin dickman says

    I filed on about january 12th and within a week was accepted, then bars disappeared and says still processing with no code and i can not view transcript. i didnt check the health insurance box and in the line next to i put a zero, later realizing this to be a mistake. My agi was under 10k and i figured if i owed penalty they would deduct. Please help.

  115. Bernardo Vellon says

    I e-filed on Feb 7th…it was accepted….it is now March 18th and this is my refunded status, and it has been that way for almost 3weeks now: Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. What gives?

  116. Tru says

    that calling the 1800 829 1040 and dont say nothing and an op will come is a crock of junk. it dont work. i called my senator .. this is crazy to have to wait 42 days so far . oh but if you owed them funds they be all over ya like syrup on hot cakes

  117. Tru says

    i filed on the 29th of jan an it was to go in the account by the 8th of feb,. it was done e file. an now its 42 days today waiting for it to come. i get its still being processed . no date either.

  118. JAD says

    number 1121- this is nothing to worry about. rumor was you wee being audited, not true. It is simply: 1) you contacted IRS by phone and that is a number assigned by the representative who handles the call. 2) It is a double check on identity info code. The IRS is currently clamping down on ID theft.

  119. JAD says

    Did my taxes through HJ on the 24th Feb. 2015- Accepted Feb. 28th 2015- info given to deposit march 6th. Already got my state deposited on Feb. 4th. (California)

  120. Daniel says

    filed my taxes on feb.2 direct deposit today is March 3 and still have not received my federal return called 1800-829-1040 says refund still in process can not get connected with a live person so what should i do

  121. Shawn davis says

    I did my taxes on 2/10/2015 after that I checked the IRS website it said received then it said approved then days later i checked it said reference number 1121 what does that mean

  122. Rick says

    Filed and accepted 2/3. No return yet. Website/app only says “still being processed.” No refund date has been provided.

  123. Angela says

    I spoke with a really nice man today at the IRS and due to so much fraud being committed last year with Education credit, they will all be verified this year. If you have education credit, it will be delayed for sure.

  124. Nettie says

    I filed on Jan. 22 excepted same day. Turbo tax was saying it should come on Feb. 12 no return. Irs.gov Where’s my Refund said it’s still processing Irs.gov app was saying it should come on the 20th. Is it possible to say still processing on the 18 and for them to still release funds on the 20th just wondering???

  125. Monica says

    If your husband owes back child support, more than likely FMS will withhold the amount due. If he owes more child support than the amount of the refund, then they will keep the whole refund. Normally, the child support enforcement will hold the intercepted refund for 6 months in the case that the tax return was a joint return so that just in case the spouse files an injured spouse form to get their portion of the money. Hope this helps, have a blessed day.

  126. marsha says

    We filed on the 2nd my husband owes back support…so um wondering if anyone else is in this situation.. And if so did you get your refund yet? Wmr just says return accepted!

  127. Jennifer says

    What happened to the dates February 2nd thru the 6th? My step mom filed her return on the 1st of February and on Sunday February the 8th the website WMR told her it was approved and would be sent to her bank by February 11th today. She checked the website and it has not changed the status it is still saying refund approved but she called her pre paid card and it was on there so I don’t think they are keeping the website updated. Any information about this years tax returns would be great. Thanks!

  128. maria says

    I filed with Turbo Tax status still being processed on wmr website Turbo tax states Feb 10 I was accepted by IRS on Jan 12

  129. Kelly.S says

    UPDATED 2014 REFUND SCHEDULE IF YOU FILED ELECTRONICALLY: (Due to delays cause by IRS system update to prevent electronic faud)

    (BY 11:00am)

    Jan 20 and Jan 30, 2015 Feb 11, 2015 Feb 13, 2015
    Feb 07 and Feb 13, 2015 Feb 18, 2015 Feb 20, 2015
    Feb 14 and Feb 20, 2015 Feb 25, 2015 Feb 27, 2015
    Feb 21 and Feb 27, 2015 Mar 4, 2015 Mar 6, 2015
    Feb 28 and Mar 06, 2015 Mar 11, 2015 Mar 13, 2015
    Mar 07 and Mar 13, 2015 Mar 18, 2015 Mar 20, 2015
    Mar 14 and Mar 20, 2015 Mar 25, 2015 Mar 27, 2015
    Mar 21 and Mar 27, 2015 Apr 1, 2015 Apr 3, 2015
    Mar 28 and Apr 03, 2015 Apr 8, 2015 Apr 10, 2015
    Apr 04 and Apr 10, 2015 Apr 15, 2015 Apr 17, 2015
    Apr 11 and Apr 17, 2015 Apr 22, 2015 Apr 24, 2015
    Apr 18 and Apr 24, 2015 Apr 29, 2015 May 1, 2015
    Apr 25 and May 01, 2015 May 6, 2015 May 8, 2015
    May 02 and May 08, 2015 May 13, 2015 May 15, 2015
    May 09 and May 15, 2015 May 20, 2015 May 22, 2015
    May 16 and May 22, 2015 May 27, 2015 May 29, 2015
    May 23 and May 29, 2015 Jun 3, 2015 Jun 5, 2015
    May 31 and Jun 05, 2015 Jun 10, 2015 Jun 12, 2015
    Jun 06 and Jun 12, 2015 Jun 17, 2015 Jun 19, 2015
    Jun 13 and Jun 19, 2015 Jun 24, 2015 Jun 26, 2015
    Jun 20 and Jun 26, 2015 Jul 1, 2015 Jul 3, 2015
    Jun 27 and Jul 03, 2015 Jul 8, 2015 Jul 10, 2015
    Jul 04 and Jul 10, 2015 Jul 15, 2015 Jul 17, 2015
    Jul 11 and Jul 17, 2015 Jul 22, 2015 Jul 24, 2015
    Jul 18 and Jul 24, 2015 Jul 29, 2015 Jul 31, 2015
    Jul 25 and Jul 31, 2015 Aug 5, 2015 Aug 7, 2015
    Aug 01 and Aug 07, 2015 Aug 12, 2015 Aug 14, 2015
    Aug 08 and Aug 14, 2015 Aug 19, 2015 Aug 21, 2015
    Aug 15 and Aug 21, 2015 Aug 26, 2015 Aug 28, 2015
    Aug 22 and Aug 28, 2015 Sep 2, 2015 Sep 4, 2015
    Aug 29 and Sep 04, 2015 Sep 9, 2015 Sep 11, 2015
    Sep 05 and Sep 11, 2015 Sep 16, 2015 Sep 18, 2015
    Sep 12 and Sep 18, 2015 Sep 23, 2015 Sep 25, 2015
    Sep 19 and Sep 25, 2015 Sep 30, 2015 Oct 2, 2015
    Sep 26 and Oct 02, 2015 Oct 7, 2015 Oct 9, 2015
    Oct 03 and Oct 09, 2015 Oct 14, 2015 Oct 17, 2015
    Oct 10 and Oct 16, 2015 Oct 21, 2015 Oct 23, 2015

  130. E says

    I filed on the 27th got accepted on the 2nd and today is the 13th mine still say being processed called the irs and was told i have up to 21 days

  131. mountaindrew says

    This page has pretty much been abandoned, everyone is over at the Facebook page now search for 2011 tax refund delays look for a picture of uncle Sam

  132. Doug says

    Well IRS said it was scheduled to be deposited today but nothing in my account yet.Does anyone know when the banks post to your account?

  133. Robert says

    IRS accepted my return for direct deposit on Feb.16. I checked “Wheres My Refund site” which stated I should receive on Feb 28th. Today is March 7th and still no refund. I checked website again today and still says Feb 28th . Does anyone know if there is a direct number to speak with a human ?

    • Michelle1216 says

      Joe that is good to hear because I’m in the same situation. Was all your money there that you originally expected? Maybe mine will be 6 days later, I spoke to the IRS and they said if I don’t receive it by Monday, which will be 6 days later, to call them back.

  134. Joe says

    I got through to a IRS rep and hour ago and was told at least 3 weeks from when they receive the return electronically to the Direct Deposit.

  135. Delonte2019 says

    update: filed jan.25th and wmr says feb 14th and its feb 29th and they still havent gave me my stuff. I am sick of it idc if they give it to me they do but my lease is almost up and i would love for them to give it to us anytime now.

  136. Joe says

    Filed a couple of weeks ago using the Direct Deposit option.IRS Where’s my Refund site says Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 28, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.
    It’s the 29th and no direct deposit.

  137. Jessica says

    UPDATE we filed feb 2 2012 and our return was deposited today!! THANK GOODNESS its taken forever!! Now we are debt free 🙂

  138. softkittywarmkitty says

    I filed on 2/3 thru Turbotax and my anticipated refund was 2/14. I checked WMR and they said it was expected 2/21 (3 days ago). I understand that there was a delay but why give us a bogus date? We were buying a house and needed those funds for closing costs. Now, we have to beg borrow and please for the funds just so we dont fall out of escrow. STUPID IRS!!! So eager to penalize us for being a day late but it’s too bad, so sad because they couldnt keep their schedules.

  139. Chere says

    I filed mines Jan 26 and was expecting it on Feb 14 and did not receive it yet. I check wmr and it says that it has been received and is processing. I’m goin crazy…

  140. Lee says

    Update: I filed my taxes and they were excepted by the IRS on the 2nd. For two weeks Wmr gave me nothing. Up until Sunday the 19th. They said it was scheduled to be deposited the 24th. So I decided to call td bank to see if there was anything pending and they said my check was there but it wouldnt post til the 24th. Got up this morning and my money is here!! Thank the lord. And good luck everyone:)

  141. JimmyK says

    They are waiting for the check from China to clear the bank, it should be the first week of march. The Chinese New Year messed everything up.

  142. cymone says

    I filed mines on the 27th of January and it told me I should received it on the 14th and now I’m really ****** that its not on there and I have call the hot line but can’t get threw but my mom filed hers on the 2nd and got hers can somebody let me know what’s going on

    • Chere says

      I filed mines Jan 26 and was expecting it on Feb 14 and did not receive it yet. I check wmr and it says that it has been received and is processing. I’m goin crazy…

  143. TamiJo says

    You would think they would take care of them in the order they were received. Where is the reasoning behind the way they are handling this?

  144. Brooksie97 says

    There a lot of people that filed Feb2-7th that haven’t received their returns and WMR is saying should receive by March 6th. It is just ridiculous. I filed the 3rd and was accepted the 3rd and they are telling me due to processing delays I should receive it by March 6th. I have had many family and friends that filed after me and have already received theirs!

  145. TamiJo says

    I filed February 3 through h&r block. Was told I would receive my taxes by the 15. Now the WMR page tells me the 6! Please tell me that their site is just malfunctioning again

  146. Kellea says

    We also filed the 2nd and was accepted next day we were just told Our new date is March 6th. I think its ridiculous. I hope it comes within the next few days Because out daughter is due March 10th and we were planning on taxes to buy the remainder of items we need

  147. Delonte2019 says

    Someone help me Im just blown away i havent got them yet. I called and they said that they were reviewing my taxes and then i called again and they said they were going to send them. Then i called again and they said they were in review and they would send me somethingin the mail. IDK if this is because of the changes they made or did i really mess up cause she saying she couldnt tell me exactly what was the problem.

    • Angela says

      I cant even seem to talk to anybody about mine. I keep getting automated systems. Do you happen to have a number tto speek to a live human? I should have got mine on 15th and I cant even check it on wheres my refund site for some reason.

      • Jessica says

        Angela when you call the 1040 number trying pressing the # key over and over agian then someone with pick up and can transfer you to another real person- but beware i did this the other day and was transferred only to have another automated recording say due to high call demand they couldnt take my call and then it hung up on me!!! Best of luck- we filed and accepted on Feb 2nd and still no return!!! UGH frusterating!

  148. Trevor clegg says

    My original deposit date was the 15th ( my file was accepted thr 6th) and nothibg happend the 15th I check wmr and it said the 28th.. but I checked today and it states it should be tomorrow.

  149. Ellae says

    Also, my best friend filed a week after me and got hers a week later on the 15th…. So moral of the story don’t count on a big refund to be on time and keep paying your bills like normal until you actually get it.

  150. Ellae says

    It i s not just those who filed on or before
    Jan 26th just FYI. I filed mine on the 2nd of Feb. And it was accepted the next day, but was not deposited according to the schedule on the 15th. It says it will be deposited on the 24th, but that remains to be seen as well.

    • Sarah says

      I filed mine the 2nd as well, got a deposit date of 3/6/12 then I got the same date of the 24th. The 24th will be three weeks, so I really hope it will be there.

  151. SoonerGurl76084 says

    I filed our taxes on February 8th. According to the ORIGINAL refund schedule, we should have received our refund on the 15th. I did not get the “we have your refund and are processing it” message until the 14th and according to their information, I can “expect” my return around the 28th of February.

    I just wonder, why would they NOT update their systems to catch fraud BEFORE “tax season” starts? If you owe them money, you are expected to pay on time and with interest “or else”. If they owe you money and are experiencing delays, too bad, take a number and wait your turn.

  152. Delonte2019 says

    still no taxes and no update and they still dont know and one minute this and on minute that and then i went to see that bank website she gave me and they dont have my info

  153. Amber says

    I GOT MY REFUND!!!!! *HAPPY DANCE* Thank you guys so much of the information both in the article and from all the commenters. You really helped me and calmed me down.

  154. David says

    I Filed on Jan. 30th and was told by turbo tax that my refund was accepted that day. I started checking the irs WMR website and started getting an error code 9001 and to call a number and use ext. 362. I called the first time and after getting through I spoke with a woman who said my file was “under review” this freaked me out. She said it was normal, but it could take up to 30 days to get my refund. I waited another week, did some research online and checked the WMR and still with the 9001 error code. I called for a second time and followed the directions again. This time the woman said that my return was “still processing” and that it could take 7-21 days for this to complete, she also informed me that the irs did not accept/receive my return until Feb. 1st. I have no idea what to think at this point, Im getting different answers from the irs, so obviously they have no idea what is going on and neither do we. This sucks!
    I did find one thing that may be helpful to people though, the IRS distributes all their refunds through a bank called Santa Barbara Tax Preparers Group…. Here is their website. http://www.sbtpg.com …you can see if youre refund has been disbursed there.

  155. Refund-itis says

    Every year it’s something new. I’ve just grown accustomed to it, I guess. To all my fellow tax payers out there: you are not alone, I feel your pain, and I only wish you receive your refunds quickly.
    And how come these “glitches” are never in our favor?
    What of I told my landlord “I have no information regarding your rent”
    For some reason it’s never quite a two-way street: when you owe, you OWE! But when you’re owed, ehhh we’ll get to it when we can…
    How come, in past years, when my refund had to through H&R first, because of those pesky RALs and RACs, the money came pretty fast?
    I’m not trying to say I’m rolling in money and I could care less when it comes, much to the contrary. I could truly use it right about now. Am I stressed? Yes. But I try to accept that it’s out of my hands, and my bank 🙂 and try to focus on something else.
    Eventually, you will all get your refunds, hopefully sooner than later.
    I wish you could all (legitimately) receive more for the time and patience you have spent.
    Take care, and when that sunny refund day comes and the bank account has more than 50¢ I’ll let y’all know.

  156. chuck conboy says

    You know what I have discovered. As of Febr 17th, NO ONE I know has received a refund yet. No one. Could be our government doesn’t have the funds yet in their treasury, and are waiting for enough people to pay their OWED taxes to fund those of us that are due a REFUND. Think about it. Ask everyone you know. Has ANYONE received a refund yet??

  157. Brad says

    I was told to wait 6 wks, finnaly talk to someone and they said i would get it released to me on the 23rd…this is how to talk to a live person at the irs is very easy. when i called their number, i would alway get that prompt and trying to navigate through them was hard. so i read here at some post that you just stay on the line, dont press anything and a person does come and talk to you. so all you do i call them at 1-800-829-1040 and wait, dont press anything. hope that helps u, you will get an operator and she/he will ask how can i direct your call and say I want to talk tosome one about my personal tax return, then you will get transferd and i waited 20 min but finnaly got some help, if you have more question feel free to call me 208-965-5366 Brad

  158. Jo says

    I agree had we owed the government money we could have penalties and garnish wages and who knows what else
    I paid to have my taxes done to get them earlier and nothing had i known all this BS i would have filed for free and by snail mail maybe then i woulda had my taxes back so tired of messing with this BS

  159. mountaindrew says

    Early filer what will wmr change to when its pasts 6 weeks for you and me its 4 weeks and we are getting the same 6 week message.I’m guessing their next step is to ask us to mail in our w2s to verify accuracy to further delay.

  160. Kellie says

    My last post I stated that I called and talked to someone at the IRS cause it didn’t have any info on WMR. The lady I talked to said 3 wks, the site says 10-21 days. Well now when I go to WMR it says March 6th. WTF! I filed and it was accepted by the IRS on Feb 4th. So that is neither 3 wks or 10-21 days. Wahts more aggravating is that my son, his girlfriend, my boyfriend and I all filed from the same computer, the same day and was accepted by the IRS at the same time. We filed maybe 20 mins apart and they got theirs Feb 15th. My boyfriend’s says March 6th too. So I get to move in my new house with no stove and no microwave which means I can’t cook and means more money I have to spend to eat out. This is BS! Anybody get theirs earlier than date stated on their WMR? Hey IRS, next time put your new software in BEFORE tax season starts!

  161. I Hate Waiting says

    Filed on 2-2-12. Accepted 2-2-12. Expected DD date 2-14-12. It’s now 2-17-12, nothing in bank, and “Where’s My Refund” still says 2-14-12. Used Turbotax as every year. This is first time I’ve had any problem. Problem isn’t Turbotax, it’s with unconstitutional IRS. If this were me, I’d get charged late fees and penalties. Can we bill the IRS for late payment?

  162. Brad says

    I filled mine the last week of Jan and then a few days later it said I should have it by the 14, now it says 6 wks….why? I called the IRS and they told me I dont owe them anything.

  163. Dave says

    There’s a ton of misinformation on this site, this is the worst page I have found for looking for answers. So here’s all the info you guys seem to be missing.

    1) The IRS is using two different systems. One that sends direct deposits out on anyday, and one that sends them out on Thursday Night/Friday (usually 12:01 am, although depending on the bank it may take until opening for it to be there).

    1A) If you filed, and for whatever reason you got put in the old system you will NOT get your refund on the 15th. You won’t get it on the 14th. You will get it on the 17th. Even though the cycle chart says Wed the 15th, that only applies if you are in the system that actually sends out batches of direct deposit on Wed. The reason the 15th is the date is because that is the new system, which they should’ve switched too completely by now.

    2) If you try to check the WMR refund website multiple times in a short period (possibly a max per day) it will lock you out and say it has no information. Just call the WMR hotline number, and you will never be locked out.

    3) Just because it says “expect your return by ” that doesn’t mean anything. Until it says “your refund WILL BE DEPOSITED on…” then you can’t start freaking out. Use the cycle chart, and you can guess when you’ll get your DD. The Fri after the Wed it says.

    4) If you have funds taken out of your refund it will be a longer delay. The IRS DD the money to the bank of the company that takes their fees, and sends you the rest. Which is most likely going to cause you +1 extra day, except this weekend because you might get +2 more days for the weekend, and +1 more day for Presidents day, but that really depends on the institution.

    • rashad says


  164. jason cotton says

    Mine was accepted feb.5, according to chart should have received feb. 15 wmr says expect by feb 28. Crazy that they don’t even know what is going on. They do but don’t tell.

  165. Lee says

    I filed 2/2/12 very early morning, about an hour later it was accepted. I received my state 2/8/12. According to the refund cycle chart I should have had my check in by yesterday 2/15/12. AND NOTHING!! The WMR gives me an error message, i called the irs yesterday they said it as in fact accepted the 2nd but they had no further information but that they have up to 3 weeks for it to process 🙁 VERY HELPFUL.. NOT! I filed with turbo tax and according to them i should be receiving my dd no later then the 23rd.. i guess we will wait and see how true that is!

  166. Amanda says

    I am having the same problem! Filed on 2-2 and was excepted on 2-2. Originally my refund for dd was scheduled for 2-21 but now it says 2-14 and the cycle chart says 2-15. Still nothing tho! It’s very aggravating. Does anyone have a number for the IRS that you can actually talk to a live person because I keep getting the automated message and can’t seem to get a person to talk to! I’d really appreciate it if someone can help me out! Thanks!

    • Kellie says

      I downloaded irs2go app on my smartphone and I put in my info in the WMR and it couldn’t give me any info. They gave me a 800 num w an ext to talk to a real person. I called and waited 17 mins to talk to them and then she put me on hold for another 10 mins to tell me my taxes are in processing. I filed and was accepted Feb 4th and still couldn’t get a date from her or from WMR but she did say it could take up to 3 wks to be processed and DD in my bank. It did say I was suppose to get it yesterday. I know I should just relax and wait but this is rediculous!!! 🙁

  167. John Chapman says

    My refund date says february 7th. Its the 15th and still no refund. The thing is my expected refund date hasnt changed. Has that happened to anyone else?

  168. angela says

    I also filed on Feb. 4th and was accepted within minutes. DD was set to be 15th, but WMR cannot give me any information and still no deposit. Called IRS and nice lady said my taxes were in fact accepted but she had no scheduled deposit date and no way to find out when it would be deposited….

  169. Tiffany says

    I filed on January 31st and received an email from
    HR Block telling me that it would be deposited on Feb 13 but I checked
    Wheres my refund and it is saying Feb 21st! Please someone tell me that they got theirs early.. 🙁

  170. Angel B says

    I filed after 11am on the 1st of this month. Was given a date via the WMR site as 2/14 and 2/15 on the refund chart……… Today there is nothing. -_-
    Called the bank and there is nothing pending either.
    However, I am relieved to know I am not the only one experiencing this issue. I guess now I just wait 🙁

  171. Lisa Bartley says

    Just want to give an update regarding my refund…Please keep in mind my return was: E-FILED and refund will be: DIRECT DEPOSIT!!!

    * 01/30/12: Date e-filed & the date the IRS accepted my return!

    * 02/08/12: Estimated date the “IRS Refund Chart” listed that I would receive my refund (VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT)!

    * 02/03/12-2/08/12: For approx 1 week, “Wheres My Refund” said that there was an issue (ERROR CODE 9001) with my return etc. After researching this, I found out that “the 9001 error” was just an issue the IRS was having with the wheres my refund site…and that my return was FINE!

    *02/09/12: “Wheres My Refund/9001” issue corrected and now reflects that I will actaully receive my refund on 02/14/12!

    * 02/14/12: To my surprise…I RECEIVED MY REFUND!!!

    I know it really sucks but hopefully this helped ease some of your minds. The dates given on the “IRS Tax Refund Scheduled” are by no means accurate, they are just approximate dates (that basically mean nothing)! You cannot go by that EVER! The most accurate info for each individual person would be the date given to you on “Where’s My Refund” after your return is accepted! Good Luck!!! 🙂

    • michael says

      according to their schedule, i e-filed with my tax preparer and was to get my refund on may 2nd. as of may 11, NOTHING. their schedule is BUNK.

  172. shunny says

    hi everyone..its not gonna take long at all they are just giving those stretched out dates to by time but your dd should hit your account a week before the date that they give you..and 2 days prior to the date the state should hit..i filed on 31st and was accepted the wmr site told me 21st and when i called they said still processing..i went back to look at it again and it had changed to the 15th. my state hit the account on monday and today the federal came. so whatever date they give you should get it a week earlier..hope this helps and make alot of yall feel better..when i figured this out last week i felt better..i was comparing the deposits of my coworkers and how they filed and it all worked out..

  173. Delonte2019 says

    I called the IRS and spoke to a lady and she said I was missing information but WMR said nothing of it and on top of that I have a traffic ticket i have to pay before friday and they want me to just wait for it in the mail to come so i can send them additional info that i know i gave them but hey they are the GOV so i guess i cant say crap

  174. Joanne Johnson says

    Hi Lisa….that happened to 2 of my clients that I filed on Jan. 30th…think it was an IRS computer glitch who knows…but theirs also said few days later they would get it on the 15th….we will wait and see…

  175. justin says

    i also filed mine on feb. 6th got a message the same day and it told me i’d get mine tomorrow. now i go to “where is my refund” and i now have to wait till the 28th. someone reassure me i will get this sometime this week.

  176. Coco says

    So I Filed my return on 2/6/12 it was excepted the same day.
    Today is 2/14/12 The Wmr site posted my return is being processed
    Then I call the irs..Very nice lady that I waited 21min. For told me it was an
    Small error..No worries its something on our end.So try back on the 28th okay
    I’m so lost I know there systems have been really jacked up.but to jack up my return is just bogus..i have no kind of error code on my
    Status update..But I’ve been looking on other websites
    Seems like lots of people got the same msg.So hopefully its just
    A system generated msg and it’ll be fixed by Friday 6am….

  177. gah479 says

    My return was accepted on Jan 27th and Where’s my refund is still telling me a deposit date of Feb 14th (today) but I haven’t received anything!

  178. Johny M says

    I filed on 1/26 and I have a potetial DD date of 2/14. It was showing that there was no record of my tax return but has sence reverted back. I have a bad feeling!

  179. Jessica says

    For anyone who got a DD and your money still just isnt there, you could have had a federal offset… my husband stopped paying his student loan, and they took all of our tax return… here is a number to check 800-304-3107

  180. steven says

    My says “Your tax refund was direct deposited on February 8, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 13, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 13, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.”
    I guess that’s a good thing….right?

  181. Dee says

    I filed on 1/17, accepted on 1/17 and still nothing! I called on Wednesday to speak with someone and he asked if I received a letter, I said no “Oh that is a very good thing, you will get your refund just be patient” I have been patient. I filed early for a reason, I need the thousands of dollars that I am due. My WMR says We have received your refund and it is being processed. It used to have a date now no date!!!!! ugh!

    • mountaindrew says

      I am in the same boat as you filed on 1/18 and accepted 2 hours later was given a DD date of 2/3 . 2/10.and nothing wmr says within 6 weeks I am outraged. I have bills from Christmas that need payed. I have a bad feeling

  182. Tiffany says

    If you check the refund status and it gives you a date for the deposit, it clearly says it can take up to 4 days for the bank to ok it if you listen to the entire message. I know we are all waiting, but it does say this info. At least it did on my end. Hope you all receive it soon 🙂

    • Jessica says

      NOPE… not me… My WMR says that is has been deposited, but i have not seen it yet. I called the bank and it wasnt rejected or anything, the bank just says they have not gotten it yet

  183. Rose says

    I just want to know if anyone that was suppose to get their refund yesterday has recieved it via DD. Please let me know..

      • steven says

        nope…..does anyone know how long do we have to wait to get my refund after IRS sent it out? IRS said they DD my refund 2-08-2012….I should get the refund before or by 2-13-2012…………if not, call them back………………Thanks

  184. Lisa Bartley says

    Same here…I filed 1/30/12, w/in 15mins @ 4:59pm I received an email that my return was “IN PROCESS”. Then @ 5:14pm I received another email saying my return “WAS ACCEPTED”! My eta for refund was originally 2/8/12. Then “Wheres My Refund” was updated & said I would have my refund no later than 2/14/12. And ever since Thurs or Fri of last week…”Wheres My Refund” cannot give me any info, just a bullsh*t “9001” error code! WTF? I do my return every year via Turbo Tax (just a simple return)…Never Ever have I had a problem…until now. And it really ****** me off to hear people who filed after me have already received their refunds!

    • Jessica says

      Thats the truth… my husband is overseas with the military and he is repeatedly calling and telling me that someone in his unit got their return and filed after us… REALLY REALLY annoying… I file early to beat the crowds, not get caught up in the procrastination of security updates. BUT, i also have a friend who last year was a victim of the fraud (someone filed taxes in his name and collected his refund) and he had to wait til october to get his return… YUCK

  185. mountaindrew says

    I agree with Jarhead, the irs has officially ****** me off with their so called processing delays, why let the irs use our money interest free for a year. i used to be a nice guy and claim zero exemptions on my w-4, well guess what this year its getting changed to 4 exemptions. They aren’t using my money interest free anymore this is crazy, when u count on money to be their and its not. luckily my chase card is interest free for the first year or i would be ******* in having a balance carry over into Feburary and be charged interest

  186. Amanda says

    I filed and accepted on 1-31 and no info found in the system for me! It used to say the 14th now that’s even gone

    • dimitra says

      I filled and was accepted right away, the first time i checked wmr it said 2-14, but nnow it tells me they cannot give me any info. Wtf…. But reading these posts i see i am not the only one this is happening to. The irs neef to get it together…

    • Jessica says

      I have been told that if you log into your “where’s my refund” more than 3 times a day, then it says they can not find it. I had the same problem alot too. It just gets tired of you checking 100 times a day like i did 🙂

      • steven says

        Is that true? It happend to me and I was worry all day……..I checked more than three times today…….and I tried it again tonight and it said can not find my information……will it fix itself so I can check it again tomorrow……….please let me know…………Thanks.

      • Jessica says

        I do notice that if I check several times under my husbands social I get that.. But I can put in mine a few times til I get it again… Then the next day I see my status

      • steven says

        okey…..it helps……I’ll see what happens tomorrow……..so do you know when I will get my money into my bank of america account…….IRS DD my refund on 02-08-12….and it says I’ll get it before the 13th……anyway thanks again.

  187. Carla says

    I E-filed on Jan 25 but way after 11 am. Before 11 there’s a delay of 1-2 weeks. I Checked my status and it’s schedule to be deposited when the IRS originally schedule it. Hopefully stay that way.

  188. Tiffaney says

    You think the IRS would have installed the new computer program way before TAX SEASON!!!!! Wow what a smart one on their half! WOW, LAZY! Not only do we wait til the last minute to do things, we also don’t think ahead! Lets get a round of applause for these people!

    • ashleigh says

      I agree this is ridiculous. I efiled on the 22nd of January and was told that I would receive my refund by 2/1. When 2/1 rolled around, the WMR said I would get it by 2/7. Now that its 2/7, the WMR now says if I completed my return accurately, I will receive it within 6 weeks. There is no excuse for this mess that they created that could have definitely been avoided had they decided to do this oh so necessary software upgrade before tax season.

    • Jarhead says

      You can’t blame the IRS for not having the updates available. It is the fault of Congress they wait until the last minute every year to approve/extend changes in the tax code. This is exactly why we need to go to some type of straight tax. That way there is no filing for tax returns only filing to pay if you have not paid all of your taxes (self employed, freelance work, other incomes). this would allow us to derease the size of the government and thus help cut spending. \

      So you say you won’t get a return that is a good thing actually. You see a tax return means that you gave uncle sam a few bucks to do with what they want then they give it back to you a year later without interest. If this is of no concern to you then why don’t you just lend me the amount of your tax return and I will repay you without interest come early next year.

      • nick says

        what about penalties and interest. The irs ***** me on penalties and interest for 5 months on money i didn’t even realized I owed. liberty tax f-uped my 2009 taxes. So if they hold onto my money longer than they say shouldn’t I be rewarded interest. The same interest scale . In my case right now, in a one month time would almost be a couple hundred bucks.)

      • Jarhead says

        No nick they should not because if you had had your taxes properly withheld you would not get a refund or pay taxes. You chose to have more withheld in an interest free loan to Uncle Sam.

      • Delonte2019 says

        Exactly but hey…at least they arent them people that say “Lemme borrow 50 bucks” and 2 weeks later “Lemme borrow 10 bucks” u say didnt i just give u money u owe me and they say “Hey um i thought we was friends” lol soon they will be though and idk income tax is fraud

  189. Rebekah says

    I believe all tax returns are affected… I filed mine on January 27th, it got accepted within minutes and I have a delay. Every site I get on it states only if filed prior to January 26th… According to the Refund Cycle Chart I am supposed to have my refund deposited by February 8th and it states February 14th… at times when I go to check it states that they can not find my info… So obviously they still have not completed all of the updates as there is still system glitches going on here..

    • Jessica says

      I have been told that if you log into your “where’s my refund” more than 3 times a day, then it says they can not find it. I had the same problem alot too. It just gets tired of you checking 100 times a day like i did 🙂

  190. Cassandra says

    Great, this helps alot…even tho I efiled on Jan. 30, 2012 this will help me better understand what is going on with the IRS…Thanks!!

    • rashad says

      The IRS is currently stating this is a system wide computer update which affects all tax returns filed before January 26th, regardless of who filed, how they filed, or which type of software they use. What this means to the tax payer is that contacting your accountant of software provider won’t do anything to speed up your return, since this is on the IRS side of the house.

      As of right now, the delays are only affecting tax payers who filed their tax returns before January 26, 2012. Taxpayers who filed their returns on or after January 26th should still receive their tax return according to the IRS refund schedule

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