Lowe’s Military Discount – Save 10% Every Day

Lowe's military discount program offers qualified active duty service members, veterans and their immediate family members 10% savings on most purchases. Here are the details.
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Woman asks About Lowes Military Discount Price

Lowe’s is a nationwide home improvement retailer with more than 1,700 locations in the United States.

The chain offers a Lowe’s 10% military discount to active-duty, reserve and National Guard service members in the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS) also qualify for the discount.

Eligible service members and eligible spouses must have separate MyLowe’s Personal Accounts on Lowes.com to use the discount. Eligible spouses can register for their own Personal Account here.

The 10% discount also applies to retired or discharged veterans unless you were dishonorably discharged from the military.

To receive the discount, you need to enroll in the MyLowe’s Program. Lowe’s uses a trusted third-party service to verify eligibility status, which may require you to submit additional documentation such as proof of military service. You’ll only need to do this once.

Home Depot offers a military discount similar to Lowe’s, for eligible service members, veterans and their families. You can view all our reviewed military discounts here.

How to Sign Up

To enroll in the MyLowe’s Program and receive a military discount, visit Lowe’s military validation page. Select “Verify with ID.me,” which is a third-party eligibility verification service contracted to the Department of Defense.

Once you’re verified, you’ll create a personal account on Lowes.com or log in to your existing personal account and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can link your MyLowe’s account with your phone number or carry a membership card to receive your discount in-store. In either case, cashiers may ask to see photo ID, such as a valid driver’s license, state- or federal-issued identification card, DOD identification card or passport.

Unlock Additional Savings

Save 10% with Lowe’s Military Discount

Is Lowe’s Military Discount Available Online?

Yes. Lowe’s military discount is available both in-store and online To use the discount online, log in to your MyLowe’s account. Lowe’s will automatically apply your discount to eligible items during checkout.

If you prefer, you can check your local store’s inventory and complete your order online, then visit the store and pick up your purchases. That way, you don’t waste a trip only to find out your item isn’t in stock. You can go here to see Lowe’s latest online offers.

Lowe’s Military Discount Exclusions

Lowe’s military discount has no annual limit, subject to certain program exclusions. The 10% discount applies only to eligible purchases and can’t be used with any other offer, coupon, promotion, discount or markdown, including:

  • Lowe’s Price Promise
  • Price programs such as Lowe’s volume or special pricing programs
  • Lowe’s credit discount offers, such as Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card 5% Off Every Day discount.
  • Gift cards
  • Previous purchases
  • Services, including product installations sold separately or as part of a packaged bundle comprising both products and services and assembly
  • Shipping and extended protection plans
  • Taxes or fees

It can’t be used on any services, major appliances and related accessories and parts, commodities (such as, but not limited to, electrical cable, electrical wire, dimensional lumber, plywood, and OSB) or gift cards.

Your discount isn’t redeemable for cash, is nontransferable and can’t be combined with price adjustments made at a manager’s discretion.

Lowe’s military discount is for personal use only, and not for commercial services. It also won’t apply to market-priced commodities like lumber, cables, electrical wire, plywood or oriented strand board.

Lowe’s reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time or cancel a member’s enrollment if there is evidence of misuse. In other words, use the program as it is intended – as a thank you for your service.

Additional exclusions may apply. If you have questions, ask store personnel for clarifications on what it covers.

Other Ways Lowe’s Helps the Military Community

Lowe’s supports the military community through their ongoing policy of hiring and providing scholarships for veterans, creating safe and affordable veteran’s housing and preferred veterans parking at store locations.

The chain has also been ranked as one of the top five military-friendly brands by Military Friendly.

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  1. William M Boychuck says

    I am a Pro Member and a Military Veteran. How can I get in the system without pages of discount information? I stand in line when I go to the store with confused cashiers, I feel sorry for them they are trying to help and can’t even get into you sigh up system. I have a VA card, DD214 and was in Viet Nam for more than a year. I own 6 buildings in Corning NY and I need supplies. HELP !!! lol

  2. Peggy Langston Langley says

    Lowes is a real joke!! No discount on appliances, no discount on any mil works, no discount on anything they claim is on sale even tho it is their everyday price! And just Spent four hours plus on phone trying to order appliances . What a joke!! ,

  3. Peter Ciriello says

    I was denied a Veteran discount on 5 pieces of wood for my stair repair. I was told that discount does not apply to wood, appliances, or sale items. I am in their system. A Vietnam Veteran.
    Many you should check your facts before you mislead the public. Call Lowes in Danvers Mass. to verify.

    • Brittany Crocker says

      Hi Peter, sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, Lowe’s military discount does have some exclusions. We listed a few of them in the article. I’ll check in with Lowe’s about their discount policy on lumber and add it to the list if that’s the case.

  4. Jan Burkybile says

    My husband is retired military. We have tried to get a discount at HD and it seems to depend on their mood so we haven’t tried in the last couple years. We went to Lowe’s a couple years ago with the required paperwork and they submitted everything for us. We have the My Lowe’s card but have never used it and we always get the discount. Not sure if this works everywhere but all we do is give our phone number. I can go in without him and receive the discount by just giving our phone number. They always say “thank you for your service.” We shop at Lowe’s in Bentonville and Rogers, AR.

  5. Rodney Sagan says

    After reading these comments and others, I have decided to not attempt to get a vet discount. Clearly Home Depot requires a disability from military service, so be it.
    Lowes requires permanent access to my DD214 information and a credit card involvement with them, so be it.
    I deeply enjoy the vet parking and it is very helpful for a semi disabled person who is a veteran of VN 66-70. Only 10% of all Americans have served, and I am proud enough to be one who volunteered for everything. Screw the conditional discounts.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Rodney,

      The information you have on Lowe’s is not accurate. They require members to sign up for a MyLowe’s card which is a free membership card, not a credit card. It’s simply a way to enter their database so you can be preapproved for their discount by providing your phone number or email address. It also tracks purchases so you can make returns without a receipt, and keeps track of other things, like paint colors you purchased through Lowe’s and more.

      I also did not provide my DD 214 or social security number. I verified my military service through a third party company that has a contract with the Department of Defense to verify service members without providing their personal information. The company was founded by a veteran for the specific reason of verifying service without providing personal information.

      I hope this is helpful information.

      I wish you the best, and thank you for your service!

  6. Brian Fountaine says

    You are encouraged to go online, get a free Lowe’s card, and use the automated system to have the discount auto applied on your purchases. They give the discount to a large group of Veterans, not the limited group at Home Depot. I worked at the Depot and am saddened by this. So GLAD we are getting a Lowe’s across from HD.
    Guess where I will be shopping?

    It is about honesty and respect, not the discount.

  7. David Cambest says

    Lowe’s military discount registration is a scam and total invasion of privacy. The ONLY way to get their falsely magnanimous military discount is to give them a copy of sensitive personal military records IE Military ID, DD214, etc. Why would anyone just hand a copy of these documents which contain highly personal and confidential info to anyone? Not only that to get the discount they REQUIRE you to have a MyLowes credit card, what a scam.

    My state has a process of adding a person’s veteran’s status to their driver’s license which I have done. I presented this to the store as proof that I am a veteran and they refused it as proof, they would ONLY accept the registration in their system as proof which requires handing them a copy of my personal military documents.

    I shop at Home Depot at least a few times a week and they ALWAYS accept the veteran’s verification on my driver’s license without any hassle AND thank me for my service. This is just another reason to shop at Home Depot and avoid Lowe’s.

    • Rigo says

      Vet discount on the Lowe’s website and provided Name, SSN and DOB, ETS and branch, got accepted for discount immediately… very reasonable, no need to show DD-214 or get their MyLowes CC, way to go Lowes!! Now my family can get Vet discount by providing my cell number at checkout–what a nice way to recognize my service and that of ALL Vets–Lowes has a customer(s) for life. Airborne!

  8. Todd Neu says

    I registered online at Lowes.com under My Lowes. I had to enter information from my DD214 and then it linked my military information to My Lowes card. Every time I go to Lowes, I just show my My Lowes card and get 10% off. I have received this discount for clearance items as well as already discounted items. I no longer shop at Menards or Home Depot.

  9. John says

    After 30 years of doing business, I am switching from Home Depot to Lowes. HD certainly misled me when they said I needed a VIC, which I got six weeks later; yet they then denied my discount because I am just a mere honorably discharged vet. Lowe’s honored it and thanked me for my service. Good for them!

  10. jim says

    I went to Lowes and received my approval for Military discount (presented DD214). They were friendly and helpful. No problem.
    I went to home depot and inquired about the same discount. I was refused and rather rudely. I do appreciate their support for our retired, active, reservists and disabled veterans. No question that they deserve it. But to dismiss the men and women who have served in combat areas HONORABLE and chose to leave the military to start a family and /or a civilian career is unacceptable.
    Home Depot also has restriction on using the discount and seems to use it as a PR tool.
    I have not seen or heard of restrictions at Lowes. So I will continue to shop at Lowes and encourage all ex military personnel to do the same.
    Semper Fi

  11. Robert says

    I went to Lowes and asked about getting the military discount. They had me bring my DD214 form and signed me up for my yearly 10% policy. So nice it was to receive the discount policy. Then I went to Home Depot to do the same thing. Then I found out it’s not for all veterans, just a few of the total number of vets. It’s petty irritating that they advertise veteran discount and don’t do it for all vets like Lowes. I will not shop at Home Depot again.

  12. Patrick Flaherty says

    Just recently moved to Tucson, AZ and was blindsided by a clerk at a Home Depot store who denied me a veteran discount. First time ever. Have been shopping at HD and Lowes for years and was never treated in such a way, being made to feel that my service to my country was not appreciated.

    I asked to see the store Manager, and he said it is and has always been HD policy to deny a veteran discount to “veterans” due to the impact it has on the bottom line. He also stated Lowes was in dire straits in part because they give the discount. Maybe what he and other management types at HD don’t understand, is that I and many other veterans who have spent thousands at their stores will no longer be spending our money there. From now on, it’s Lowes for me.

  13. Edward says

    Lowe’s on Oahu gives me 10% off on any purchase, even sale items. Yes I first had to sign on line and bring my proof of service(copy of DD214) to the Customer service desk and now every time I buy anything at Lowe’s I tell them I have a My Lowe’s card and tell them I’m a veteran. At the register all I give them my name and the 10% discount is given. I don’t even have to take out my ID.No hassle at all. On the other hand I went to home Depot. When I went to the register they did not offer me a veterans discount. I think the next time I go to HD I will talk to the Customer service desk and ask them how I can get a discount. I think the cashier was new.

  14. Donah says

    I once went to Home Depot because of their misleading offer of a military discount. Their own CEO responded regarding implementing an online request for a purchase we were making of over $1200
    After being contacted twice and receiving our response, they suddenly stopped all contact and would not return calls or emails. We were intentionally misled as they initially were going to honor the discount.

  15. Ann says

    I stopped shopping at Home Depot 10 years ago! The last time I walked in the store and you would have thought I was invisible. I could not get any one to assist me. I am not surprised they don’t offer Military Discount. As a veteran I take my $$$ to Lowe’s, they are ALWAYS helpful

  16. George Isabel says

    I am also a veteran , I stop shopping at home depot because the policy changes every time you go in the store ,I have veteran I.D card from the va clinic also have it on my driver’s license. Also home depot does not have parking spaces for veterans. To me home depot recognize the veterans like lowes does I do not shop at home depot anymore, all my business goes to Lowe’s now

  17. Harold Hankins says

    The home depot here (Brick, NJ) sometimes gives non-disabled veterans the discount and sometimes they don’t. It appears to be that some cashiers don’t know to check for the disabled notation on the VA card. Regardless of that if you have them call a manager over that manager can give anyone a 10% discount, military or not.

    I just tried to sign up for the Lowe’s discount online but their processor SheerID rejected it and insisted I upload a copy of proof. When I tried that it wouldn’t upload saying the link had expired. It insisted I visit a Lowe’s store and bring proof in. The next time I’m on that side of town I’ll try that.

  18. Robert Perez says

    Went to Home Depot on November 19th willing to spend almost $300 worth of merchandise. But ended up leaving because the manager at the store would not give my father a veteran’s discount. My father served his time in the military, and deserves some level of respect. We are not looking for handouts, but the least that the manager could have done was to say thank you for your service… but could only muster “My hands are tied”. Ended up going to Lowe’s and got his veterans discount, no questions asked. I will be a lifelong Lowe’s customer going forward. Thank you Lowes for making my father feel like his service was worth something.

  19. Larry says

    Allan,I think you meant “disabled” veterans since home depot will not give their discount to veterans that were able to remain healthy and not need VA benefits. I have a veterans designation on my GA drivers license, but that does not meet home depot standards. So now I refuse to shop them anymore. Lowes honors my military service everyday. Lowes also used a verification service to certify my military record.

  20. Frederick Frnk says

    Thank you Joe McFarland III for your service! I am a US Navy veteran, Viet Nam service. I made four West Pac deployments during my three years and two months aboard a cargo ship. This note is to thank Lowe’s for the military discount. I also thank them for the new veterans parking spaces at their stores. I feel humbled and thankful when the clerk also thanks me for service when checking out. It’s nice to know that some big companies remember veterans.

    • Julie says

      Lowe’s is a wonderful store. #Home Depot not so much. My husband is a Veteran and disabled Police Officer from FL. Yesterday, for the first time ever he was denied his Veteran discount because the V on his FL drivers license no longer counts. They can keep their discounts, it’s a privilege not a requirement, but the way we’re were treated, being told my husband service doesn’t count was hurtful and embarrassing. We will not return to Home Depot.

      • David says

        I also will no longer shop at Home Depot, after they misled and embarrassed me at my local store while trying to get a military veteran discount.
        I learned about veteran discount at Lowes, they give a discount to all active duty military and honorable discharged veterans. So I assumed Home Depot did the same. At my next visit to Home Depot, I went to customer service station and was told they did but unlike Lowes they didn’t register you online. I was told I needed an active duty ID, a veteran ID or show a dd214 form. So after applying two months to get a VIC (veteran identification card) from VA.gov, I was then told at Home Depot only active or retired veterans received every day discount and all others only on military holidays, which was not what I was originally told. Bottom line Lowes not only gives all active military and veterans a discount every day but they also have designated parking in front for Military and veterans. I will no longer shop at Home Depot not because of the discount but how they handled my situation.

  21. Bruce says

    I attempted to purchase a $3,000.00 electric riding lawn mower from HD and use my veteran discount but they said a veteran is not defined as someone who served in the military. We drove to Lowes and purchased a gas lawn mower. Lowes does respect veterans and no flim flam. Lowes set up with a veteran account that both my wife and I can use everytime. Lowes did not have an electric riding mower but I now have a nice zero turn that is great. Go Lows you deserve the sale and the profit. Thank you for your positive treatment of veterans. Looking forward to Lows building a facility closer to us but happy to make the drive as you are happy to recognize veterans. Bye bye HD and shame on you for pretending that you honor veterans.

    • GT Miller says

      G T Miller–Last year I took my DD214 form showing an honorable Discharge and pink (faded from red?) ID card I was issued in March, 1970 after six years service in the US Army Reserve, to a Manager in the Seaside, CA Home Depot store and was informed that only Army Reservists who are on active duty or completed and retired from the US Service after 20 years qualify for the Veteran’s Discount. Interesting, the city of Seaside is about two miles from the old Fort Ord where I received my basic training while assigned to the US Sixth Army. So, I walked my paperwork into a nearby Lowes store and the manager entered the information into their computer data base and told me I am a Veteran and will receive a 10% discount on anything I purchase from Lowes in a retail store or on-line! He then thanked me for my service and informed me I did not need to open a credit card unless I wanted to but I would receive a Lowes ID card in about a week. He also said I was in their data base so I did not need to show the card. Wow! OK Lowes. Every time I make a purchase in Lowes the cashiers always thank me for serving. I still remember in 1962 when I was on active duty, getting the news that all military members including reservists were frozen in place during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was eventually lifted but still a trying time. After I returned to civilian life I still trained a weekend a month and later two weekends a month and two weeks during the year for duty in Viet Nam. Our unit was never sent there but continued to train and be on the ready. I find a warm feeling knowing that Lowes considers anyone who served In the U.S. Military, active or reserve, was considered a Veteran. Thank you Lowes. I’m now a very loyal customer. I cannot say what I think of HD. I do think they should fess up and state publicly they do give 10% discounts to Active Duty Military or those who retired from the military after 20 years. It’s the honest thing to do.

  22. Mike Blackwell says

    I just returned from Home Depot located on art 450 in Annapolis MD and my VA health card showing “service connected” is no longer honored except on specific holidays. HD has a new laminated policy showing all military IDs including the new VA-issued ID. Sure enough, my VA healthcare card is in the group for special days only. Now, Annapolis has 2 HDs within 5 miles of my house. My new policy: HD for $10 or less and LOWES for everything else. Nearest Lowe’s is about 20 miles away.

  23. Stephanie Reyes says

    Lowes is super easy signed yo with the MyLowes online they verify with TroopID and then all you need is to keep your barcode with you when you shop. Home Depot is so crooked. First I was told my papers wouldn’t be enough, I needed to have something with my picture, so it was great that these new VID’s came out and they even put my married name on it so I can stop proving that I am my maiden name. So fast forward, I finally got my VID and HD was the closest store and they would not honor it, they said they have changed their policy to only give the discount to veterans with a service connected disability. I live in Military City, USA (San Antonio) so it’s very weird to be treated that way and now I will only go to Lowes.

  24. Ryan Guina says

    Hello Bobby, you can confirm your military service affiliation via the Lowe’s website and a third party vendor (founded by a veteran) that contracts with the Department of Defense to verify service. No additional or private information is exchanged between the third party vendor and Lowe’s. You do not have to provide your DD Form 214 to Lowe’s and they will not have your social security number, date of birth, or any other information other than what you are willing to provide (I gave my name, email address, physical address, and phone number). The only communication I have received from Lowe’s is coupons for future purposes. It has worked well for me and for many others.

  25. Tom Curler says

    I am a veteran and have been receiving the standard 10% discount at Lowe’s, plus I have a farm and have the registered Texas Ag exemption for state sales tax. Some Lowe’s, and some employees in Lowe’s will accept both the military dicount and tax exemption, and some won’t allow the use of both, citing they are two discounts. What is Lowe’s policy on this, tax exemption is not a discount. Example, TSC allows the use of both tax exemption and advertised discounts.

  26. Brittany says

    Home Depot does NOT give veterans a discount only active duty military gets discounts. I have tried using my dL with veteran on it and was denied. I used my DD 214 and was denied. I do not have a VA ID since my clinic is not capable of doing them. I have had 3 cashiers tell me that Home Depot only gives discounts to active military. Therefore I do all my shopping at Lowe’s since they do give discount. It’s a longer drive but worth it.

  27. Daniel says

    Home Depot use to accept dd214 and was in their policy posted in store. They changed that a long time ago. They told me they would accept it on drivers license. I took dd214 to dmv and had veteran put on my license. Now they will not accept it. Lowe’s on the other hand you can register online to receive your military discount with your phone number or My Lowe’s card. Now I give Lowe’s my phone number and get my discount with out question so goodbye Home Depot and your shady policy to not recognize my service.

  28. Rick Hall says

    They offer a 10 percent discount however they do not honor it. I purchased a lawnmower for $1499 and only received a $50 discount. I called the store manager and he said that $50 was their cap. I then called the corporate off and they said we do do offer a 10 percent discount however, the store can set their own cap. So they offer it but do nor honor the discount, unlike Lowe’s everything I have purchase from them I received a 10 percent discount, including building material. I will never shop at home depot again. I will tell everyone that will listen about their false advertisement.

  29. Randy says

    Both of my local Lowes gives me a discount using the My Lowes card. Home Despicable will not and says the time (I did 4yrs active 4 yrs reserve) is not good enough for them unless it is one of the holidays.
    I guess it is Lowes for me.

    • Derek says

      Agreed. Only times I go to Home Depot now is if Lowes doesn’t have what I want. Just saved over $50 off Home Depot’s price by going to Lowes on a new garage door opener. Lowes had it on sale and gave my military discount.

  30. Brian says

    You can not make an online order over the phone and get a military discount with Home Depot. I just tried and was refused. I try never to shop at Home Depot, because the military discount is hit and miss in the store also. I never have to ask for my military discount at Lowes. I joined MyLowes and not matter if I buy in the store or order online, my military discount is applied.

  31. William Owens says

    Lowes will only accept a veterans service connected didability card as well.. I served 10 yrs and I get no discount because i was not didabled….

    • Ryan Guina says

      William, the Lowe’s official policy is to have veterans and servicemembers sign up for the MyLowe’s program to verify military service. Once that has been accomplished, the veteran can simply provide his or her phone number to receive the military discount. There is no service connected disability requirement.

    • Robert says

      This is not true. I have always used my DD214 until I had my drivers liscense updated. 6 years in USMC and never any trouble at Lowe’s, on the other hand Home Ddpot is different from store to store and day to day. They are telling their cashiers that their discount and how they choose which veteran gets the discount is dictated by federal guidelines. I told the cashier that they were being misled by their management.

  32. Robert Johanson says

    Lowes gives 10% to all veterans. You do have to sign up on line and after that is done they just ask for your telephone number and that gives them the information they need. I have always received 10% off at Lowes on everything. Home depot on the other hand only gives veterans a discount on National Holidays and they do not give you a discount on everything. I have friends that work at Home Depot and they ask why they have not seen my lately. My answer is I buy everything at Lowes for the 10% discount. I can only speak on the stores in Colorado.

  33. OSB Basrah Vet says

    Home Depot wants you to be retired, active or disabled. They will give a discount to an active slick-sleeve that’s AWOL but they won’t give a discount to someone like me who has a CAB and an HD. Lowes now wants you to have a My Lowes card. I’m a low-income Iraq war Veteran with honorable discharge with a VA benefits I.D. card. BOTH Lowes and Home Depot refuse to accept it. Lowes just wants your info on the My Lowes card so they can SELL IT to information gathering scammers. Nope, GTFO both of you. I shop at ACE from now on. I’ll buy used items before I shop at either of those big box stores again. It’s sad that the US is becoming the same old anti-Veteran world that I was born into. My Dad was literally spit on when he came home from Viet Nam. Now I’m being figuratively spit on by corporations that claim to be patriots. I guess the fad of being pro-Veteran is wearing off. Well….BYE.

  34. Harold D Atkins says

    I have never had a problem of getting a 10% VA discount on purchases at lowes aND the cashier has always treated me with the highest respect when I check out.
    About every time I tried to get a VA discount at Home Depot the cashier is humiliating and disrespectable. I use Lowes and only go to Home Depot as a last resort for purchases of items they carry.

  35. Ed says

    I enjoy the Veteran’s discount of 10% at Lowe’s and they make it real easy as they accept any form of veteran’s ID. DD214, County VA org Discount Card, and Drivers license with the VA flag. Lowe’s attaches it to the “My Lowes” card so you just present the card or a phone number brings up your discount.
    Home Dept has recently made it much more difficult as they accept only certain VA ID’s some of which are not even available any more. I can no longer get a VA discount at Home Depot with my DD214, My County VA ID discount card, or my drivers License. I drive 5 miles further to Lowe’s.
    Not all Veteran’s possess the cards that HD requires.

  36. Don says

    In Texas Lowes changed their policy. Lowes does not accept ID’s during checkout. You must now enroll on line. So on your next visit they can verify your information during checkout.

  37. Tony says

    I will say this, I have been using the MYLOWES discount card for all most a year now and never not received my discount. At first I wouldn’t use it for lower cost items but then i just swipe my card every time. I want them to know how much i use it. The more of us that use it the more business they get and will be less apt to take it away. I guess HD has not figured out how much they have lost due to this act of greed on their part. I and all of us understand we are not ENTITLED to a discount, we served without the consideration that we would receive such a benefit. So hats of to Lowe’s for their gift, and congratulations for ALL my purchases for home improvements.

  38. C. Davenport says

    Just went to my local Home Depot in Greenville, SC and they don’t accept my state issued drivers license that shows I’m a veteran. It was very insulting. My local Lowes store would accept it and I even set it up to my Lowes card so I don’t have to show proof anymore. I will not be shopping at Home Depot again for anything.

    • Ted C says

      Do you have a VA Card! If you have ever applied for any benefit you should have one by now. And if you have any disability rating that is supposed to show on the card.
      But-according to Home Depot, it does vary from store to store. That is stupid. If they are going to have a policy, it should be nationally, not store by store.
      But I refuse to give Lowes access to all of the information on my DD214. No one else asks for it except the government.

      Check Home Depot again-they may have updated their policy.

      • A P Gregg says

        I went to the VA and they will not issue me a card because I am not eligible for VA benefits due to income limitations. As a result almost all my DIY purchases are from Lowes.

      • Arxantia says

        You don’t have to give Lowe’s ALL your DD214 info. The company they go through just wants the dates you served, and which branch you served with, as far as I remember though it might ask your birthdate or last four just to verify. I NEVER gave my DD214, copy or otherwise, to anyone to attach my Vetern status to MyLowes card.

        I will say my husband works at Lowes’ and as a service member himself he gets double savings on Vetern’s Day, and Fourth of July. All he has to do is show his employee card, for that 10% off, and then scan his MyLowes card, for that 10%, to get a total of 20% off whatever he buys. Plus it works on all their sale items, so let’s just say I’m a tad bias.

    • A P Gregg says

      I used to do 99% of my DIY shopping at Home Depot and 1% at Lowes. Now it is reversed. Lowes allowed me to register as a veteran and receive 10% off of all purchases while Home Depot will not honor my veteran designation on my Florida driver’s license. Home Depot wants me to use my military picture ID. I served from 1965 to 1969 and served in Vietnam in 67-68. Military ID’s at that time did not have your picture and therefore Home Depot won’t accept it.

  39. Allen Fowler says

    We have investigated both stores recently…. Home Depot does NOT provide veterans any discounts unless, its on July 4th, Veterans Day, or Memorial Day; unless you are active duty, retired or have a medical VA card. I do not warrant a medical VA ID card, I only served six years and I got out in 1992. My six years of active duty (USMC) does not matter; even with a DD214. However, Lowes DOES offer all veterans 10% EVERY day; you need to register. We shop at Lowes for everything now. The only reason we would go to Home Depot is if someone gives us a gift card – we try to ensure everyone knows we go to Lowes due to their dedication to veterans.

  40. Kent Bullard says

    If you are a veteran and like to be able to shop year round and get a 10% discount take your DD214 to Lowes and get your my Lowes set up. To heck (or words to that effect) with Home Depot!!!

  41. walter Munn says

    I have shopped at Home Depot in Palatka FL for several years. I finally did the paperwork and paid for a new drivers license to have the “V” for the needed proof that I am a veteran as per Home Depot’s requirement at that time. Unfortunately I was turned down today for the veterans discount because they now require a card. Instead of doing more paperwork I left my merchandise at Home Depot and made my purchases at Lowes where they thank me for my service and accepted my drivers license without question. I will return to Lowes.

  42. Paul says

    I went to Lowe’s, showed them my valid military discharge ID. The clerk said to get a veteran discount I would have to apply for a Lowe’s credit card. I told him this is a slap in the face. I would get a 10% discount but pay 18% or more to pay it off. I don’t have this problem at Home Depot. So I don’t shop at Lowe’s anymore!

    • Ryan Guina says

      Paul, the clerk was likely mistaken or misunderstood. Lowe’s offers the discount through the MyLowe’s Card, which is a free membership card, not a credit card. There is no cost to join and you can verify your military service through their program. When you use the card, which is linked to your phone number, you will automatically save 10% on qualifying purchases.

      • Derek says

        Ryan is right. I DO NOT have a Lowe’s credit card and I get the Veteran discount. Lowes now has an online military verification that is very simple. Regular vets like myself qualify without being retired or disabled. Home Depot does not offer any discounts to a regular vet like myself.

  43. Jody says

    On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Lowes connects the discount to your My Lowes card account. My husband is a vet but did not retire from the service. Lowes gives honorably discharged vets the 10% off every day when registered and used with the My Lowes card. The local Home Depots have no comparable discount program.

    • Ashlee says

      I agree with this, Jody. My husband is a veteran, not retired or disabled, and we connected that to our My Lowes account and receive the 10% off discount year round when we present the card or our phone number. Home Depot only offers the discount to “regular” (not retired or disabled) veterans on those few days listed. And we’re in Oregon.

    • Patricia Roller says

      Lowe’s accepts it, but you have to register with them at the store. Don’t bother with Home Depot…they don’t care about all veterans!

  44. Ryan Guina says

    Hello Will, Thank you for your comment. Yes, veterans report many inconsistencies with how the discounts are applied. Home Depot and Lowe’s both have certain limitations regarding which items are discounted (many commodities such as lumber, are not), and some price caps. These limitations aren’t always well known or communicated well.

    In general, the stores will stack the military discounts for certain purchases or coupons, but usually not on top of another coupon that offers a flat discount on a total purchase (for example, if you have a 10% off any purchase over $100). There is often fine print on those coupons which states they cannot be stacked.

    As you mention, discounts are a privilege, and not a right. So I often ask, but don’t expect. And I’m not worried about it if it doesn’t go through (for whatever reason that may be).

  45. David says

    15 year Guard vet denied a discount at Ormond Beach Home Depot today. Lowes has an online veteran verification system that is hands down better than Home Depot’s. If you are veteran Guardsman without a DD214 then Lowes is your store; 10% discount everyday.

  46. Tom says

    Apparently every store and area is different. I used to shop at Lowe’s a lot and was told they did not give the veterans 10% discount. Then I was told they did and not to accept the denial but to ask for a manager. So I started showing my DD214 and by golly, I got the 10% discount from almost all the cashiers. Then one day this summer I was told they no longer gave the discount except on Veterans day. The manager at the Tulsa Hills Lowe’s store was down right snotty about it.

    So I went to Home Depot for the first time in a long time. I thought the staff attitudes had improved big time from the past and on every purchase they gave me the 10% upon showing my DD214. Since then, I have purchased several thousand dollars worth of merchandise and now shop at Lowe’s rarely.

  47. Mark K says

    Was just denied discount at Home Depot when I tried to buy 2- 2×6’s. Was told no discount on building materials. WTF, aren’t they a building material store?
    Took my business to Lowes, they had no problem.

  48. Sec Urity says

    Article needs an update. LOWES now offers 10 percent to ALL honorably discharged veterans! You can even sign up online and they’re linked with DMDC to verify your service immediately… or bring your DD214 into any LOWES to have it added to your account (which ties it to your phone number… which means no more having to prove service every time you shop). Here’s their site with details so you don’t have to believe some random online post: https://m.lowes.com/mylowes/login?context=military Cheers!

  49. Bob Upp says

    Why, as a veteran, I bought two complete kitchen and laundry room appliances (~$15,000) at Lowes instead of Home Depot.

    Because Lowes gives a full 10% Military Discount on all items and Home Depot limits Military discounts on many items (disclosed only at the checkout stand) and even then limits the 10% discount to a total of $50 per purchase and $500 per year (though they don’t seem to keep count on yearly purchases).

    I even offered Home Depot to “Price Match” but it seems their policy on this is as deceptive as it is on their “Military Discount” because they proudly told me they would not price match the Military Discount given by Lowes.

    Smoke & Mirrors at Home Depot hides a deceptive “Military Discount” program while Lowes stands tall when they say “Thank You For Your Service”.

    What a hoot.

    • Roger H says

      I totally agree. Home depot used to be okay with this but lately, no items in lumber or building supplies. Really Home Depot? Excluding those categories pretty much nullifies your advertised discount.

      Lowes has won my business for this reason alone.

  50. Sean Oversen says

    Just found out that Lowes now gives the 10% discount to all veterans, disabled or not. The discount is linked to your MyLowes account. To get it search for Lowes miiltary discount. If you do not have a MyLowes account, you will need to create one. After you create your account, it will prompt you to enter your Name, DOB, and date of separation. They use a third party to verify eligibility, but it is instantaneous (although the verification failed for a friend of mine, it did work for me). If you don’t want to or can’t do this online, I have been told that you can bring a copy of your DD-214 to Lowes customer service, and they can update your MyLowes account to give you the discount. From there just show your MyLowes card, and it should automatically give you the discount.

  51. Paul T. says

    I have almost completely stopped shopping at Home Depot. There are so many items that do not qualify for the military/veteran’s 10 % discount that it’s just not worth trying to shop around for the best deals. I asked the manager at my local Home Depot why the 10% was not across the board and he said that the profit margin was too small on certain items. When I mentioned that Lowes gives the 10% discount on everything he said that I should be shopping at Lowes then. So, I took his advice and do the majority of my shopping/purchasing at Lowes. We recently purchased a new refrigerator at Lowes. The price was dropped from $1400 down to $999. Lowes still applied my 10% veteran’s discount to the price saving me an additional $99.

    So, my money will go to Lowes and the only reason I find to shop at Home Depot is when I need something only they carry in stock and I need it right away. Other than that, I will order the item from an online source and wait for delivery. Home Depot does not deserve my money. My problem is not just the 10% veteran’s discount, it is with the treatment of customers in general. It’s hard to find assistants in the store and those that are around don’t really seem like they want to help you out or are not very knowledgeable. I have expressed these same issues with their home office in Atlanta several times with no response from them.

  52. RNR says

    In Arizona, with a VA ID, Home Depot allows 10% discount on items every day of the year except for sales items (they call that double-dipping).
    Lowe’s offers 10% on everything all year regardless of of sales prices.
    Sears offers 20% all year on anything, but 10% if items are on sale..
    I’ve had the same results w/ HD & Lowes for many years in northern CA. However, Never knew about Sears’ discounts until a few months ago.

  53. Thomas Hawthorne says

    First, I think that is nice that Lowe’s gives a discount to some vets. What I did not like is that they pick and choose who is a vet in their eyes. I went to Lowe’s and asked for the Vet discount and showed my Maine drivers license which designates veteran status. A snotty, very overweight twenty something year old female looked at me indignantly stating we don’t except that card. So, I simply said keep it then and left. Well Lowe’s the State of Maine, the Federal Government, the American Legion, AMVets and the police department I retired from all consider me a veteran, its nice to know that you don’t. Oh, that is except three days a year…

    Another dissatisfied Vet

  54. Mike says

    Was in the market for a $1,500 Swisher Brush Cutter, which both Lowes & Home Depot do not carry in their stores, but have available for on-line purchase.

    Calls to several HD store managers in my area confirmed that they could not apply a military discount to on-line orders, nor could they credit a discount to a purchase I made on-line.

    A call to the HD on-line order center resulted in the same answer, but they did offer to give me a flat $50.00 credit on the on-line purchase.

    I did read the published info on Lowes policy of not applying a military discount to on-line orders, so ruled them out in favor a Mowers Direct, which would ship the brush cutter to my work for free, and not charge sales tax.

    On a whim, because I am anal retentive about buying expensive equipment, I called my local Lowes, spoke to the manager, and was told that I could purchase it on-line, and just bring in the receipt, along with my military ID, and receive a 10% military discount as a credit. Not only that, but the Lowes 3 Year Extended Warranty on the brush cutter was $80 cheaper than the HD 3 Year Warranty.

    Way to go Lowes!

    That said, I do appreciate both HD & Lowes offering the military discount, and use it all the time for in-store purchases of all kinds. I have not been refused the discount on any purchase made at either store for over 5 years. Prior to that, there was some confusion at HD on the policy, and it typically took asking for a manager’s assistance to get the discount applied.

    I made sure to get the Lowes manager’s name, and will follow up this entry with what happens when I take the receipt in to the store when the brush cutter arrives there.

    Maybe it is a manager’s discretion type policy at Lowes on applying the military discount to on-line orders.

  55. Rodney Shippey says

    If your going to give a Veteran Discount, it needs to be given to all veterans. I don’t feel anyone has the right to be divisive about others service. You need this…You need that card…. NO I don’t, nor will I ever spend money at a civilian place trying to invoke authority over Military Veterans by telling them who is eligible and who is not…..

    • liz baily says

      rodney then what do you say to the mps at the gate when without a valid military id you cant shop at the bx/px no business has a obligation to give any group of people a discount! Lowes was matching what active duty, retired, and service connected get when they shop on the base…they will honor veteran on your driver license and your dd214 3x per year memorial day, veterans day, 4th of july, as do several restaurants and other stores….persons with your attitude will ruin it for all…

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Liz, Can you please list a resource that shows how Lowe’s is matching discounts that military members and veterans receive for shopping on base. I have never seen information stating the Exchanges offer discounts to service members, retirees, or other eligible shoppers simply because they are eligible to shop on base. Not all prices at the Exchanges are lower than off-base retailers. In fact, many prices are higher. The Exchanges will often match advertised prices of off-base locations and they don’t charge taxes. Price matching and not paying taxes can make some purchases better for Exchange shoppers compared to paying the same price at an off-base retailer and adding the taxes. But it would be a false statement to imply Exchange prices are always discounted or always lower than shopping elsewhere.

  56. Steve Buttress says

    I just spoke with a Home Depot customer service rep at the toll free number mentioned in the article above. Home Depot DOES NOT honor the discount for online purchases.

    As an added note, I have found that Lowes does honor the discount in store for any veteran, but Home Depot only honors it for Service Connected disabled veterans. Accordingly, I always shop at Lowes when possible.

    • William Morgan says

      I spent 8yrs in the Air Force, 4 Active and 4 inactive and have a hearing disability form Flight Line Duty. Lowes gives me a discount every time ,Home Depot does not. I all ways thought a Vet was a Vet no mater what as long as they have a Honerabl Discharge. Other stores and eateries in the area give vets a discount also.
      I don’t know way Home Depot is particular. I will shop at Lowes when possible.

  57. Gerardo says

    Have you attempted to receive the discount and been refused? I know what there policy states but I have yet to be refused the discount at any of the Home Depot or Lowes that I have shopped at in the Houston, TX and Waco, TX area. When I get to the checkout I just state that I am a Veteran, sometimes they look at my copy of my DD 214, sometimes they have already entered the discount code before I was able to unfold my DD 214. Maybe each store interprets the policy different but at the ones I have been to, I never have a problem. I am not a disabled, retired or VA eligible (due to income) Veteran.

  58. Cliff Fargason says

    To quote from the article “Lowe’s now offers a 10% military discount to all active duty military members, members of the Guard and Reserve, retired military members and their immediate family members.”

    Based on the years that Robert reported as being in the military, it appears that he does not qualify for the discount.

  59. ROBERT FAVOR says

    i served in the us navy (52-56) and was in the reserves until 1960. The two Lowes in Abilene, TX. advised me my DD214 would not suffice, Must have a small lamenated card. Those were not issued back then. So I say to hell with it, just another gimmick to get someone in the door.

  60. Kate Kashman says

    Ms. Jo, according to Home Depot’s own policy, they should be granting you the military discount. I have recently corresponded with both Home Depot and Lowe’s and verified the exact details of their military discounts.

    If you have problems, you should ask to speak to a manager or call customer service when you get home. The information clearly isn’t making it to the cashiers.

    I’m sorry you had a bad time, and I hope you are surviving this deployment 🙂

  61. John Kittle says

    In Nashua, NH both Lowes and Home Depot honor a veterans discount of 10%. My last purchases there were within the past month.

    Do any other major retailers have such a program?
    Target? WalMart? Sears?Best Buy etc


  62. Mrs. Jo says

    As far as I know, Lowes in Conyers GA still offers the discount.

    Our business has been withdrawn from Home Depot. My husband is in the Middle East and we just bought a house that requires LOTS of work. I am taking care of it all on my own like many military spouses out there do.
    Even one of their credit card selling points with me was that I would ALWAYS get 10% off. The last time I was there the cashier (Debbie) gave me tons of needless attitude (like she was proud of the fact) and said that they would only give my husband a discount. As long as he is active duty. As long as he also has a valid driver’s license. I am not qualified. Shame on them. My card is being paid off. I will not buy from Home Depot!
    I understand that businesses are cutting back and saving money with the state of our economy being what it is and all. But penalizing military families just doesn’t seem justifiable to me.
    The thousands of dollars that will be spent for my husband to come back to a nice home will be given to LOWES.

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