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Buying a Car? Check Out These New Car Military Discounts!

Most car manufacturers offer significant military discounts on new cars. We list the most valuable new car military discounts and rebates.
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New Car Military Discounts
Table of Contents
  1. New Car Military Discount Programs
    1. List of Military Discounts on New Vehicles
  2. Top 3 New Car Military Discounts
    1. 1. General Motors (GM) Offers the Deepest Discounts*
    2. 2. Volvo Military Discount
    3. 3. Ford – Lincoln Military Discount
  3. Honorable Mentions – Other Great Military Discounts on New Cars
    1. Acura Military Discount
    2. BMW Military Discount
    3. Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep – Ram – Military Discounts
    4. Honda Military Discount
    5. Hyundai Military Discount
    6. Kia Military Discount
    7. Mazda Military Discount
    8. Nissan Military Discount
    9. Subaru Military Discount
    10. Toyota Military Discount
    11. Volkswagen Military Discount
  4. Car Buying Services Also Make Car Buying Easy for Military Families

Buying a car is a big investment. Safety, reliability, fuel-efficiency all factor into the decision, but at the end of the day if the finances don’t line up the purchase may not happen. Many auto retailers offer significant military discounts and rebates.

We have compiled a list of the biggest and best military car discounts with additional information about program requirements, eligibility, and links to the manufacturer’s website. Keep in mind these discounts are a starting point and should only be a part of the negotiation process.

New Car Military Discounts

New Car Military Discount Programs

Most major can manufacturers offer new car discounts to military members, and some of them extend these offers to retirees and/or veterans. In general, you should assume that military discount eligibility will require some official proof of service, such as a military ID card, DD Form 214, Leave & Earnings Statement, or a similar document.

Some manufacturers and dealerships may allow you to stack your military discount with another offer, while other manufacturers do not.

Finally, read this military car buying guide before you go shopping for your next new car. It has a lot of great tips for finding the right car at the right price. You should only worry about the military discount once you have narrowed down your choice to the right vehicle.

List of Military Discounts on New Vehicles

ManufacturerMilitary DiscountDealer Website
Acura$750 Rebate when you finance or lease a vehicle through AcuraVisit Website
BMWDetails available through BMW dealershipVisit Website
ChevroletVaries by Model - Some Models Offer Thousands Off MSRPVisit Website
Chrysler$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Dodge$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Ford - Lincoln$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC)Varies by Model - Some Models Offer Thousands Off MSRPVisit Website
Honda$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Hyundai$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Jeep$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Kia$400 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Mazda$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Nissan$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Ram$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Subaru$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Toyota$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
Volkswagen$500 Off Eligible ModelsVisit Website
VolvoUp to $1,000 off Eligible ModelsVisit Website

Top 3 New Car Military Discounts

Our top three were selected based on overall discounts, widest military-connected eligibility, and ease of the discount process. Although these are our top 3, it is important to note that individual dealerships always reserve the right to offer deeper discounts to military personnel. The prices listed below are corporate-level discount programs. These discounts simply open the door to asking what discounts are available to those who have served their country.

Here are our top 3 (and honorable mentions):

1. General Motors (GM) Offers the Deepest Discounts*

General Motors offers eligible military members a military discount program for GM vehicles, including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. The GM military discount program allows eligible military members to purchase vehicles at prices lower than MSRP. It’s important to note that GM dealers are not required to participate in the GM military discount program, but in this economic environment most dealers will be willing to work with you and offer discounts for your military service. If they are not willing to work with you, then you can always contact the internet sales department of another GM dealership.

Most 2019 and 2020 GM cars, SUVs, crossovers and light-duty trucks are eligible for the GM Military Discount Program, with the potential to grab some really good deals. A complete list can be found on their website’s FAQ page listed below.

GM Military Discount Eligibility

People eligible for the GM Military Discount include active duty members, National Guard members, Reserves, and retirees of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, and Coast Guard. Veterans are also eligible if they are within 3 years of their discharge date.

Discount Process – GM

Visit and create an account. From there head to the GM Military Discount landing page click “Get Authorization Number.” When you visit the dealership you will simply present this number in order to receive your discount. We like this feature because it removes a lot of confusion at the dealership as many civilians have never seen a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or know how to translate discharge paperwork. removes that complication from the car buying process.

How good is the GM military discount program?

We ran a few vehicles through the military discount price list to compare the regular MSRP to the military price. There were a few deals better than others, but all in all the good deals amounted to thousands in savings as compared to the hundreds offered by GM’s competitors. Because of the current climate we recommend trying to combine the military discounts with others available offers to get the best bang for your buck.

More information about the GM military discount program: Please see the GM Military Discount Rules and Guidelines or the FAQ section for complete details.

2. Volvo Military Discount

The reason Volvo’s Car US Military Program came in at number two on our list is because it offers “hassle-free” employee pricing. This means that you can walk into a dealership and get a military discount. The amount of the discount varies by vehicle type. Because this discount is also available to Costco members we imagine that it may not be leaps and bounds better than GM’s discount. Additional bonuses are added for Affinity Purchases ($1,000) and Affinity Leases ($500). This offer can not be combined with their Overseas US Military Program.

Volvo Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty members, Reservists, National Guard members, and veterans within 3 years of discharge date are eligible for the program. Affinity bonuses have quite a few restrictions and are not available for family members. Complete details can be found on the Volvo website.

Discount Process – Volvo

Volvo will verify your eligibility through the service. This verification will be shared with Volvo and you can use this verification when you go to the dealership.

Volvo’s Overseas US Military Program

For those stationed in Europe, Volvo offers special discounts and benefits to military members who purchase a vehicle while abroad. Features of their program include free shipping back to the U.S. for up to 5 years after purchase, 3 years of complimentary maintenance, 4 years of worldwide warranty coverage, 3 years of roadside assistance, no import tax, and complementary customs coverage and marine insurance. Visit the Volvo Overseas military discount website for more information.

3. Ford – Lincoln Military Discount

America’s original automaker, Ford (and Lincoln) offers military members a $500 in Military Appreciation Bonus Cash as part of Ford’s Saluting Those Who Serve. We like this offer because although the eligibility is more restricted than the previous two they have a very clearly presented military appreciation program and utilize the user-friendly service.

Ford – Lincoln Military Discount Eligibility

Ford’s eligibility is a bit more restricted than some other discount purchases. The offer extends to both military spouses and surviving spouses. The following military members are NOT eligible: Active Ready Reserve or Selected Reserve, Inactive Ready Reservists (IRR), Standby Reserve, and State Guard. For complete eligibility details please refer to Ford’s FAQ page.

Rebate Process – Ford – Lincoln

Ford and Lincoln utilize to verify eligibility. A step-by-step tutorial can be found through the service. This service checks your eligibility and provides you with a certificate that you can bring to your local dealership or use to order a vehicle online.

Honorable Mentions – Other Great Military Discounts on New Cars

Acura Military Discount

Accura’s Military Appreciation Offer provides eligible servicemembers with a $750 rebate for individuals who finance or lease a vehicle with the Acura Financial Services. This rebate is only available for 2020 or newer model year vehicles.

Acura Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty military, Reserves, retirees and veterans who are within 2 years of separation from active duty, and their spouses. Gold Star family members are also eligible. Although spouses are eligible, there are restrictions for retiree and veteran spouses so please check with your local dealership or the Acura website for details.

Rebate Process – Acura

Proof of eligibility must be presented at the dealership based on their status. Servicemembers must bring their latest LES or proof of service. Spouses must present a copy of their servicemember’s most recent LES and a dependent military ID. Gold Star family members, retirees, and veterans must also provide relevant documentation.

BMW Military Discount

The BMW Military Incentive offers discounts on new vehicle purchases for military members stationed stateside. Servicemembers returning from tours OCONUS can receive discounts within 6 months of their return to the US. If they can’t wait to purchase a BMW while stationed OCONUS eligible servicemembers can receive “significant savings, extended warranties, and the assistance of an authorized BMW Military Sales Agent.”

Complete eligibility details and discounts are not currently published and must be obtained by reaching out to your local dealership.

Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep – Ram – Military Discounts

The Military Incentive Program covers vehicles made by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram and provides military members with $500 in Military Bonus Cash for eligible purchases*. They also offer additional benefits for servicemembers who decide to purchase their car overseas as these 4 automakers are part of the Military AutoSource.

Eligibility – Military Incentive Program

Active duty servicemembers, Reservists, retirees, honorably discharged veterans within 12 months of their discharge date, 100% disabled veterans, and Individually Unemployable veterans are eligible for this program.

Discount Process – Military Incentive Program

Automakers’ websites can provide additional information to search for vehicles. Once that process has been narrowed down, local dealerships can guide military members through the Military Bonus Cash discount process. We can assume that proof of eligibility is required in the form of an LES and/or military identification.

*Not all models are eligible for Bonus Cash so please check each individual website to determine if the vehicle you are interested in qualifies.

Honda Military Discount

Honda’s Military Appreciation Offer provides a $500 rebate for eligible military-connected customers who finance or lease a vehicle using Honda Financial Services.

Honda Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty military, Reserves, retirees and veterans who are within 2 years of separation from active duty, and their spouses. Gold Star family members are also eligible.

Rebate Process – Honda

Proof of eligibility must be presented at the dealership based on their status. Servicemembers must bring their latest LES or proof of service. Spouses must present a copy of their servicemember’s most recent LES and a dependent military ID. Gold Star family members, retirees and veterans must also provide relevant documentation.

Hyundai Military Discount

Hyundai offers a $500 additional bonus towards a purchase or lease for Active Duty, Reservist/National Guard, Veteran, and Retired U.S. Military Personnel.

Hyundai Military Discount Eligibility

The customer (or spouse) must be Active Duty, Reservists/National Guard, Veteran, or on Retired status in the U.S. Military at the commencement of the program period. Active, Veteran, or Retired U.S. Military for this program are defined as customers serving or having served in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, National Guard, or Reserves.

Proof of service is required. Learn more.

Kia Military Discount

The Kia military discount offers a savings of $400 towards the purchase of a new Kia vehicle. The discount is available to those serving on active duty, in the Guard or Reserves, military retirees, and U.S. military veterans including those who have been honorably discharged or are on disability. The discount is also available to their immediate family members (spouse or child). Proof of service required.

Mazda Military Discount

Mazda currently offers a $500 Military Appreciation Bonus Cash program for military members, including spouses and children of those who qualify. The Military Appreciation Bonus Cash program can be combined with public offers, including lease offers, customer cash back, and APR incentives/offers, as well as the Mazda Financial Services Lease Loyalty Reward or Mazda Loyalty Reward programs.

Mazda Military Discount Eligibility

Eligible members include active duty members, Reservists, Guard members, and veterans/retirees within 2 years of separation or retirement of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, or Coast Guard. Eligibility extends to spouses and children who live at the same address. Proof of service required.

Nissan Military Discount

Nissan’s Military Program offers a $500 savings on eligible purchases. This offer can be combined with other discounts. Nissan also offers benefits for servicemembers who want to purchase a car while stationed overseas.

Nissan Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty, Reservists, retirees, and veterans within 24 months of separation are eligible for this discount.

Discount Process – Nissan

Proof of eligibility must be presented to your local dealership in order to receive the discount. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of your LES, military ID, DD Form 214, Certificate of Release, or Discharge from active duty.

Subaru Military Discount

Subaru Military Discount Program provides a $500 discount towards vehicle purchases. This discount is able to be combined with other retailer zone or cash incentives.

Subaru Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty military, Reserves and retirees and veterans who are within 12 months of separation from active duty are eligible for Subaru’s military discount.

Discount Process – Subaru

Complete discount details can be obtained by contacting your local Subaru dealership or by contacting VIP Program Headquarters at [email protected] or 1-800-VIP-0933.

Toyota Military Discount

The Japanese automaker, Toyota, makes some of the most popular and safe vehicles around. The Toyota Military Rebate Program offers a $500 rebate for eligible military members.

Toyota Military Discount Eligibility

Active duty military, family members within the same residence, Gold Star family members, retirees, and veterans (within 2 years of discharge date) are all eligible for a Toyota Military Rebate.

Rebate Process – Toyota

When you make the purchase you must be sure to bring either your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), Military ID, or DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from active duty.

The discount is available on all vehicles. However, the discount can only be applied towards leased vehicles or vehicles financed through Toyota Financial Services. Because interest rates offered through dealerships are not always the most competitive, this discount is most useful for people who already were planning on purchasing/leasing directly through Toyota.

Complete details can be found on Toyota’s national page as well as through your local dealership.

Volkswagen Military Discount

The Volkswagen military discount is good for a $500 savings toward the purchase or lease of select new Volkswagen models. Those who are eligible for the discount include active duty members, those serving in the Guard or Reserves, retirees, veterans within 24 months of separation, First Responders, and household members of those who are eligible. Contact the dealership for the required proof of service. See site for more info.

Car Buying Services Also Make Car Buying Easy for Military Families

USAA offers the USAA Car Buying Service, which is powered by TrueCar. TrueCar also offers a military program. These services make it easy to buy a car at a prearranged price so you can avoid the hassle of haggling with dealerships. Some of these purchases may allow you to stack military discounts, while others may not – check with your dealership for more information.

You can also get quotes from local dealerships through websites like Edmunds, which allow you to quickly compare offers from multiple dealerships, significantly reducing the time it takes to find a new car at an attractive price.

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