Pentagon to Restore Tuition Assistance Programs for All Services

The Department of Defense recently announced they would restore the Tuition Assistance Programs that were cut by most branches of the military as a result of the sequestration spending cuts. The sequestration forced unilateral spending cuts across the DoD, leaving each branch of the military to find places to cut spending. Among the first programs eliminated by most branches of the military were the popular Tuition Assistance Programs.

Military Tuition Assistance Restored

Tuition Assistance Programs Are Back!

The Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard all cut their Tuition Assistance Programs as a method for getting under budget. Of the major branches of the military, only the Navy did not cut their TA program, though they were considering a modified program that would only cover a portion of tuition. Thankfully, each branch of the service will restore their Tuition Assistance Programs for their members.

Tuition Assistance Programs Restored by DoD

Cutting Tuition Assistance was an unpopular move that received a lot of backlash from current servicemembers, veterans groups, and even certain members of Congress. However, military leadership was in a bind because the budget cuts were forced upon them.

Restoring Tuition Assistance received enough attention to garner over 100,000 signatures on a petition to the White House. 100,000 signatures is the required minimum to receive a response from the White House. Congress responded by passing legislation that will provide funding to the Department of Defense to enable them to reinstate Tuition Assistance Programs. The bill, General Provisions of the 2013 Appropriations Bill, was signed into law by President Obama in late March.

When will Tuition Assistance be reinstated? As of right now, the Navy is still the only branch of service still operating their Tuition Assistance Program, since they never suspended it. The other branches suspended their Tuition Assistance Programs in Mid March. Military leadership is awaiting the wording of the law and the funding before they can reinstate the programs.

Cuts may still affect Tuition Assistance Programs. The new legislation orders the services to reinstate Tuition Assistance up to their allocated budgets, minus the required 9.4% spending cut initiated by the sequestration. This leaves the potential for some of the services to run out of funds before the end of FY13. It is recommended servicemembers sign up for classes as soon as the Tuition Assistance Programs are reinstated.

There is no word on how the sequestration will affect the future of the Tuition Assistance Programs beyond the current fiscal year.

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Date published: April 2, 2013.

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  1. says

    I remember seeing the petition. It was great to see people’s support. I honestly didn’t have a problem with them cutting tuition assistance for service members these are hard times I just believe they should have all government programs across the board.

  2. Anton Ivanov says

    I was very disappointing when the various branches began suspending their TA programs. Any organization, including the military, should understand that educating its members is a great way to boost productivity and the quality of its employees. It’s a shame that the government didn’t see it that way. I am glad the TA programs will be reinstated.

    • says

      It was unfortunate the programs were paused, but thankfully it was only a temporary measure. Hopefully the government passes a budget soon. I would hate to see our service members have to go through this again in a few months!

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