Disabled Veterans to Receive $250 Stimulus Checks

UPDATE: This article references the special stimulus check sent out in 2009. It remains on this website for historical purposes. The first stimulus payments were sent Monday, June 22, 2009. All payments will be distributed by June 30, 2009. There are many rumors about additional stimulus checks. Most of these rumors are scams. Disabled military…
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UPDATE: This article references the special stimulus check sent out in 2009. It remains on this website for historical purposes. The first stimulus payments were sent Monday, June 22, 2009. All payments will be distributed by June 30, 2009. There are many rumors about additional stimulus checks. Most of these rumors are scams.

Disabled military veterans currently receiving VA Disability Benefits are eligible to receive a one-time $250 Economic-Recovery Check from the US government. This is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that President Obama signed into law in February, 2009.

Who is Eligible for the One-Time $250 Stimulus Payment?

The $250 government stimulus check is for:

This is a one time check that will be sent out in 2009. As of this writing, there are no plans to make this check available in 2010 or beyond.

VA Disability Beneficiaries Stimulus Check Information

If you receive disability benefits from the VA, you will be among the thousands of individuals receiving this $250 stimulus check. Here is the information you need to know:

  • You will receive a one time $250 check.
  • You will receive the payment in the same method you receive your regular disability payment (direct deposit or physical check).
  • Your $250 stimulus payment will not be included in your regular VA disability payment.
  • The $250 stimulus check is not considered taxable income.
  • The $250 stimulus check will not affect your disability rating or benefits.
  • Your check may be used to offset debts owed to federal or state agencies (back taxes, child support, etc.).
  • You can only receive one $250 stimulus payment, even if you are eligible for more than one payment, such as from Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI)m or the Railroad Retirement Board. If you receive more than one check you will need to return it, or it will be taken from your account at a later date.
  • The stimulus check should show up in your bank account as an electronic transfer from the “US Treasury 220 VA ERP.”

When Will You Receive Your $250 Stimulus Check?

Disabled veterans should receive their payment by July 10, 2009. If you do not receive it by then, you should contact the Veterans Affairs Administration by e-mail, letter, or phone. Be sure to include your VA file number (usually SSN) when you contact them. Here is the contact information:

  • Internet: https://iris.va.gov
  • Phone: 1-800-827-1000, or 1-800-829-4833 (TDD)
  • Mail: Department of Veterans Affairs, 1240 E 9th St, Cleveland OH, 44199

Related Economic Stimulus Information

The following information applies to the economic stimulus program that was first announced in 2008. This page has been updated for clarification and to remove broken links. This page serves as a historical reference for the economic stimulus program.

What is the economic stimulus package?

The economic stimulus package is a change in the tax code that will eliminate the 10% bracket from 10% to zero for the first $6,000 of taxable income in 2008. In order to spur the economy, the government made the rebate effective immediately, giving people more money to spend now. For more information about the rebate, read the economic stimulus explained.

Who is eligible for the rebate?

The economic stimulus rebate check is available to qualifying tax payers, based on IRS calculations. Single tax filers with adjusted gross income (AGI) less than $75,000 and couples filing jointly with AGIs less that $150,000 will qualify for full rebates. Those with AGI levels above the maximum will receive a reduced rebate based on a phase-out schedule.

Persons who do not owe income taxes, but earned at least $3,000 in wages, Social Security benefits, or veterans disability benefits, will get rebate checks of $300 for individuals and $600 for couples.

How much will I receive for the rebate?

Qualifying single filers (AGI less than $75,000) will get rebates of up to $600. Qualifying couples (AGI less than $150,000) will get rebates of up to $1,200, plus $300 per dependent child younger than 17, with no maximum number of eligible children. The rebate starts out at $300 per person, but rises to $600 per person to match the taxes you will pay based on your 2007 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Your AGI is generally lower than your salary, and is based on your earnings after tax deductions such as 401(k) and Traditional IRA investments and other qualified deductions. However, if you earn above a set limit, you may receive less than $600. The tax rebate decreases by $50 for every $1,000 earned above $75,000.

What do I have to do to get my rebate check?

If you file taxes in 2007 and qualify for the rebate, it will be automatically sent to you. To receive the economic stimulus rebate, you are required file a 2007 tax return, either a form 1040, 1040A or 1040-EZ. If you are someone who normally doesn’t file a tax return (for example, a pensioner, retiree, of someone whose income is based on Social Security, military veteran’s disability, or other income), you will need to file a tax return in order to receive the rebate.

When will I get my economic stimulus rebate check?

If you filed your tax return by the April 15th deadline, you will receive your rebate check automatically starting May 2. For those who elected to receive their rebate check via electronic deposit, checks will begin being sent by the IRS on May 2nd. For those who will receive their check via mail, the checks will be sent starting May 16. If you filed your taxes late or filed for an extension, you may not receive your rebate check for several weeks after you file, and there have been some reports that it may take several months to receive your rebate.

My only income is military disability pay. Will I receive a rebate?

Yes. People receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs for disability, pension, or survivors’ benefits are eligible to receive the economic stimulus rebate. If you have already filed a return, you will automatically receive the rebate.

For eligible veterans who do not normally file a tax return, the IRS has prepared a 10-page informational package that includes instructions, a sample Form 1040A and a blank Form 1040A — everything needed to file a tax form today.

  • Package 1040A-3, 8-page informational package for people who normally do not file a tax return.

Tax filers should note that Line 14a of the Form 1040A and Line 20a of Form 1040 are designated for Social Security. However, these lines should also be used to include any veterans’ benefits.

For more information, go to the economic stimulus FAQ section for those receiving military benefits.

Others may need to amend a previously filed tax return to include benefits to reach the $3,000 qualifying income level. Adding these benefits on an amended tax return will not increase an individual’s tax liability but will establish eligibility for the stimulus payment. Taxpayers can use IRS Form 1040X to amend a tax return in order to qualify for the stimulus payment. File the form after April 14, 2008, and allow 8-12 weeks of processing time before making any inquiries about the payment. See a sample with instructions.

All of my income in 2007 came from a tax free zone. Will I still receive the rebate?

Yes. As long as you file your taxes and otherwise qualify, you will automatically receive your rebate check.

I was in a tax free zone and filed for an extension on my taxes. Will I still receive the rebate?

Yes. The rebates are based on taxpayers’ 2007 tax returns. Those who file extensions or file late would likely receive their checks later than regular filers, but they will still receive them. The checks will be sent out automatically; taxpayers don’t need to apply. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to file an extension without penalties, consult the Military Tax Extension IRS FAQ page or go to a qualified tax professional for more details.

Not all Veteran’s Have Received Their Economic Stimulus Checks Yet

I was doing some reading online last night and I read something that alarmed me: There are over 5 million unclaimed economic stimulus checks currently held by the IRS. A large percentage of those are held by military veterans whose primary source of income is VA benefits or Social Security checks.

But there is a problem… many people whose sole source income comes from Social Security or VA benefits are not required to file taxes with the IRS every year. The problem is that the only way to receive the economic stimulus rebate is to file taxes with the IRS. Many people who are eligible for the stimulus rebate have not received it because they did not file taxes, because they are not normally required to do so. If you know anyone who may be in this situation, please do them a favor and let them know they might be eligible for a rebate.

The stimulus check was automatically sent out to qualifying tax filers, but if you have not yet received your rebate, check, there is still time.

How to claim your stimulus check

First, make sure you filed your taxes. You will not receive a stimulus check if you do not file taxes.

Second, learn when you should receive your rebate. The best way to do this is to use the official stimulus payment tracker provided by the IRS web site. You will need to have information from your 2007 tax return, so be sure to have that handy when you use this online tool.

Third, check for reasons that may delay your rebate check. There may be legitimate reasons for receiving your economic stimulus payment late, or for not receiving it at all.

  • If you filed your taxes late, your rebate check will be delayed. Expect a 2-6 week delay if you filed your taxes late. You must file by Oct. 15th 2008 to receive a rebate this year.
  • Your stimulus rebate check was garnished. Your check can be garnished by the Treasury Offset Program. If your money was scheduled to be garnished, you should have received a notice. Reasons can include unpaid child support, back taxes, or student loans.
  • You PCS’d or changed addresses. The IRS will not forward rebate checks, so you need to notify them if you moved. You should file a Form 8822 with the IRS, and a change of address notice with the U.S. Postal Service.

Fourth, contact the IRS. If all else fails, contact the people who know best. Try calling the IRS at 1-866-234-2942. Again, be patient. IRS workers are receiving hundreds of calls daily, and need time to process your information. You will get much better results if you are friendly with the agent handling your claim.

Fifth, have patience. Above all else, be prepared to wait. The checks can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to be sent out. In addition, IRS agents are handling hundreds of calls daily, so be patient with them.


The economic stimulus program was a massive undertaking and provided billions of dollars in income to American taxpayers. This program has officially ended. We will update this page as needed or if there is another stimulus program.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Giammarino John Cornelio says

    For health reasons I am living in Italy, as of today I have not received any information or money. Is it to late? what should I do?.

  2. theodore czarnecki says

    I am a 100% disabled vet( service connected) and live 50 miles away from the nearest VA hospital and 67 years old. Does anyone know of any way I can go to a local doctor for treatment and have the VA pay for my the treatment I receive. If you know anyway this is possible.

    and 67 years old and live 50 miles away from the VA hospitay

    • axehandlebill says

      Sorry, I’m in the same boat as you, I live 135 miles from my closes V.A Hospital, I have had 13 major surgeries. and I asked if I could go to a doctor closer to me. yes they said they have a VA clinic about 50 miles from me, the problem with this is, its also a private doctor and he contracted to take veterans? that’s a joke and the doctor has a attitude that would scare a ghost..I went there once and never again..the answer to your question is NO, I’m sorry, but we are being taken care of by the “Gov. Health Care System”…

  3. Larry D says

    What a deal!! We received the stimulus back in June, $250. Do your taxes and now you have to give it back. The statement I read said it was non taxable, well it was. It was a personal loan I never requested from the government. How does that work? I really wish they hadn’t given it to me; and would have never accepted knowing I had to give it back. So did it reduce my credits? Because we should get them back now that they have their money back.
    My stimulus was when I found out I had to pay it back. Boy was I “stimulated”,.. wrong word.

  4. Bullitt says

    Am I missing something here???
    Per the 1040 Instructions, page 6, “Economic recovery payment. Any economic recovery payment you received is not taxable for federal income tax purposes, but it reduces any making work pay credit or government retiree credit. See pages 29 and 47.”

  5. Glen says

    I am in the same boat. I owed $518.00 and now owe $250.00 more. Thats like giving us a $250.00 gift certificate to buy furniture to help stimulate the economy and then taxing us $250.00 for using the gift certificate. Our whole Government needs a foot in their ***. How many man hours will be wasted by people complaining about this. This whole stimuls ideal was a waste of time. Our Senators, Congressman, and Predsident all need to be moved out of office in the next two years. I have had enough of the Governemtn taking money from me while they throw millions to AIG staff and other rich ******* that ******* up the economy. Let them fail that way another company will grow with hopefully better ethics.

    Vote out you Senators, Congressman and the President.

  6. J Groden says

    We just filed our tax returns and it was kicked back because we were supposed to claim that $250 stimulus check. Our refund was reduced by the full $250. In other words, that refund was merely an interest free loan. Another government scam — what a bunch of bull!!

  7. SWN says

    No… What a big SHAM!!! I didn’t ask for it either, saw it in the bank when it came and ask the bank about it. They claimed it was a payment from the VA. Little did I know that now I owe that amount back to the government. Guess that’s how the stimulus works. Tax the Americans, give part of their money back to be taxed again and then expect them to pay the stimulus back. Kind of like double dipping. Why not just tax us twice up front and then leave us alone.

  8. Jim says

    Just found out that our return is being reduced by $250 as well.

    I called the local VA rep. I called our Congressman. I called the DVA. I contacted the VA rep at the state capital.

    NO ONE has told the MILLIONS of Social Security recipients that the same thing will happen to them. That’s a huge voting block.

    Schedule M, as in “Makes me sick…”

  9. RWH says


    I was not notified by the VA about this $250….. I had to find out like a lot of vets, by having my tax return kicked back to me. Some bureaucrats at the VA need to be fired over this one.

  10. RWH says

    Just got off the phone with the VA…. here’s the scoop. You need to declare it on your tax return, or your return gets kicked out of the system. IF you worked and got the $400 work credit, the $250 will be deducted from that $400. So whatever you were going to get back as a refund will not change. You just can’t have both.

    So you need to think of it as a no-intrest loan…… or imaginary money. Or better yet…. a feel good scam on American disabled vets.

    If you didn’t qualify for the $400 credit, you get to keep the $250 stimulus money. That means you don’t, or can’t work.

    Bottom line…. let all your disabled vet friends know about this so they don’t have to redo their taxes…. or worse yet get nailed by getting caught in the IRS steamroller after April 15 by being late.

  11. John E. says

    Humm. Same same. Got the $250, was told it was not considered taxable income. Filed through H & R Block, did the E-file for the first time. Got a call that night that it was rejected. Just wondering, how many of you folks filed through H & R? Talked to a co-worker who used H & R software to file, and she had no reject—as of yet…

  12. Joe says

    This is even better, I never knew of the $250 stimulus when it came out or recieved it…now my taxes are kicked back this year because I didnt claim the $250 I never got…WTF?

  13. Jeff says

    Same story for me. My tax preparer called me to come in and adjust my claim as the IRS rejected my original back because the $250.00 was not included. Lots of press last year that the government was giving Disabled Vets this money – zero press now that the government is turning around and taking the $250 back. I am writing my senators and congressman – I suggest that all do the same.

  14. carlos says

    I just got done writing my Kansas governor I would suggest everyone to do the same. I’m a 40% disabled VET and fell into the same situation where I received the stimulus (If that’s what you want to call it) and then federal tax’s took every cent back.

  15. Chris R says

    I am a disabled Vet, they took the $250.00 from me when I filed taxes. They tied this to the making work pay credit of $250.00. So if you are a disabled veteran and work they take it back. I would have received the $400.00 credit even if I was not a disabled veteran. My wife did not even work and received the $400.00 credit. My question is why disabled veterans whom did not work received only $250.00 instead of the $400.00? This is a complete sham! We need to have this covered on CNN News and all of us veterans need to stick together to vote this administration out of office!

  16. Jeff says

    Oh course he took it back. He HATES the military. But they will try and say it was a mistake or misunderstanding but I guarantee they will never let you keep the money. So quit whining and suck it up.

  17. Carrie L says

    We received the $250 last year, but they took it RIGHT out of our taxes for 2010 filing! The entire $250 was deducted. What a freaking joke!

  18. rod says

    we just realized that we have to claim the $250.00 stimulus check also, it isn’t fair………………………

  19. Robin W says

    I received the $250.00 stimulus last year and IRS took it back when I did my taxes. When I received the stimulus I was told that it was NOT taxable and I would not have to claim it. So I didn’t, two days later H&R Block is calling telling me that IRS says I have to claim it and it would be deducted out of my refund. I just want to know why did the government give us the money if we had to pay it back, this is not right nor fair. Bad enough we didn’t get the yearly raise on our checks. How does our government expect us to make ends meet when everything is going up in price. Where is the fairness?

  20. Mike says

    I recieved the 250 VA Disability Stimulus Check in 2009. I am doing my federal and state taxes for 2009 and Uncle Sam is taking this money back from me under Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Section. I didn’t think that this money was going to have to be paid back. What a joke. Uncle Sam makes it appear to everyone that he is doing something great for the Disable Veterans. But what has been hidden is that he will take it back. It sure wasn’t as good as it seemed. What was the purpose?

    • Ryan says

      You need to contact the VA and send in a new direct deposit form. You should be able to contact your Regional Office Homepages for more information.

      The VA also lists this information:

      To change your account information please call our toll-free number, 1-877-838-2778, Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:50 PM Central Time. Please be prepared to provide your new financial institution’s 9 digit routing number, your new account number and type of account (checking or savings).

      So you may be able to do it over the phone.

  21. DM says

    Hey guys, I just got my 250.00 stimulus check. I was told early in July that veterans living overseas ( APO AE) were not eligible because we did not live physically in the U.S. And I looked at my acct today and there it was.

  22. Dave says

    WOW, here it is Sep 22nd and I just got my $250 via direct deposit. I didn’t know what it was and had to do a web search. I originally thought it was Education benefits under the new Post 9/11 GI bill. I guess better slow than never.

  23. Spencer says

    I guess I am not the only one. I called July 10 about my payment after I received an offset letter of only $70 and was told that my payment went to an old bank. So informed them of the new information. I have been told many different dates of when I would receive my payment and now its Sept 2 and I still have not received it. I received a call from the recovery team after my first inquiry and now they won’t call me again. Its very aggravating. I work for the IRS and even we sent out the stimulus checks we did a better job than this.

  24. Sasha says

    Well I am a disable veteran it is now August 31 and I still haven’t received the benefit money from the government either. I contacted the VA erlier this month and all they were able to tell me was that I should be receiving it by the end of August. I wonder what excuses they’ll have when I call this week?

  25. Felicia Ann Bradley says

    I am a disabled veteran who has not received benefit money from the government that I know I deserve and have been getting the run around for 20 years. I have done everything except sue the military. Why can’t I receive anything from a country that I served?

  26. Jules says


    • Ryan says

      Jules, The $250 check is a one time event. If you believe there to be an error, then you should contact the VA with the information provided in the article.

  27. MIke says

    I got a $250.00 stimulus payment but I didn’t get my regular 50% disable benefit payment. What’s up wit that?

  28. Zachary says

    Hello my name is zachary and i was disscharged from the milltery and how dose this prosscess work i had an ingery will i was working on a Jet that burnd my foot real bad to wear i cant move my nervous in my left foot what should i do from hear?

  29. arthur haynesworth says

    I’m a 40% disabled veteran and to this day I yet to receive
    the $250.00 stimulus payment. Is there something wrong with
    me or the system?

  30. JMclaney says

    My exhusband is over a year behind in his Child Support. At our hearing on Tuesday (7/21), he provided a letter saying his $250 would be offset and paid to me for some of his back due Support. My question is, does anyone have an idea how long that will take?

    Usually offsets are applied within 4 weeks or so of being claimed, but I’m just curious to know if anyone else has had their offset paid toward their debts yet…

  31. blackseag says

    FL resident –
    I too, am living overseas and found the bonus direct deposited into my account on the 22 of June. I was surprised as I had heard nothing about this and contacted the man to find out what it was about.

  32. Lindsay says

    I’m in the same situation as some…I put my claim in September 2008, didn’t get the decision/payment until March 2009.
    I was expecting to be eligible for the $250, but they said it would NOT be retroactive. I do not think that’s right either.

    If enough people raise a fuss, and report it to the VA OIG, maybe we can make them change it!

    You can report here:


  33. audie says

    I inquired about mine today and was told I was not eligible. I began receiving compensation retroactive to my EAOS 8/08 but the VA is slow and I did not get my first check until March 09, accrding to them,,,technically i am not eligible for it. This blows

  34. Larry says

    Have not received stimulus check yet. My last name starts with W and my social with 50. Is it still coming?

  35. L. Roon says

    Hey Guys,

    I just received an email from the Pittsburgh VA office. I had inquired about the 250 payment and they said because I am a veteran living overseas, I am not entitled to it. Who knew about these stipulations. I am still a resident of FL. Is anybody else in the same boat as me? I asked for a manager to verify this and get back to me.

    • Ryan says

      L. Roon: I do not have the detail for your situation. I recommend contacting the VA for a reference so you can read through the specific eligibility requirements.

  36. donald ferry says

    i have the same problem as the last person. my file # ends in 50. no check and same problem being on the for half hour then gets a hangup.

  37. Bill says

    I have still not received my check, checked both my bank accounts, checked my mail, checked with the post office. I tried calling yesterday but after 20minutes on hold I got an automated machine telling me to call back later when there was less call volume, so I called an hour later and they were closed.

    Last 2 are 47. Anybody else having similar issues?

  38. Beverley says

    They sent my check out on the 22nd alright, the only problem is they sent it to the wrong bank. when I call the va they told me that so I went to that old bank and they said that it had been returned and even gave me a reference #. So I called the VA back and they told me that they have nothing to do with these checks that they come form the US Treasury. So now I have to wait for the treasury dept. to relize that my check has been returned and then decide if they are going to mail me a new check or not. So calling the va is not going to do any good.. So if anyone can tell me how to get ahold of the us treasure that would be a great help.

  39. Rosa says

    Phil, I filed my last October and got back paid and I havent received anything!

  40. Jeff A says

    I just noticed my bank balance was off by $250 and saw that my account had a deposit on June 26 from VA ERP. I googled it just now and found out about the stimulus. I didn’t receive a letter or hear anything about it, but sure am glad to get it…gotta pay car insurance!!! LOL…. Thanks, Mr President!

  41. Cheryl says

    I never got a letter so, I didn’t know anything about it. I just got my bank statement and found this site while trying to figure out what VA ERP was. Last Initial M last 2SS 01. My statement says it was deposited 6/19. Does that help anyone else?

  42. Phil says

    I filed my comp/pen claim last Oct. and recieved retroactive payments back to then in June this year. anyone else being told they don’t qualify for the $250 if this is the case>?

  43. Mimil says

    Just noticed an extra $250 deposit made June 22! Didn’t even know about it. Looked up VA ERP to see what it was for – thought it was an error or something. I’ll take it – thank you!! 🙂

  44. Lisa says

    I got my stimulus check. This isn’t going to do much to stimulate my economical situation. ah well…. its groceries 🙂 thank you!

  45. L. Roon says


    Does your wife have normal direct depost with monthly VA benefit? If so, tehn I need to check my mail and see if my check is there. My last 2 digits is “94”, and last name starts with “M”.

  46. L. Roon says

    Hey guys,

    If your $250.00 payment was reduced, you need to call 1-800-304-3107. That is the Treasury offset office. It is an automated service that will ask for your ssn and tell you if you have a federal debt. First press #1, then press #2.

  47. AJ says

    Well my last name start with J and last two 25 still nothing. My wife got a check last week which I was wondering why it wasn’t direct deposited kinda strange. Her last name is the same and last two 72. Not sure whats going on, Maybe it will come with my GI Bill this month who knows.

  48. H Phillips says

    I got mine on the 30th but i didn’t know what it was for until i did a serch and found you guys. I needed it too my family is going trough a hard time right now.


  49. C Johnson says

    I got my deposit on 6/30. My last ends in 78. I didn’t even know we were getting it. I googled VA ERP (thats what is says on my online account as the source) and I came upon this website.

    I’ve been reading the responses here and it’s just unbelievable how people have ignored what many posters have put here. That if the payment doesn’t come by July 10th they should contact VA. But over and over again people have been asking when they should get paid since June 21. I guess. Things must be really bad out here.

  50. Carmen says

    As of July 2 I haven’t recieved anything except a letter stating that I would be recieving it. It would come in real handy right now, but as always with the VA it is a hurry up and wait.

  51. Jeff G says

    My last two are 16 and mine was posted on 6/22 in my credit union account. Woohoo!

  52. William M says

    My last 2 are 11 and last name M i have received absolutely nothing yet. I do not think there is a system as suspected because I do not owe anything.

  53. Marc says

    Mine hit yesterday for $250 – caught me by surprise and was worried it was a mistake I’d have to pay back … so a google search brought me here. Glad to know it’s for real. VERY pleasant surprise.

  54. Dale says

    Got mine yesterday! Didn’t even know we were getting it. Last name starts with “M” and last 2 are 73. Hopefully everyone receives theres soon.

  55. Larry says

    Mine hit today. $250.

    The line item shows as “VA/ERP” for the direct deposit.

  56. Tony says

    This was truly a blessing, down to my last $50.00 was unaware it would even be deposited to my account!!

    Thank you to whom ever sent it my way!!!

  57. Mark says

    Got mine today; last name starts with “R”, last two are 91. My thanks also for this post; I had no idea what the $250 was for!

  58. David says

    Received $250 today and was unaware of this. Thanks for all the posts on this website; gave me some awareness of what this deposit was. My last two is “72” and my last name starts with a “C”.

  59. Bridget says

    Got mine direct deposited today for $250.00 from VA ERA…. last name starts with O.

    I would be patient…it will come, these new programs just take a little time…

  60. Jenny says

    I received $190.83 today. That’s such a strange amount. I wonder what I owed??? I didn’t get anything in the mail either regarding this, so I was confused on how I got money, and not wanting anyone to yank it back out, I found this site.

  61. Sandra says

    I had no idea that I was to receive this money. What an awesome surprise. Thank you for posting this on your website 🙂

  62. John J says

    Received payment this morning as I think we were supposed to but really how hard would it have been to give us a date!?
    Guess I’ll take the kids to lunch and the waterpark, $250 gone! lol

  63. William J. says

    I received $19.42 from TCS TREAS 449 VA ERP. I don’t owe any money for anything so why did I receive this amount. I’ve been a disabled vet since 2006. Is this a simulus or some other compensation.

    • Ryan says

      William, I am not sure what this payment would be… I recommend contacting the VA for more information.

  64. Army Dan says

    NO pending deposit today, called va and they told me that there is no set date to have any of the depoists installed except july 11th(call in date if u still havent recived it). But i was told that according to the system mine should be in sometime this week. so according to va u can get it anytime before july 11th..lazy va, just lazy

  65. Joe says

    Called my bank today,there is no 250 pending but my regular compensation is pending for the 1st. I do not understand what is going on.

  66. daveH says

    Steve, email me and I’ll give you an adrress to send the check to and who to endorse it to 😀

  67. Lisa says

    Called my bank today, my account shows 250 there but not to be posted to my account until the 30th. So if you have not recieved your 250, call your bank it might be pending.

  68. Steve says

    This seems stupid to me. I got the check, now who do I send it back to? This is what we are borrowing money for?

  69. Army Dan says


    ty for the info, i called my bank but i bank with pentegon federal credit union and they add funds when they get it and there is noting pending on my account. they said that if it is suppost to be available monday night tuesday morning then it wont show for me untill then. again ty for the info

  70. daveH says

    Ryan: ”Payments were sent on the 22nd – 30th.” But I’m saying they looked up my ssn# and said it was deposited on the 22nd. Maybe the phone rep meant all sent 22nd-30th, but that’s not what he said. I asked if it was sent to the treasury first and he said, “No, it was deposited in your bank according to the computer.” I know it’s just a short wait to see what’s up, but I can’t help but think something went wrong after this exchange. The second call, different rep, said she wasn’t looking up my ssn# as she answers thousands of calls a day and didn’t have time, ”so give it a few days.” This is the 5th day after they first told me check deposited, but no check has been deposited. Just REALLY confusing. But thanks for replying.

    • Ryan says

      Dave, gotcha… I would just wait a couple days. These programs are complicated and usually don’t go quite as planned. The initial release stated to contact them by July 10th if you haven’t received your check, but my guess is you will receive it by then. Best of luck!

  71. Diana says

    News about recovery check. Called bank and asked if their was any thing that was pending they told me it will post Monday Evening and be available Tuesday. So Army Dan check your bank account as my husband’s last two are the same as yours last name starts with T.

  72. steve says

    no check today course today is federal payday i dont guess they would want to process something extra for the vets now would they

  73. JanS says

    I have been looking for my check. I am unemployed and a disabled Vet. I need the funds. Anyone got a true scuddle on this yet?

  74. T. Riley says

    I got mine on 6/22/09, didn’t know why I received the payment I had to Google TCS treasury. Thank You.

  75. daveH says

    THIS is odd! I called the VA and they said the deposit was made 3 days ago. I called the bank and they said they had no record of this. I called the VA back and they said the software is a few days behind and I should get the check in a couple days. This sounds like a run around to me. Anyone have any thoughts as to what the heck is going on? How can they say it was deposited then say it was, but not yet? Only the VA….

  76. veronica says

    Reading what everyone has posted it seems to me that they are going by the last two of your social. That puts my hubby at probably sometime next week (his last two 64), hopefully anyway. But I am really glad so many of you are starting to see the money in your accounts 🙂

  77. Marvin says

    Just read this today. Guess I will not ge tone after all. Why did they not say this earlier?

    To be eligible for the $250 payment, VA beneficiaries must have received compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), or spina bifida benefits at any time between November 2008 and January 2009. Also, beneficiaries must reside within the United States or Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. No application is necessary. VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility for the $250 payment.

  78. Marvin says

    Just read this today. Guess I will not get one after all.

    To be eligible for the $250 payment, VA beneficiaries must have received compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), or spina bifida benefits at any time between November 2008 and January 2009. Also, beneficiaries must reside within the United States or Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. No application is necessary. VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility for the $250 payment.

  79. Marvin says

    I am getting confused. My ss number ends in 10 and have not gotten letter or money yet. SOme are saying that if my disability is not service related, I will not get a check. Any one know about this. Maybe that is why I have not gotten one yet. I am getting needs based pension.

  80. John J says

    nothing here either but it’s promising to read that some of you are starting to receive it.. last 2 is 60 and last initial is A

  81. Gotti9410 says

    250.00 even, came from US TREASURY VA ERP.. last name starts with D if that helps..

  82. H8W8IN says

    Here is a question, I got my letter, but can’t find it, if you are receiving compensation, but you are having to pay back the lump sum you received when you were discharged, will you get the payment or will it go towards your payback?

    • Ryan says

      H8W8IN, I don’t know the answer to your question. I recommend contacting the VA.

      That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they used it to off set the amount you had to pay back.

  83. T.Maxwell says

    I just got $129.00 in my account. I wanted to know if the other amount would show up later. Last two are 34. If anyone has any information on how much everyone is supposed to receive please post it. Thanks.

    • Ryan says

      T. Maxwell, So far as I know, the payments should be sent in full. If you think the amount was in error, then I recommend contacting the VA with the information found in the above article.

      Is it possible that there was an obligation you were not aware of that may have minimized the amount you received? Some examples include back taxes, late fees, penalties, money owed to the state, child support, etc. I do not mean to imply anything, because there could well be an error that caused the smaller payment.

  84. Debra Zook says

    Just noticed the announcement said to use your Service # when contacting the VA to find out why one didn’t get their checks before July 10th. Are they using these service numbers rather than SSN’s? One has to wonder.

  85. Rob Biker W. says

    Surprised and had to figure out where the $ came from and found this site by searching US TREASURY VA ERP. Got mine fully credited to my account today. Last 2 are 32, last name W. I think I’ll save it for now. Will probably need it later.

  86. Joy Lopez-McGraner says

    Received mine yesterday.
    23 June 2009 – $250
    Showed up under: US TREASURY 220 VA ERP

  87. Army Dan says

    Well today is the 24th of june and still no deposit. Last 2 of social is 60 and last name starts with “j”. VA is holding onto this money as long as they can cause every day is more interest as it sits in there banks………..

  88. sev says

    Art or Daniel-can you tell me if TCS treasure 449 va erp direct deposit your stimulus check or us treasury? cause i got 182.00 but online banking says it’s tcs treasure. justing wondering this is something different from the stimulus pay?

  89. Darryl Session says

    My last two digits of my social is 61 last name beginning with S. apparently IRS is going by your last two social or by alphabetical order. Is the government sending the stimulus checks out in July?
    Darryl Session Dallas, TX

    • Ryan says

      Darryl, They didn’t release a schedule this time around – probably to avoid too many questions if they weren’t able to maintain the schedule as listed. The best advice I can offer is to contact them if you do not receive your check by July 10th.

  90. Daniel Brown says

    I looked ay my bank account and saw that the $250 was Direct Deposited this morning 22 June 2009 !!! I recieved the letter stating I would get it (and if I had not received it by 10 July to call the 1-800 #) on 1 June 09.

    My last name starts with “B” and my last two of my SSAN are “07”

  91. Art Brooks says

    My payment was received by direct deposit on Saturday, June 20th. There is undoubtedly some system for who gets them when – first initial of last name or last two digits of SSN. Do not look for a paper check unless that is how you usually get it.

    • Ryan says

      Dave, The VA has stated to contact them if you have not received it by July 10th. They also did not release a schedule of when the checks would be mailed.

  92. midwest michael says

    Has anybody received this payment yet? First I was told by end of May, then sometime in June, than by end of June. There is still no updates at: http://www.va.gov/ about it either.

    • Ryan says

      Michael, I was expecting it around the beginning of July, and the VA letter stated to contact them if you have not received it by July 10th.

      The VA did not release a schedule in anticipation of the date being pushed back or there being problems with issuance. I wouldn’t worry about not receiving it until the middle of July.

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