Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card Benefits Program

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Veterans Advantage Discounts
The Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program is a nationwide benefits program developed in 2001 to provide rewards to the members of those who have served in the United States Military including active military members, retired veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as the family members of eligible service personnel. Over 300…

The Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program is a nationwide benefits program developed in 2001 to provide rewards to the members of those who have served in the United States Military including active military members, retired veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as the family members of eligible service personnel.

Over 300 companies and organizations have partnered with the Veterans Advantage program to provide preferred pricing on products and services to show their appreciation of military members. Companies that participate in the program range from a wide spectrum of categories including travel, entertainment, home, office, health, business, and financial. There are also benefits offered by both the federal government and participating state governments.

Veterans Advantage Discounts

Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card Benefits Program Review

VetRewards Card Eligibility

There are no limitations on the time period of service, the branch of the military, or the rank of the individual to participate in the program. The Veterans Advantage Program offers benefits nationwide to active members and Veterans based on a membership plan.

You are eligible to participate in the VetRewards Program if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Active Duty or Retiree
  • Current or Former Guard or Reserve
  • Immediate Family Member of a military member – spouse, father, mother, sister, brother, daughter or son of the current or former servicemember

VetRewards Card Plan Options & Pricing

There is a free Veterans Advantage plan that gives you access to certain military discounts, a jobs & career network, and free Veterans Advantage events.

The paid membership gives you all of the above, plus exclusive VetRewards Deals, a VetRewards ID Card, discounted travel insurance, and VIP member assistance.

Primary Member Plans

  • 30-Day Trial – only pay a standard $4.95
  • Month-to-Month: $9.99 per month for primary subscriber
  • 1 Year: $59.95 —  $4.99 average per month paid in full upon enrollment
  • 24-month extension: $3.75 average per month paid in full upon enrollment –  a 25% savings
  • 48-month extension:  $2.92 average per month paid in full upon enrollment – a 42% savings
  • Visit Veterans Advantage to learn more.

Family Member Plans

You can add up to four family members to your primary member plan at a 50% discount, provided the family members are household dependents and reside at your address.

  • 30-Day Trial: $4.95 per family member
  • Month-to-Month: $4.99 per month per family member
  • 1 Year: $29.97 — 50% off primary member plan
  • 24-month extension: average of $1.87 a month paid in full upon enrollment – a 25% savings
  • 48-month extension: average of $1.46 a month paid in full upon enrollment –  a 42% savings
  • Visit Veterans Advantage to learn more.

Interested individuals can also start a 30-day trial membership for just $4.95.

Trial memberships can be canceled at any time. Family members interested in participating can be enrolled for half the price of a regular membership. Gift memberships are also available for purchase.

Veterans Advantage Card Plan Benefits

VA Travel CardIn addition to the many discounts and preferred pricing options for members, each plan also includes:

  • Act now and get your 30-day trial for just $4.95
  • Save thousands: Enjoy everyday savings nationwide
  • Special Insurance coverage: Up to $55,000 insurance coverage at no extra charge
  • Prescription Drug Discounts: up to 65% off medication at no extra charge
  • Personal Attention: Toll-free member support number plus online help

Members will receive a Veterans Advantage ID card in the mail accompanied by a benefits booklet that outlines the program’s benefits and lists the many US corporations that participate.

Just some of the national companies include:

  • AT&T Wireless
  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon Fios
  • Dell Computers 
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Avis Car Rental
  • Budget Car Rental
  • Hertz Rental Car
  • Greyhound Buslines
  • NY Times – Print or Online
  • Diamond Resorts
  • 1800Flowers
  • Ford Cars & Trucks
  • Lincoln Automobiles
  • Target

State and Federal Benefits

Every state and even some municipalities offer a variety of benefits for program members. There are also federal benefits provided through the card and Veterans Advantage members will receive a compilation of State, Local and Federal Benefits online and sent by e-mail so they can remain informed and up to date.

The program’s website ( offers extensive information about the rewards program and provides 24/7 member support services online or by phone.

Each month, a new partnership company is put in the spotlight that showcases the discounts being offered by the many participating retailers and businesses. Additionally, there are various resources, articles, and news topics to benefit Veterans, active members, and family members available on the website. Enrollment in the annual membership or 30-day trial program can be completed online and activated instantaneously.

Is Veterans Advantage Worth It?

Veterans Advantage Card - Military and Veteran Discounts

The big question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you need to pay for a membership to take advantage of these offers. Some companies currently offer military discounts without membership in the VetRewards Card program. However, not all companies offer military discounts to all military members, past and present, and their family members. In fact, many companies only offer these discounts to current military members with a valid ID.

Add in the fact that Veterans Advantage has negotiated some exclusive discounts, and you can see there is some value in joining this program. The key question that only you can answer is how much you will use this program and if you believe you will get value from it. This will be a personal decision. But at roughly $60 for an annual membership (or $5 a month), it doesn’t take much to recoup your initial membership cost.

This program can have added value, especially since family members can participate. For a few dollars a month, the annual membership can save members on services they normally use and on brand name products they buy.

The 30-day trial membership may be the best resource for determining whether the program is worth the annual fee.

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  1. Mary Eikomstead says

    I would like to cancel the subscription to Military Advantage. AFter looking through the list of places that I can save at, I save the same already with a military id. Don’t need to pay for a card when I already have the same benefits.
    AFter reading comments, I am not so sure I will be not charged for the Military Advantage even though I really don’t want it.

  2. Lucy says

    I’ve had the hardest time trying to get reimbursed. The more I got to thinking about,the more I want my money back. Military wouldn’t charge for being a member.Lucy

  3. Rebecca says

    Veteran advantage is a total scam and waste of money. They do not offer anything a veteran cannot get by working with the companies listed for free.

  4. Preston E Goff says

    I received my Bank Statement today.
    I see you have taken the payment for the Veterans Advantage Plan.
    HOWEVER, I be yet to receive my Card.
    It’s been over a month.

  5. Margaret says

    Why is there a charge for this benefit…couple years ago you just needed to verify your status now you a being charge for your service…when will the greed stop.
    The discounts was a Thank you to our service Men and Women and family.

    • Fred says

      You signed up for the free membership, which is basically useless. To actually take “advantage” of the membership you have to pay for it. In short, it’s a marketing scam that targets veterans from a veteran that has cashed in on all too familiar deceitful marketing tactics for 20 years. I think it’s disgusting and should be illegal.

  6. John Hoy says

    Veterans Advantage ( Pay for Benefits Programs ) will never be stopped unless you go to those companies that use them and COMPLAIN.
    Tell them about other organizations like ID ME that do it differently ( verified service and always free ).

  7. Avery Arnold says

    I just heard of this today. I tried getting a military discount with JetBlue and they said they only give it with the veterans advantage and it was only 5%. What is the use of this card? Why would companies chose this over just looking at your military ID? If you’re going to thank military members for their service, why do they have to pay for the discount when they already have military IDs to prove their service? I don’t care if you offer a military discount or not. Not everyone agrees with the military and that’s ok. But if you’re going to offer the discount, why make them pay to be part of a program to get that discount? I’m already part of program; the military….

  8. Josh Yates says

    Dell already offers 10% discount to Veterans, I emailed them a copy of my dd214. Any paid Veteran 3rd party appears sketchy. After doing my due diligence, no thanks. I don’t want to share my information and give them monthly payments.

  9. John I says

    This is a scam. My parents discovered the “50% off of NorthAmerican move rate” is worth exactly nothing.

    My father is a combat decorated veteran with 20 years of service. That’s the kind of person Veterans advantage steals from.

  10. Terry says

    I am a Military Veteran and I suffered an injury in Basic Training by a Drill Instructor who used me to teach on how a 250 lb. man could put a person (me) in a crossed arms choke hold from behind and do a body drop on a (125 lb) 18 yr. old person. The squad actually yelled for him to stop when they saw the look of pain in my eyes and saw me losing consciousness. I just decided to man up and deal, but still live with severe pain. Then in a VA Hospital they did a “Bed Side” Liver Biopsy only to Rupture my Diaphram, which led to my lower lungs to collapse & sever reflux & now Congestive Heart Failure Problems. Now dealing with Cancer as well and since I didn’t say anything or then realize the Ruptured Diaphram would lead to what I’m living with now, they say I am 100% fine and have lost my Hospital records with the Liver Biopsy fiasco. Now VETERANS ADVANTAGE wants “All Vetrans” to pay $59.99 to Hundreds of Dollars to save “In my Case” since I have no money, and give all of the MEGA STORES like Target, Home Depot, and all the rest, a way to “Get Out of Offering the Discounts” to the ones of us who “Truly Need the Discounts” the most. I’m glad the people with Large Families & Enough Money to Spend Several Thousands of Dollars a Year or Month get to benefit with the service, but How does this Really Help “ALL” Veterans. It is a Great COP OUT for the Wealthy Stores Scheme, and STEALS from all of us who ALSO Deserve to be Appreciated for our Years of Service. Be it in my case in the Vietnam era, those prior and those up to the present as well. “ALL OF US”. NOT JUST THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD TO “BUY” DISCOUNTS. SHAME ON YOU VETERANS ADVANTAGE!!!! PRETENDING YOU ARE SO AWESOME TO HELP VETERANS, ONLY TO “STAB US IN THE BACK”!

  11. W.A.C.Co. says

    Ok, other than United Airlines* and Amtrak (which we subsidize) is there any other place that will NOT just take a Veterans Affairs ID card?

    One dose have to wonder, was the article a paid advertisement?

    * I just called them, you have to *PAY* Veterans Advantage to get the discount

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello, W.A.C.Co., Veterans Advantage is a paid membership club that has arrangements with many companies to provide discounts to members. Some of these offers are available to all military members and veterans, and others are not. These clubs were more popular in previous years, before it was easier to find many discounts online. But these membership clubs can still provide value if you use the provided benefits. You can often find these types of discounts through other membership clubs or organizations, such as AAA, military organizations, and other associations. The value will vary per person and depends on how many of the benefits you use, and how frequently you use them.

    • Jim Skamarakas says

      I agree
      I only heard of this while looking at Amtrak ticketing
      Why is an Veteran paying for a third-party outfit, which admits it has no real information to prove anyone is a veteran. They don’t ask to see, or collect copies of a DD-214 or ID card, and go out of their way to bash anyone that asks for such information. Your status with them as a veteran however, expires the moment you stop paying them.

      Go to their website and time yourself – how long to find the price.

      But lastly, go look for their financials.

      Discounts handed out to every club membership are usually of little value, with too many restrictions, and on full price transactions.

  12. Tony Walthall says

    However no postings have said, that if you want a discount on UA (I fly a lot) retired ID otherwise will NOT get you the discount only the card. I had one flight for $4K to Europe and that comes out $200 savings which had a ROI right away. If you don’t fly UA as much I agre with the above but don’t say it’s worthless without mentioning flying. It’s about worthless if you don’t fly UA.

  13. Conal Garrity says

    I too had tried this program a few years ago and found it generally worthless. As it may work for some, its a monthly PAY FOR service. You could save the membership fees and just offer up your VA or retired ID. YMMV.

  14. Walter Taylor says

    I’ve never had a problem receiving a military discount until today at kids footlocker which the manager referred me to this site. I have never even heard of this company until today. I’m a disabled vet which it is stated on my Veteran Affairs (VA) card. This group wants veterans to pay for discounts which should be afforded to them for service to country, not out of pocket payment. A soldier can easily mistake Veterans Advantage (VA) with Veterans Affairs (VA) because of the “military discounts” they provide.For me, I’ll just go to establishments that offer “free” military discounts.

  15. David W says

    I took a trial membership and found I could get most of these discounts without the card (and confusion) be warned that they will keep your credit card information & auto renew your membership a few days before the trial has ended. I am still trying to get $89.92 in charges back on my account. My account was canceled immediately. BUT I am still waiting to get my refund.

    Hi, just a quick note on my experiences. I took the 30 day free trial, for me & the wife I paid about 15 bucks.adding the wife was useless since I make all the reservations her card is not needed … ever. anyways before the 30 days had lapsed I was billed $89.92 for a year membership that had not been ordered. I was able to use the hotel & flight discounts but found I could have received these without being a member of this “club”. I have canceled my membership, wow that was quick, all data erased in seconds after the phone call but I am still waiting for a refund. I must note the cancellation process was painless,I was not harassed or offered anything to stay. I just hope to get my money back now.

    After looking up the BBB complaints I have found they have settled up w/ everyone and 99% of the complaints were because the company auto renews every account unless you specifically tell them not to.

  16. Michelle says

    This program is a scam for military people. I have had my card for 10 months and every time I try to use it to get a discount there is a problem. I am active duty military and majority of the partners shown are already available to us by showing your ID card. I have tried to use my veterans advantage card with various of these partner and the employees had no knowledge of the card. They used my regular military ID to give me the discount. What a waste of money??

  17. Carlos says

    Ryan, I have to say that I agree with both of you but Nicholas has a stronger point. I have travelled all over the states and when you show your military or Veterans ID card they automatically give you a discount. For example Home Depot gives discounts to all military and veterans with a service connected disability.
    So if you are a Veteran with no disability then this card is worth it. But if you have a service connected disability as most of us do, then I would recommend against it.

  18. nicholas says

    So Iin looking on there website it seems that most of the dicounts they show are available already outside of any membership with them. Example being verizon and apple offer there discounts to all military already do not see why anyone would pay for this.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Nicholas, Those discounts are generally only available to Active/Guard/Reserves, but not for military veterans in general, which is the group of people who will find the most benefit for this specific card. There aren’t many discounts available to military veterans, outside of those offered on military holidays.

      • Mitch Slotnick says

        Ryan, I am a Marine Corps veteran. I spend a lot of money every month with Verizon, as I have a wife and 2 daughters to pay for. All I did was show my VA card at the Verizon store and I got their discount. Same story with Home Depot and several other store chains and movie theaters on Long Island where we live. I too do not see any decent reason for me to have to pay for this Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program. If such a reason, or preferably more than one, is shown to me, I would be open to the idea of paying. I’m a pretty open minded guy, but like Nicholas, I too do not see any value in it.

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Mitch, Thank you for your comment. Like other programs, Veterans Advantage is only worthwhile if you will use it enough to cover the cost of the membership. Many people love using every possible method to save money, while others are happy with a quick online search for a relevant coupon code. Each situation is unique.

        As for the value, I think it’s there for certain programs. For example, there are many discounts on travel (Amtrak, United Airlines, Jet Blue, various hotels, cruises), insurance, rental car companies, and additional retail offers.

        One big purchase may save enough to recoup the cost of the card. On the other hand, signing up and leaving it in your wallet and never using it wouldn’t make sense.

        It really comes down to how frequently you would use the card. A quick browse through their savings offers should give you a good idea of whether or not this card might save you a reasonable amount of money. If you know you can recoup the cost within one or two big purchases, or through one or two months of normal spending, then it’s probably worth it. But if you think it would be cutting it close to recoup the money by the end of the year, then it’s probably best to pass. At that point it wouldn’t be worth the hassle or the risk of forgetting to use the card.

        I hope this is helpful, and thank you for your service!

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