Featured Credit Cards for Military Members

Military members travel frequently, and credit cards come in handy when you don’t have access to an ATM or if you prefer to make one monthly payment to cover all your purchases over the course of a month – as long as you pay the balance in full, of course! I recommend everyone have access to a credit card, especially those who are living overseas or far from home. You don’t have to use your credit card, but it can come in handy and act as an emergency source of funds which can be used to pay for emergency travel, house repairs, car repairs, or other unexpected expenses. They can even earn you nice rewards and cash back! That said, credit cards should not be abused and should only be used if you can afford to pay the balance in full or in the event of a true emergency.

There are many great credit cards out there, so we will try to break them down into different categories to help you choose which credit cards is right for you. Since we only promote responsible credit card use, which includes paying the balance in full, the biggest category will be cash rewards credit cards, which will help put money back in your pocket.

Factors considered in this list: When creating this list we considered several factors, including the overall value of the card, including the company offering the card (many military banks and credit unions offer credit cards), cash back credit cards, points or rewards, other perks, annual fees, interest rates, lack of an annual fee, and other factors. What we have listed are some of the best credit cards for military members. As always, research your options and choose the best credit cards for your specific needs.

Featured Cash Back Credit Cards

USAA-Credit-Card USAA Credit Cards. You need to be a USAA member to apply for a USAA credit card. USAA membership is open to U.S. military service members, veterans with an honorable discharge, and their eligible family members. They also offer some products to individuals with no military affiliation. USAA offers a variety of credit cards, including the USAA World MasterCard, Active Military MasterCard, USAA American Express, and co-branded affinity cards featuring organizations with military affiliations. The image in this article is the USAA Wounded Warrior Credit Card. Each of these cards offer some combination of low interest rates, flexible rewards programs, no annual fees, and USAA’s award winning customer service. Click this link for more information, or to apply for a USAA credit card.

Blue Cash Everyday from American ExpressBlue Cash Everyday® from American Express. The Blue Cash Everyday® from American Express is a solid rewards credit card and would rank higher if American Express were accepted more places overseas. This card offers a generous cash back plan. There are caps on the amount of cash rewards you can earn in each category, but there are no rotating rewards categories to worry about, no minimum spending requirements, no enrollment fees, and no annual fees.

Chase Freedom® Visa - $100 Bonus Cash BackChase Freedom® Visa. The Chase Freedom Visa $100 Bonus Cash Back card is one of the best general cash rewards credit cards out there. This card offers 5% cash back on rotating categories throughout the year and 1% cash back on everything else. Your cash back rewards never expire and there is no annual fee with this card.

Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa Card.Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa Card. The Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa Card is a unique rewards credit card. You will receive a cash reward of 1.5% of your purchases, which will be deposited into your Fidelity investment account. You will receive 2% cash back if you spend $15,000 or more per year. If you don’t have a Fidelity account, you can choose to receive your rewards in WorldPoints, which can be used to redeem as gifts from the WorldPoints rewards catalog. Personally, I’m a fan of the cash! Apply for the Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa Card.

Navy Federal Credit Union cashRewards CardNavy Federal cashRewards card. The Navy Federal cashRewards card is one of the top credit cards on the market, offering up to 1.5% cash back on all purchases, without spending categories or other qualifiers. There are no caps on the amount of rewards you can earn, your cash rewards never expire, and you can redeem your rewards with as little as $20 cash back. The interest rates are also attractive, as they never exceed 18% APR. There is no annual fee for this card. Here is an in-depth Navy Federal cashRewards card review.

Best Credit Cards for Frequent Travelers

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American ExpressThe Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express won the Smarter Travel Editor’s Choice Award for Best Travel Awards Card for Domestic Use. This card gives cardholders an opportunity to earn bonus Starpoints(R) for meeting minimum spending requirements after joining. Your Starpoints(R) are redeemable for free nights stay at over 1,000 hotels and resorts in almost 100 countries, or you can receive a free flight on over 350 airlines, all with no blackout dates. There is no annual fee for the first year, then it is $65 per year.

Other Great Military Credit Cards

Military Star Rewards Credit CardMilitary Star® Rewards MasterCard. The Military Star Rewards MasterCard is offered by Chase and is a huge improvement over the previous version of the Military Star Card, which was only available for use on base. I opened a Military Star Card shortly after I enlisted and used it to help build my credit score. This card has unique offers  for active duty, reserve, guards, retired-service members and their family’s credit needs. Benefits include a competitive interest rate, no annual, late or overage fees, online and Call Center account management, and an exclusive deployment policy in which you will receive 100% refund of your interest and fees during a deployment with Blue Star Benefits*. It also offers a rewards program: 2 points for every eligible $1 spent ON base including the Exchange and AAFES.com, 1 point for every eligible $1 spent OFF base, and up to $600 Cash Back or 60,000 points annually. Apply for the Military Star® Rewards MasterCard.

Best Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

If you don’t have a good credit score, then you can still get a credit card to help you improve your credit score by making on time payments and paying your balance in full. The best way to do this is to use a secured credit card, which requires you keep a certain amount of money on deposit with the credit card holder to act as collateral on your charges. The good news is making continual on time payments will help improve your credit score and you can eventually use this to get a traditional credit card. Here are some secured credit cards which may be beneficial to you:

Secured Credit Cards. If you have no credit or bad credit, you can apply for a secured credit card to help you establish or improve your credit score. These cards are virtually always approved upon application. To use them, you are required to keep a security deposit with the card issuer, which acts as collateral for your usage. Many of these cards report to the three major credit bureaus each month, which will help build or improve your credit score as long as you use it responsibly. Because these cards are designed as a tool for people who do not have excellent credit, there is usually an annual fee. Once you get your credit established, it is a good idea to begin looking into credit cards which do not charge an annual fee.

Don’t forget to check with your local credit union. There are many military and local credit unions which may offer a great credit card for your needs. We recommend any of the cards above, but as always, do your research and find the best card for your specific situation.

“Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by any credit card issuer. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any credit card issuer. This site may be compensated if you sign up for a credit card through this site.

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Date published: April 5, 2011. Last updated: January 8, 2015.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. delisa allen says

    This is a great opportunity for me to redo my credit. I would like to apply for a loan, one day to buy a house. This will help me get started, on the right path.

  2. McKay says


    Have you reviewed/what are your thoughts on the Air Force Officer’s Club card by Chase (I think it’s called the Military Free Cash Rewards Card)? We recently joined the Club and this card was sort of automatic but it seems pretty good. No Annual Fee, no overseas transaction fees (we are in Japan), 2% cash back on most on-base purchases (Services, MWR, BX, Commissary), and 1% cash back on all other purchases. I also applied for and got the AMEX SPG card because I do travel a lot but can’t bring myself to activate & use it with a $65 Annual Fee and almost 3% Foreign Trans Fee. USAA’s cards all have Foreign Tran Fees too…


    • says

      The Chase card is a great card, particularly for those who are stationed overseas. USAA offers great cards, but they are best when used in the US so you can avoid the foreign transaction fees. The AmEx card is a good one, but again, it would probably be more beneficial for you if you were Stateside.

  3. Mike says

    Whats the deal with my USAA credit card being flagged for a fraudulent charge when I use it at the local commissary? Has the commissary credit card system been hacked like with what happened at Target?

    (been an ongoing issue for the last six weeks)

    • says

      Mike, Contact USAA customer service and ask them about the issue. They are very responsive with these types of issues and should be able to resolve it for you.

  4. Bill says

    Chase and AAFES have discontinued the military star MasterCard program. Cardholders were converted to Chase Military Rewards, with no cobranding

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