Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount Available Everyday

Home Depot and Lowe’s have long been known to offer a 10% holiday discount to military members and their families, and in many cases veterans and retirees. These promotions were usually limited to the main military holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. Well, no longer – both companies have just announced these offers are available every day of the week! Additionally, you may be able to find discounts online at Lowes.com and savings at HomeDepot.com.

Military Discount Eligibility: Please read the discount information closely, as these discounts may or may not be available to all military veterans on a daily basis.

Home Depot 10% Military Discount

Where one goes the other will follow. Home Depot and Lowe’s are notorious for attempting to undercut their competition, and it is easy to use their deals against each other – try it, just go into a Lowe’s or Home Depot with the flier from the other store and you can almost always get a price match.

The Home Depot 10% military discount was also originally focused on the major veterans holidays, but they followed Lowe’s lead. Again, you should expect to have a proper military ID and except certain limitations on dollar values, online shopping and more. But it’s still a great deal!

Home Depot Military Discount Policy

Some military members and veterans have reported not being able to receive a 10% discount when shopping at Home Depot. I have seen multiple instances where Home Depot advertises the discount, but they don’t officially have the discount listed on their website. An online customer service rep recently gave me this information about Home Depot military discounts:

The Home Depot offers a year-round, 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, at our U.S. stores to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID.

In addition, a 10 percent discount is also offered in recognition of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day at all U.S. Home Depot stores for all other military veterans. (source)

I also contacted a Home Depot customer service rep online and she gave me this response:

We proudly offer Active and Veteran military a 10% discount on their online or in store purchases.  Please contact Online Customer Care at 1-800-430-3376 and place your online order over the phone for a immediate discount or bring your ID to your local Home Depot.  However, this may not be used in combination with any other sale prices or discounts.

This was the first mention I had heard of being able to receive a military discount online, but it’s worth trying to contact Online Customer Care to see if you can get the discount.

Other people have mentioned not being able to receive the discount for in-store purchases. Apparently it often comes down to manager approval, so it is most likely on a store by store basis. Please share your experiences below.

Guaranteed Low Prices…Now Even Lower

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Lowe’s 10% Military Discount Policy

Lowe’s now offers a 10% military discount to all active duty military members, members of the Guard and Reserve, retired military members and their immediate family members. The 10% Lowe’s discount also applies to disabled veterans and their families. Here is the specific discount information:

To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must: Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card. Or: Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).

We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only. (source)

To be eligible for the everyday 10% discount you will need a valid, government-issued military ID card. All other military veterans will still be able to receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends. The discount applies to in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000, but it excludes sales via Lowes.com and purchases of services or gift cards.

Keep in mind you may be able to find discounts at the Lowe’s.com website. Just follow the link or click on the banner below to access these deals. The best part is that you can view inventory and complete your order online, then visit the store and pick up the item. That way you don’t waste a trip only to find out they didn’t have your item in stock.

Shop Lowes.com

Don’t forget to shop around. If Home Depot or Lowe’s doesn’t honor the military discount, then compare prices with other stores, including playing Home Depot and Lowe’s against each other (they almost always honor coupons and offers from the other store). There are plenty of home improvement coupons available from various stores.

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Date published: March 27, 2013.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. Dominick Palestino says

    At the Home Depot in Elmont N.Y. I was turned down because my card did not say service connected. I thought everyone who had an Honarable discharge was service connected Lowe’s here I come.

    • Luther says

      I also have tried at Lowes and Home Depot to use my Veterans benefits. I was in the National Guard and have all of my papers including my dd214 to show. Since they have changed their policy to “weed” out everyone that has been in the Armed Services. Only those that have the VIC card are allowed except for Memorial Day at all Lowes and Home Depot locations.

    • Rich d says

      “Service connected” is referring to a service connected disability, not you were in the military.

    • David says

      I am hitting my 15th year of active duty service and in the past month have been denied the so called Home Depot discount 3 separate time: a $200 a/c unit, $20 a/c filters, and $60 worth of hardware. The last time was the finally straw and my wife went throughout the store randomly grabbing items to see what it does apply to. Out of 10 different items, my military discount did not apply to a single one. She called corporate to get some answers and got nothing out of it. Goodbye Home Depot forever, I will drive the extra 5 miles to go to Lowe’s where the discount applies to everything.

      • jan says

        Today, 8/5/2015 Home Depot on Fairway Ave in Roseville, CA gave us the run around about the Vet Discount for the last time. My husband served 6 years in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Because he lost his “official” Vet Discharge Card from 40 years ago, he spent the last 4 years working to get it replaced by the Veterans Services Office in Sacramento, CA. He finally got the “official” card and now Home Depot says it is not on their approved card list.

        Home Depot – it is your prerogative to give the people who served this country a discount – we understand it is not an “entitlement”, however, it is our prerogative to choose to only be loyal to stores that keep their stated promises and do not embarrass Vets with a public discussion that their “official” card is not valid. I wonder if you would treat your dad, mother, brother, sister or any other family member so disrespectfully.

        God Bless America!

        • Tanya B. says

          Today, my husband and I went to Home Depot and I asked a woman at the desk about the discount. She had a print out and showed me a list of accepted ID for the discount. Oops, I left my card at home. But when we were at the check out I joked that I better remember my card next time and the clerk gave me the discount any way. Wasn’t really expecting that, but it was very nice of her. Having a positive and polite attitude was the key. I wasn’t surly and fussing. For what it is worth, at the local Home Depot I did notice that there was a copy of the print out of accepted military ID posted at the check out as well as the one at the customer service desk. And this community has a very high retired veteran population, so that may play a factor in the friendly attitude toward the discount. Maybe in some areas with less of a veteran awareness, the employees may not be quite as up to date on the policy.

      • John Worden says

        Good for you! Go where they will treat you the best. A “Military Discount” that you have to jump through hoops to get or “doesn’t apply” to a particular purchase is just a gimmick and they are just trying to look like they are doing the right thing. The reality is some stores are anti military. I spent fifteen years working for this company and had a manager that cleaned house of most supervisors that had been with the company over ten years (ie higher wages) and replaced them with cheaper, new associates. Over half were also veterans. Sometimes college educated managers don’t like the military mindset and work ethic. None were replaced with veterans.

      • louis walker says

        Same experience here. Numerous times I’ve tried to get a discount at Home Depot. First I had to “register” my account, then I found that numerous items weren’t included in the discount, namely anything having to do with “construction materials”, the definition of which is up to Home Depot to decide, certain tools, AND there is the maximum of $500 which they are quick to apply. When I went to Lowes and presented my military I.D., it was 10% across the board and now questions asked an not maximum. Needless to say, we take our business to Lowes, period. I’m sure Home Depot has lost untold thousands of dollars just in our local community by their confusing and selective policy; one can only imagine what this has cost them nation-wide. It’s a stupid and self-destructive policy. Either offer a discount or don’t, but don’t advertise a policy and then make it a pain in the neck to your customers.

  2. Elizabeth Vollucci says

    My husband, a service connected disabled veteran, was denied the 10% discount on wood pellets in the Coventry, RI Home Depot this past Veterans Day. He had previously received the discount in that same store for the wood pellets. Since that time several of our acqaintences have been denied the discount at Home Depot. One was informed it was because he was not disabled. I, as retired ARNG, had been given the 10% discount at Home Depots in the past. The policy states that the discount applies to active duty, reserve, retired and disabled military. Apparently the policy is not followed in all of their stores. We now go to Lowes, where there is no problem being afforded the military discount.

    • Lisa says

      Wood pellets are considered a commodity. They are not allowed by regulation to give discounts on commodities.

  3. Judith Taylor says

    My husband presented his Veterans card to Home Depot and was Turned Down! they said it had to have a picture. Although his name was on it with a driver’s license to match! No Discount He was a Marine in the Vietnam War. This has happened to some friends of our as well. No problem at Lowe’s they give him 10 percent no problem.

  4. R. Sanchez says

    I bought some peg boards at the Home Depot in Franconia, Virginia yesterday and did not receive the discount. The manager told me that the items discounted will vary from day to day, so that peg boards could be discounted the next day but there’s no way of knowing. She also told me that the discount is now for only up to a $50 limit. Apparently, this Home Depot store is a test store for the new policy and she recommended complaining to Home Depot because it’s frustrating for employees also. I will write to Home Depot but will start using Lowes, a couple of miles further out as my go-to store (and Sears’ 20% discount for tools). While I appreciated Home Depot’s “no compromise” discount while it lasted, it’s also a marketing tool to attract the loyal military & family base and a way to show the community that you give a darn. There’s a balance between making money for your shareholders and staying in touch with your community. Home Depot is losing sight of the latter.

  5. Robert neumann says

    I have been denied the military discount at Home Depot because my va benefit card does not say service connected. I received it once with no hassle, but the next time they denied it. Lowes, always, gives me the discount with no hassle. I am a Vietnam veteran.

  6. John Ferencze says

    So I was Drafted and did not run away to Canada and Served my Two years active, two years Active reserves and two years in active reserves but did not wish to make the service a Career I am not treated the same as some one who Enlisted and spent 20 years or has a service related injury??
    I served my time and did not evade the draft and was treated with the same rudeness and insults when I returned home as others of the Viet Nam era..
    I can only get the discount 3 times a year…
    Guess I am just not as good as the other vets…

  7. Joseph C Borchetti says

    I also was given a hard time about my 10% discount. I have a valid VA benifit card with my picture on it. I served during the Vietnam War and gave my all with a blank check to the Government. Why is Home Depot picking and choosng which veterans get a 10% discount and on what days of the year. Who wants to go on a holiday,only a couple of times a year. I wrote to Home Depot ,but got no responce. If they can give contractors big discounts,then a mere 10% to veterans s nothing. Looks like Lowes is going to get my business.

  8. j cat says

    there is no veteran discount at these stores …. this is a big lie they put out like their taking care of vets.

    this is an active duty military discount… not veteran discount.

    you get pay from the military then you get this discount………..

  9. Paul says

    I have a Florida driver’s license with a V insignia meaning I am a Veteran. I readily use it in FL and was only able to use it in one Lowes two weeks ago in NY. Today I was told that I cannot use it for a discount in another Lowes. What is the true rule?

    • Robert Johnson says

      Home Depot is also beginning to turn down the Florida drivers license with Veterans “V”. I have called and they are trying to change it.
      I went to the trouble of taking all the proper paperwork down to the drivers license office, paid a fee just so I could remove one more card from my wallet,,, and now they say it is not valid.
      Lowes also depending on the sales person rejects the drivers license designation.
      I do not understand,,, you can not just go down and ask for the V to be added, you have to have the proper paper work.
      Very aggravating at the cash register !!!

  10. Lisa says

    At our local Home Depot, it seems to be hit-and-miss. If you are persistent, they will usually honor it.
    My question is regarding it’s use on sale merchandise. Anyone can walk in and get a discount listed on in-store or on-line, right. It seems, in those cases, military won’t receive the benefit or a discount because the item already has a reduced price. I think Home Depot can afford to show military some respect by giving them the discounts they have earned.

  11. Roger Hamann says

    I went to the Home Depot in Auburn, ME and bought 10 cases of flooring. I presented my VA card ( has my picture and “service connected” on it)) and was told my military discount could not be used on flooring. What exactly DOES it cover????

  12. Frank Tatro says

    In Florida, Veterns can provide a copy of their DD214 to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have a “V” veteran designation on their drivers license. This veterans designation is recognized by Florida merchants who wish to offer Veterns discounts.

    In Naples, Lowes extends a veterans discount upon presentation of a drivers license with a “V” designation without question. In the past Home Depot has been inconsistent on honoring Veterns discounts. Lately, no discount whatsoever except on 3 holiday weekends. LOWES WILL BE GETTING MY BUSINESS IN THE FUTURE!!!

  13. Steve says

    Just wanted to note that our Home Depot in Del Rio, TX will not give a Military discount on building supplies. This is a recent change from them giving a discount on everything. I was told that the mark up on many of their products is so negligible that they would take a loss if they discounted it. I find that hard to believe, but okay. Lowes doesn’t give limits on the amount of discounts given nor on the products discounted. Now, while I am appreciative of the discount given, it just doesn’t make sense for a building supply store to not offer a discount on building supplies. What I have found out is that they are practicing this in markets where they don’t have the big box store competition. You see, in Del Rio, there is only a Home Depot and a few other small hardware and lumber stores. The nearest Lowes is 60 miles away. That allows HD to afford to limit their discounts.

    • Floral says

      Building supplies are considered a commodity and so are not eligible for discounts due to legal regulations. It may be that Home Depot takes 10% off individual items while Lowe’s takes 10% off the total purchase price.

  14. Howard Gluck says

    06/08/2015 – Red Bluff California Home depot gave us the Veterans discount but said in the future my VA ID must say service related. Oh well, lets try Lowes.

    Week before the Chico California Home Depot gladly gave us the discount, go figure…

  15. John Arnold says

    My third attempt at posting so I cut it short. Lowes gives me discounts on all purchases. Home depot does not.

  16. sam kight says

    Ok, I’m like everybody else that posted about not being eligible as a vet to receive the everyday discount. I can see some disabled vet and low pay grunts receiving this benefit. No big deal for me. What digs in my craw is their wife, son and daughter be able to use it everyday. While I served 6 yrs as a Vietnam vet in country and was able to come back alive to of serve my country I think it is thoughtless for Home Depot and Lowe’s to have a double standard for vets.

    • Tami says

      I don’t understand how they verify that. I am a “service connected” veteran and have an ID card, but my spouse and childen don’t have any proof of that. They don’t get an ID card that says they are my immediate family that I know of.

  17. Steve C says

    Most of us are not ‘Vet Enough’ for these companies even though we took the same oath and faced the same risks. It must be how they limit the number of discounts they give while still being able to promote their “patriotic support”. While I don’t need the the discount, as someone who served I resent the selective lack of respect. Having said that, it appears to be controlled at the store level. For example, no deal at Lowes in Indian Land, SC and Home Depot in Pineville, NC, but gladly accepted at another Home Depot in Charlotte, NC ( all within 15 miles of each other ). The Charlotte HD also makes a point to say “thank you for your service”. Pretty obvious where I do my home improvement shopping.

  18. jay kratz says

    I echo what so many have already said: Lowes gives a military discount everyday and they say “Thank you for your service” but Home Depot plays games with vets only giving a military discount on certain days if you’re lucky. Don’t shop at Home Depot!!! Lowes gets my business.

    • GP says

      Lowes nor Home Depot allow veteran discounts (in WPB, FL) area any longer unless it is the three holidays. They are cracking down. I would spend more all the time if they allow All Vets to use it year round. I can’t use it since I am not disabled, active or retired. They both are billion dollar companies and would make more money if they all allow it to everyone. I am a VETERAN no matter what.

  19. K Crawford says

    Service connected disabled Husband. We purchased $7500 in carpet at the Home Depot in Middletown Delaware. They are offering free whole house installation with purchase of $1500 in carpeting. Went to use our military discount and were told they could either give the military discount of $500 (maxed out at 10% of 5k) OR $97 off for the free installation, not both. That the installation is considered a sale and you can’t use a military discount in addition to any other promotion. Even though we know that the discount wouldn’t ever apply to installation because it doesn’t apply to services anyway. We weren’t asking them to apply the military discount to the installation, only the materials, as is their policy. But we were denied the free installation because we used the military discount on materials. Keeping in mind that even with the discount, we were still purchasing $6900 in materials. Far above their $1500 purchase required for free installation.

  20. Rick says

    While it is easy to become a little frustrated with the inconsistency in Home Depot’s military discount policy, folks should keep in mind that a discount there is not an entitlement. They have no obligation to offer a discount. Here in my area of Colorado, they offer an in-store 10% on most products other than commodities, such as wood products. As a 23 year vet, I appreciate what they do offer, as I’m in the store at least once per week. I typically buy wood products at Lowes since they discount everything. I also outfitted my daughter’s first home with all new appliances purchased at Lowes, because they offer a military discount even on sale items, which can be a great deal during big appliance sales. Even so, Home Depot offers products that Lowes doesn’t, so I continue to shop at HD. It’s always nice to get a discount and I’ve saved a lot over the years at both HD and Lowes, but my service career didn’t earn a discount from them or anyone else. The one discount that I’d really like to see in recognition of my 23 years is the Federal govt offering 10% off my taxes! But I’m pretty sure that’s not very likely…

  21. Bobby Jackson says

    Everybody has to understand that a military discount is a courtesy! Not all other retails offer this and people are taking advantage! Home Depot and Lowes are BUSINESSES and they lose hundreds of thousands annually from this military discount. So be happy that it is offered but understand that not everything qualifies!

  22. Mary K says

    Where can we find a list of what is NOT eligible for the discount at Home Depot? It seems like it depends on which one you go to. We just purchased a storm door with other items at Home Depot, and only got the discount on the smaller items, not the $250 door.

  23. Geoffrey Zalewski says

    I recently discovered at the Lowe’s in Schenectady, NY that NOW you must possess the newest VA ID card the has the words “service connected” on it. My previously issued card worked until March or so of 2015. I went to the VA and had my card updated so the discount applies again.

    Home Depot (in Schenectady, NY) only cares to see the “Return the Favor” ID card that I have from my County.

    Hope this helps someone!


  24. Lamar Hill says

    SO….the way this reads my neighbor who was in the States 90% of his military time has a DAUGHTER who can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get a discount everyday…But one of us who dodged BULLETS in Viet Nam …and others like in the Gulf war..
    can only get a discount a couple of days a year…Well I hope his DAUGHTER goes out and buys herself and new phone with her
    savings..does not seem right but you have to consider that a lot of the people in management at companies around the the U.S.
    today are the same young protesters that spat on us after returning from Nam.

  25. Beth Sandahl says

    Today I went to one of your stores with my dad. I was very upset when he told me that during a previous visit he was told that unless he was on active duty or had been disabled during the line of service he was not eligible for your military discount. My dad was a Seabee during Vietnam. His construction skills saved hundreds of lives during the Tet Offensive. The main sniper tower had an entire leg blown off it and still stood because of my dad. He should be the Home Depot poster boy. My dad flew home in a plane full of dead colleagues and when he arrived state side he was told to change his uniform so he wouldn’t be spit on in the airport. The idea that one of your employees had the gaul to treat him in such a fashion is unforgivable. My dad is a hero and deserves to be honored and treated with respect just like every member of the service. I don’t understand how his experience could be tolerated by your company. It is my sincere hope that your company will make this up to my father.

  26. Kevin Fujita says

    My father is an Air Force veteran, we recently visited Home Depot in Wyomissing (Reading), PA. We had just come from the DMV where my father had gotten his license to include his veteran status. When my father tried to use his 10% military discount at the Home Depot for his purchase, they first said it was only honored on certain holidays & that the veteran stamp on his driver’s license is not an acceptable form of military veteran status, so my father pulled out his DD214 & showed that, but that is also not an acceptable form of veteran status. A manager happened to be walking by, who gladly applied a 10% discount, stating she understands his frustration that she comes from a military family & they experience the same problem at Home Depot.

  27. Jim says

    The Home Depot in Eugene, Oregon quit giving the discount if all you have is a drivers license showing the “Veteran” designation on it. They did in the past but the clerk said they no longer honor it. It looks like they only honor disabled vets, I’m guessing.

  28. Floral says

    Experience from the Fort Bragg area….

    I never have a problem using the 10% military discount at home depot. I was told that it only applies to certain items, i.e. the 10% doesn’t come off building materials or lumber. However, if you take wood that is split or warped at one end, you can usually complain to the people working in lumber and they will discount it for you – 70% off! A much better deal! Items that were eligible for a Military discount show ” ” next to them on the receipt and at the bottom of the receipt, there is a key that says ” Military Discount.” If that doesn’t show up, they didn’t put in the discount correctly and it’s possible you over- or under-saved.

    By contrast, I was told at Lowe’s that their Military “discount” is that I don’t have to pay for a . I later found out that their MyLowe’s cards are free to the general public and the only benefit they offer is keeping track of my receipt…something Home Depot does from my credit card or e-mail.

    Home Depot not only has an actual military discount, but usually has equal or lower prices and kinder employees. I will wait the extra time for help at Home Depot just to not have to deal with all the Lowe’s employees. I’ve had way too many experiences where they will only help me with items they think I want instead of just listening to what I’m telling them I need. It’s really not difficult to heed someone that knows the material, treatment, and dimensions they want. But of course – I’m a woman in building materials, so I must not know what I’m talking about!

    • Floral says

      Correction: Home Depot receipt shows M in less than/greater than brackets – sorry it didn’t show up in the original post!

    • john says

      Fellow dragon brigade, I was turned down by home depot, guess 9 years isnt enough for home depot. Maybe if they jumped into Comeyagua Hondo on a hot afternoon in July a few times it would change their minds. Home Depot is a disgrace . Airborne

  29. John says

    I write this in response to the 10% discount given by home depot and other places that give the discount. I for one appreciate it but I think they need to check IDs more often they have people that go to these places that never served and because they show a government ID the reps and clerks accept there ID because it shows government on it when in fact It is civilian CAC reading cards these people that I know laugh thinking they are getting over.

  30. Mike says

    I have never had a problem with my local Lowes store( in Big Rapids, MI). Today, I went into the local Home Depot (Mount Pleasant, MI) and was told my Veteran’s designation on my license does not entitle me to the discount and only disabled veterans or active duty personnel are eligible for the everyday 10% discount. I showed my VA disability card which does show I have a service connected disability and the sales clerk said it was not the correct VA disability card.

    Will not shop at Home Depot again.

  31. marc says

    Home depot only gives a discount on everyday (not holiday) items to active service or service connected disability vets,NOT to vets who served honorably but were not injured.Screw Home Depot,I’ll shop at Lowes.

  32. Sean Elfyn Cairne says

    I just was turned down for discount at Home Depot Aug 15,2015. I showed my VA card. I’m 60% disabled. I’m not going back. This is an insult. I’m also telling my fellow vets. Hope Home Depot notices the loss.

  33. john says

    Home depot only grants 10 percent to Active duty, retired, and disabled vets. I guess the rest of us who served and left military service really aren’t vets in their eyes.
    I take it as a personal insult that I served this country faithfully and left active duty for family reasons and now I am not considered a vet worthy of a discount, I do not care about the 10 percent, just the fact that my length of service is in judgement.
    My service and countless other vets was just as important and my deployments in the early 80″s where just as painful and stressful as todays vets.

  34. john says

    like i said to active duty, disabled vets or retired vets. if you served and left the military they will not give a a 10 percent in store discount

  35. Joel says

    Home Depot only gives the discount for Vets if you are disabled or getting retirement benefits. So if you dont get either one of those and you have an honorable discharge you’re SOL.

  36. Carol says

    my husband always gets a military discount at both Home Depot and Lowes in Concord, Calif. the cashiers are very nice about it and they have said thank you for your service too. There is a female cashier in the Concord, Ca. store and she is fantastic, she knows him after all of these years and she is so friendly and sweet. It is sad when big companies take the side of the almighty dollar over this side of common decency. Shame on those stores!

  37. DC. Matthews says

    i’m service connected disabled and always get my 10% discount at Homedepot and recently they wrote this in response to someones question on FACEBOOK. “The Home Depot : Hi David – I’m happy to provide clarification. The 10 percent discount is available to all veterans on major patriotic holidays including Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. We’re also one of only a few retailers that provides an everyday discount to active-duty, National Guard, Coast Guard and reservists, as well as retired and service-connected disabled service members, and their spouses. Our policy hasn’t changed since 2010, when we expanded it to include the everyday discount. I also want to add that we recognize and support veterans in ways that go beyond a product discount for individuals. For example, The Home Depot Foundation has committed $85 million to veterans housing, through which our associates have improved more than 17,000 homes for veterans and their families over the past three years. -Matt

  38. Kellie K says

    We have never had an issue getting a military discount at our Lowe’s in Riverview, FL. In fact, I have purchased items online where it’s not an option to get the military discount. All you have to do is choose in store pick up, go to customer service with your receipt from your online order and they will refund you 10% when you pick up your items. They also allow us to use it along with sale prices. We’ve gotten the discount on installed blinds, kitchen appliances, an exterior door, a riding lawnmower and a lot of random hardware and paint. 28 years of service and counting along with a service connected 30% disability makes us appreciate every dime of that discount. Lowe’s is TEN times easier to deal with than Home Depot. Even better than that they will price match Home Depot’s prices. I will not spend my money there because of incidents involving denial of his discount and questioning his ID card.

  39. CC says

    I was denied the military discount at Home Depot when I was buying a Toro Lawnmower. They said that the discount depends upon the manufacturer of the item. Some manufacturers specifically say no to military discounts…. thanks Toro. I complained and I said I wasn’t buying a lawnmower from a manufacturer I was attempting to buy it from Home Depot. I also said that they needed to stand behind their claim of support for military, and if they decided to claim to offer a 10% discount it should be their obligation to discount the purchase, or at least offer in store credit. I complained on the Home Depot website and didn’t even get a one word response. Thanks for nothing Home Depot!!!

  40. Robert Crandall says

    It’s interesting the many different experiences that people have had at Lowes and Home Depot. I shop at both because Lowes has better trees which I buy a lot of and Home Depot has a slightly better variety of DIYs material. When I heard about the Veteran’s 10% discount I went to Lowes and they said they did not have one except for Veteran’s day. Home Depot has never given me any problems. I go to two different stores and both have given me the discount even on high ticket items like a Rototiller and welder. I was in for 4 years during Viet Nam and I do have a medical discharge but that has nothing to do with the discount since I was only showing them my dog-tags until Michigan started making out drivers license and official Veteran’s card. I called Lowes when I read the comments here and they still say the don’t have one for everyday, but only on Veterans day.

  41. Dean Ingalls says

    I was preparing to purchase my winter supply of wood pellets (6 tons) and called the local Home Depot to check on the military discount policy because I have seen it decrease over the last several years from a full 10% on all purchases to barely enough to cover the delivery fee of the pellets last year. I was informed by the customer service agent that there would be absolutely no military discount on the pellets. As a 20 year veteran of the US Coast Guard, I am insulted that Home Depot would choose to pad their profits at the expense of veterans and will advise my fellow vets to do what I did after hanging up with HD. I went to a LOCAL building supply store, purchased my pellets at a lower price and got FREE delivery. Greed is not a good sales pitch.

  42. Brad V says

    Post written 10/8/2015:
    As a Navy Veteran and current National Guard Airman I shop at both of these stores and at multiple locations in the state of Hawaii and have yet to see any issues with either store honoring the military discount with my ID. My wife who is also an Air Force Veteran has a dependent ID and she too has yet to have any troubles with receiving the 10% discount. It seems as if each store in different states may have either different policies or that they give the discount in particular areas of either lower or higher military presence. I salute all that have and currently serve and hope each of these stores continue giving back to our military community. Aloha Nui Loa~

  43. Brendan says

    Just to clarify, they give a 10% discount, in-store, on purchases up to $500 dollars, for a total discount of $50. That is the where the confusion of 500 vs 50 comes in. If you are buying multiple items, or even just several of the same item, you can break your purchase into multiple purchases which then fall below the $500 limit. We bought $2000 worth of tile in 4 purchases of $500. No problems at all, just took a little time and effort, but the sales associates were very helpful.

  44. Drew says

    Shop Lowes…they always give me a discount on every purchase. I stopped shopping at Home Depot because they are selective on what you get a discount on. Never a problem at Lowes…even on clearance, special buys, etc.

  45. Kevin says

    I had a big run in at Home Depot in San Antonio. No discount on Hardie plank. Asked for the manager and he proceeded to tell me how us military are soiled and way over paid. Acted like me expecting a 10% discount was absurd. I told him that I had never been refused my discount at Lowes. He laughed and said that I should shop Lowes then. I walked up to the customer service desk and asked if they had a shredder, to which they replied yes, and I pulled my Home Depot credit card out of my wallet and promptly shredded it. My mistake — Lowes has my business from now on.

  46. Tim Toy says

    I currently live in Conway, SC. which is the county seat of the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area in Coastal SC. I shopped at Lowe’s and have gotten a 10% Military/Vets discount at all but of the ones here. I do have one store that is problematic and they insist it is corporate and I have to remind them it is not because all these other stores look at my D.L. with a SC Veterans marking on it (due to taking DD-214 to DMV, paying a small fee to have it put on) and don’t have a second thought. I believe not all stores listen to corporate and some must be franchised. Never tried our Home Depot because I never heard of them doing it. We only have a few in comparison to Lowe’s here. I believe we should all start a letter writing campaign and let corporate know how we feel and if there is a bad ripple sent back contact the local sympathetic news outlet. They wouldn’t be in the biz of helping free people fix homes, businesses, etc. if it weren’t for those who gave some and especially those who gave all. God Bless America.

  47. Paul Arey says

    Just went to Lowe’s last month for their “large appliance sale”. Almost every appliance was discounted 21-24%, I bought a fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine all at the stated discount. I went to check out, handed the lady my USAF retired ID card and promptly received another 10% discount. Lowe’s has never given me any static about the discount. I drive right past a Home Depot to get to my Lowe’s.

  48. Ed Davis says

    I understand that this is Not an entitlement but an offering to Military folks. I was Honorably Discharged in 1973 and took my DD214 down to Florida DMV and showed it so they would add my Veterans designation with a Big Gold “V” and it has been accepted everywhere except Lowe’s this past Monday! I went to Lowe’s in N Lakeland and after going there for the last 1/2 year and it being accepted they said it’s not on their list??? All of a Sudden…No??? Why go to a Govt building with State Employees verifying this only to be told it’s no good! They said to carry around my DD214, I asked them if they even knew what it was and they said NO but some type of official document and I took a piece o paper and said this is what it looks like? Can you imagine if I carried this around for over 40yrs what it would look like?? Ed Davis

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