Home Depot Military Discount – How to Save 10% on Purchases at Home Depot

Home Depot offers a 10% military discount year round to military members, veterans and military spouses. The policy changed a bit in 2022. Here's what you need to know about enrolling in the program, your virtual ID and Home Depot's new maximum annual discount limit.
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Home depot honors military

The Home Depot offers a 10% discount every day to all active service members, National Guardsmen, reservists, veterans and military spouses.

However, the discount policy recently changed. You can’t use a Form DD-214 or a veteran, military, or dependent ID at the register to get the discount anymore. Instead, to use Home Depot’s military discount, you must sign up for a virtual ID and shop online or scan the app in-store.

Home Depot also instituted a maximum annual military discount limit of $400 in January 2022. Previously, Home Depot’s 10% military discount was valid for purchases up to $5,000 (a $500 discount), but there wasn’t an annual cap.

If you hit your cap at Home Depot, you can still shop around at other retailers offering military discounts, like Lowe’s.

The Home Depot Military Discount

The Home Depot offers 10% military discounts on in-store and internet purchases on select items. These discounts are available every day to all US veterans, active duty service members and spouses.

The Home Depot’s Military Discount Policy

According to Home Depot’s website, the store’s year-round military and veteran discount is capped at $400 per year. (Some exclusions apply – more on that below). 

Spouses of eligible service members and veterans can also get the discount if they create their own Home Depot account and verify their identity by uploading their dependent ID. Spouses must also provide their service member’s name, birth date and email address registered to their Home Depot account.

Non-married dependents of military members and veterans (including children and dependent parents) are no longer eligible for the discount. For more information, read the frequently asked questions here.

Home Depot’s military discount works online or in-store, as long as you display your virtual ID on the Home Depot app at the register. (The store no longer accepts identification cards or physical proof of military service at the register).

How to Register for Home Depot’s Military Discount

You’ll need a Home Depot virtual ID QR code to shop with your military discount in stores. To get one, visit homedepot.com/military/discount or open the Home Depot mobile app and navigate to the military discount page.

A Home Depot account is required. You can create a new Home Depot account or log in with your existing one.

(Screen shot courtesy of The Home Depot)

On the military discount page, click “Verify Military Status” and follow the on-screen instructions.

The website’s verification service, SheerID, will ask for details like your name and branch of service and it will request supporting documentation.

How to prove military service:

Read about other ways to verify military service here

(Screen shot courtesy of The Home Depot)

It may take a few minutes for SheerID to finish verifying your account. You should receive an email once it does.

Once you’re verified, your spouse can create an account and input your information to get their own virtual ID to access the discount.

New Military Discount Finder
Unlock Exclusive Access to Hundreds of Verified Military Discounts
Claim Your Military Discounts »

How to Use Home Depot’s Military Discount

To use your discount in Home Depot stores, you have to have the Home Depot app on your phone.

At the register, log into the app and navigate to your account information. Scroll down in your customer profile to the “Military Discount Program” section. You should see an area that says “Scan Virtual ID” which features a QR code.

You have to show this QR code at the register to receive your military discount.

App space can be scarce on smartphones, (and not everyone has one!) so we’ve tried some other options, including QR code screenshots and even printing out the QR code.

Unfortunately, SheerID updates individual QR codes regularly, so neither of those options works for long. Home Depot’s website does not display the QR code either, so the app is the only way to apply your discount in stores. See the frequently asked questions for more information.

Is The Home Depot Military Discount Available Online?

Even though your military discount QR code isn’t available on the website, you can still use your discount to shop online. As long as you’re logged in to your account, Home Depot will apply your discount automatically at checkout.

Home Depot spokeswoman Yanique Griffin Woodall said purchasing on the website is the best alternative to accessing your discount if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use the app.

Woodall said users can place orders online with their discount and pick them up in-store or have them shipped to their homes.

The Home Depot Online Coupon Codes

The Home Depot offers a variety of sales which can vary by location. Before you shop, it’s a good idea to check local advertisements, fliers, promo codes, and online store promotions for up-to-date information.

In many cases, The Home Depot website features deals that aren’t available at their warehouse stores, so it pays to do some digging for deals online.

What Can You Use The Home Depot’s Military Discount For?

As with all discounts and savings opportunities, Home Depot’s military discount comes with a few restrictions you should be aware of before stepping into the check-out line. 

After all, you don’t want to attempt to buy $7,000 worth of goods only to find that the maximum purchase amount is much less.

So, what limitations and exclusions apply to Home Depot’s military discount?

The Home Depot’s Military Discount Exclusions

Some products and services are not discounted, including: 

  • Goods with manufacturer imposed restrictions 
  • Appliances
  • Gift cards
  • Freight and delivery services
  • Installation and other labor services
  • Value-priced merchandise, items that are already discounted or items on clearance
  • Tool rental fees
  • Commodity products like lumber, wire and building materials

Again, your 10% discount has a maximum annual cap of $400 each year.

Additionally, Home Depot’s military discount is for personal use only. You can’t pay for your purchase with a commercial credit card or have a job number connected to the purchase. (However, you may be able to use your military discount with your Home Depot consumer credit card). 

Finally, the discount can’t be used retroactively for prior purchases, regardless of the reason.

Can You Stack Military Discounts At The Home Depot? 

In most cases, no. You can’t combine a military discount with a contractor’s discount. But, if Home Depot is offering a storewide deal, you may be able to use your military discount on top of that deal.

When in doubt, call ahead and ask. 

What If You Don’t Receive a Discount?

Some active military personnel and retired veterans have reported not receiving a 10% discount when shopping at The Home Depot. Please review the information above and verify that the discount applies to your particular purchases.  

You might not qualify for the discount if there are exclusions as noted above, or you haven’t registered for a virtual ID.  Keep in mind that Home Depot store clerks can get in trouble or lose their jobs if they accept a non-valid form of ID, so please don’t put them in an awkward position.

If you have questions or think that you were wrongly denied the discount, you can ask to see a copy of the military discount policy.

Shop Around at Other Retailers

If Home Depot doesn’t honor your military discount, then compare prices with other stores, including Lowe’s

If one competitor has home improvement coupons, check to see if the other will honor them.  Consider all of your options to ensure you’re getting the best deals on the products you need.

You can find even more savings with special Memorial Day and Veterans Day discounts at retailers and restaurants nationwide.

How The Home Depot Supports the Military Community

In addition to the military discount program, the Home Depot also offers a variety of programs that support the military community, including efforts to hire military veterans and programs to help build homes for disabled veterans.

Home Depot said it currently employs more than 35,000 active, reserve and retired military members.

Since 2011, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $400 million in veteran causes, including the improvement of over 50,000 veteran homes and facilities.

The foundation is on track to put $500 million toward military and veteran causes by 2025.

In Summary

If you’re a veteran, military member or spouse that is eligible for Home Depot military discounts, don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of the special pricing.

While military discounts at The Home Depot changed in 2022, the company is still working hard to support the military community. Please remember to thank store workers and attendants you meet while shopping.

Make sure you read the fine print and understand the exclusions and terms of using your Home Depot military discount. If you have questions during the new enrollment process, Woodall said store clerks will be happy to walk you through the process. You can also contact Home Depot customer service at 1-(800) 466-3337.

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  1. Ryan Guina says

    This comments section is closed. There are over 600 comments and the discussion has run its course.

    Please refer to the article or the official Home Depot or Lowe’s websites for their official military discount policies.

    We will continue to update this article if there are any changes to the respective policies.

    Please use our Contact Page if you need to contact us about any changes to these policies. Please include a reference or the source and we will investigate and update our site accordingly.

    Please DO NOT contact us regarding whether or not a store honored or did not honor a discount. Those comments should only be directed to the respective store’s Customer Service department. These are third-party organizations and we have no control or influence over their actions.

    Finally, please remember that military discounts are a privilege, not a right. Stores and organizations have the ability to set their own policies and choose how they implement them. If you are offered a discount, please accept it graciously. If not, then smile and move on.

  2. Ray Olsen says

    RE: Goleta California Home Depot Store
    I shopped at this Home Depot 01/08/19. I had to buy some brass plumbing couplers. I’m a disabled Vietnam Veteran and had proper documentation identifying me as such. I showed my ID to the Asst Head Cashier, Rachael, that helped me check out and after receiving my paper receipt, I noticed I did not get the 10 percent military discount. I went to her and asked why I did not receive the discount. I was informed by her that Military discounts are not available for ‘consumable’ purchases. She gave me examples of potting soil and lumber as consumables. I also had this same conversation with the Head Cashier named Vance. I bought four 1/4″ brass fittings which that store considered consumables, and denied my discount. No one at the store offered me a copy of their military discount program. If their examples of consumable products and That brass fittings are considered consumable products, everything Home Depot sells is a consumable product. I have shopped various Home Depot stores in Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, and even Northern California. This is the first time I’ve ever been denied my military discount for an ambiguous and non-documented reason. I feel that maybe this Home Depot now considers all Veterans, including disabled Vietnam Veterans, as consumables.

  3. lorrie Tomac says

    I was told after the first of the year, 2019, I had to be registered online with Home Depot or I would no longer be given a Military discount.

    I cannot find where to register for it, and they have been rude every time I use my husband’s ID

  4. Craig Carter says

    As a regular at both of these home improvement stores, I’ve witnessed heated customer interactions with staff at both businesses over whether or not they’re getting their discount and why they need to prove their service. I intervened last week when a 6’+ veteran was leaning over the counter, yelling at a young female cashier who looked like they were fresh out of high school. His face was beat red and he was just looking like a total ***-hat as he went off on how much she didn’t respect his service and the lives of Americans who gave theirs up for the red, white, and blue. I couldn’t take it. I told him he could step outside and scream into an adult’s face if he’d like or he could start acting like a civil human being. He told me to F off and pushed his cart over.

    We didn’t serve for a discount. If you don’t get one, just move on. I want to eject fellow shoppers that act like tools in public places, in general. When I catch a whiff that they served.. there’s just no excuse for this kind of childish petulance. We all served for different reasons, but respect was one of the things we all participated in. Let’s not forget that as we continue our lives as civilians.

  5. James says

    Regarding the comment “I also contacted a Home Depot customer service rep online and she gave me this response:

    We proudly offer Active and Veteran military a 10% discount on their online or in-store purchases. Please contact Online Customer Care at 1-800-430-3376 and place your online order over the phone for an immediate discount or bring your ID to your local Home Depot. However, this may not be used in combination with any other sale prices or discounts.”

    I called and was told the information given was incorrect whereas the Military Discount can only be applied physically at the store. Online and Phone orders do not qualify.

  6. Pat says

    Home Depot in Phoenix, Oregon was rude to a veteran who inquired about the veteran discount. Even with Veteran status ID they turned him away stating he had to have a veteran disability. The rude demeanor was very disappointing and un-American. It was awkward for the veteran and even another employee recommended he provide feedback since it wasnt right.

  7. Billy Blackston says

    Today, November 30,2018, I was at Home Depot to look for a specific type of wall paper that I plan on using for a back ground behind a heater I recently bought from Home Depot. While there I picked up a few items I needed for another project. As I checked out I showed my VA card, it was to my astonishment that the girl at the register told me we can’t give you a discount for your status it only gives you a discount at certain time of the year. The reason that this puzzled me was that less than a month ago I bought nearly 500.00 worth of insulation at a Home Depot near the place where I was going to install the insulation and i was not questioned about my VA status and was given the 10% discount. The same store I was at today, that refused, also gave me the 10% discount a week ago when I purchase the heater, mention above, from them. As a veteran that proudly served his country for 10 years and as I am one among others that left the military in good health, meaning I’m not a disabled veteran. I don’t have any intention of buying from Home Depot again if my service in all honesty means nothing to them.

  8. Dan Thompson says

    This quote if from this page. It is about Home Depot: The discount is offered in the U.S. to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families.

    The secret is the average vet can not get this discount. Read every word. No where does it say all vets. On your VA identification card t must have the words “Service connected” it they are not there no discount. So if you were in the military and got out without getting wounded and and classified as disabled, no discount. I could not get the discount until my ID was changed.

  9. Ken says

    So curious with everyone saying that “they won’t give me a discount, so I refuse to shop there anymore”. Do people do this to all stores that don’t offer someone a military discount? Like Walmart, KMart, grocery stores, etc? It’s interesting that people purchase gasoline all the time and don’t refuse to purchase at the gas station because they don’t get a military discount, but state to refuse to shop at a home improvement store because they don’t offer one. Sounds like some double standards for most people. I really don’t care, if I get a discount, great, if not, then that is alright too. (retired after 20 years in Marines).

    • Lennie says

      I don’t think the issue is that they refuse to shop somewhere that doesn’t offer a military discount. The issue is a merchant who offers a military discount but does not honor it. If they offer a military discount there should not be loopholes to deliberately deny a veteran what they have been offered. And, thank you sir for your service.

    • Kevin says

      To me it just seems like home depot wants the good publicity claiming to give Veterans discounts but don’t want to actually give the discount. I am a veteran and if they don’t want to give a discount that is fine with me but don’t use Veterans to try to con people in.

    • Alan Chauvin says

      The difference is that Lowes and Home Depot advertise that you can get a military discount ,Lowes honors their word , Home Depot does not , the other places of business you mention do not offer the discount and we do not expect it . Thank you for your service , I too am a Vet .

  10. Robert Boggess says

    Your Home Depot store in Albany, Oregon does not give healthy veterans a discount every day showing their dd 214 form. I was told I had to be diabled, or retired with a card, or active. I served, as many did and made it out without needing help from the VA. You just lost a customer!

  11. MELVIN B COHEN says

    Last time I was in the store and asked for my VA discout they gave it to me by showing my drivers license stamped Veteran, but was told that I should get different VA card.
    How and where do I apply for it?

  12. Timothy Hodgens says

    Just got home from the Black Friday madness at the Maui Homedepot. After waiting over an hour for an available salesperson, I got got a checkout slip for a range/microwave combo. I finally get to the front counter to pay for my items, and I’m told I cant combine the Black Friday sale with the military discount. I’d have to choose one or the other. And to top it off, the items arnt even in stock and I have to wait 8 weeks for it.

    • lazlo says

      HD only gives the discount when convenient it would appear. Do NOT expect any kind of discount on lumber. Nor already discounted items even though the “discount” is vendor related and costs HD nada to implement. Shop Lowe’s.

  13. Jim Gilliland says

    I was in my local Home Depot store this morning Nashville Tennessee and clerk told me they were instructed last week to stop giving the military 10% discount.

  14. David says

    I’m a service connected Veteran. I’ve rcvd a 10% discount b/c of that, while advocating all Vets should get the discount. A good answer to stores that offer on certain days only is this ” I was a Soldier every day, and I am a Veteran, every day.”
    There is a cap of $500 purchase at a time, as posted on their site. Items over that receive $50 off. NYS Licences have a Veteran Status you can update for free at DMV,I suggest other states follow suit, it is a state level agency.
    As a contractor, I’ve saved 1000s, I’m sure.

  15. Glenn S Nicholson says

    We continue to have a difficulty in getting the Veteran’s discount from Home Depot, despite providing a DD214 and a Florida Drivers’ License with a Veteran designation. What more does Home Depot require? Please advise so that we do not have difficulty in requesting and getting the discount Home Depot claims it provides. sooner rather than later would be a good time to provide the answer to this problem

  16. Hugo Galante says

    I used to shop at Home Depot exclusively. When I moved to Utah, Lowes told me about their veteran discount program when I was making a large purchase. All I had to do was to show them my DD214 form and I was in. I inquired about the discount at Home Depot. They said I had to have a military ID or a Veteran designation on my driver’s license. Took my DD214 to DMV and got the designation. On my visit to Home Depot today, I was told that the license designation was no longer accepted and I would have to show them my active military ID, Retired ID or disabled veteran ID. If you were drafted or if you enlisted and served your required time, you don’t qualify for their discount. I guess they don’t care even if you served in combat. I will not shop at HD anymore. They are not veteran friendly.

  17. gary, USN/USAF Retired says

    It sure sounds like the person running a local Home Deport is deciding what or whether to offer military discounts by him (or Her) self.

  18. Laura Dupree says

    I always shopped at HD and every time we go, we pull out my husbands military I.D card, well the past 2 times when we pulled it out they told us that it isnt’t one that’s listed. So apparently now you have to be retired veteran or active military. This was told to us by 2 clerks at HD in Hixson, TN on 2 different trips. So this past weekend we chose to go to Lowe’s. We have always bought Behr paint, so now we are using Sherwin Williams. So I’m very disappointed with Home Depot, also they lost several customers due to this. So, for veterans that served only 8 years you lose your military discount and now they lost a valued customer.

  19. Bobby Gunter says

    I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and I just want to say that 10% discount is not worth giving my information off my DD214 to a Home Store so someone can use it for something else. They say that people are passing off fake Military ID Cards. I believe that is crap what person in their right mind is going to risk a felony to get 10% off on something they want at any store. If all you have to do is give them your phone number to get a discount then whats to stop anyone that knows my phone number to get 10% off. I believe its just a ploy to use our information off our DD214 for other uses. I will do without. I am not going to go broke because I refuse the their policy. They are just following Lowe’s idea. I bet they senior people in these companies have not been in the military

  20. patrick k sedlak says

    Home Depot DOES NOT offer military discount for online purchases, even calling the customer care number. You need to update your information. It also does not apply for construction, electrical, plumbing, and plants.
    Here is the information from Home Depot:
    “Below is a summary of our Military Discount policy:
    At the Home Depot we offer a 10% Military discount on all Regular and Sale priced merchandise with proper military I.D. If an item is on sale, one additional discount may be applied, such as a coupon, 10% off offer or the 10% military discount, however during our promotions where a blanket 10% is offered on all merchandise such as appliances during the recent Memorial Day Event, no additional discount will apply, since an additional 10% has already been taken off. There is a Maximum Military Discount of $500 per purchase. There also may be some restrictions on certain merchandise in the store. The Military discount is not offered for online purchases.”

  21. Richard says

    Each clerk at HomeDepot is different. I show the Veterans card, it works… show it again the next day and it doesn’t. Went to Lowes, became a member and verify service and now get the discount all the time.

    Way to go Lowes!

  22. Joe Fotino says


  23. Gary Hadlock says

    Home Depot picks and chooses what gets a military discount make sure you ask before you go to the store. Lowes however is very generous.

  24. Thomas L Salmela says

    I just tried to compare and order through both of these stores.

    Yes, the discount is easier to get with Lowe’s and available online as well. Home Depot does make it more of a battle to get it without an ID.

    What I found out today by pitting them against eachother was that; regardless of the discount with Lowe’s, Homedepot was less of a cost without the discount all together for my order of 40 2x4x8 and plywood sheets.

    With delivery costs from both, HomeDepot was still the winner with the cost overall with delivery.

  25. Neil Caldwell says

    Home Depot will not give a military discount for online orders and will not give a credit for the military discount if you order online, then go to store for the credit. Lowe’s will at least do that. Obviously, Home depot does not want this veteran’s business.

  26. Cal Harrop says

    I am a retired Army officer & I went to Home Depot & tried to buy some lumber for a project & was told at check out that I could not get my military discount for lumber or building materials. When I got home I checked the Home Depot web site for any information on their military discount & couldn’t find anything so I called Home Depot Customer Care & asked where their military discount policy was at on their website. I was told that it is not on the web site so their policy was emailed to me. All it said was there might be some exclusions. At Home Depot you have no way of knowing what they will give you the discount for until you show up & check out. On the other hand, Lowe’s policy was easy to find on their website & while it listed sources of supply that were excluded there was no mention of any type of products the discount was not applicable to. When I pointed this out to the Home Depot Customer Care representative I was dealing with I got an apology & nothing else. I urge all people eligible for a military discount to shop at Lowe’s & not Home Depot.

  27. Arron Bendt says

    I was just informed that Home Depot will not be accepting the new Choose VA, Veterans ID Card. The manager’s explanation was that it left open to the possibility of too many people abusing the discount.

  28. Kevin says

    I have got the 10% discount at Home Depot for many years. Just recently I went to purchase several things from Home Depot that were over 1000.00 and they said that I am no longer eligible for the veterans discount because I am not active, disabled or retired. A VETERN is someone who served in the armed forces and was honorably discharged. Who is Home Depot to say who is a vetern or not. I cancelled both of my Home Depot cards and will never shop there again. If you respect our veterans you will not shop there either. SHAME ON HOME DEPOT.


      Agree I was turned down at Home Depot june 13 with my Virgina DMV ID with DD214 been accepting for years at Home Depot no problem at Lowes accept it year round. 5 plus years US Army Honorable Discharge

  29. Joyce Gilson says

    These stores need to train their employees more on what is and what is not accepted as far as the Military discount goes. But with them changing the rules every other week I guess it would be a little difficult. I used to be able to go into either store and ask for the discount just show my ID card with no problem, I would tell the cashier that my husband was the veteran not me but it didn’t matter but now the rules are that the Vet is the one who has to reg for this privilege (I just read this on the web site this evening) but my husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago so I’m wondering if they will let me sign for the discount. At this point not sure if it is even worth going for it.

  30. Ryan Broge says

    Today I went into Home Depot in Janesville, Wi and was denied the Veterans discount. Been going there for years and never had a problem. Today I was told that my old military Id or LIFE MEMBOR VFW card wasn’t enough. After talking with customer service, I was told that that their policy is for disabled vets and 20 year retirees only and that I was eligible on holidays. I left $400 worth of items comprising of cut to length decking boards and already mixed stain at the checkout and left. Today Home Depot lost my business. I’ll spend my money at the local small town lumber yard from hear on out.

  31. Vic Behan says

    I was also denied a military discount at Home Depot Ocala, FL. I showed them my VA card and was told I had to be active duty, disabled or fully retired. Honorably discharged Navy Viet Nam Era vet and no discount. I left the item and went across the street to Lowes and bought the same item and got 10 percent off.

  32. Ann says

    The Home Depot in My area had a very rude worker who was making fun of a disabled veteran. Very disappointing. I shopped there frequently but will now take my business elsewhere.

  33. James D Ritter says

    Home Depot in Oak Ridge TN refused my card and additionally told me I’d be “banned from the store “ if I tried to use it there again.

  34. Dave says

    I Just called Home Depot to place an order on-line and they said they DO NOT give Veterans 10% discount for on-line orders.

  35. John Phillips says

    I was just turned down @ Home Depot in Greenville SC. To think they treat us differently because we did not get injured or retired from the military. That is a slap in the face. If I had not needed the material for an emergency job I would have left it there. Next time there is a war send the owners of Home Depot. Lowe’s treat us like we are somebody.

  36. Dennis Humphreys says

    I am a US Navy Veteran (served from 1970-1978); Because of the difference in the way veteran’s discount policy between Home Depot and Lowe’s if I have a choice between the two I will go to Lowe’s 100% of the time. Lowe’s simply allows you to utilize your DD214’s as proof; Home Depot does not. The explanation that I received as to why Home Deport does not recognize the DD214 is that it would be easy for anyone to forge the DD214. Bottom line Lowe’s knows how to fairly apply the veteran’s discount without prejudice.

  37. Michael Land says

    Just left from home depot the cashier said that I could not get the discount because my va card does not say service connected. She gave me the discount anyway when I was leaving the store I decided to return the item and went to lowes.

  38. Anonymous says

    I work part-time at the Home Depot in Rockford, IL and we’ve NEVER been told to turn down any veteran for any reason, including length of service. I find it insulting that Home Depot has changed its policy regarding a discount for vets (my husband, my father and several members of my family have served honorably).
    I’ll be contacting the home office to state my displeasure as well.

  39. Mark M. Oldridge says

    I live in Tulare, California and I “usually” never have an issue with military discounts in-store at the register. But when I bought a A/C ceiling vent online I paid full price and had HD deliver it to their store in Tulare, received a week later. I thought I would get the military discount when I paid at customer service. I was told by the “manager” (of all people) because I paid online they did not accept military discounts at all! I said a few choice words to the manager (explicit!!!) and walked out with my item minus the discount!

    I think it’s BS and NO Military Veteran should have to go through the effin red tape BS!!!! If anything, they should be kissing my a… for protecting them in my country!!!!! Instead I get bureaucratic BS!!!! It’s not the money that matters, it’s the principle!!! And yes, I have the right to be mad…it’s called freedom of speech!!! Accept it!!!

  40. Evan says

    I was at Home Depot on Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017. They honored my DD214 and gave me the 10% discount. Today, 24 Nov 2017, I returned to the same home depot and they told me that they would not honor my DD214 anymore. They told the cashier to accept it this one last time but only on non-construction materials. They stated that the new policy was 10% discount year round for active military and 10% discount for those with retired veteran’s IDs only on designated holidays. These discounts do not include construction materials anymore. This was at the Home Depot on Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake, Virginia. This is one of the largest military areas in the world and will only hurt Home Depot. All my business will go to Lowes where they are great about the military discount. Bad decision on the part of Home Depot.

    • Ted C says

      I am not going anywhere to show my DD214. Look at all of the information there.

      Full name
      social security number
      Dates of enlistment and separation.
      and so on and so forth.

      That piece of paper is in a safety deposit box, not on Lowes or Home Depot website.

  41. Jim says

    I did four long years as a Ranger with 2nd Batt…I left because I burnt out and my knees were shot from humping and jumping…if that is not good enough to get me a lousy 10% discount then to heck with them.

    • Ted C says

      As above, most stores (Home Depot not Lowes) will accept a VA Card with your status (like service connected or not-mine also shows percentage of service connected disability) a military ID, which would presumably include National Guard (I would hope so-many years ago a lot of places gave discounts to those with military I.D. only-no veterans. The sad thing is those places refused to consider National Guard I.D. That was doubly galling to those of us-many of us, who served in Regular military, then went into the Guard. They also refused to recognized any other reserve units because they “weren’t active”.

      Of course those were post Vietnam days. Nobody wearing any sort of uniform got any recognition. Even Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts suffered a downturn in membership.

      Anyway try Home Depot. And no I do not work there or own stock.

  42. Bob says

    Just came from Home Depot in Harrisonburg, VA. The sales woman refused to honor the Military discount and on Veterans Day, said the washer and dryer I was buying didn’t qualify. Their policy should be posted in the store so Veterans know where we stand with Home Depot and discounts. Either you offer discounts or you don’t.

  43. Gerald Marshall says

    I visited Home Depot this afternoon and was directed to a new bulletin affixed next to the register that only offers the daily discount to active, reserved and retired service members. Those such as myself who have a VA ID card are offered discounts on specific days of the year, ie Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

  44. will says

    I do think an update or inquiry is needed. I love Lowe’s, but happen to be doing a demo in a Home Depot store. it seems at least the appliance department is capping the discount at FIFTY dollars. The manager said the max discount their code produced was $50. I was texting HD through ‘official’ channels, they said there is no cap. I think each store/department is being told something different.
    it is at the discretion of each store to give the discount in the first place.

    As a veteran myself, I look forward to Veteran’s day meals, discounts throughout the year, etc. But these things are a privilege, not a given guaranteed thing. I’m doing some last-minute checks .

    I’m also going to ask Lowe’s about price matching and still giving the 10% discount and if there is a cap; can the stack discounts, etc.

    • Robert says

      Discounts are a privilege for sure, but the fact that Home Depot chooses to discriminate one veteran against another is disgusting. Whether you retired, still active or only served a couple of years, you still sacrificed yourself to the federal government to defend this country.

      • David says

        One store’s policy is their business.
        The griping about getting a discount or not is not why we signed on the dotted line.
        Take the gift if offered, ask once if not posted, shut up and take the discount, and say thank you either way.
        Changing my purchasing habits because a store does not, will not, no longer, or only sometimes offers a discount to veterans is not how I live.

    • Rob says

      Discounts are a privilege for sure, but the fact that Home Depot chooses to discriminate one veteran against another is disgusting. Whether you retired, still active or only served a couple of years, you still sacrificed yourself to the federal government to defend this country.

  45. Rebecca says

    My husband just went to Home Depot and presented his DD214 along with his DL. The clerk refused it. I called the corporate office. They said that it is their policy NOT to take the DD214. I guess we will be shopping at Lowe’s from here on out.

      • S. Lantrip says

        I am a vet of Vet Nam 1968 to 1971, I have also shopped at Home Depot and they refused my DD214, They are looking for the Do It Your Self home owner, the one that think they can do it all and knows nothing about what they are doing. I know I am a Contractor, and I don’t shop at Home Depot for that reason.

      • S.Lantrip says

        Buy the way if you have gone to Loews lately they are going to make it a lot easier for the vets now, You will be able to add your DD214 on to your MYLOWES Card, I just did my.

        Some of you might know me in Vet Nam I was;
        Lt. Lantrip USMC

      • dax says


        I have gone to Home Depot and Lowes and told each one of them that I did not want to pay the price that they where asking for a particular item.
        They both asked me what I wanted to pay for it and as long as my offer was not unreasonable, I got the price that I offered them. I use my VA discount at other times and have noticed the difference the discount yields me at each store. It also helps if you remember that both stores compete for your business. Be smart, and you can always get what you want for the price you want to pay. Don’t forget ACE Hardware stores.

    • Justin says

      This article is not accurate. Home Depot does not grant the discount to spouses or family members. You must be present.

      • Kate says

        This may be a confusion on the part of your local store. We live in Norfolk, VA (a military town) I am a dependent and use my ID to receive a discount regularly. Their policy absolutely does include dependents.

    • Jason says

      I was told at HomeDepot last week that even my driver’s license that has Type: VET is no longer accepted. Must be a VID or active/retired ID.

      • Ron Stanley says

        Jason I also was told my state issue vet ID was not excepted any longer at Home Depot. In my opinion HD is selecting which veterans it let’s use the discount. Lowe’s on the other hand lets ALL honorably discharged vets get the discount. So again in my opinion Lowe’s is the more American company they don’t discriminate.

    • Bill says

      You must have a valid VA identification ID that reflects you have a Service Connected Disability. Most clerks at Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t look at my VA ID to check if Service Connected is on it.

  46. Steven Schlobohm says

    They told me that my purchase didn’t qualify for the military discount it amounted to a whole 3 dollars, Lowe’s has no problem, they are happy to give me the discount

  47. Jerry Borsh says

    How about stop saying “thank you for your service” as it insults the other 90% that couldn’t stand the BS in the military and we’re not “lucky” enough/wounded enough to be recognized by these draft dodgers running these stores. I was good enough to serve so that they didn’t have to. Some fat punk “manager” at Home Depot in Fairborn Ohio and the cashier’s might have well just spit on me as I walked out of the store ashamed that I had even asked for the discount… Never again.

  48. Al says

    The last time I went to the Irondale, Alabama Home Depot, they refused my VA card. They said my VA card was not the right card. I continue to be treated at the VA Hospital to this day. I served twice. Once as enlisted and later as an officer. I walked out the door and went to Lowe’s

  49. Jeff Bueckendorf says

    The military discount at Home Depot is untrue. I recently took a retired 83 year old Korean War Vet to the Home Depot in Wentzville, Missouri. His intention was to purchase a Hampton Bay Outdoor table and chairs.

    The Service Desk at Home Depot informed them that there were none in the store and they would have to order his set. That was fine. However, his military discount does not apply towards the purchase.

    Home Depot customer service was contacted and there has been no response. The purchase date was 6/25/2017. Please make your viewers aware of this.

  50. Lula Porter says

    I just left Home Depot W Mobile, AL. The woman at checkout told me HD stopped the discount a year ago. I received the discount last week at the same store. She claimed I was too stupid to look at my receipt last week and didn’t get the discount.

  51. Rick says

    No one is seeing the bigger picture. The real question is why is Home Depot changing their policy regarding veteran discounts? My best guess is they feel that they are loosing too much money on the millions of discounts that is offers us veterans annually. So figure that ease some of the hurt…they could take advantage of the Dept of Veteran Affairs efforts to identify service connected veterans and eliminate the discount to regular veterans. Home Depot will feel more pain with that move cause when the rest of the nation hears about this…boycott. I can see it coming now. But is all apart of the new nation and new gov’t.

  52. Mike Gadient says

    Seems to me that the policy of not giving the discount to veterans who only fulfilled their initial commitment and were then honorably discharged is kind of ironic.
    Returning home from Vietnam, we were singled out because of what we sacrificed for our country.
    Now, we are singled out because we didn’t do enough of it.

  53. Wanda Bechtold says

    Up until yesterday, Home Depot honored our Driver’s License with the Veteran designation as proof of prior service. Now, you have to be retired or disabled yet contractors, who are not Veterans receive a discount. As a property manager with over 20 properties to manage, I will not be using this store again. A Veteran is a Veteran is a Veteran!

  54. Dennis says

    The requirement for service connected disability has always been hit and miss. Lowes now offers a My Lowes card and you can have your military service attached to the card. There is no requirement for disability. Once attached you just use the card and you get the discount. I do not know if Home Depot will go with that policy but my brother-in-law says he gets the 10% at Home Depot with his VA card and no disability. I tried it and was was rejected since there was no indication of disability.

  55. j cat says

    Today Memorial Day , I called HOME DEPOT customer service to ask for discount on a order which I had to do ONLINE… stores for some reason do not carry the 10PACK of hinges for cabinets , but have the 2 pack in stock.

    I asked for a discount and she said no military discount for any online product ..The discount is for ONLY IN STOCK and NOT on any item at a reduced price in the store.

    HOME DEPOT does not have a veteran discount except 3 days a year on in stock regular priced items less than $500…

    IF you receive a check from the government for your service disability then the discount applies.,.as well as active military ..

    war veterans that lucked out , on not getting injured get discount on 3 days a year …

  56. pat sartori says

    Home Depot does not give veterans a discount every day….just certain days, july 4, memorial are a couple. I was denied my discount 5/13/2017 with a valid Virginia state issued veterans card, honorable discharge. I had previously gotten discounts, it appears they have changed their policy. I longer shop there.

    Lowes has started a new program, take in your DD214 and get registered, then just use your ph. # when checking out for your discount……..EVERYDAY.

    • T. L. says

      The veteran designation on your driver’s license is not an accepted form per Home Depot rules. However, you should still get the 10% off. The policy has not changed. It’s been the policy of the company the entire time.

      Also, people are taking advantage of the veteran discount when they aren’t veterans or dependents.

  57. Marc Wyrick says

    I am retired Navy and shop at Lowe’s frequently and have never been turned down for the military discount. the same can not be said for Home Depot. I have been turned down (with retired military ID card in hand) at Home Depot on several occasions. Home Depot also will not give a Military discount on online orders any longer, even if you call, they refuse. On one occasion, I went to home Depot to buy a toilet ($300). went to check out and was told the item was not eligible for the discount because it was in there weekly add. I looked at the add and it was in the add, BUT it was not on sale or even being advertised as on sale. It was listed in the add, but at regular price. I left without buying the toilet and went to Lowes and bought a toilet that was marked 20% off and they still gave me the 10% military discount. Home depot will never give discount on sales items. Lowes always does. I bought a dryer that was on 20% mark down day, additional 10% discount on clearance and another 10% for a dent. Still they added the 10% military discount. Needless to say, I do 98% shopping at Lowes and maybe 2% at Home Depot and that is only if I can not item I need at Lowes…

  58. PAT V. BURKE says

    Home Depot is offering a 10 % discount to Military personel. But, heres the catch it excludes any item they consider a commodity item or building materials.

    On 04/23/17 I bought the following for 142.00 at the Home depot, I showed my Military ID card and received a 10% discount that totaled $1.44.

    Now I am not a Mathematician, but I do know that 1.44 is roughly 1% of 142.00.

    The only thing I purchased that qualified was 2 bags of salt (which sounds like a commodity item to me).

    The 2x6x10 did not
    The Screws did not
    The Roof Jack did not
    The Nails did not
    The joist Hangers did not….

    Home Depot’s Policy of 10 % off to Veterans is a Joke, backed by corporate policy and greed under the guise of helping Veterans.

    • Michael Williams says

      Bingo! Bought a couple of swings and a 10 foot replacement slide for the backyard so that my grandchildren could have fun. No discount, and they weren’t on sale. $250 in purchases, and 79 cent discount (two cheap thermometers, $3.99 each).

    • ada gott says

      Home depot discount items not understandable.
      I bought some electrical supplies. 1) 20 amp plug 1) electric box for said plug. 1) electric cover for said plug. 1) 3/4 pvc conduit for said box. 1) bottle of detergent . 1) sink sponge
      20 amp plug and pvc conduit and sink sponge was discounted. electric cover and electric box and bottle of detergent was not discounted.

  59. Tatiana says

    I just wanted to state that even though Home Depot may not offer as large a discount as Lowe’s, Home Depot does a lot more for the active duty and veteran community. I’m from a town with a military post and VA Medical Center, the Memorial Wall came through recently and the local Home Depot donated all the materials and built the walkway. They are constantly building and donating for Veterans, disabled or otherwise, and Active duty military personnel inside and outside of our community. Also, my husband is an Army veteran with disabled status and RARELY asks for a discount, if ever. He didn’t join the military for a 10% discount and certainly didn’t receive disabled status to get it either. I find it disgusting that other military people, literally throw temper tantrums because they didn’t receive a discount or a full 10% discount? Is that why you joined? To get 10% off your purchase? Grow up.

  60. Joe says

    Didn’t read all the comments but figured I’d add. The Home Depots in San Antonio discount is 10% up to $50 max.

  61. James says

    I was refused the discount at Fort Collins co Home Depot although I had my expired active duty ID and veterans designation on my drivers license. Not only that the cashier was extremely disrespectful To me

  62. Dan says

    I find it absurd when I see veterans throwing a temper tantrum when they don’t, or partial receive a discount. I served because I wanted to do my duty as an American… I am owed nothing. I think it is respectable that companies even offer it, and only fair that they have to do checks and balances to police it. Most of these companies do charitable veteran work on top of the discount as well. As a vet I personally wish they would cancel the discount, take whatever they would have marked down and monthly donate it to a active duty family. Quit acting like a POG and suck it up you’ve been through worse.

    • Lula Porter says

      I didn’t serve. I married a 20 year man who had Agent Orange sprayed on him in Vietnam. He is dead because my government used Agent Orange. I choose to shop where the store honors my late husband’s sacrifice.

  63. Steve W says

    As a retired veteran, I have not been allowed a discount at Home Depot for well over a year. They tell me their new policy is to give a 10% discount for active duty military only. I’ve tried several times and had no luck. I’ve given up trying and now go to Lowes where they still give a discount with no hassles.

  64. Scott Rich says

    As a disabled veteran, can I get the 10% and use the 6 month or 18 month credit plan when available also? Sometimes the clerk says yes and sometimes no. If I can get them to enter it in the register it always gives it to me.

  65. David says

    Lots of comments here that make it sound very up and down regarding the discounts.
    Seems to depend on who / where / phase of the moon.
    Anyway – my experience today – 8-10-2016 at Lowes in Bellingham, WA –
    I was buying some building supplies, didn’t even know about their discount and the cashier asked me.
    I told her yes I am a veteran (I served 9 years Navy) but I don’t have a military ID because they take it away when you are discharged – I am not a retired veteran.
    She said I could use my DD214. I said I have done that on some occasions such as a restaurant on Veteran’s day but I did not have it with me since I didn’t even know they had a discount.
    She gave me the discount anyway and told me to bring a copy of my DD214 next time.
    She mentioned a lot of folks have a photo of it in their phone or a shrunk down copy in their wallet. She also said if I had made any other purchases in the past 30 days I could bring in the receipt to get the discount retroactively – but can’t be more than 30 days past.

  66. John Avery says

    I am a veterans of the Vietnam War. However, I was drafted and only served active duty for 2 years so my service only counts at Home Depot and Lowes on special holidays. I see this as just one more slap at Vietnam Veterans. Seems to me that soldiers who were drafted and served, rather than running to Canada, should get the same treatment as career soldiers.

    • Rick Musselman says

      After 8 years of active duty, 3 years of reserve time and fighting with 1st armor dig in Iraq, I’m only a veteran in the eyes of Lowes three times a year. Just home from buying a dishwasher and turned down for a discount at Lowes. The 10% would have saved me $74. I almost left without the dishwasher. The risks I took and sacrifices my family and I made should be worth more that $74 or a 10% discount three times a year. This is America so while we sacrificed, Lowes and most of the other corporations were busy making their billions. No wonder Socialism is gaining popularity. Humanity and respect have taken a back seat to greed

  67. Patrick Mondor says

    Some of the info on this page is not accurate. I was denied my discount. Home Depot apparently just changed the policy. DD214s are accepted ONLY on Labor Day, Memorial Day and July 4th. I purchased a lawnmower, had my DD214 in hand…denied. They had this placard posted at the terminal and low and behold, if you only have a DD214, they will not honor it outside those Holidays. I even called HD customer relations, didn’t offer to apply the discount, just said we will bring it up with our leadership team. Good for you if you were able to use it, but here in MD, use of DD214s are very limited.

  68. Steve P. says

    This discussion frustrates me. I served a little over 4 years during the “Cold War” period. No combat situations, no medical disabilities. I do have Veteran on my drivers license here in Massachusetts. Unfortunately HD and Lowes looks at my service as something less than my brothers and sisters who had served before me and after me. A Veteran is a Veteran. We all signed up for our own home towns and our nation. We did not sign up with any expectation other than to serve as needed. Why is a career Vet deemed more patriotic in the eyes of these retailers than one who gives less than 20 years for the same reasons?

    I do not imply that those who did make the service a career deserve any less than what they get “from uncle Sam”. And those who sacrificed their bodies while preserving our American way of life, I solute you and truly admire you. You are our generations hero’s, you too deserve all that our government has to offer.

    HD and Lowes, please do not diminish my service with these qualifiers you deem suitable or worthy to be called a Veteran.

  69. Dennis McAuliffe says

    I just went on line with Home Depot and they do not/do not offer the 10% military discount for online shopping; only good in the store…

  70. Matt Thompson says

    Home Depot will not offer the 10% on online orders. Even while in store ordering at the service desk and showing my ID. Everyone we speak to on the phone to order says they do not give the military discount to online orders.

  71. Bill Dolf says

    Very recent experience with Home Depot in that I presented my VA card (not retired nor service connected) and was told that since January 2016 that this store has tightened its veterans discount policy in alignment with corporate policy to only include active duty, retired and service connected to be able get an everyday discount. Interestingly enough I have purchased a number of things since January with no issues. As a side note: Last year I purchased a washer and dryer online from Home Depot and they wouldn’t do a veterans discount. It was a close-out item available only online so in-store purchase wasn’t an option. I was told that I could get reimbursed the discount at the store. Nope. The store said they couldn’t refund so I just came back another day and finally found another person who could get it done. Pretty disappointing customer service.

  72. D Carlton says

    Okay, here is my story, and some of the above rings very true.

    Took my Father in Law to buy a z-turn mower. He was aware the he would get a 10% discount for his military service (retired Colonel). Went to customer service to handle the sale, he presented his DD214 (or some other valid id). They approved it, however, they stated that the maximum discount is $50.

    So basically if you buy something less than $500, you get a 10% discount, otherwise, the max is $50. A call to Corporate Home Depot indicated that that was the max that HD offered in the state of Georgia (HD’s home state). The store manager also agreed. Another policy change is HD has quit accepting Lowe’s 10% off coupons.

    HD has become very military unfriendly. Lowe’s would have given a discount with a max of 500 (or a sales amount up to $5000). If Lowes was selling the item he wanted, we would have bought it there but no such luck.

  73. Jim Willoughby says

    the last time I was in Home Depot and offered my retired ID to the cashier, I was informed that since January, Home Depot was no longer offering Military Discounts if you used their in-house credit card. This is fool-hardy on the part of Home Depot since there is a Lowes Store next door that offers the 10% discount, even on sale items.

  74. Mason says

    Here is my experience. This is very recent. Both Lowes & HomeDepot I have been dealing with honor the 10% discount on IN STORE purchases, including sale items. The big difference for me is the L’s honors it even on special order items for orders placed in store. They had a 20% off sale on kitchen cabinets and I got my 10% off on top of that. It saved me $350 on top of the sale price. I have forgotten to ask for it a few times during my remodel and I just take my receipt to CS and voila! Lowes has NEVER told me no (except for installation labor), Home Depot is another story. It does seem to come down to the store managers implementation of the policy. This has made me become a little more loyal to Lowes. I love my new kitchen and got a super deal on it.

    • Harry says

      I have ALWAYS received great service, and my veterans discount from all Lowes stores that I have shopped in.
      I have the V on my Florida license showing that I am a Veteran, as well as my VA health card. Home Depot has always given me a hard time getting a veterans discount. If they offer a discount then stand up and back it up! So, I no longer shop at Home Depot. And what a loss for them. We just purchased a new home last year and have spent over $10K on home improvement, every single dime purchased at Lowes. If enough vets take their business elsewhere they may wake up !!

  75. Jan Cook says

    Home Depot has changed their policy on online orders. They will no longer honor a militery discount on online orders.

  76. Donald Parmentier says

    I have been shopping Lowes for 20 years or more. Even back when it was Eagle. For the last 10 to 12 years I have been asking for and getting the 10% military discount. I have used both my DD214 and MACV card. Even up to the last week. Yesterday I went to Lowes and made a purchase. At the check out I was now informed that Lowes’ policy was now just to retirees with 20 years service or active military. Also, the 10% was only allowed to veterans on three holidays.
    Today my wife and I called the manager who was new from California.
    We told him that he would possibility loose a lot of business because of enforcing the policy so strictly.

  77. Fred Wesley says

    Yesterday I shopped my local Home Depot and received a 10% discount by showing my DD214. Today, I shopped the same store, and they did NOT accept my DD214. Different employees, but the same store. They said that I needed a veteran’s ID card.

  78. F16FighterPilot says

    Home Depot is not NEAR as generous as LOWES on giving your Military discount. Today 24 Feb 16) I went to my local HD store to order a chest freezer that is an “on-line only” item. Inquired about the 10% mil. discount for the order. Was flat denied for any on-line order. I as about ordering, picking up at the store, turning it back in and then repurchase immediately applying the discount. Not only NO but FNO! I found it strange because I had received the Mil. discount for on-line orders previously from this very store?? SO, a quick look on my smart phone showed that LOWES has the very same freezer, model number et Al. but $20 more in price. Walked over to LOWES, ask them if they price match. “OF COURSE” was the answer. “Can I apply my Mil Discount too”? “OF COURSE” was the answer. Thus, ordered the Freezer for an even LOWER price match from some other appliance store I found on-line. Then they applied a 10% discount and I ordered and paid for the freezer. Saving over approx. $50.00 compared to yay-who/Looser HD. Bottom line: LOWES is great for Mil Discount on on-line orders…Home Depot blows.

    • Jim Willoughby says

      this is the response I received from Home Depot when the declined to offer me a discount.

      Thanks for the reply email. You said that you use an in house Home Depot card. If you are referring to a Home Depot Credit Card that is a Commercial Credit Card then you are correct , We don’t offer a Military Discount when using that credit card. I will be happy to share your concern with management so they will be made aware of this so when they review this policy again they will have your comments on file.


      • Deborah Love says

        That is likely because you already get discounts of 5% or free financing. Military discount states not available with other discounts.

  79. Barry Guthrie says

    Here’s the problems I’ve had with their programs… I have had the same issue with both stores… I’m a veteran of 7 years… Served with the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Urgent Fury to liberate the Island of Grenada in 1983… That classifies me as a combat veteran… I was not injured during my tours… My total days of service are 7 years X 365 days per year, for a total of 2,555 days of service…
    Now lets look at the Guard and Reservists who serve one weekend per month, and 2 weeks per year… For 20 years to retire… So, lets do the math: 1 weekend per month for 11 months = That equals up to 22 days + 14 days per year active training = a total of 36 days per year they serve… Multiply their 36 days if service per year X 20 years…… That equals up to then serving a total of 36 days X 20 years = A total of 720 days served… So they get benefits for 720 days of service, but I do not get anything for my 2,555 days of active service… In which I deployed to Grenada, and spent 6 months in the desert of Egypt as a peace keeping force…. So, after their 20 years they still have less then 1/4 of my active service time… But they get the discount year round… I call BS to their policy…. It says that one soldiers contributions, and sacrifices are less important than others… It’s wrong, and should be changed… Either give all who have served your discount or give none… You current policy is disrespectful to many whom have served our country… This is a clear cut case of discrimination of veterans…

    • liz baily says

      if you cant shop on base you only get a discount 3x per year…no business has a obligation to give one group of people a discount…..if you read the military code of ethics its illegal for you to ask for a discount…..

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Liz, Thank you for your comments. I agree, no business has an obligation to offer military or veterans discounts. It is nice when they do so, but it is certainly not a requirement. Military members and veterans should be grateful when discounts are offered, and understanding if they are not offered. Also, any military code of ethics would only apply to current military members, and would not apply to veterans, as they are no longer serving in the military. (Could you please post a link to the military code of ethics so others can read the entirety of the document)?

  80. Carol says

    I tried to get a Veteran ID card and was told “you earn too much money and you have no service connection injury…therefore you do not qualify as a Veteran.” When I asked how I can “get a card that identifies me as a Veteran so I can get a 10% discount at Lowes or Home depot”, I was told “You have to be a Veteran”. After speaking to TWO people and getting the same response I took away the idea that…”Those of us who did our time, survived unscathed and were able to pick up our lives and make a living…are not REAL Veterans.” I see, and FEEL an unfair discrepancy.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Carol, Thank you for your comment. It sounds like the VA workers were not communicating clearly. There are certain requirements for VA ID Card eligibility. They generally limit issuing VA ID cards to those who qualify for VA health care. One of the requirements can be income based (there are many other eligibility factors, such as when and where you served, whether you have a service-connected disability rating, and other factors). They should not have stated you aren’t a veteran, that is wrong. They should have stated you aren’t eligible for an ID card (if that was the case).

      Congress passed a law that will enable all veterans to receive a VA issued ID card, but that has not officially started at this point in time. The best option for proving military service may be through a Veterans Designation on your drivers license, which is available from most states. Not all stores accept the Veterans Designation on a drivers license, but it works at many locations. I hope this helps!

      • Amanda says

        Is the proof of service card available for any veteran to print if the were in the deers system valid to give a try? I’m service connected 50-100%
        But, my husband a Marine Veteran is not service connected. I say get your records in order go back the VBA and don’t quit until they hell you register for the proof of service card. Print it. Keep it in your wallet.

  81. Terry says

    This is all fine and good except it is not completely fair. What about us guys who did 2 tours in a combat zone. We are not retired, we are no longer active, we were lucky and did not get wounded and we are not all disabled… Then there are those who receive compensation for knee or minor surgery for example… Are they considered disabled ??? It is not the 10 percent it is the principle…. The VA should add a Combat Zone category to our ID cards.

    • Gerardo says

      So far at several Lowes and Home Depots in the Houston, TX area they have always given me a discount when I show my DD 214. Not one of the stores I have shopped at refused to honor the discount. I am not a disabled veteran, nor am eligible for VA ID card due to my income being to high. I usually carry a copy of my DD214 with me. I am sure it is up to the store. All I do is when I get to the checkout I just let them know I am a Veteran and by the time I am pulling my DD214 out of my wallet they have already applied the discount.

      • Bill says

        Thanks Gerardo

        I’m a vet with 4 years of active duty. No disability.
        I just returned from Home Depot in Saint Peters MO. Purchased a lawn mower for $600 and they gave me the 10% veterans discount….$60. No problem.
        All I had to do was show them my DD214 and drivers license.
        Manager had to approve given the discount was over $50.
        Caveat: They may not give the discount for items that are on sale.

      • Tim says

        I’ve never heard of income being considered when asking for a VA ID card. I don’t recall being asked my income, I just showed my DD 214.

      • jim coiner says

        As of a few months ago all honorably discharged vets may present their DD214 and have their military discount attached to their Lowe’s membership card. After that you just swipe the card and the discount is applied.
        Home Depot is much more restrictive. If you just went in and served your hitch without getting injured and choose not to make a career of it, you are entitled to the discount only on a few days out of the year.
        I used to prefer Home Depot to Lowe’s, but I have switch my allegience because of this restrictive policy.
        This policy is just enough to allow HD to toot their horn about how much they honor veterans, without it costing all that much.

      • Jim Coiner says

        After reading everything else here, I have to wonder if my local store gave me a break. I served 1977-1979 and saw no combat and am not disabled. For awhile last year I would show them my DD214 and later in the year, I had the veteran icon added to my license. Earlier this year Lowe’s wanted to add my military discount to my Lowes Membership Card. I think that I did this on line and they electronically verified the info that I provided concerning my DD214.
        Bottom line, I don’t know if I was given a gift or if this is Lowe’s policy, but I do know which of these 2 box stores that I go to the most.

      • Steve says

        I have struggled for years with this issue as a 5 year vet. I am very offended in that these businesses see fit to tell me that my service was not good enough. I gave up years of my life and time with my family to serve while many of these decisions makers did nothing. Then salt in the wound is having some spoiled kid at the register that thinks service is beneath them, telling you that your service wasn’t good enough.

        With that said, I received an email from Lowe’s yesterday inviting me to register my veterans status against my “MyLowes” account to allow other family to access the discount even if I’m not present. This compelled me to revisit the Lowe’s policy for veterans discounts. I was pleased to find that Lowe’s policy now clearly states that their discount is extended to ALL veterans who have served honorably. Some time ago I realized that I had a strong preference for shopping at Lowe’s versus Home Depot, but couldn’t really say why. With this enhancement in their veterans policy, I feel as though my loyality has been validated.

    • liz baily says

      sorry terry but the policy is very clear lowes wants to match what the bx/px offers active duty, retired, service connected vets with valid id…..if you cant get on the base to shop you will not get a discount…. lowes will honor dd214 or veteran on your drivers license, 3x per year, memorial day, veterans day 4th of july…. as do many other businesses….

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Liz, Thank you for your comment. Your statement regarding base access is inaccurate. Home Depot and Lowe’s offer discounts to veterans who carry a VA Health Identification Card if it states the member has a service connected disability. Not all veterans with a service-connected disability rating are eligible for base access. VA ID Cards are not an acceptable form of ID for base entry – one needs a military issued ID card for base access. Some veterans with a service-connected disability are given these ID cards if they are eligible for military medical facility use or if their rating is high enough to warrant a card.

      • Drew says

        Happily every time I go to the Home Depot here in the Colorado Springs area even the sales associates as well we could try the military discount but you might not get it. Because I know sale items special buy bonus Buy wood and probably about 90% of other things seem to be enough able to be given a discount that the same items over at Lowe’s you can get the discount on and I always give my 10% discount at Lowe’s

      • Jason Winchester says

        I have a state issued drivers license with “Veteran” status on it. I present it at both Lowes and Home Depot quite often and always get the 10% discount. Never had them turn me down.

      • Josh says

        This used to be the case for me as well. Now they no longer accept the state issues drivers license Veterans cards. I was told I had to have a VIC… a card that is no longer issued. It was replaced by the VHIC which, according to the policy, lowes won’t accept.

    • Ricardo says

      I can appreciate that some troops served in a combat zone and were exposed to dangers not present to those who did not serve in combat zones. Yes, that would be nice to recognize combat zone service. Troops like the 11 Bravos in the Army or other combat MOS deserve the most recognition and benefits for their service. I believe these troops deserve more recognition and higher basic pay than those who do not actually go to combat. The fact that Combat Troops basic pay are the same as those of non-combat troops is truly sad and unfair. The small amount of combat pay is not commensurate to the very high risk of losing their lives or getting maimed or suffering severe lifetime injuries. A disability rating in the service does not necessarily mean a person is confined to a wheelchair or have physical impairments as a result of military service, it also applies to PTSD or other non-physical condition. Even a knee injury as a result of military service could be a disability rating in the military or the VA. I believe that it is fair to receive compensation for any health impairment incurred in military service. I am grateful to discounts given by Home Depot and Lowes to veterans.

    • Mike says

      Home depot in phillipsburg given me a discount. Last time they said the veteran designation on my license was not accepted. Home depot had taken it depends on the cashier Lowes would not offer me the discount even once. Doré’s not make one feel very good and when you do get the discount it makes you feel like your stealing. I looked at my income during my military years I made 15k in 3 years. Luckily i saw no action but those who served made sacrifices. I wish home depot and Lowe’s would recognize all veterans.

    • Donald Jengo says

      I fully agree that the policy was not fair to those of us who served in war zones but were not disabled. Home Depot continues to ignore us but luckily Lowes, who CEO was a veteran, changed its policy in our favor. Sign up with Lowes and get the discount, which they have even honored in some stores before now:

      National home improvement retailer Lowe’s has expanded its everyday military discount program to include all honorably discharged veterans, as of May.

      The chain also has expanded the 10 percent discount to Lowe’s online shopping, which will include free parcel shipping. It will provide for faster checkout and add the ability to use the discount at self-checkout in stores, said Lowe’s spokeswoman Karen Cobb.

      But the procedure for getting the discount has changed: Active-duty service members, retirees and veterans must must sign up online for the Lowe’s personal shopping card to qualify for the discount. This is not a credit card.

      • Tom Zachman says

        This is the only accurate post on this site. Register with Lowe’s on-line to be eligible for the 10% discount every day of the year if you are an honorable discharged veteran. the rest of the post on this site, particularly the ones by the “author”, are incorrect and/or out of date and only contribute to the confusion about military discounts.

      • Stephen says

        Exactly right on. I applied for the discount with Lowes on their website 6 months ago and now just provide my phone number at checkout. I served four years and don’t have a disability, so currently only have a DD214. I’ll keep shopping there until HD relaxes their policy.

  82. kelvin says

    I think it is a bunch of Bull that discount is limited to retired,disabled, or active duty to be able to receive “Veterans” discount. We all served and took the same Oath. So to say it is limited to certain ones except on certain days to me is like saying your time served wasnt as worthy as the ones who retired, or were disabled!

  83. Concerned Vet says

    Can anyone explain to me why Home Depot or Lowes is “obligated” to give a military discount? I am 110% in support of our military and think they are the bravest souls on the planet; but if you served because you think you will be entitled to a discount, you did it for the wrong reasons. I think it’s great when companies give discounts, but if they choose not to, I don’t feel as though it is my right. I now work for Home Depot and they give millions of dollars to different veteran campaigns. I have participated in many service projects, completely funded by Home Depot, and nearly all are based around helping Veterans and active duty military personnel and their families. Neither Lowes or Home Depot advertises that they give a discount year round, so why be upset when they don’t. If a store chooses to, they are being generous. Remember both are places of business, not a charity, if they aren’t profitable, they won’t be there in the future to serve their customers.

  84. Ed Davis says

    I understand that this is Not an entitlement but an offering to Military folks. I was Honorably Discharged in 1973 and took my DD214 down to Florida DMV and showed it so they would add my Veterans designation with a Big Gold “V” and it has been accepted everywhere except Lowe’s this past Monday! I went to Lowe’s in N Lakeland and after going there for the last 1/2 year and it being accepted they said it’s not on their list??? All of a Sudden…No??? Why go to a Govt building with State Employees verifying this only to be told it’s no good! They said to carry around my DD214, I asked them if they even knew what it was and they said NO but some type of official document and I took a piece o paper and said this is what it looks like? Can you imagine if I carried this around for over 40yrs what it would look like?? Ed Davis

  85. Paul Arey says

    Just went to Lowe’s last month for their “large appliance sale”. Almost every appliance was discounted 21-24%, I bought a fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine all at the stated discount. I went to check out, handed the lady my USAF retired ID card and promptly received another 10% discount. Lowe’s has never given me any static about the discount. I drive right past a Home Depot to get to my Lowe’s.

  86. Tim Toy says

    I currently live in Conway, SC. which is the county seat of the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area in Coastal SC. I shopped at Lowe’s and have gotten a 10% Military/Vets discount at all but of the ones here. I do have one store that is problematic and they insist it is corporate and I have to remind them it is not because all these other stores look at my D.L. with a SC Veterans marking on it (due to taking DD-214 to DMV, paying a small fee to have it put on) and don’t have a second thought. I believe not all stores listen to corporate and some must be franchised. Never tried our Home Depot because I never heard of them doing it. We only have a few in comparison to Lowe’s here. I believe we should all start a letter writing campaign and let corporate know how we feel and if there is a bad ripple sent back contact the local sympathetic news outlet. They wouldn’t be in the biz of helping free people fix homes, businesses, etc. if it weren’t for those who gave some and especially those who gave all. God Bless America.

  87. Kevin says

    I had a big run in at Home Depot in San Antonio. No discount on Hardie plank. Asked for the manager and he proceeded to tell me how us military are soiled and way over paid. Acted like me expecting a 10% discount was absurd. I told him that I had never been refused my discount at Lowes. He laughed and said that I should shop Lowes then. I walked up to the customer service desk and asked if they had a shredder, to which they replied yes, and I pulled my Home Depot credit card out of my wallet and promptly shredded it. My mistake — Lowes has my business from now on.

  88. Drew says

    Shop Lowes…they always give me a discount on every purchase. I stopped shopping at Home Depot because they are selective on what you get a discount on. Never a problem at Lowes…even on clearance, special buys, etc.

  89. Brendan says

    Just to clarify, they give a 10% discount, in-store, on purchases up to $500 dollars, for a total discount of $50. That is the where the confusion of 500 vs 50 comes in. If you are buying multiple items, or even just several of the same item, you can break your purchase into multiple purchases which then fall below the $500 limit. We bought $2000 worth of tile in 4 purchases of $500. No problems at all, just took a little time and effort, but the sales associates were very helpful.

  90. Brad V says

    Post written 10/8/2015:
    As a Navy Veteran and current National Guard Airman I shop at both of these stores and at multiple locations in the state of Hawaii and have yet to see any issues with either store honoring the military discount with my ID. My wife who is also an Air Force Veteran has a dependent ID and she too has yet to have any troubles with receiving the 10% discount. It seems as if each store in different states may have either different policies or that they give the discount in particular areas of either lower or higher military presence. I salute all that have and currently serve and hope each of these stores continue giving back to our military community. Aloha Nui Loa~

  91. Dean Ingalls says

    I was preparing to purchase my winter supply of wood pellets (6 tons) and called the local Home Depot to check on the military discount policy because I have seen it decrease over the last several years from a full 10% on all purchases to barely enough to cover the delivery fee of the pellets last year. I was informed by the customer service agent that there would be absolutely no military discount on the pellets. As a 20 year veteran of the US Coast Guard, I am insulted that Home Depot would choose to pad their profits at the expense of veterans and will advise my fellow vets to do what I did after hanging up with HD. I went to a LOCAL building supply store, purchased my pellets at a lower price and got FREE delivery. Greed is not a good sales pitch.

  92. Robert Crandall says

    It’s interesting the many different experiences that people have had at Lowes and Home Depot. I shop at both because Lowes has better trees which I buy a lot of and Home Depot has a slightly better variety of DIYs material. When I heard about the Veteran’s 10% discount I went to Lowes and they said they did not have one except for Veteran’s day. Home Depot has never given me any problems. I go to two different stores and both have given me the discount even on high ticket items like a Rototiller and welder. I was in for 4 years during Viet Nam and I do have a medical discharge but that has nothing to do with the discount since I was only showing them my dog-tags until Michigan started making out drivers license and official Veteran’s card. I called Lowes when I read the comments here and they still say the don’t have one for everyday, but only on Veterans day.

  93. CC says

    I was denied the military discount at Home Depot when I was buying a Toro Lawnmower. They said that the discount depends upon the manufacturer of the item. Some manufacturers specifically say no to military discounts…. thanks Toro. I complained and I said I wasn’t buying a lawnmower from a manufacturer I was attempting to buy it from Home Depot. I also said that they needed to stand behind their claim of support for military, and if they decided to claim to offer a 10% discount it should be their obligation to discount the purchase, or at least offer in store credit. I complained on the Home Depot website and didn’t even get a one word response. Thanks for nothing Home Depot!!!

  94. Kellie K says

    We have never had an issue getting a military discount at our Lowe’s in Riverview, FL. In fact, I have purchased items online where it’s not an option to get the military discount. All you have to do is choose in store pick up, go to customer service with your receipt from your online order and they will refund you 10% when you pick up your items. They also allow us to use it along with sale prices. We’ve gotten the discount on installed blinds, kitchen appliances, an exterior door, a riding lawnmower and a lot of random hardware and paint. 28 years of service and counting along with a service connected 30% disability makes us appreciate every dime of that discount. Lowe’s is TEN times easier to deal with than Home Depot. Even better than that they will price match Home Depot’s prices. I will not spend my money there because of incidents involving denial of his discount and questioning his ID card.

  95. DC. Matthews says

    i’m service connected disabled and always get my 10% discount at Homedepot and recently they wrote this in response to someones question on FACEBOOK. “The Home Depot : Hi David – I’m happy to provide clarification. The 10 percent discount is available to all veterans on major patriotic holidays including Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. We’re also one of only a few retailers that provides an everyday discount to active-duty, National Guard, Coast Guard and reservists, as well as retired and service-connected disabled service members, and their spouses. Our policy hasn’t changed since 2010, when we expanded it to include the everyday discount. I also want to add that we recognize and support veterans in ways that go beyond a product discount for individuals. For example, The Home Depot Foundation has committed $85 million to veterans housing, through which our associates have improved more than 17,000 homes for veterans and their families over the past three years. -Matt

  96. Carol says

    my husband always gets a military discount at both Home Depot and Lowes in Concord, Calif. the cashiers are very nice about it and they have said thank you for your service too. There is a female cashier in the Concord, Ca. store and she is fantastic, she knows him after all of these years and she is so friendly and sweet. It is sad when big companies take the side of the almighty dollar over this side of common decency. Shame on those stores!

  97. Joel says

    Home Depot only gives the discount for Vets if you are disabled or getting retirement benefits. So if you dont get either one of those and you have an honorable discharge you’re SOL.

  98. john says

    like i said to active duty, disabled vets or retired vets. if you served and left the military they will not give a a 10 percent in store discount

  99. john says

    Home depot only grants 10 percent to Active duty, retired, and disabled vets. I guess the rest of us who served and left military service really aren’t vets in their eyes.
    I take it as a personal insult that I served this country faithfully and left active duty for family reasons and now I am not considered a vet worthy of a discount, I do not care about the 10 percent, just the fact that my length of service is in judgement.
    My service and countless other vets was just as important and my deployments in the early 80″s where just as painful and stressful as todays vets.

  100. Sean Elfyn Cairne says

    I just was turned down for discount at Home Depot Aug 15,2015. I showed my VA card. I’m 60% disabled. I’m not going back. This is an insult. I’m also telling my fellow vets. Hope Home Depot notices the loss.

  101. marc says

    Home depot only gives a discount on everyday (not holiday) items to active service or service connected disability vets,NOT to vets who served honorably but were not injured.Screw Home Depot,I’ll shop at Lowes.

  102. Mike says

    I have never had a problem with my local Lowes store( in Big Rapids, MI). Today, I went into the local Home Depot (Mount Pleasant, MI) and was told my Veteran’s designation on my license does not entitle me to the discount and only disabled veterans or active duty personnel are eligible for the everyday 10% discount. I showed my VA disability card which does show I have a service connected disability and the sales clerk said it was not the correct VA disability card.

    Will not shop at Home Depot again.

  103. John says

    I write this in response to the 10% discount given by home depot and other places that give the discount. I for one appreciate it but I think they need to check IDs more often they have people that go to these places that never served and because they show a government ID the reps and clerks accept there ID because it shows government on it when in fact It is civilian CAC reading cards these people that I know laugh thinking they are getting over.

  104. Floral says

    Experience from the Fort Bragg area….

    I never have a problem using the 10% military discount at home depot. I was told that it only applies to certain items, i.e. the 10% doesn’t come off building materials or lumber. However, if you take wood that is split or warped at one end, you can usually complain to the people working in lumber and they will discount it for you – 70% off! A much better deal! Items that were eligible for a Military discount show ” ” next to them on the receipt and at the bottom of the receipt, there is a key that says ” Military Discount.” If that doesn’t show up, they didn’t put in the discount correctly and it’s possible you over- or under-saved.

    By contrast, I was told at Lowe’s that their Military “discount” is that I don’t have to pay for a . I later found out that their MyLowe’s cards are free to the general public and the only benefit they offer is keeping track of my receipt…something Home Depot does from my credit card or e-mail.

    Home Depot not only has an actual military discount, but usually has equal or lower prices and kinder employees. I will wait the extra time for help at Home Depot just to not have to deal with all the Lowe’s employees. I’ve had way too many experiences where they will only help me with items they think I want instead of just listening to what I’m telling them I need. It’s really not difficult to heed someone that knows the material, treatment, and dimensions they want. But of course – I’m a woman in building materials, so I must not know what I’m talking about!

    • Floral says

      Correction: Home Depot receipt shows M in less than/greater than brackets – sorry it didn’t show up in the original post!

    • john says

      Fellow dragon brigade, I was turned down by home depot, guess 9 years isnt enough for home depot. Maybe if they jumped into Comeyagua Hondo on a hot afternoon in July a few times it would change their minds. Home Depot is a disgrace . Airborne

  105. Jim says

    The Home Depot in Eugene, Oregon quit giving the discount if all you have is a drivers license showing the “Veteran” designation on it. They did in the past but the clerk said they no longer honor it. It looks like they only honor disabled vets, I’m guessing.

  106. Kevin Fujita says

    My father is an Air Force veteran, we recently visited Home Depot in Wyomissing (Reading), PA. We had just come from the DMV where my father had gotten his license to include his veteran status. When my father tried to use his 10% military discount at the Home Depot for his purchase, they first said it was only honored on certain holidays & that the veteran stamp on his driver’s license is not an acceptable form of military veteran status, so my father pulled out his DD214 & showed that, but that is also not an acceptable form of veteran status. A manager happened to be walking by, who gladly applied a 10% discount, stating she understands his frustration that she comes from a military family & they experience the same problem at Home Depot.

  107. Beth Sandahl says

    Today I went to one of your stores with my dad. I was very upset when he told me that during a previous visit he was told that unless he was on active duty or had been disabled during the line of service he was not eligible for your military discount. My dad was a Seabee during Vietnam. His construction skills saved hundreds of lives during the Tet Offensive. The main sniper tower had an entire leg blown off it and still stood because of my dad. He should be the Home Depot poster boy. My dad flew home in a plane full of dead colleagues and when he arrived state side he was told to change his uniform so he wouldn’t be spit on in the airport. The idea that one of your employees had the gaul to treat him in such a fashion is unforgivable. My dad is a hero and deserves to be honored and treated with respect just like every member of the service. I don’t understand how his experience could be tolerated by your company. It is my sincere hope that your company will make this up to my father.

  108. Lamar Hill says

    SO….the way this reads my neighbor who was in the States 90% of his military time has a DAUGHTER who can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get a discount everyday…But one of us who dodged BULLETS in Viet Nam …and others like in the Gulf war..
    can only get a discount a couple of days a year…Well I hope his DAUGHTER goes out and buys herself and new phone with her
    savings..does not seem right but you have to consider that a lot of the people in management at companies around the the U.S.
    today are the same young protesters that spat on us after returning from Nam.

  109. Geoffrey Zalewski says

    I recently discovered at the Lowe’s in Schenectady, NY that NOW you must possess the newest VA ID card the has the words “service connected” on it. My previously issued card worked until March or so of 2015. I went to the VA and had my card updated so the discount applies again.

    Home Depot (in Schenectady, NY) only cares to see the “Return the Favor” ID card that I have from my County.

    Hope this helps someone!


  110. Mary K says

    Where can we find a list of what is NOT eligible for the discount at Home Depot? It seems like it depends on which one you go to. We just purchased a storm door with other items at Home Depot, and only got the discount on the smaller items, not the $250 door.

  111. Bobby Jackson says

    Everybody has to understand that a military discount is a courtesy! Not all other retails offer this and people are taking advantage! Home Depot and Lowes are BUSINESSES and they lose hundreds of thousands annually from this military discount. So be happy that it is offered but understand that not everything qualifies!

  112. Rick says

    While it is easy to become a little frustrated with the inconsistency in Home Depot’s military discount policy, folks should keep in mind that a discount there is not an entitlement. They have no obligation to offer a discount. Here in my area of Colorado, they offer an in-store 10% on most products other than commodities, such as wood products. As a 23 year vet, I appreciate what they do offer, as I’m in the store at least once per week. I typically buy wood products at Lowes since they discount everything. I also outfitted my daughter’s first home with all new appliances purchased at Lowes, because they offer a military discount even on sale items, which can be a great deal during big appliance sales. Even so, Home Depot offers products that Lowes doesn’t, so I continue to shop at HD. It’s always nice to get a discount and I’ve saved a lot over the years at both HD and Lowes, but my service career didn’t earn a discount from them or anyone else. The one discount that I’d really like to see in recognition of my 23 years is the Federal govt offering 10% off my taxes! But I’m pretty sure that’s not very likely…

  113. K Crawford says

    Service connected disabled Husband. We purchased $7500 in carpet at the Home Depot in Middletown Delaware. They are offering free whole house installation with purchase of $1500 in carpeting. Went to use our military discount and were told they could either give the military discount of $500 (maxed out at 10% of 5k) OR $97 off for the free installation, not both. That the installation is considered a sale and you can’t use a military discount in addition to any other promotion. Even though we know that the discount wouldn’t ever apply to installation because it doesn’t apply to services anyway. We weren’t asking them to apply the military discount to the installation, only the materials, as is their policy. But we were denied the free installation because we used the military discount on materials. Keeping in mind that even with the discount, we were still purchasing $6900 in materials. Far above their $1500 purchase required for free installation.

  114. jay kratz says

    I echo what so many have already said: Lowes gives a military discount everyday and they say “Thank you for your service” but Home Depot plays games with vets only giving a military discount on certain days if you’re lucky. Don’t shop at Home Depot!!! Lowes gets my business.

    • GP says

      Lowes nor Home Depot allow veteran discounts (in WPB, FL) area any longer unless it is the three holidays. They are cracking down. I would spend more all the time if they allow All Vets to use it year round. I can’t use it since I am not disabled, active or retired. They both are billion dollar companies and would make more money if they all allow it to everyone. I am a VETERAN no matter what.

  115. Steve C says

    Most of us are not ‘Vet Enough’ for these companies even though we took the same oath and faced the same risks. It must be how they limit the number of discounts they give while still being able to promote their “patriotic support”. While I don’t need the the discount, as someone who served I resent the selective lack of respect. Having said that, it appears to be controlled at the store level. For example, no deal at Lowes in Indian Land, SC and Home Depot in Pineville, NC, but gladly accepted at another Home Depot in Charlotte, NC ( all within 15 miles of each other ). The Charlotte HD also makes a point to say “thank you for your service”. Pretty obvious where I do my home improvement shopping.

  116. sam kight says

    Ok, I’m like everybody else that posted about not being eligible as a vet to receive the everyday discount. I can see some disabled vet and low pay grunts receiving this benefit. No big deal for me. What digs in my craw is their wife, son and daughter be able to use it everyday. While I served 6 yrs as a Vietnam vet in country and was able to come back alive to of serve my country I think it is thoughtless for Home Depot and Lowe’s to have a double standard for vets.

    • Tami says

      I don’t understand how they verify that. I am a “service connected” veteran and have an ID card, but my spouse and childen don’t have any proof of that. They don’t get an ID card that says they are my immediate family that I know of.

  117. John Arnold says

    My third attempt at posting so I cut it short. Lowes gives me discounts on all purchases. Home depot does not.

  118. Howard Gluck says

    06/08/2015 – Red Bluff California Home depot gave us the Veterans discount but said in the future my VA ID must say service related. Oh well, lets try Lowes.

    Week before the Chico California Home Depot gladly gave us the discount, go figure…

  119. Steve says

    Just wanted to note that our Home Depot in Del Rio, TX will not give a Military discount on building supplies. This is a recent change from them giving a discount on everything. I was told that the mark up on many of their products is so negligible that they would take a loss if they discounted it. I find that hard to believe, but okay. Lowes doesn’t give limits on the amount of discounts given nor on the products discounted. Now, while I am appreciative of the discount given, it just doesn’t make sense for a building supply store to not offer a discount on building supplies. What I have found out is that they are practicing this in markets where they don’t have the big box store competition. You see, in Del Rio, there is only a Home Depot and a few other small hardware and lumber stores. The nearest Lowes is 60 miles away. That allows HD to afford to limit their discounts.

    • Floral says

      Building supplies are considered a commodity and so are not eligible for discounts due to legal regulations. It may be that Home Depot takes 10% off individual items while Lowe’s takes 10% off the total purchase price.

  120. Frank Tatro says

    In Florida, Veterns can provide a copy of their DD214 to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have a “V” veteran designation on their drivers license. This veterans designation is recognized by Florida merchants who wish to offer Veterns discounts.

    In Naples, Lowes extends a veterans discount upon presentation of a drivers license with a “V” designation without question. In the past Home Depot has been inconsistent on honoring Veterns discounts. Lately, no discount whatsoever except on 3 holiday weekends. LOWES WILL BE GETTING MY BUSINESS IN THE FUTURE!!!

  121. Roger Hamann says

    I went to the Home Depot in Auburn, ME and bought 10 cases of flooring. I presented my VA card ( has my picture and “service connected” on it)) and was told my military discount could not be used on flooring. What exactly DOES it cover????

  122. Lisa says

    At our local Home Depot, it seems to be hit-and-miss. If you are persistent, they will usually honor it.
    My question is regarding it’s use on sale merchandise. Anyone can walk in and get a discount listed on in-store or on-line, right. It seems, in those cases, military won’t receive the benefit or a discount because the item already has a reduced price. I think Home Depot can afford to show military some respect by giving them the discounts they have earned.

  123. Paul says

    I have a Florida driver’s license with a V insignia meaning I am a Veteran. I readily use it in FL and was only able to use it in one Lowes two weeks ago in NY. Today I was told that I cannot use it for a discount in another Lowes. What is the true rule?

    • Robert Johnson says

      Home Depot is also beginning to turn down the Florida drivers license with Veterans “V”. I have called and they are trying to change it.
      I went to the trouble of taking all the proper paperwork down to the drivers license office, paid a fee just so I could remove one more card from my wallet,,, and now they say it is not valid.
      Lowes also depending on the sales person rejects the drivers license designation.
      I do not understand,,, you can not just go down and ask for the V to be added, you have to have the proper paper work.
      Very aggravating at the cash register !!!

  124. j cat says

    there is no veteran discount at these stores …. this is a big lie they put out like their taking care of vets.

    this is an active duty military discount… not veteran discount.

    you get pay from the military then you get this discount………..

  125. Joseph C Borchetti says

    I also was given a hard time about my 10% discount. I have a valid VA benifit card with my picture on it. I served during the Vietnam War and gave my all with a blank check to the Government. Why is Home Depot picking and choosng which veterans get a 10% discount and on what days of the year. Who wants to go on a holiday,only a couple of times a year. I wrote to Home Depot ,but got no responce. If they can give contractors big discounts,then a mere 10% to veterans s nothing. Looks like Lowes is going to get my business.

  126. John Ferencze says

    So I was Drafted and did not run away to Canada and Served my Two years active, two years Active reserves and two years in active reserves but did not wish to make the service a Career I am not treated the same as some one who Enlisted and spent 20 years or has a service related injury??
    I served my time and did not evade the draft and was treated with the same rudeness and insults when I returned home as others of the Viet Nam era..
    I can only get the discount 3 times a year…
    Guess I am just not as good as the other vets…

  127. Robert neumann says

    I have been denied the military discount at Home Depot because my va benefit card does not say service connected. I received it once with no hassle, but the next time they denied it. Lowes, always, gives me the discount with no hassle. I am a Vietnam veteran.

  128. R. Sanchez says

    I bought some peg boards at the Home Depot in Franconia, Virginia yesterday and did not receive the discount. The manager told me that the items discounted will vary from day to day, so that peg boards could be discounted the next day but there’s no way of knowing. She also told me that the discount is now for only up to a $50 limit. Apparently, this Home Depot store is a test store for the new policy and she recommended complaining to Home Depot because it’s frustrating for employees also. I will write to Home Depot but will start using Lowes, a couple of miles further out as my go-to store (and Sears’ 20% discount for tools). While I appreciated Home Depot’s “no compromise” discount while it lasted, it’s also a marketing tool to attract the loyal military & family base and a way to show the community that you give a darn. There’s a balance between making money for your shareholders and staying in touch with your community. Home Depot is losing sight of the latter.

  129. Judith Taylor says

    My husband presented his Veterans card to Home Depot and was Turned Down! they said it had to have a picture. Although his name was on it with a driver’s license to match! No Discount He was a Marine in the Vietnam War. This has happened to some friends of our as well. No problem at Lowe’s they give him 10 percent no problem.

  130. Elizabeth Vollucci says

    My husband, a service connected disabled veteran, was denied the 10% discount on wood pellets in the Coventry, RI Home Depot this past Veterans Day. He had previously received the discount in that same store for the wood pellets. Since that time several of our acqaintences have been denied the discount at Home Depot. One was informed it was because he was not disabled. I, as retired ARNG, had been given the 10% discount at Home Depots in the past. The policy states that the discount applies to active duty, reserve, retired and disabled military. Apparently the policy is not followed in all of their stores. We now go to Lowes, where there is no problem being afforded the military discount.

    • Lisa says

      Wood pellets are considered a commodity. They are not allowed by regulation to give discounts on commodities.

  131. Dominick Palestino says

    At the Home Depot in Elmont N.Y. I was turned down because my card did not say service connected. I thought everyone who had an Honarable discharge was service connected Lowe’s here I come.

    • Luther says

      I also have tried at Lowes and Home Depot to use my Veterans benefits. I was in the National Guard and have all of my papers including my dd214 to show. Since they have changed their policy to “weed” out everyone that has been in the Armed Services. Only those that have the VIC card are allowed except for Memorial Day at all Lowes and Home Depot locations.

    • Rich d says

      “Service connected” is referring to a service connected disability, not you were in the military.

    • David says

      I am hitting my 15th year of active duty service and in the past month have been denied the so called Home Depot discount 3 separate time: a $200 a/c unit, $20 a/c filters, and $60 worth of hardware. The last time was the finally straw and my wife went throughout the store randomly grabbing items to see what it does apply to. Out of 10 different items, my military discount did not apply to a single one. She called corporate to get some answers and got nothing out of it. Goodbye Home Depot forever, I will drive the extra 5 miles to go to Lowe’s where the discount applies to everything.

      • jan says

        Today, 8/5/2015 Home Depot on Fairway Ave in Roseville, CA gave us the run around about the Vet Discount for the last time. My husband served 6 years in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Because he lost his “official” Vet Discharge Card from 40 years ago, he spent the last 4 years working to get it replaced by the Veterans Services Office in Sacramento, CA. He finally got the “official” card and now Home Depot says it is not on their approved card list.

        Home Depot – it is your prerogative to give the people who served this country a discount – we understand it is not an “entitlement”, however, it is our prerogative to choose to only be loyal to stores that keep their stated promises and do not embarrass Vets with a public discussion that their “official” card is not valid. I wonder if you would treat your dad, mother, brother, sister or any other family member so disrespectfully.

        God Bless America!

      • Tanya B. says

        Today, my husband and I went to Home Depot and I asked a woman at the desk about the discount. She had a print out and showed me a list of accepted ID for the discount. Oops, I left my card at home. But when we were at the check out I joked that I better remember my card next time and the clerk gave me the discount any way. Wasn’t really expecting that, but it was very nice of her. Having a positive and polite attitude was the key. I wasn’t surly and fussing. For what it is worth, at the local Home Depot I did notice that there was a copy of the print out of accepted military ID posted at the check out as well as the one at the customer service desk. And this community has a very high retired veteran population, so that may play a factor in the friendly attitude toward the discount. Maybe in some areas with less of a veteran awareness, the employees may not be quite as up to date on the policy.

      • John Worden says

        Good for you! Go where they will treat you the best. A “Military Discount” that you have to jump through hoops to get or “doesn’t apply” to a particular purchase is just a gimmick and they are just trying to look like they are doing the right thing. The reality is some stores are anti military. I spent fifteen years working for this company and had a manager that cleaned house of most supervisors that had been with the company over ten years (ie higher wages) and replaced them with cheaper, new associates. Over half were also veterans. Sometimes college educated managers don’t like the military mindset and work ethic. None were replaced with veterans.

      • louis walker says

        Same experience here. Numerous times I’ve tried to get a discount at Home Depot. First I had to “register” my account, then I found that numerous items weren’t included in the discount, namely anything having to do with “construction materials”, the definition of which is up to Home Depot to decide, certain tools, AND there is the maximum of $500 which they are quick to apply. When I went to Lowes and presented my military I.D., it was 10% across the board and now questions asked an not maximum. Needless to say, we take our business to Lowes, period. I’m sure Home Depot has lost untold thousands of dollars just in our local community by their confusing and selective policy; one can only imagine what this has cost them nation-wide. It’s a stupid and self-destructive policy. Either offer a discount or don’t, but don’t advertise a policy and then make it a pain in the neck to your customers.

  132. JIMMY M says

    I went to HD 5-2-2015 I bought some garden items and was told that only part of it with my VA card service connected was discounted I asked how come the HD service dept. said they came out with a list what not to discount so I went to Lowe’s and bought what I needed. Shame on HD for misleading the veterans they are the ones to start offering the discount. This was in Danvers, MA.

  133. George Arask says

    Went to Home Depot and bought a $500 cordless lawn mower in Keene, NH. 10% granted, but they tried to talk me out of it as the claimed that “the discount voids the 5-year manufacturer warranty” and I should seriously consider not taking the discount. I felt this was BS and took the discount. I have read the full warranty, nowhere does it say a discount voids it.

  134. Ernest H says

    Shopped at HD for years. They offered the discount when I was purchasing quite a bit of lumber for a project. Did not even know they had a discount before. Used the discount for months with my VA card.

    All of a sudden one fine day, a male cashier told me that I was getting a discount that I did not deserve because my VA card did not have SERVICE CONNECTED on the bottom right corner. He treated me like I was stealing from them. Talked with the manager about the awful way I was talked to in front of other customers. He said to keep showing the card, and if the cashier gave me a discount to take it. Not worth the bull.

    Now I shop at Lowes. They give me the discount every time, and I am always treated like my business is appreciated. Make sure you show your card at the end before you run your credit card, and the cashier will get the discount on every time. They even give the discount on sale prices. Thanks Lowes for making me feel appreciated. You are my GO TO STORE NOW!

  135. L C LANE says

    This week I went to Home Depot and Lowes in Kona, Hawaii and was told at both that the military discount of 10% is not for spouses of military. Only my husband could get the discount since only he served in the military. They said it was a new clarified policy. Being widowed he cannot shop for me. It made me feel like a second class citizen. They did honor the discount at that time but it was an “exception”. Funny thing last month I got the 10% discount at both with my Military ID card no problem.

  136. Donald says

    I was told today, at the Home Depot in Jupiter, FL, that Home Depot no longer honors a discount to veterans.

    When I asked when this became effective, I was told February 2014.

  137. Greg says

    The comments and opinions here specific to the article written and published on website is about retailer discounts. If comments are not specific to the content of this article then maybe an upwards scroll is in order.

    Now with regards to the differences in military discount programs between the two retailers described in the article as I have experienced. Although things have changed over the years Lowe’s since introducing the everyday 10% military discount has been pretty consistent. The Home Depot on the other hand has not been consistent since introducing the everyday 10% military discount. The Home Depot changed their program no less than three times. It was these changes that discouraged many veterans; i.e. old times to currently active and all those in between. Upon a visit to the retailer at any given time a military person may or may not qualify. One day you may need to present an active duty ID. The next day you may be able to present an active ID, retired ID, VA card, or a letter or form showing service or separation. Then again you may walk in another day and find all of that gone and now you have to sign-up for their new discount coupon email program piloted in several areas mine being one of them. You would receive discount emails that contained a bar-code to be scanned at the register. This angered some because not all veterans had email. Next came the program tied to the customer rewards program. The veteran had to be setup in the retailers system tying their veteran status to their telephone number. Upon checkout you’d have to key in your telephone number when prompted to receive the discount. Then bang all reverted back to just showing your ID in whatever form. Then just when things were going fine and both retailers were equal in the way they applied the military 10% discount The Home Depot started messing with the program again. This new practice is what has some veterans here have experienced recently, myself being one of them. There (Corporate) is not being straight and somewhat deceitful. Yes, they honor the presenting of the veterans military ID by scanning the discount bar-code which is at the register. However they do not let on whether or not any discount applied as a result. Having gone through all of these programs I happen to look at my receipt and turned around and asked. This is when I found out that discounts were very specific to what is what was not discounted. From my experience if the items are normally installed by a tradesman such as plumbing repairs they are not discounted. This statement covers a large lot of items.

    The Home Depot was my go to store; however Lowe’s has now taken that spot as I don’t have to question.

    If I had to guess most know that The Home Depot has always been a little more competitive in pricing; however Lowe’s has excelled in the customer experience. Being competitors The Home Depot has tried to step up their game regarding the customer experience.

    As I see it The Home Depot is wasting significant amounts of time and energy trying to manage a process that should otherwise be simple as shown by Lowe’s. For whatever reason The Home Depot is stuck on a perceived real or not percentage of veterans using their discount to purchase products for business use. I personally believe this to be a futile process as proven by the number of times they’ve changed the process. Say the veteran has a home repair business and uses their veteran status to receive a discount (wrong maybe) should this same veteran if setup as a contractor receive a trades or volume discount. Pretty common practice…

    Happy shopping or complaining and commenting.

  138. Bill says

    I purchase a couple of items yesterday and the cashier made me read this notice that the VA card has to have certain wording. Mind you, I am also a Purple Heart vet. The cashier gave me the discoun, this time only and walked away. Customer Service is Not a strong point.

  139. Dave says

    The sense of entitlement in some of these comments is pretty outrageous. Let’s be clear: If you served, nobody owes you anything. That’s why it is called “serving.” To whine and complain because you couldn’t get the discount you demanded truly just diminishes the honor of your service. Clearly some of you only served in order to get a discount on your lumber or 40 bucks off a table saw.

    I never ask for a discount unless it is well established that they have one and it is substantial. There’s an EGA on my USAA credit card, and if the cashier sees it and offers a discount because he/she put two and two together, then that’s great too. Nobody owe’s you anything, regardless of your sacrifice. Be glad they offered a discount, even if it were only to active duty personnel.

    • Tony says

      Dave and Rich please get a grip. Pay attention to what is actually being stated in most of the comments. I am a Veteran. i show my card at check-out because heck who doesn’t like a discount? The problem is that as a DIY consumer of goods I think about a big purchase with the 10% discount in mind. Now Lowe’s and Home Depot both offer a 10% discount. But I know that there wont be any hassle at Lowe’s. I show them the card and they say “Thank You for your service” and apply the discount. I don’t even bother with Home Depot because of the hassle they give at the register. I don’t feel entitled to a discount! I don’t even feel entitled to a “Thank You for your service” statement! What I do feel is that if you are going to realize that giving a 10% discount is just to much burden on your company so much so that you now have to pick and chose who gets it and who don’t, or what items the discount is given on…Then I’m going where there are no hassles. It just seems to me that Home Depot corporate is trying everything that they can do to not give the discount but still advertise that they do. This is troubling to say the least. If both stores stopped giving the discount then we vets would just pay the price or shop where the price is lower. Look at it like this. You have a $20 off coupon for a $200 ladder so you go to Home Depot and Home Depot tells you that the coupon is no good because it doesn’t have a certain code on it. But Lowe’s says sure we will honor your coupon and give you the $20 off. I think 98% of the people commenting here would go to Lowe’s and take the discount. Not because they felt ENTITLED to it. They just wanted the $20 off. It certainly ****** people off to say come here I have something for you but I’m not really going to let you have it. Veteran or not, if you’re going to offer a discount then give it completely without a bunch of BS stipulations like Lowe’s does. Otherwise don’t try and mess with me at check-out!

      • Dale says

        Tony, you are 100% right and Dave, Rich and others commenting have no clue as to what is being said. I and at least 95% of the people commenting on this site, do not expect or demand any discount for being a veteran, retired, service connected, etc. but if you are a business that advertises discounts, be it veteran, police, fire, senior citizen, etc., then that business should make all limits clear and allow the purchaser to decide to shop or not. Do not use false advertising to get the consumer in and then tell them there are certain limits on any discounts to the public. Some of these commenters just do not seems to get the fact that the complaints are not a demand for a discount but a demand for clear policy, that the consumer can use to make a decision. I had not used my service connected status at either Lowes or Home Depot for years, until they started pushing the advertising of the veteran discount. I made many purchases at both locations and received the discount on everything. Now HD states that the lumber I was purchasing was not discounted, no problem it is their right but make it clear about any terms limiting any discount, I could have decided to go to Lowes. Anyone shopping will most likely go to where they get the best deal, even Dave, Rich and the others that are trying to belittle the commenters here.

  140. Rich says

    I never expect anything from anyone just because I served and I am not saying that anyone here has said they expect something. I was grateful that any retailer respected my service to my country and offered me a discount. Many retailers “NEVER” offered military discounts and I was ok with that. Times are difficult on so many people, but times are also difficult on many retailers to. I was thankful that Home Depot gave me a discount all the years they did, but for some of us to say shame on them for not offering that discount now is a disgrace on us.

    It is not a slap in the face to veterans because we were not offered a discount. Do you understand how smug that sounds? To make the ridiculous claim that there would be no Home Depot without us is an embarrassment to us all. I am ashamed to be associated with some of the people making these comments.

    This is my opinion and if I insulted anyone with my comments I can only say this. If the shoe fits! If you don’t understand what that means, go ask your Dad or Grandfather.

  141. Renee Anderson says

    home depot in hazlet nj also would not honor my husband s military id…that’s ok..Lowe’s is just a mile away and NEVER have a problem with them…false advertising…shame on home depot

  142. tony says

    GOOD BYE HOME DEPOT!! they say your service card does not look like the one they are use to seeing. I said 45 years ago we had no plastic id card, this was issued recently as a retired vet. they say sorry.

  143. rob gould says

    yesterday home depot in taunton ma not only would not honor the military discount but were very rude about it. just go to lowes home depot is a slap in the face to every veteran who served and everyone should know it. without us there would be no home depot

  144. Don says

    Home Depot – at least at store in 08865 zip – does NOT offer 10% discount on all products. Has nothing to do with sales, just some products get the discount, others not – I asked for a manager – he said there is no way to tell, except at checkout – some products “qualify” and others don’t. I asked how I can tell, and he said I can’t – it’s in database that sales register accesses. I told him to take a good look at my face, because he will not see it in his store again.

    Lowes gives 10% off on everything always – as long as I present my valid VA medical card.

    Semper Fi.

  145. Leonard J Arias says

    I just visited HD in Colorado Springs, CO and received a $1.09 discount on a $300.00 purchase. I was told not all items qualify for the 10% discount. I am going to return in all and go purchase it at Lowe’s where I get the 10% off my whole purchase. Semper Fi.

  146. David H says

    Just had the same thing as everyone else as with Home Depot here in White Lake, MI. Was told now the Veteran Status on Michigan License isn’t being honored even though it had been for the last 3 1/2 months since I renewed my license when I had to show proof (DD214) at the Security of State to get it on my license in the first place. Luckily there was a couple of nice ladies at customer service that went ahead and honored the discount. I was told that they have a new manager and they were told that were being too lax with the discounts.

  147. Karl Childers says

    As of Dec 27, 2014, Home Depot in Prattville, Al does not give full 10% discount on all items. We were going to buy $5000 dollars of appliances and were told the max we could get was 50 bucks. No problem, we bought the same items at Lowes, which gave us 500 dollars off on these items.

  148. Mike v. says

    Was in Home. Depot on 12/13/14 to purchase Lp replacement tank would not give 10 percent military discount. Sales clerk said manager was enforcing new policy and I did not qualify. Explained to her that I have had this problem of proving my military service at this store (Port Charlotte) for the last two years and ask to speak with the manager. Sales clerk said store manager not available. This all happened in the Garden Center which was very busy. Told sales clerk and all that could hear Was going to Lowes who honor veterans. Home (Deception) Depot should get their act together. Lowes discounts everything.

  149. HorizontalMike says

    December 2, 2014 I was DENIED my 10% Home Depot military discount for the following reason:

    “…The 10% military discount is NOW only for “commodities” such as if you buy a tool. You cannot use it to buy lumber, concrete, cement, etc….”

    FYI, I am a 50% disabled veteran with most current VA ID card. What gives? This is Home Depot and supplies to maintain your home are NOT discounted?

  150. Linda Rice says

    Went to Palm Bay Fl Home Depot and found out they pick what we get our military discount on. Called their 800 number to ask about it. The lady was nice and said she would pass my issue on. However I will not be back. As long as Lowes gives a military discount, there is no reason for me to go back.

  151. Chris says

    Shopped recently for a new gas range, Lowes offered the 10% discount while Home Deseption didnt . Don’t waist your time go to Lowes only

  152. leo says

    Any discount is better than none, but the policy should be 100% transparent to aid purchasing decisions. On a side note, my husband is a cop who puts his life on the line every day and has done so for the last 14 years. He’s had guns pointed at him, been in car chases, jumped over fences to catch perps-you name it. He’s also proud to serve his country. But he gets NO discount at any of these stores. I asked recently and the cashier said there’s no discount for officers with a badge…but there should be. I agree wholeheartedly.

  153. keith says

    Stay away from Home Depot in Sebastian Florida, they have started an aggressive policy of limiting items. Yesterday 300 dollars of electrical wire and switches were denied…..

  154. Victor says

    Lowes is the only way to go. They have always been helpful and they always honor their discount. go jimmy #48

  155. Tim Vickers says

    Went to Home Depot to purchase more wood pellets this weekend. I had gotten 2 tons within the past month to month and a half and gotten the Military Discount. Checking out they told me the policy had changed and now if it was a comodity item you no longer got the discount. Ether it is a policy or not. I liked my shopping experiances there, and now will go to another place to purchase items.

  156. Bob Newman says

    First you do, then you don’t? A veteran is a veteran, regardless of the day it is or the flaky store manager trying to save the corporation a few bucks a day. Hello, Lowe’s…………………………..

  157. Robert says

    went to Home Depot, bought over $600 in fencing material, at checkout showed the clerk my VA card and she said it wasnt service connected and refused the discount. I asked her when did this chang, she said its always been like that. I told her no it hasnt, because 2 months earlier, I bought a mower and some garden material. she showed me the new poster with all the cards and whats allowed… sorry vets, unles your active, reservist, national guard, military disabled, retired or have service connected medical care you dont get discount… Home Depot uses bait and switch tactics!

  158. David Kolinek says

    My wife and I are building a house for my sister-in-law whose husband was killed last year and left her with 3 children at home. I have bought appliances, windows, all sorts of items and today 3 doors to the tune of @ $1300.00. I paid and waited for them to get two of the doors which were in stock. She was looking at the receipt and said that we had received $19.90 discount from them for the purchase. I went to the service desk, and they said that their policy had changed. My discount went from $130.00 to $19.00. Well, guess what, my buying policy has changed. They only give you discounts on certain things. I special ordered a patio door and, guess what, special orders do not count. I think Lowe’s special orders count and you get a discount for up to $5000.00 purchase. Bye Bye Home Depot!!

  159. Scott says

    People like Jessica above are nasty human beings… Reading her inflamitory post makes me want to slap some manners into her.


    Jessica says:
    July 6, 2014 at 3:20 pm
    Aww Ben, your ego is getting the best of you. Nobody cares what your opinion is as I’m sure nobody cares what mine is, I was merely pointing out to you and the others who alluded to the idea that we were expecting discounts that we wouldn’t have an issue with not getting them if Home Depot wasn’t falsely luring people in claiming to offer them. If Home Depot doesn’t want to offer a discount that’s fine, they just shouldn’t claim that they do and people coming here to educate others about that have every right to do so. In the future if I was talking to you directly I would have named you by name.

  160. EMCS(SW) says

    I was informed by my local Home Depot that their Military Discount policy has changed recently. Military Discounts only apply to certain items now. If I am not mistaken, majority of building supplies are no longer eligible for a Military Discount. I was told that the reason is because Home Depot’s pricing already reflect the lowest possible price especially on building materials. Their store staff cannot even tell me which items are eligible and which are not. The only way you can determine this is after check-out by reviewing your sales receipt. Twice I had to return the merchandise I bought as soon as I realized that I was not getting the military discount. Instead, I went to a nearby Lowes store to purchase the same items. The prices were identical to Home Depot but Lowes does not have any exceptions to their Military Discount policy. As far as I know, everything you buy at Lowes are eligible for the discount. Since I discovered Home Depot’s policy change, I now shop at Lowes altogether except when Lowes do not carry what I am looking for.

  161. Donald Richman says

    I wonder how Home Depo came up with requiring “service connected” to qualify for the discount. I think that could **** some people off. Even somebody who has been awarded a MOH might not qualify. But somebody who spent all his time stateside during peacetime could qualify. perhaps for a minor hearing problem that shows up 50 years after being in the service, because the vet worked around aircraft while in the service.

    Many of these problems the VA assume is “service connected” because of their MOS, without question. For an example a ANY veteran who was in certain fields, such as working around aircraft, who complains about a little ringing in his ears, 50 years after ETS, will get a “service connected” VA card. Ask me how I know.

    But many combat vets and such, don’t have “service connected” on their VA card.

    IMO, they should ether have it or not have it for all vets.


  162. Raymond Olszewski says

    Just talked to Customer Service Rep at Home Depot about the “online military discount” and according to her, the policy has changed and “online purchases” are not authorized as of February 10, 2014.

  163. Bernie says

    I too have had a problem with Home Depot and their 10% discount. It seems that their policy has changed to what ever meets their fancy at the time. Well they wouldn’t see me buying anything there. I have a Lowe’s thats just a little farther away that will now get my families business. Bellport area Long Island, NY

  164. SSG Thompson Ret says

    I needed a copy of a receipt for a purchase I made at Lowe’s for a warranty claim with Jacuzzi. After obtaining the receipt online at Lowes.com “MyLowes”, I started to view all of my previous purchases and thought back to 4/12/14 when checking out I informed the cashier that I was retired military and showed her my I.D. for the 10% discount. This cashier informed me that just that week Lowe’s had stopped giving the discount to veterans, that it was now for active duty military only, and did not give me a discount. So today, looking back I noticed a purchase I made on 9/20/12, a cash purchase for $2,304.62 and again at the time of the sale I presented my retired military I.D. for the discount, but at that time she viewed the I.D. and assumed she took off the 10% discount from my purchase. I see now that she never gave me the discount. I strongly believe that it was the same cashier, and I do not know why she would not honor Lowe’s policies towards veterans, but it’s not fair or right for this one individual to take it upon herself to change the rules of Lowe’s. She knew what she was doing because she made a point to tell me that her soon to be son-in-law had just joined the military. I wonder if “Home Depot” customers have this type of problem, as I have been a very loyal Lowe’s customer. I contacted Lowe’s headquarters via their website and after 4 days someone for this Lowe’s contacted me, then a week after that they refunded me the 10% ($20.29) from the latest purchase 4/12/14, stating the $2304.62 was too long ago and it was no longer in their system. I was able to locate every purchase I’ve made and used my “MyLowes” card, why couldn’t they?!

    • Ernest says

      My Lowes manager said to always show your military id card at the end of the transaction, before you slide your credit card. Sometimes cashiers forget, if you show it at the beginning. Have had no problems since I started doing this. If there is a problem afterwards just go to customer service and they will correct it. Lowes does what is right.
      Problem with Home Depot is they made a point to offer a discount, then act like you are a criminal because you try to take it. I just do not like the rude way they treated me, after all they offered it to me personally, I personally do not feel entitled, just appreciated the fact that someone appreciates our service.

  165. Shawn says

    No Online discount at home depot for Vets. I was told that it was taken advantage of during the holidays, and that’s why they don’t do it? My only problem here is don’t stand up and say your going to give veterans a discount, and then not do it. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Then follow through on what you said.

  166. Howard says

    OK, enough already. If you get a discount at Lowe’s and/or Home Depot shop there. If not go somewhere else, even try your local hardware store. Stop whining, please!

  167. Bob says

    I go Home Depot all the time and use my “service connected” V.A.I.D. to get the 10% Military discount. I have never been deny from buying anything at a discount, except those items “on sale” already. I know when I get the discount, I am not entitled to the point Home Depot has to give a discount to me for any reason, but I am glad they do. The store I go to ,they do not advertise the discount, but the bar code for it is right on thr register, if the computer system says there is no discount on a particular item , I am fine with that.

  168. brad says

    Ben has it right. Businesses don’t owe veterans anything
    even if we served them. They don’t need to show our country
    respect either and appreciation on a larger scale such as a
    discount. But, Ben, when business uses the people who
    sacrificed so much and to be used as consumer advertising
    for their products and not deliver, I think you’d agree they’ve
    gone too far. This advertising using Veterans as a bandwagon
    to get everyone on board and buy from them because of their
    goodwill and then reject their offers offends the veteran and
    says to the public we can use any means to get you in the door.
    It’s much like bait and switch on an emotional level using
    the honor of our military to get us to buy from these stores. But Ben,
    I do agree they don’t owe us and we don’t own them the curiosity
    of being a loyal customer of theirs. Thank you.

  169. Jessica says

    Aww Ben, your ego is getting the best of you. Nobody cares what your opinion is as I’m sure nobody cares what mine is, I was merely pointing out to you and the others who alluded to the idea that we were expecting discounts that we wouldn’t have an issue with not getting them if Home Depot wasn’t falsely luring people in claiming to offer them. If Home Depot doesn’t want to offer a discount that’s fine, they just shouldn’t claim that they do and people coming here to educate others about that have every right to do so. In the future if I was talking to you directly I would have named you by name.

  170. Ben says

    Thanks Jessica…Still trying to find where I said anyone expected discounts…Don’t change what I said to fit your opinion, state your own opinion! I have read others opinions and accept them, please do the same for mine! This has been beaten over like a dead horse.

  171. Jessica says

    Nobody said anybody “expected” the discounts, what people are upset about in that Home Depot is FALSELY claiming to offer a 10% discount and thus luring in customers looking for a good deal, only to deny them at the register. My money is extremely limited if I’m told I can get a discount somewhere that’s where I go. I don’t “expect” it unless they claim to offer it.

    Stick with Lowes- I haven’t heard of them giving anybody a hard time

  172. Ben says

    As a retired veteran of 23 years I don’t feel private businesses owe me anything, I didn’t serve to get discounts. Use the retailer of your choice and if they give you a discount so be it. To come on here and chastise a company is rather petty. I just wish the VA would get their act together and treat us veterans the way we should be treated.

  173. John says

    Went to Home Depot yesterday to buy some lumber, I was told a new policy was enacted that only veterans service connected will be eligible for their discounts. Time boycott and go to lowes, unless they have followed suite! Maybe military members should select whom they want to defend!

  174. Jerry Highfill says

    I checked out at the home depot in Topsham Maine. I am reroofing my garage and need shingles,Pressure treated 2x4s,roofing nails and construction screws.It rang up to about 500 dollars. I showed my retired military ID. The cashier said Home depot does not allow 10 discounts on these products.I decided not to purchase. I asked the cashier what is eligible for the 10% military discount? She said only the computer knew and the only way to find out was to ring it up in the register. I asked if there was a eligible list I could scan to see what was eligible. she said no. So it seems Home depot is advertising Guess the small print says Either give the discount or stop your false advertising. I went to Lowes and got a 10& military discount on the same products. They honor their advertising. Home Depot belongs on the WALL OF SHAME.

  175. Brad says

    I also found it true that Home Depot doesn’t apply veteran
    discounts to all their merchandise. Also, you won’t find out
    what those items are until checkout time.I talked to their
    headquarters and that was a lost cause. They didn’t want to
    send anything written explaining their policy. So, get ready to
    empty your basket of items they don’t discount; at least on long
    Island, New York.

  176. Ashley says

    I have had nothing but problems with Home Depot. Advertising that they give Veterans a 10 % discount, but giving my husband crap saying that his Disabled Veterans ID Card is supposed to say a specific thing on it for him to get the discount. Why say you’re going to give a discount if you have certain stipulations with the items that you can use the discount on! I will no longer be shopping at Home Depot. I’ve already contacted their corporate office with no results, so I guess it’s time to contact the media.

  177. Marty says

    I purchased two drywall patches and a small thing of mud, no discount for these. Was told by the cashier that for certain products no Veteran’s discount. Either have the discount or don’t!

  178. James Roth says

    I bought lumber at the Home Depot in Syracuse, NY today 6/21/14 and was told that there is no discount on certain items at Home Depot for veterans including all wood products by cashier Colleen -CMT 1497. I told her that I was unaware that the Home Depot had dropped their Veterans discount as regards to lumber and that I must have gotten my last lumber purchase at Lowes. Her reply was “There are certain “hot items” that have no veterans discount and wood is one of them, you must have been at Lowes”.
    I found an earlier receipt from a deck project I did using Home Depot lumber and sure enough I received a 10% percent discount as promised. I guess the answer to this problem is …shop at Lowes. Honor is as honor does…

  179. Jeff says

    I am a veteran but did not retire, my fiancé did serve 29 years and is retired. She showed her military ID and on a purchase of $300+ dollars was given a $4.67 discount which amounted to $46 of purchase qualifying for the discount, aparently the lumber to build our deck was not discountable. SO are discount equated to about 1&1/2% NOT 10%. . This program is a crock and dis honors veterans, it’s a advertising ploy at veterans expense. We told them to shove there discount and went to a real lumber yard, got balance of stuff at lowes at 10% discount. Avoid the Home Depot at corner of mountain industrial and Lawrenceville hwy. I assume they are all the same…

  180. Kyle says

    I’m supposedly the “right type of vet” where I qualify according to the most recent posts posted.

    I think the issue is that at the Home Depot not all employees are on the same page of the discount or the program. Where when I provided the right type of documentation as described, they would still refuse it and making me go to customer service.

    I actually had to go to Home Depot because it had a part not available at Lowes and ended up having to return it. I didn’t have an issue in using the military discount, even though I’m uncomfortable requesting it now due to the bad experience there previously. But during a return I heard two customer service representatives talking to each other asking about the military appreciation discount that another customer was asking about and admitted to the other customer service rep she had no idea what the customer was talking about. So ended up telling him that it was only valid on the given holidays. So this is partly an education/training issue with employees. Although I did have a cashier give a big speech on how the military appreciation discount should not be given to veterans with service connected disabilities but she’ll give it anyways, which is why I’m a bit uncomfortable in asking for it now at that Home Depot.

    I went to another Home Depot close by and had no issue in getting the military appreciation discount.

    But none of it compares to Lowes, where one guy started to talk to me about his dad’s service in World War 2 and thanked me for my service. Most of other times cashiers at my local Lowes are enthuisastic in providing the discount. Although one time someone at Lowes was kind of brief or not that friendly but still had no issues.

    So a lot of it comes down to the specific employee but that one Home Depot that’s close by seems to be a training issue across the entire store.

    I know there are a lot of service members and vets who make a big deal about not wanting special recognition or discounts for their service. However I think service members and vets tend to be a loyal and trusting bunch and if they think that a company is taking care of them they’ll be extremely loyal and big fans of the company. The specific example I have in mind is a popular insurance/financial company that everyone raves about how great they are for service members. I’ve tried the company out and shopped their prices and services several times in the past, but honestly felt that what was offered was average at best. But you still have service members and vets that rave about the company. So I kind of see Home Depot claiming to offer this discount but not really provide it along the same lines of the insurance/financial company.

  181. USAF since 1969 says

    Gents, the military discount policy for Home Depot has indeed changed. The customer rep at the 1-800-HOME DEPOT Customer Svc line informed me that the military discount policy changed on 17 April 2014.

    New HD policy for everyday 10% discounts is limited to VA ID cards with service connected disability. Other Military Cards qualify for 10% discount only on the 3 holidays (Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July).

    Per the HD Customer service rep, this is the HD policy as of 17 Apr 2014.

    Do not know if there are products that don’t qualify for the discount,
    if there is a ceiling on the discount amount,
    or availability of discount for online purchases.

    Hope this helps notify and clarify the revised Home Depot military discount
    — fm 30-year active duty AF retiree

  182. Ralph Cutro says

    I will not shop at HD because they claim to give a Veterans’ discount, but in reality
    They do no such thing. I have no problem with a company giving or not giving a discount, but I do have a problem with a company saying they give veterans’ discounts, then insulting veterans at the checkout by telling them that they are
    Not the “right Kind” of veterans, and therefore are not entitled to a Veterans’
    In other words someone could have served at Normandy, Iwo Jima, The Chosin Reservoir, or any other terrible battle, but they are not ” veterans” because
    HD has decided that they are not Veterans, and their service to their country is not
    The “right kind” of service. This is insulting to all veterans, and I will not ever put myself in the position of being insulted by HD.
    From now on I will only shop at Lowes.

  183. Stephen Cain says

    Well, Ben, go somewhere else and quit following the post if it makes you unhappy. Oh wait, others are unhappy because of hypocritical enforcement of a company policy that claims one thing and offers another. I contacted Frank Blake by email and got an instant response, well, within 6 hours, and he has someone working on cleaning up the mess they’ve made with this discount program. So, forget whining about being upset by a post you should stay out of if it makes you so distraught. Others have a right to discuss their feelings as well as you do except they’re in the right place…..

  184. Ben Ther says

    I am ever so sick and tired of people getting on this website complaining about “Home Depot” and Their “VETERANS” discount. In the first place they as a company do not have to give a discount at all. The fact that they do, and they make it available to “Disabled Veterans” who are “SERVICE CONNECTED” shows that they care about the hardships active duty military and disabled veterans go through back here in the world. “Diabled Veterans” do use tools, and repair things around the house, we do not all set at home drooling down are shirts. If you get a discount at Lowe’s, go there. Go where the discount is for you. Why do I have to hear about it. No matter what “Home Depot” does, someone is going to complain, because they did not get the free ride on the gravy train. BTW, when you go to the VA to get your VAID you do not have to have “means test” any more, that was done away with the first of this year, but there are other criteria to be met. Just to let everyone know, here is the eligiblity: Uniformed Service Privilege and Identification Card:
    Tan- dependent of active duty
    Red/Pink- Retired Reservist , Reservist Dependent
    Blue- Retired or Disabled Veteran
    (CAC)- Common Access Card = Active Duty Military
    (VIC)- Veterans Identification Card w/ the words Service Connected, Purple
    Heart (PH) or POW under the picture. If it is not on the card, you need to show your letter of rating from the VA. These are the people eligible for the everyday discount. There are discounts out I am not eligible for either, but that is just the way it is, forget it and move on.

  185. Carlo says

    I was at Home Depot the other day with my ‘Official Dept of veterans Affairs’ card that I got at a VA hospital. Of course I had to show the VA my honorable discharge and how much money I make to get this card. I’m guessing if I made too much I would not have been able to get that card. I guess thats fair. The sales clerk at Home Depot was giving me a hard time and was refusing to give me a military discount, because I lacked some words under my photo. I think she had said it had to say “Service connect”. They did eventually give me a 10% discount, but they called it ‘customer preferred’. I called the VA today to try and get a different card. They said that wording “Service connect” is for members that have a disability.

    So this is the way it is with Home Depot. You have to be a Vet with a disability to get the 10% discount. You mustn’t be a ‘healthy Vet’. Now seriously Home Depot, how many disabled Vets do you expect to take advantage of the discount to buy tools that they may be ‘incapable of using’ (???). My card is good at Lowes and other places. I don’t have to be a disabled Vet to get a discount at places other than ‘Home Depot’.

  186. Retiredchief says

    Seems there are far too many trying to take advantage of the system here. Active duty and retired are the only ones who should get the discount IMO. KMA if you didn’t do your 20 years because some of us HAVE.

  187. jean says

    Today my husband and I went to Home Depot , purchased $400 in plants and was told that the 10% discount does not apply to plants. Be Aware….

  188. Mike says

    After years of receiving the 10% discount I was denied today on a small purchase at HD. I asked for the Manager and after a wait, a very young new Manager I had never seen before showed up. I was trying to use my VA Medical Card (which i I use about once a week and have never been denied before )and was told that was no longer accepted; because someone who had only served two years or a non veteran could obtain that card. I explained to her that only a veteran could obtain that card. I have now taken the time to go on line and read the disclaimers on who can receive the discount. It would seem that the discount does not apply to many of us who served. I happened to have served in the US Marines and had two tours of duty and two years in Viet Nam. Had the good luck and forturne to not have been injured or disabled.

    As for this young persons comments about some may have only served for two years!! It needs to be explained to her that when you serve you must serve at least 6 years combined active and inactive and how does someone judge the service one provides their country in two years.

    Companies have the right to give discounts to whomever they choose and as a veteran it was something that was appreciated and not expected. That being said; as a business it is your responsibilty to make certain that you are clear on your offers not only to you empoloyess but especially to your customers. Home Depot apparently has not done either.

  189. Mat says

    My online discount was denied at Home Depot.

    The in store discount is for active duty, reservist, national guard, retired or service connected disability. You need to have active, reserve or retired military ID or VA ID with “Service Connected” on it to get the discount every day. All other vets get the discount on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.

  190. Ernesto Ramos says

    Please let me know when the 10% discount policy changed.I was denied it yesterday.

  191. Kirby says

    I am very disappointed after getting excited about Home Depot’s “Veteran’s Discount”. I went to purchase a $1,500 riding lawn mower with my DD-214 in hand, but they would not accept my DD-214 as proof of service!?! Now I am reading that this “Veteran’s Discount” does not apply to all veterans, only SOME veterans. And Lowes, apparently, is the same way? Well, from now on I will shop at Tractor Supply Company. I am on my way there this afternoon to spend $1,500 on a new Cub Cadet lawn mower. Home Depot can kiss that money goodbye.

  192. Mat says

    I have placed many online orders and received my military discount. Today, I called to place an order and was told that, as of Feb. 2014, online orders no longer receive the discount.

  193. Kyle says

    @Stephen Cain

    Thanks for posting.

    I’ve just started to have issues with some cashiers at my local Home Depot and what you posted pretty much matches my understanding of the rules and also what a phone representative confirmed several weeks ago.

    Some issues are that it looks like Home Depot took down the pages that outlined their policy and chatting with an online representative, the information provided conflicted with my understanding. The information started to match more after I started to ask more questions, but it may have been like I was fishing for a specific answer. So I’m not sure if all Home Depot employees even those at the corporate customer care center are on the same page about it.

    The policy at Lowes is more clear cut and readily available for reference:

    Plus the employees are more enthusiastic in giving the discount as well.

    So I’ll be going to Lowes more often now even though it’s more out of the way.

  194. Jessica says

    Lowe’s has been great about not asking questions. My wife is serving right now and all I’ve had to do at Lowe’s is show them my spouse card and I’ve gotten the discount. Lowe’s also allows some discount stacking with certain products where Home Depot does not.

  195. Paul says

    I shopped today at the Irondequoit NY Home Depot store for the very last time. As much as I used to appreciate the Veterans 10% discount at this Home Depot, that all changed today. I was denied for the very 1st time when I went to pay for my 350.00 bath room renovation purchase. I had already spent over 1500.00 over the last week for this project and never received any issues. In fact, i was very appreciative of the thanks I received during my 3 previous purchases.
    Today, a totally different story. I felt humiliated by a cashier and manager who even though I showed my proof of being a veteran (Nys drivers lic- you actually need your DD 214 to get. I was told that they couldn’t honor my military discount. I explained all my previous experiences and the cashier and manager were steadfast on their stance. To that, I cancelled out my purchase- drove to Lowes in Webster Ny- I purchased the same materials- actually the items were a few dollars cheaper there and was Thanked for my service by the friendly cashier.
    What Home Depot needs to do is take a long look at how Lowes is operating their business. They could actually learn a thing or two about customer service.
    Thank you for letting me share my frustrations with all of you. And thank you again to all my fellow veterans in the USA! I’m proud to be an American and I’m proud to say Lowes- you have all my future business!

  196. Dennis says

    There are two local Home Depot stores. One always gave the 10% discount with my retired ID. The other was always a battle and I would leave the product at the checkout counter a time or two and just cross the street to Lowes. My most recent visit to HD resulted in being told they no longer give the military discount because their prices are lower than they used to be.

    The prices aren’t lower, but since they make the rules, they can say what they want. I have never been denied the discount at Lowes. They always thank me for my service. Home Depot is now dead to me.

  197. Ernst says

    Just FYI, Home Depot no longer honors military discounts for anyone for online purchases (I called the number listed in the article today).

  198. Jon Harrier says

    I shop at Home Depot and Lowe’s in Central OH. I’ve never had a real problem getting the 10% discount – in the store or online.

    It varies by store: in some Lowe’s stores the discount requires manager override; or the clerk won’t know about it; or they won’t let you have the discount and a tax exemption – even though a business that uses SSN is a sole proprietorship …

    Rating the two companies: Some Lowe’s clerks seem to begrudge the discount eg. roll their eyes, make it obvious that you’re holding up the line, stare off into space.

    HD OTOH has been nothing but polite, usually with a cheery “of course” and sometimes “thank you for your service.” I’m sure this varies by store/ region but so far I’ve had great luck with them

  199. George Olmstead says

    Recently made purchases at two Home Depot stores in Florida, namely Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Both stores refused to apply the Veteran’s discount even though I provided military ID. The store in Bonita Springs actually stated that despite being retired, I had to have “attached service”. Will definitely consider a Lowes purchase next time over Home Depots disregard for military service. If this is a Managers decision whether to grant the discount or not, much to be said for management personnel.

  200. Robert says

    Well, it seems HD does not give 10% military discount on common lumber items. I went to HD and purchased 2 sheets of plywood and 8- 2x4x96′ (all common items…non specialty) to finish my shed. I have purchased close to $2K in building materials over the last two months from HD building this shed. I got to check out and received a 0.17 cent discount (only for the water I bought). When I asked why they stated lumber was a commodity and the discount doesn’t apply. I went back and grabbed a different 2×4 (common item) and had them ring it up. 10% was taken off the 2×4. They told me they had no control over the discount, corporate does. Lumber is a commodity and as such it changes prices. Strange but HD prices do not go up and down like commodities. Anyways, after a long drawn out waste of time, the store gave me a 10% satisfactory discount (imagine that). I’m going to complain to the corporate office and try to get a better understanding of this seemingly difficult and random discount program.

  201. Ricka says

    Not realizing that there was a policy change at HD I purchased over1,000 in material’s to in prove my home after I checked I looked at my receipt and only got a 50.00 dollars off .I still have major work to do and will be buy all my material from Low’s. Thank you Low’s Ricka Lavoie

  202. Stephen Cain says

    This is long but bear with me. Here is the supposedly most current official policy from Home Depot. Maybe we should carry a copy of this if we shop there.

    The Home Depot: Company Feedback/Home Depot Reference number 52781658 (KMM24851894V31823L0KM)?

    THD Customer Care ([email protected])
    Add to contacts
    10:10 AM
    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]

    Hello Mr. Cain,

    Thank you for contacting Home Depot Customer Care and for all that you are and have done for this country. In order to obtain the Military Discount, you must provide the appropriate ID at the time of purchase. With the appropriate ID, you will be able to obtain the discount on an everyday basis. If the ID is not the ID that is accepted for obtaining the discount everyday, the discount will be available on the three major holidays of the year which are Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. I have also provided the appropriate forms of ID in order to obtain the Military Discount below:

    US Uniformed Service Privilege and Identification Card: Issued to identify a person as a member of the Armed Forces or a member’s dependent, such as a child or spouse
    Tan – Dependent of active duty member, retiree, or disabled veteran
    Red/Pink – Retired reservist and reservist dependent
    Blue – Retiree or disabled veteran – this can include civilians who retired from working on a Military Base
    Common Access Card (CAC) – Issued as standard identification for active-duty military personnel. Associates must validate the customer’s branch of service as Military.
    Veteran’s Identification Card (VIC) – Issued to identify and check-in for VA appointments. We use this card as and additional way to identify disabled veterans eligible for the Everyday discount. The card will state “SERVICE CONNECTED” which means the veteran was disabled while serving.

    VIC has Service Connected, POW and Purple Heart (PH) indicators on the new card

    MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture in order to get the Everyday Discount

    The customer may also have a Veterans Universal Access Identification which is the same as VIC.

    The Universal card is the newer version with the color photo on it (older cards had a black and white photo).

    Veterans who have been awarded Service-Connected (SC) status after their VIC has been issued or SC status is not properly documented on their card, will need to present their letter showing their SC rating to the eligibility clerk at the local VA Medical Center where they obtain treatment. After verification, the eligibility clerk will submit a request to National Card Management Directory (NCMD) System for a new card to be issued to the veteran.

    DD214 (can be used on the three major holidays: Veterans’ Day, July 4th, Memorial Day) – states the customer was honorably discharged from the Military. This is a valid form that can be used only during the 3 Holidays when we honor the Military Discount to everyone.

    The 2011 Florida Driver’s License now displays a “V” to show the person was honorably discharged. This DL can be used as a valid form of ID during this time.

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Thank you,

    The Home Depot-Customer Care
    2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
    Atlanta, GA. 30339

  203. mc says

    I agree with several of the comments. I am a disabled vet. I’ve been around the military over 35 years. I have a permanent disability which no one can see unless I drop my pants and show you. Sometimes I go to Home Depot and Lowes, which I have better luck at Lowes, and show my VA id and most cashiers don’t even know what it is. I’ve been told by cashiers that employees of the VA have the same card but that is not true. Or they say it isn’t a valid id. The VA does not issue the same card to employees that the vets get from what I’ve seen. If you want to check to make sure its valid, it’ll say service connected below the Vets picture.
    You do not keep your military id unless you retired from the military, which includes serving 20 plus years or getting a medical retirement which takes an act of congress to get. Most vets are discharged at 20% or less no matter what disability they have. The VA can rate them at 100% if they see fit. A person serving 19 years could simply get out and only get a DD214 and get less thanks than a person that served 6 months and is rated at 10% from the VA for their finger hurting. Also if you are retired with the old style id card, most cashiers(young adults), don’t recognize it because it isn’t issued anymore and they say IND on it. Most new style ID (the cac)all have expirations. No one is going to carry their DD214 around(unless they’re stupid), its a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper and it has critical information on it. If you tried to copy and shrink it you can’t read it. Home Depot and Lowes needs to be informed and inform all employees what the different types of ID are.
    These companies and all companies, if they claim to offer military or Vet discounts, should except the Veteran endorsement on any state drivers license because the Vet has to show their DD214 or VA proof to get it on their license. What was the point in passing a law allowing the Veteran to be recognized on their drivers license if no one is going to except it?
    Also, I feel embarrassed all the time because I show my service connected id, and I have a disability, and the cashier looks at me and is thinking “what’s wrong with you?” I feel bad enough I can’t enjoy life anymore because of injuries I acquired in the military and just makes it worse when someone questions your id or thinks your just trying to get a discount.
    And no, these companies don’t have to give anyone a discount. No company does. Its just a good gesture for saying thanks for all you did for America. And the employees are the ones that don’t understand. One store manager can spoil it for everyone if they aren’t familiar with the military. Still doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount, the worst they can say is no.
    I appreciate all veterans, weather you served one day or all your life. No one knows what a Vet is feeling or gone thru unless they have served also. The military is a different place to be today than it was years ago. I hope my kids never serve in todays military, its all political.

  204. damadtech says

    It seems the issue is a lack of a uniform company policy. Getting or not getting the discount at Home Depot is not what turns me off, it’s the arrogant and rude excuses, misinformation and apparent disdain shown by the personnel at Home Depot lately. THAT is why I’m shopping elsewhere now! I love the flimsy excuse that certain vendors are part of the issue….. LOL They have nothing to do with HD offering a company discount. And they wonder why their sales are slumping? Poor customer service is as deadly to sales as is a bad economy.

    And Bonnie, You unfortunately are misinformed about Military ID cards also. I DO HAVE in my possession my USAF Retiree ID Card (DD Form 2) and it clearly states on the front right over my SSAN the word INDEF. And I’m only 56……. and have never had to renew it for any reason.

  205. Jay M says

    I went to H.D. last night to purchase some items and also learned that they changed their policy. I was told that I could not use my County issued veterans i.d. card that shows proof of service. I was frustrated as well but now that I have thought about this issue I am satisfied with Home Depots policy. No corporation HAS to offer ANYBODY a discount. Although it is nice its defiantly not necessary. We volunteered to protect the U.S.of A. and corporations, local stores, and franchises decide if they want to offer discounts and on what days. We need to stop expecting things as entitlement being veterans. The only concern we should have is making sure we receive our veterans BENEFITS, not 10% off an item at Lowes or H.D. Now suck it up and press on!

  206. Dan says

    I was told they were “cracking down” on the discount policy. I still have my old Military ID card and was denied today at Home Depot. Never had a problem until today.

    I really think they should rename the policy as well. A veteran is anyone who at some time in his/her life has signed a blank check made out to the United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life.

  207. John says

    HOME DEPOT CHANGED ITS POLICY. I was unable to get the discount with an active duty military ID. Store was in New Jersey. It used to be a discount across the board and every day. Now there are tons of excluded items, limitations. LOWES IS BETTER!!

  208. Charlie says

    Denied the discount at Home Depot yesterday after having gotten it during the summer. Worst part is the young kid manager who looked at me with disdain with my military card…(not active, retired or disabled). He obviously had a dislike for anything military related and took pleasure in telling me no discount, we had already been rung up when he came over, the cashier was so embarassed she kept thanking me for my service and apologizing.
    so its back to Lowes, a bit further away but so worth it, the manager there calls me by name and no issues on the discount. Ask at your local hardware stores too, some give the discount quick and easy…dont overlook the Mom and Pop stores, ask!

  209. William says

    Just got back from a trip to Home Depot. Was told that no discount to veterans unless active, inactive, disabled, or retired. They stuck by this statement when I talked to a manager. Veterans only get that 10% discount 4 times a year. My local Lowe’s store always gives the discount with ID. They have never hesitated to give the discount even if the dollar figure of the sale is higher than an average transaction. Lowe’s gets my business…it is that simple…

  210. Micheal says

    My dad, who is a disabled vet, went to Home Depot on 11/30/13 and purchased over $300 worth of items. When he asked about the 10% discount, he was told that the needed to go to the customer service desk to apply (which he promptly did). After paying for everything, he checked his receipt and saw that he was only discounted $20. When he asked about it, he was told that not all vendors participate and that the maximum discount allowed was $20. Home Depot has a sign stating that veterans can save 10% on purchase, but nothing about the restrictions.

  211. Bonnie says

    Steve-having worked in the office that issues military ID cards for nine years-including retired and dependent cards, I would like to clear one piece of your information up because it is inaccurate. All retired personnel are not issued a retired ID card that says “indefinite”. The card is issued as indefinite IF the veteran is over 65. In certain medical situations, the back of the ID card MAY say indefinite but on the front of the card, it still expires every four years and must be reissued. When it says indef on the back of the card, that is because they are able to receive lifetime medical care indefinitely. It is not an expiration date. If a company is going to offer a “veteran discount” it should apply to all veterans. Maybe these companies should confer with those of us who HAVE served, so they know these things. No vet in their right mind is going to just carry their 214 in their wallet. Not all of us who served retired or are disabled. If it doesn’t apply to all veterans, then fine-don’t call it a veteran’s discount. I received my VIC a few months ago; now I’m wondering if HD is going to give me flack about asking for the discount…

  212. Thomas Gerber says

    Home Depot just changed their policy are what they provide discounts on. I just bought five different items and none of them qualified as discounts. 🙁

  213. Ed says

    In September I ordered one of their gun safes from online. They gave me the 10% military discount, though I had to get it by phone. I was told that I could either order on the phone, or order it online, then call as soon as I get the order # to have the discount added.

  214. Paul says

    I have registered at Home Depot and I have had no problems at Home Depot OR Lowes obtaining a discount. However, I live in Virginia and Virginia DMV has a Veteran ID program in which non-retired/disabled veterans can obtain a STATE issued veteran’s ID card. You have to submit the proper DD-214 paperwork, but it can be done and it doesn’t take all that long. Since I have obtained this physical ID card I have had no issues with getting discounts at MANY other retailers as well. I wish more states issued these ID cards.

  215. Craig says

    I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars at Lowes and not Home Depot in the last few years due to the differing policies. Home Depot are now making a card that you sign up for to show you have the proper i
    ID such as a VA card with “service connected disability” on front since mine doesn’t say that I’m denied. Basically if you would have caught a bullet while in-country you’d get the discount. Watching your friends die doesn’t count. Whereas lowes that I am there so often I feel like Norm walking into Cheers. They call me by name and the mgr never asks to see my VA card any longer abc they pop that discount in while thanking me for their service and I thank them for their benevolence. There are hundred of thousands like me – and Home Depot is actually screwing themselves. Whoever is in charge at HD for services such as this needs to be kick out by back of his breeches. THANK YOU LOWES!

  216. wolson says

    I was just denied the military discount with a purchase at my local HD. I had been getting the discount all year with no dollar limits/references to being retired or disabled. Seems now things have changed with HD and I will switch my purchases over to Lowes across the street. As Steve S said above, I guess unless you are a disabled veteran or retired, you’re the only class of military that should receive the discount. Those of us that have served, did not retire nor were hurt in the line of duty, do not qualify. Not very well communicated, nor inclusive of all that have served to give this great country its freedoms!

  217. JPMike says

    Shopped HD this weekend. Was told by the cashier, and later confirmed with management, that the year-round 10% discount policy for active and retired military was changed. It only included “select” items, not your entire purchase, and only for items up to $200. While I can understand companies can change policies, this should have been publicized. The manager stated that company instituted the new change with expectation that few people would complain.

    We chose to complain to HD online and will be shopping at Lowes.

  218. robert morrow says

    i am a Disabled American veteran,with a card that says life member on it. this is the only thing i have saying i am a disabled vet. some of my other cards and papers were stolen and the others were lost such as my card i was all ways to carry with me with my claim # on it. i do have a copy of my dd214 and a copy of my honorable discharge.but i was told i would have a picture i d from the army to prove that i was a vet. except on special holidays then all i had to do is say i was a vet to get the discount no i d needed. this was at lows. i do not know how to get a picture i d that proves me a vet. if my drivers license that has both picture and veteran on it wont work.i am 79 years old an just heard about this. i was glad so i tried it i did have to show a copy of my dd214 to get vet. my license.

  219. BRoss says

    So as of October 12, 2013 the Home Depot Military Program is changed. For Retirees, Receiving VA Benefits, etc :Now you must register with Home Depot to get the discount. The local store says I have to do this online; Home Depot 1-800- Customer Service line says I have to this in the store. And each purchase will be limited to a MAXIMUM of $20. Called Lowes – they are still giving the 10% discount for retirees without registering and without the $20 limit…so it looks like Lowes gets my vote ($$$)

  220. Rglrman in CO says

    I am in the process of upgrading a home I recently purchased. Items include all new kitchen appliances, carpet, floor tiles and granite in kitchen and bathrooms, new light fixtures throughout. I purchase the appliances at Lowe’s over the Labor Day weekend, used an additional 10% off card that I got from my realtor and then got an additional 5% off for putting the purchase on my Lowe’s card. I was amazed. I liked the carpet and tile selection better at Home Depot and was planning to purchase; however, they refused to honor a military discount. Granted – I am not retired nor do I have a service connected disability. I did have my VA card and a copy of my DD 214. The response I received was that there were too many people abusing the program so I had to be active duty in order to get the discount. Both the Lowe’s and Home Depot are located in Aurora, CO (Southlands) near Buckley AFB. Lowe’s gets it – how the 10% can build loyalty. They also get my business…..

  221. Outside the Box says

    I have been to multiple locations in VA. Woodbridge, Springfield, and Alexandria. I showed them my VA card as well as my expired Mil ID and was not given the discount despite their policy. I cited the policy and the manager had no knowledge of it. They stated it was only during holidays and not year round.

  222. Max says

    Steve S.,

    It is not the Active Duty, Retirees, or Disabled Veterans who are complaining. It’s the group of veterans who served their country, were not disabled, and did not serve 20+ years.

    I would venture to guess that the majority of veterans are not disabled or retired. We do not have a Retiree ID or a VA Card and cannot get one. We have the United States Department of Defense Form 214, a.k.a. the DD-214.

    After we served our country, the military took our ID Cards and gave us a DD-214. We were told that this form would prove our military service. They should have included a caveat… “except at Home Depot.”

    Your policy is your policy. Fine. But call the discount something else. Say that it only applies to Active Duty, Retirees, and Disabled Veterans. Manage our expectations so we know not to ask for the “Veterans Discount” in front of a group of people, only to be told that our service didn’t count.

    Fortunately there are some veterans working in some stores who know that we can’t get the ID cards required by the company policy. They honor our service anyway and accept our DD-214. Unfortunately these folks are few and far between. My civilian cashier actually argued with her veteran manager who approved my discount based on my DD-214, “…but he doesn’t have an ID Card!”

  223. Steve S says

    It is also not good for previous purchases. However, a manager MAY choose to allow a refund/rering for a previous purchase within the previous week to accomodate situations where a person simply did not have their ID with them at the time of purchase.

  224. Steve S says

    I have worked for Home Depot for more than 15 years.

    The policy is this: to receive a military discount every day of the year you must have ID that shows you are either active duty, retired status, or have a service connected disability. If you are retired status your ID will say “INDEF” for an expiration date. If you are an immediate family member your ID must not be expired. If you have a service connected disability the correct ID is a VA card which will say “service connected” below your photo. A driver’s license with military designation on it is not acceptable except on the four holidays of Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day on which all other IDs showing past military service will be accepted even if expired including the DD214 (along with photo ID). Contractors or citizens who are not military but who have military IDs for the purpose of getting on the base are not entitled to military discount.

    The discount is for personal use only and not for business use and it is only for the person whose name is on the ID. It is not to be used by friends or relatives. The name on the credit card used to make the purchase should agree with the name on the military ID.

    There are a number of items in the store which will NOT be discounted and they include garden tractors and commodities for example. Also the discount will not be given for anything that is presently on sale, nor will it be given on tax exempt purchases for use by a tax exempt organization (although states that grant exemption to veterans from sales tax should be an exception as long as the purchase is for personal use and not for use by a business or tax exempt organization).

    That is pretty much the policy in a nutshell.

  225. Chris V says


    I just went to my local Home Depot (Old Peachtree & I-85 in Georgia) last night and tried to get my veteran discount using my drivers license and was treated like dirt…
    • First of all, the lady at the self-checkout was just NOT a nice person at all. Her name was Dorothy and was NOT very customer oriented.

    • Dorothy pulled about a book after whining about how she’s just not going to do this (give me a discount) because I didn’t bring in my DD214. Who would be foolish enough to carry that around with them? The book showed the proper forms of ID. The Georgia license wasn’t one of them. When I tried to explain to her all the forms required to get one of these drivers licenses, she turned her back and ignored me.

    I was hoping Lowes would be better, but after finding this article I’m assuming that both companies probably have matching policies….

  226. Jilllyb says

    As of last week, our local Lowe’s does not accept the ID of V on a Drivers license. This is in Wellington, FL. I will now only shop at Home Depot.

  227. Wm Bergmann says

    I was unaware of the policy and have spent thousands at both Home Depot and Lowe’s remodeling my home. Yesterday, when I pulled out a credit card to pay my VA card fell out and the checker said I could get 10% off as a vet. Cool. I saved $40 right there. I wonder, can I ask for a retroactive discount on all I spent without knowing about the policy?

  228. GRG says

    I served during Vietnam. I only have the large, letter-size DD214, which I carry with me. My local (Torrance, CA) Home Depot, Lowes and OSH all give me the 10% discount. On a recent trip to NY State I needed some things to use on a home I own there. The Lowes in Albany wouldn’t honor my DD214 two out of the three times I shopped there. When I returned home, I took my receipts to my local Lowes and they applied the 10% discount from the previous purchases to what I bought that day.
    I just read on Wikipedia that you can get the letter-size DD214 shrunk to wallet size and laminated. Much easier to carry!
    Heartfelt thanks to all veterans!

  229. QM2USCG says

    IMHO, your article still makes the policy clear as mud. You quote a Home Depot Customer Care person, “We proudly offer Active and Veteran military a 10% discount on their online or in store purchases.”

    This is misleading. It makes it sound like all veterans get the discount no matter how long they served.

    This has been a hot topic at the Coast Guard Channel Community pages online. One of our members just received a reply for Home Depot Customer Care outlining the policy. Here’s a quote from that reply, “You are correct. We offer a ?Year Round/Every Day? 10% Military Discount to active, National Guard, Coast Guard and reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate family members, who present the following valid military ID?s:
    *Common Access Card (CAC) – Issued as standard identification for active-duty military personnel *Veteran?s Identification Card (VIC) – Must state ?Service Connected? for disabled veterans *Uniformed Services ID Card- Identifies members of the Armed Forces or dependent’s such as a child/spouse *Tan – Dependent of active duty member, retiree, or disabled veteran *Red/Pink – Retired reservist and reservist dependent *Blue – Retiree or disabled veteran – this can include civilians who retired from working on a Military Base……For our customers who do not qualify for the ?Year Round/Every Day? 10% Military Discount, our ?Holiday? 10% Military Discount is honored for ALL Military personnel and their immediate family members on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans’ Day. Customers can present ANY valid Military ID, including the form DD-214 ”

    I recently did a major bathroom remodel. The closest Home Depot to me, 5 miles to the east, would not give me a veterans discount. I spent over $600. Later I was in a town about 15 miles west of me and decided to stop in the Home Depot to check out interior doors. Since I was replacing the bathroom door, I decided to replace all five doors in the hallway. The salesman was very helpful and because I had to special order the door, I did it there. Over $700. The checkout person asked if I was a veteran. I said yes but not retired. He said it didn’t matter. I do carry a miniaturized copy of my DD214 in my wallet.

    So one store says I can only get the discount on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and maybe the 4th of July. Another store, or maybe just that one checkout person, says I can get the discount everyday. ?????

  230. Corey says

    I attempted to take advantage of this 10% military discount at the Home Depot in Ranson West Virginia yesterday for a $156.00 door. The door I came in for was not available and they offered to give a alternative door and had to adjust the price. They refused the military discount and actually referred to me as a “double-dipper”. I walked out.

  231. JoAnn Horton says

    I am a retired disabled Army Veteran and I just wanted to make a comment/complaint. I regularly shop at Lowe’s because they are always good at giving me the 10% discount on all my purchases, but I am currently having a major remodel done on my home and the contractors that I am working with, regularly go to Home Depot. Yesterday, I went to Home Depot, at their request
    to purchase drywall and insulation and a few other products and spent over $300, and when I presented my Military ID, I was told that I could not get a discount on the drywall or the insulation, because it is already discounted and I cannot get a double discount. After much discussion with the clerk, I decided that would be the last time that I ever shop at Home Depot. I was able to get a $3.44 discount on the other purchases, but I will not shop there again.

    • Ron says

      It’s funny you mention drywall; this is why I came here in search of this. I am an Army Veteran with proper ID, bought some drywall and studs at Home Depot for a closet project, among other misc. things (closet door, hardware, etc.), and they took 10% off after I showed them my ID, but nothing off the drywall! I didn’t notice until I got home and checked the receipt, but I find it very odd that every other item was discounted, but not the drywall panels. I don’t see this stipulated anywhere in the policy. Very annoying. Another reason to stick to Lowes.

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Ron, I’ve had it explained to me that Home Depot and Lowe’s both have some exclusions for which items are eligible for discounts. These often include commodities where profit margins are already very thin. Giving discounts on some items would result in the companies losing money on certain items after accounting for overhead and other expenses.

  232. bOB says

    This is ridiculous not even to be funny. I served in the Navy for 5 years during the Korean “crisis”. But according to Home Depot I have to be an “active veteran” to receive the discount!!!! When I produced a small copy of my Honorable Discharge form,. a clerk remarked that it was not acceptable according to their Veteran’s discount policy. I asked what an “Active” veteran was and was told that only a retired, disabled or recently discharged person qualified.

    So, according to them, I was not a veteran because I was not disabled, retired, or recently discharged. I guess I will never be able to receive my VA burial benefits because according to Home Depot, I am not a veteran!!! (Or their policy is discriminatory!!)

  233. Michael Lowe says

    First I’d like to say THANK YOU! to all my fellow Veterans for serving and happy your here to read this rant. I served in the Army with the 1/19 Inf – 25ID 74-78.

    I’ve been trading with Lowe’s for many years and have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars buying material for my own home projects and home improvement projects for customers around Spotsylvania, Stafford and Caroline County, VA. I’ve never had any problems at Lowe’s or Home Depot getting a military discount.

    Well tonight, I was disappointed, embarrassed and humiliated? at the Spotsylvania County, VA 10101 Southpoint Parkway Fredericksburg, VA 22407, Store #2623.

    I had spent about an hour shopping for exterior wall light fixtures, light bulbs and a few other things in all about a $225.00 total. I went to the check out and there was a man if front of me purchasing a wall cabinet. I heard him tell the young lady that he had returned one cabinet because it was damaged and had to buy another one. He told her that he had received a 10% military discount on the one that he returned and wanted to make sure that it was applied to the new cabinet. She asked for his military ID. He told her that he didn’t have one, she then told him that she would have to check with the manager. She picked up the phone and called the manager and it didn’t take over a minute to get it approved.

    In the mean while I had my Virginia DMV Military ID in hand ready to show the cashier. I started to talk to the man and told him that he could take his DD214 to the DMV and get an ID their and he wouldn’t have any trouble trying to prove he was in the military at one point in his life. We both chuckled and he thanked me for the info and we thanked each other for our service and he was heading out the door.

    Now it was my turn to check out. I handed my ID to the young lady and she looked up at me and said sir your not able to use your ID for the 10% discount unless your a disabled Vet, had a retiree military card or active duty. (I said WHAT? are you talking about I’ve never heard of this before and I’ve never had any trouble at this store using my ID. She told me that she would call the manager and see if it was ok to use it this time since I was there and had the merchandise. She picked up the phone and talked to the manager and it didn’t take 30 seconds to get an answer of NO! he can’t use it.

    I told the lady, the guy that just left didn’t have any military ID and the manager let him walk out the door with a discount. I asked her do you or the manager really know if he served or not? She didn’t know what to say.

    By this time two or three people had formed up behind me waiting to check out and were listening to the conversation. I was so embarrassed and humiliated? that I didn’t have the guts to turn around and look at the folks behind me.

    The cashier started to take things out of the basket to ring them up and I looked at her and told her not to bother, I would go some other place to buy what I needed.

    I walked out the door heading to my van, I looked across the parking lot and saw the man that was in front of me just finishing loading the cabinet in his auto. I thought to myself, good for you buddy.

    I got in my van and picked up the cell phone to call the wife to tell her what happened and while waiting for her to answer her phone I saw the cashier come walking out the door looking around. I don’t know if she was looking for me (hope she was) but I doubt it. But any way it was too late, I wouldn’t of went back in that store if they offered the stuff to me of free. The wife might of been upset with me but hey I can handle that. LOL

    I had no problems with the cashier she was doing her job and the managers job and was as polite as she could be in the situation. It’s the stores policy and the manager that I have a problem with.

    The manager didn’t have the guts to walk 20 feet away from his/her desk to look me in the eye and tell me NO. The Chicken Sh%@.

    And Lowe’s can send advertising emails out 5 or 6 time a week trying to get you to spend your hard earned money in there stores, but they can’t send out an email telling the Veterans that their service don’t count for anything any more.

    Forget them! I can buy anything I need else where here in town or on line and have it shipped to my house most times for free.

    I guarantee that I’ll never step foot in Lowe’s again

    Check out my last name, If I was part of that company which I’m not, I know every Vet would get a well deserved discount.
    I know what we went though. enough said.


    Michael Lowe

  234. Jenni says

    I just spoke with a man a few minutes ago that spent four years in the Air Force and was told the last time that he went into Lowes that he had to have proper ID to qualify for the discount. Ok, I get that, but the fact that this man provided all of his military paperwork to the state, had veteran flagged on his drivers license, paid the $15.00 fee to have another license issued and spent the remainder of his afternoon at the DMV only to have his discount declined again after doing what was asked of him to begin with is somewhat absurd. Is this man not considered a veteran? I wonder? I think of the many men and women that have served in the military, and are accepted into their local American Legions based on their service, but Lowes and Home Depot have the nerve to descriminate against who is and who is not a veteran. That is a bunch of crap. Their discount is like saying thank you to all the veterans who are disabled, retired, or yeah you are a family memeber of a retiree so yeah even though you never served we will gladly give you a discount. What about the men that were drafted, that didn’t have a choice and after four years of hell wanted out? I just don’t understand. I personally, without any discrimination, would like to thank each and every Veteran who has served our country. Thank you

  235. Fred Dickert says

    The closest Home Depot to my home offers the 10% discount with my VA ID card, but it is a smaller store, not having everything, so I tried the HD in the next town, a larger Home Depot.
    The cashier told me that they, store manager’s order, to not honor the VA card except on the 3 or 4 holidays a year.
    So, I do most of my business with Lowes, who always, regardless of location, honors my VA ID card

  236. Spydie says

    I think it’s pissy that you have to be a 20+ year retired vet or seeking VA assistance to get the coveted picture ID so we can get the same discount. Our time in the service counts for nothing unless we are disabled or looking to get free medical care. A lot of us have better insurance and medical care than going to a VA hospital, so we never get the ID card. Thanks for the slap in the face Lowes and Home Depot

  237. Carrie says

    Made the mistake of going to Home Depot yesterday. Asked for a discount before the cashier started to ring up the items, I showed the cashier my Active Duty ID card and the cashier told me I had to be registered with Home Depot to get a discount. This morning I called Home Depot’s Customer Care and was informed that as of May 2013 certain states are participating in a pilot program which requires all military personnel eligible to receive a discount to be registered with the company ‘so that all you have to do at the time of your purchase is show your Home Depot Military Discount Card and enter your phone number in to the keypad’. The Customer Care lady was nice enough when explaining it all to me and understood when I told her I’m already registered with the military, showing my ID card to the cashier should be enough proof and oh by the way Lowe’s is right across the street and they don’t require me to register with them.
    This was at Home Depot #4619 on Tintern Ln off Battlefield Blvd in Chesapeake, Virginia. According to the CC lady, all the stores in my area (Hampton Roads) are doing this pilot program because of all the bases that are nearby.

  238. Cami says

    I haven’t shopped at Lowe’s since my hubby was in Iraq the last time, (2005-2006). They wouldn’t honor the discount because I wasn’t the military member. It was Vet’s Day. I left my $1500 of cabinets at the register and crossed the street to Home Depot.
    I’ve never had a problem at Home Depot.

  239. Steve Ann Arbor says

    I had been shopping at both Home Depot and Lowes and haven’t had a problem with my vet I’d card. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and both at cash register and service desk I was told that they only accepted active, retired, or VA medical ID cards. I will be checking out Lowes and if they haven’t changed their rules too they will become my only store.

  240. Mark von der Heyde says

    Home Depot only extends discounts to active, Long term retired and disabled vets on a daily basis. Lowe’s currently extends the discount to all veterans who served in the military of the United States of American. Shame on you Home Depot for discriminating against military veteran personnel no mater how long they served. Bait and switch to get veterans in your store is a disgrace. 10% across the board should be your policy. You should reconsider your policies. Ya Think!

  241. Appliance Shopper says

    Has anyone else been told that some appliance brands are excluded from the Lowe’s military discount program? Local clerk said he “has been told” not to offer the discount on certain brands. This brand is not on the posted list of brands excluded from their typical “10% off appliances over $399” sales.

  242. John says

    I just had an online chat for a 10% discount for a Home Depot online purchase. They have you purchase the item, then you give them your email and order number through the chat window and they adjust the cost and send you an email verification. Don’t even have to pick up a phone.

  243. Bob says

    I do not know what all the problem is. I am a disabled veteran and there are several military discounts that I do not qualify for. I am not complaining, just saying.

  244. Bob says

    In reference to Jon’s (February 26,2013 1:39pm) comment: The Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital system does have photo ID cards. Your ID must be very old, because they have been required for for a very long time now. The next time you enter the VA hospital, go to the Veterans Benefits Office and get a new one. The bar code on the card will soon be required for processing at individual clinics. I am a disabled veteran and use my card at the VA Hospital frequently, also at Home Depot with no problem. The only problem I have, is that they do not honor the discount for my wife.

  245. Vaughn P says

    I have always favored Home Depot over Lowes.
    One town only has Lowes and I found out they honor my VA ID card without question every day. I spent 4 years in the Air Force in the early 70’s guarding the aircraft . I am using my VA medical benefits.
    Home Depot only let’s me use it on the 3 federal holidays.
    I will be shopping there more. This is in Pa

  246. stephen c says

    In Conway, AR, both Home Depot and Lowes seems to be random depending on the cashier on duty as to whether you can get the discount or not. Some cashiers have asked for my dd214, others want my VA card, and others say the discount is only 4 times per year. In general, i’ve been very happy when receiving the discount, so, haven’t bothered to complain if occassionally it’s not honored 🙂

  247. jim h. says

    Both Lowes and Home Depot in my area honor a photocopy of your DD214 with a picture ID, for the 10% discount.

    In fact on one occasion Home Depot accepted my USMC tattoo as proof.

    It’s a great policy.

  248. Nancy says

    I am not surprised to see a complaint re: Alamogordo Home Depot, there are so many associates at the this store that are so helpful.

    Then the other half seem to be anti customer and against making sales.

    The staff is not clear on the requirement of the Veterans Discount, rude and indifferent, two names come to mind, one a very insulting person, and it really start at the top. The woman introduced herself as store manager, she is as rude and indifferent to customers, you can expect the staff to follow. An associate tall blonde woman long hair with glasses, acted liked it was her money, and disgusted that someone would ask for the Veterans discount. Which happened more than once.

    We live in Ca. and have provided the local Home Depot with a copy of the DD214, it seems we were miss informed. We told it would be on file in our account, could be pulled with our phone number. It didn’t work that way.

    We have a home in New Mexico and Alamogordo Home Depot is the closest to us. Until now my husband has had no reason to have an Veterans ID. He did have his VFW card with him and explained what we were told by our local store.

    Another manger I. Beccerra, made the decision to allow the discount. By the way we do have an account that allows the pro discount. It was an interesting exercise and at this location 50% of staff failed.

    My husband has acquired the necessary Veterans ID. We are hard pressed to do business at that location. If it were not for the associate like, Justin, Jason, Isaac, and others we would shop Lowes. I dislike false advertising or lets say misleading advertising, and using the Veterans to perpetuate it.

    Respectfully Nancy

  249. Max says

    Home Depot should be more specific with their “military discount.” If the employee follows the corporate rules, then only active duty, retirees, and disabled veterans get the discount.

    A few employees told me that they have all been told to only accept CACs and VA cards. They were even told not to acccept the Virginia state drivers licenses that are marked “Veteran.”

    So if you did not retire and are not receiving VA benefits then you are S.O.L.

    I downloaded a copy of my DD214 to my phone and showed it to the cashier. She had to get manager approval for the discount. An assistant manager did not want to approve it (following the rules). The manager did approve it. I don’t want to say what store because I don’t want the manager to get in trouble with the corporate office.

    So it all depends on the common sense of the individual, whether they follow corporate rules, and how hard the Home Depot corporate office forces them to follow this particular rule.

    I just think they should call it something else. Something like the “Military except-non-retirees-that-didn’t-get-injured Discount.” Well… that might be too long.

    Maybe they could put a sign near each register that says, “Non-retirees who do not receive VA benefits do not qualify for the Miltary Discount.” Then at least they won’t be suprised.

  250. Mike says

    I have a VA card having been a Gulf War Vet but do not have a service connected disability. I have never had an issue with getting the discount at the Milford, MA Lowes. I went to the Home Depot in Bellingham, MA this past Sunday and the cashier wasn’t going to give me the discount since my card didn’t state “Service Connected”. I told her that I have never had an issue in the past and I have never had an issue at Lowes. When I told her that they they would lose all my future business to Lowes she reluctantly gave me the discount. I’ll just keep shopping at Lowes, Home Depot is not worth my trouble or worthy of my money.

  251. Lyn Burton says

    My friend, a veteran complete with the new Florida driver license marked with a “V” to note a vet, was told at Home Depot, Panama City, FL, that she did not qualify for the 10% discount since the “only discount they had on their list, was for MILITARY”. This occurred today, 6/12/013.

  252. David B says

    I just went online to Home Depot to buy a very expensive home improvement item and got on the live chat and they are working out the military discount and will adjust the amount on my shipping confirmation receipt! I didn’t place the order until I had a person on Live Chat and they confirmed they would do it then I followed her instructions.

  253. Robert M. says

    I recently purchased about $1,000 (front door and screen door) from one of my local Home Depot’s in Colorao Springs, CO. I as only given a $50.00 discount for the whole purchase. I was told that there was a $50.00 max discount. Has anyone else have this issue before?

  254. Craig B says

    Home Depot will only honor year round to veterans with a “Service Connected” VA Disability card. I just walked out of the one in Jensen Beach. Ill keep my business with just Lowes.

  255. Joe says

    I recently had a problem with the Home Depot 10% policy at one store. I escalated a complaint to the retention department at corporate headquarters who did confirm to me that 100% of stores are to honor the 10% military discount not only to active duty members but also to dependent ID card holders as well. This applies to both active duty and retired members. It is also applies to disabled veterans with service connected VA ID cards.

    Do not let management at one store push you around. The person I spoke to at the coporate HQ told me that educating each store and all employees about every store policy is a slow process. It takes time to work all the rules down to all levels. The 10% applies to ALL purchases as well not just regular priced items. It even applies to clearance items as well. There is no bar for this discount.

  256. Don Johnson says

    I noticed today that the written policy on Lowes website states:
    Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.


    Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).

    There is a large population of us who are veterans that do not use the VA. Either we do not have a service connected disability or never claimed one. Just because I haven’t pursued a claim with the VA does not mean I am not a veteran; and there are many of us out there. I wonder why they will not take a DD214, VFW, or American Legion card? Why not accept the DD214 – add it to the customer’s profile on the mylowes account so the veteran customer doesn’t have to ask for a manager everytime?

  257. Debra says


    These stores need to get their eggs all in one basket, because it seems some do some don’t. I should not have to ask for a manager to get a 10% discount if I have a DD214 or VA ID. It is a crying shame that these stores give big discounts to all the DOD and yet the vet that may have put their life on the line is treated so badly. We are the men and women that make it possible for them to conduct business as freely as they do.

  258. jerry snow says

    do not belive everything you read. I was at the home Depot in Statesville NC today 5/22/2013 to buy $2100.00 worth of lumber and the manager D J Miller told me they did not do veterans that were not on active duty. I have bought a lot things from Home Depot in the past but I will not buy any thing else.

  259. Deb says

    I read this same article several months ago and when I went to Home Depot here in Virginia Beach, and asked for the discount, I was told you have to be active duty only except for 3 holidays. I am a veteran and I have a VA ID card and I was told in order to get the discount anytime I had to be disabled vet. No matter what I said I was not getting a discount. I have not tried Loews at all. It’s like the Federal credit unions, DOD can join, but Vets can not unless your retired or a family member of a retired person. It gets under my skin, because I am a vet with 7 years service and my cousins who never served a minute can get use of the credit unions because of their father.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Deb, Home Depot and Lowe’s both have the stated policy on their website (quoted and linked in the article above), however, some managers and employees are either ignorant of the policy or choose to ignore it. The best thign to do is be polite. If they refuse the discount, you can either buy the items without the discount, or leave the items at the store. It’s unfortunate that these companies have a well-meaning policy in place, but don’t consistently follow through with it.

  260. THOMAS W. NEWTON says


  261. Jon Harrier says

    In E OH. I have a VA-issued photo that I’ve had since I joined VA health-care 10+ years ago. Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot have refused me the 10% discount (except on clearance items). I’ve received it on items over $500, over $1,000; in stores and on-line.

    Occasionally a clerk might be punctilious “It’s for active-duty only”; or “I don’t think we do that”.

    It seems to vary by store/ region. In busy metro areas, clerks verify themselves and usually combine the 10% VA with the 5% store credit-card discounts; in rural stores they usually call for a manager override.

    Overall, the stores have been great about discounts, returns, price-matching.

  262. Anthony Penza says

    I showed my DD214 at home depot and got the 10% discount. One time the cashier did not accept it and neither did the manager. I left my items on the counter and walked out. After that I came back and looked for the same cashier and got the discount with no problem. The last time I was there the cashier that knew me was gone and when I showed the new girl my dd214 she called her manager and he accepted it. This was on a regular day, no holiday. It seems to depend on the person at the register and the manager you talk to. I served for two years, Vietnam 67-68.

  263. Mark Shanks says

    In the past I have not been able to get a discount at HD because they said only active and retired, they knew the difference. I did 10 years. I got the VA ID card just for the proof I am a vet. Works at Lowes everytime. Started going to HD again because I moved(also found out HD has lower prices)and have not had any problem getting the discount showing my VA card.

  264. vido says

    Home Depot@ Amsterdam NY.12010. This is the pits of all Home Depot’s in NYS. A veteran will not get a 10% discount unless he is active, and or a war related Vet. This was told to me at 4:25 pm today 4/3/2013 by the Manager on duty of this store, at said date and time.

    On many other Home Depot stores, and Lowe’s, my card has been good in the past. At Lowe’s I never have had a problem. It appear that Home Depot, is trying very hard to loose there customers. Lowe’s will destroy home depot as soon as all vets are back home, and read articles such as this one.

  265. Ed Schopf says

    I’m a Vietnam Vet 1969-1970. I’m not retired from the service or have VA healthcare. The state of New Jersey now issues a photo Veteran ID Card at the sheriff’s department of your county seat if you live in NJ and produce your DD214. In Burlington County it’s Mt. Holly. This ID was passed by lawmakers in Trenton in appreciation of Vets who served our country. Lowe’s in Voorhees NJ will accept the Veteran ID card but in Clermont, Florida where I vacation, they refused it. It all depends on the manager of the store. I would like to know the link where Ryan Guina says at the top of the article where both stores, Lowes and Home Depot, now gives discounts to Vets. Then I can show it to a manager who refuses to honor the Veteran ID card.

  266. Skip says

    This was on Home Depots site also. They were very nice and thanked me for serving also. Good experience!

  267. Skip says

    I just placed an order online and got a military discount. I just hit the live chat button and asked. He said to place the order and give him the conformation code, his supervisor then took it off my bill. They just do a refund onto my card but I can’t complain!

  268. jimmy sandoval says

    To Jon: That just stinks. I contacted Home Depot’s customer service department and you do qualify. The issue is with their staff members. It gets even dumber if you ask to speak to a supervisor because at that point they will support the employee over the veteran/service member. Of the two local Home Depots I will go to the one that is further away because there is never an issue there. Never a problem at Lowe’s but they are much further. I know that companies monitor sites such as this but it does not seem to make a difference with H.D.

    Thank you Jon for having served.

  269. jon says

    I am a 50% disabled vet. I presented my VA ID card at Home Depot Saturday to get my 10% discount on a $142.96 purchase. The cashier told me this was not a valid ID because it lacked a picture of me on it. I told her the VA did not offer photo ID cards and she was confusing VA ID with military issued IDs. She became somewhat condescending and nasty and still refused me the discount. I probably will shop at Lowes from now on.

  270. MIKE TRACY says

    My old pink navy reserve card that I received when I was released from active duty used to work at Lowe’s. However, it has an expiration date on it and they have now become very explicit about only excepting cards with “no expiration dates.” In the past some store clerks would even except my American Legion, Vietnam Veterans, or Veteran’s Administration card but no longer. I have also called customer service in the past to place online orders and received the veteran’s discount with no problem or verification. In the store yesterday (San Marcos, CA) they told me going forward they will specifically look for, “the DOD emblem and no expiration date, and Home Depot is doing the same.” In other words, the tan military retiree card, and I wonder if they will even except the active duty green card that has an expiration date? By the way, the clerk gave me the 10% discount anyway on a $500 purchase.

  271. Jerry says

    Charlie that’s not right because the Lowe’s in Kingston, NY gives the discount year round! I would call customer service at Lowe’s Corporate Level!

  272. Charlie says

    Lowe’s in Poughkeepsie, NY does not give a veterans discount, except for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. They do appear on a list I received with stores that give military discounts…………but tried 2 separate times,I asked for the discount, showed the proper id, when told no, I asked for a manager just to check………….no luck……..that was just a few days ago.

  273. Dan says

    Lowes has always honored the 10%, just show my retired military ID, before running my credit card.

    Home Depot (local in Alamogordo, NM) had switched to the 10% discount only for the holidays mentioned for awhile. I found that if you asked them to price match the 10% that Lowes had it was like magic, the cashier told me that you have to specifically say the words; “price match” “Lowes”, “10% military discount”. They have since gone back to honoring year round, but if they quit I will go back to using the magic words.

  274. Jim says

    I am a disabled Vietnam vet and did not know about Lowe’s discount until I was in their store buying something. My purchace had been rung up and when I open my wallet the clerk saw my VA card and asked if I was a veteran. She told me to take my receipt to customer service and they gave me cash back for my discount, no problem. So when I needed a humidifier I went there and with my VA discount it was several dollars cheaper than even Wal-Mart right across the street. I shop there for everything I can and tell everybody about the discount.

  275. E.pulliam says

    I have never had a problem with the 10% discount just show ID. that’s it. VIETNAM -VET- 1967-1968 welcome home

  276. Bill says

    I have not tried Home Depot recently for the military discount but just the day after Christmas I was in Lowe’s and asked for the discount and was given it happily! I am not retired but am a veteran with a VA picture ID and that was all I needed to show. You don’t have to even be service-connected disabled in order to enroll in VA health care. With your VA health care you get the VA picture ID. This is in Hawaii. I will try Home Depot the next time I am in there. The only catch is that you have to ask for the discount.

    Thanks to all my fellow Veterans for their service whatever the war or time period they served. I am a Vietnam Vet and not sorry I served there!!

  277. Scott says

    Funny, the Lowes closest to me in San Antonio off 1604 does NOT give the 10% discount to Veterans. I am retired, disabled, a Combat Veteran, and they could not have cared less. I have never had anyone in any Home Depot in three states refuse me the 10% discount. I like Lowes more, but go to Home Depot for the discount.

    God Bless America!!

  278. Frank says

    In the greater Detriot metro area both Lowe’s and Home Depot give the discount without any hassle. At first I was using my VA medical card, but one of the cashiers at the Lowe’s showed my their list of “approved” IDs. That’s when I found out that Oakland County, MI will provide a VA ID card to vets with a honorable discharge. It cost $10, but tis worth it. I have asked at several other stores, so far Tractor Supply also has one. Although, the cashier made it seem as though not every cashier will honor it.

  279. Chris says

    Both Home Depot and Lowes offer military discounts. For active duty, retirees and disabled veterans (not sure on the percentage required for DV discount). It is posted on both their websites. There are many many other businesses that offer a same discount. Military.com has a list of vendors. Autozone, Applebees, NAPA, Footlocker, etc… there are many of these I use as a retiree. Some are based from store to store. The Applebees in my old town offered 10% discount everyday. The one where I live now offers 30% discount on Monday’s. So it varies by franchise owner. Home Depot (where I work) not only gives you the discount but every manager that approves the override has thanked me for my service. Every manager at EVERY Home Depot I have ever been too.

  280. James Hughes says

    Lowes will honor the 10% but you now must have a Veterans Association or a CAC Card. Your Form and hats wont work, the cashier can get in major trouble. My wife works at lowes. Just a helpful little tidbit. This is not diability related. Just need a verifying card.

  281. John Ranville says

    Just recieve my Oakland County Veterans ID card that was advertised in the news paper and on tv that home depo would except this card, not so. Will be contacting the American Legion National Office and Lion Club International and informing them what your policy is and not Honnoring all Veterans all year long.

  282. Larry Hull says

    I have been having a lot of trouible getting my veterans discount at Home Depot. I fight with them everytime I go in. I now have my VA ID card and have been told that may not be enough, that I might have to have a service connected disability, too.

    They really find ways around it, don’t they? I shopped in the Puyallup, Washington Home Depot today and spent $500 but the manager wouldn’t give me the discount because all I had was my DD214. Oh, is that all? She didn’t even want to look at it and said she couldn’t authorize a discount unless I had my VA card.

    I should have gone to Lowe’s. I’ve never had problems like that before. Now, all of a sudden a DD 214 is not good enough? It’s good enough for the U.S. Government, but not for Home Depot? It’s good enough for Lowe’s, but not Home Depot? I’m frustrated and about through with Home Depot.

  283. Robin says

    I’ve always received my discount at both Lowe’s & Home Depot. Since I carry my VA cards with me all the time, there is never a problem. Also, Walgreen’s Pharmacy offers a 10% discount on certain days each week, but you should contact them to find out each store’s specifics. Some only offer this on the last Fri. of the month.

  284. clyde jones says

    I was in home depot this AM, to buy cabinets and tops for my bath room. I asked the manager at customer service if they woul honor my 10% retired vetrans card. and he said they didnot honor the virginia card, and I told him it was on the internet they would,,,they missed a big SALE. this store is located in Mechanisville,Virginia. and Lowes will honor this, I walked OUT

  285. Colleen says

    Was just told at home depot that the everyday discount is for vets with service connected disabilities.

  286. John P. Howard says

    Returned from a Home Depot in Leominster MA who used to honor my VA card, now you have to be disabled, active or retired I was told. I guess if you served next to a guy who got disabled and you didn’t doesn’t count. Corperate Policy I’m told, well you know what you can do with that. Won’t be going to Home Depot anymore and will tell all my friends. I went to Lowe’s and they honored it, but the cashiers don’t have the authority to give it to you a manager has to okay it due to abuse. A cashier told me at Lowe’s that one manager won’t give it to you if he thinks your using it for a business. I can go on and on. The point is if you offer a Veterens discount honor it we all served so we all deserve.

  287. Sabrina H says

    The Salvation Army thrift store in Roseville, MI offers a 25% discount every Tuesday. Worth asking your local store.

  288. William says

    It’s only for disabled service connected veterans only!!! Must have your iD with you. I uesed it in 3 states and the policy is the same in all states for both depot and lowes.

  289. jimmy sandoval says

    I recently shopped at the Home Depot on Washington Bl in Whittier, CA. At the check out counter I was informed that my blue retired military card was not good for a discount. I asked to see the policy and it clearly states that I am elegible. The store emplyees said that the only card they would accept is the V.A. card. I pointed out to them that that is only for veterans with a service connected disability. I got no where with these individuals. I left in disgust and went to my hardware store.

    I called their 800 number and was informed that I am correct. Hopefully this will filter down to the bottom of their food chain.

  290. USMASMU says

    Home Depot near me had us register for the military discount with our phone number at the customer service counter, that way when we go to pay we just enter the phone number as a “pro rewards number” and we get the 10% off. Sometimes they ask to see ID, but they only really closely inspected it when we did the registration. The lady said it was something that had to be re-registered annually. We haven’t had problems using it in different Home Depot stores in the area (DC/Northern Virginia) except for once, and there they applied the discount at the register.

  291. VS says

    Haven’t tried Home Depot but I know the Lowe’s in my area works. It’s nice of them to extend the 10% discount to disabled veterans with valid goverment-issued ID’s too.

  292. Ken Wilson says

    I was in the 191st Michigan Air National Guard for six years during June of 1969-1976.
    I think it’s great that you give a discount for us military retiree’s but, why not honor every day instead of only on Memorial Day, or Veterans Day.
    I belong to the American Legions, and Amvet’s and was turned down at the Cheyenne Wy. Lowes store for my 10% discount.
    When I got out of the service we were never given a Military ID.
    I think that showing our Amvet’s and American Legion card should be good enough.
    Why are we only remembered on those day’s.

  293. Red wilson says

    I tried using my VA disabled I’d card march 9, 2012 at the Elk River,MN Home Depot only to be told the 10% discount program has been discontinued. The cashier said they will be sending coupons several times during the year. Too bad. I did a lot of business at Home Depot and they always gave me the discount. Lowes here I come.

  294. Shirley Hillaker says

    We did major renovations to accommodate my husbands needs. We bought all supplies at Home Depot in Flushing, MI and got a 10 % discount on all our supplies. They even honored my VA spouse card, I didn’t know they could use that. They pulled out the document from headquarters and showed us what can be used and who gets the discount. My husband is an atomic veteran that served 10 1/2 years on board various ships in the boiler rooms. He has MS, asbestosis, COPD, etc. We have been treated by all like we are special. We both feel honored by the goodness of people.

  295. NORMA says


  296. Tom says

    I’ve used the ID card at both Home Depot And Lowes but today when I used my old active duty ID, I( I’ve been out 13 years) the manager told me not any more, that only active duty and and retiree’s.. I grab my card out of here hand and left.. She was Very snotty! This was the Lowes in Amsterdam NY, an d when I got home I wrote a email to corporate.. No more Lowes for me!!

  297. Gordon R. Bryer Sr says

    It should be a standard procedure fo all active and exmilitary to be able to get the 10% discount. Those who serverd their country and were honorably discharged don’t recieve the recognition. I personally belong to VFW American Legion and VA and have been denied. Most are young people that don’t have any idea what any of these IDs mean. If they are going to offer these discounts they should advise their help on how to ID a fomer and present veteran with card carrying ID. When I was discharged I wasn”t issued a card saying I was a veteran. Once I connected with VA VFW and American Legion I carried ID. Many vets don’t join these organizations but they are still vets..

  298. PHILIP G. says


  299. Gary Clendenning says

    The last two times in Home Depot they refused to discount and told me that they only gave the 10% to disable vets.No more shopping here.Lowe has always given the 10%.

  300. Teresa says

    I also went to Lowes store in Warrington,Pa and was able to get the discount,for Veterans,Until today. The employee was rude and also said for active or retired. I had a VA Card honered by the court house which I had gotten a VA card. I was told that it would be honered at lowes.
    The manager was not Honoring the Veterans also at Lowes! when I called him up about this matter.
    If you Lowes don’t want to honor us,Thanks because if it wasn’t for us VETERANS! We would not be a free Country..

  301. Brian C. says

    I was told you have to have service connected under your pic on your VA ID if your not active duty. I also Went to HD to pick up a ladder and it would not give me the discount. Some kind of contractors special or something. The girl at the register gave me the 10% anyway and a big smile. I always feel funny pulling out the card , but I’m out of work and and need any help I can get. I want to say ‘thank you’ to the stores for showing some gardatude, not many did when I was in.

  302. Terry says

    Today I went to Home Depot in Bristol VA. and had a couple of items to purchase. I thought I would try the veterans discount. I showed my VA picture ID card but the cashier said it was not a card they accepted. I am a Vietnam veteran and I guess that war doesen’t qualify for veterans status.

    Thank you Home Depot, Lowe’s will get any business from me from now on.

  303. joe grabka says

    I also was denied a discount at Home Depot. I was a four year enlistee in the Air Force, (1976-1980), I have my VA picture ID, and I was told only certain veterans are eligible. I contacted Home Depot’s corporate office, and was told they can’t afford to give a discount to all veterans. I guess all veterans aren’t responsible for keeping them free to do business in the US and the world. (And I guess they don’t make enough profit to say thank you to all vets.) Go figure!

    • John P. Howard says

      This is exactly what happened to me, tell all your friends and go to Lowe’s or your local hardware store.

  304. Joyce says

    Home Depot in Tucson AZ is wonderful! It was explained to me there is only certain types of military/veteran id’s Home Depot will except. One of the veteran id’s they will except is the VA id which has “service connected” written on it which is for disabled veterans. This is the one I have been able to utilize many times especially when I bought my home.

  305. Arthur says

    Home Depot in MA., allowed a 10% discount when I showed them my VFW card no problems. This was at the sevice desk which happen to be taking sales customers.

  306. Mitch says

    I have never read the website statement. I can only make reference to my personal dealings with Lowes and HD. It is very apparent to me that Lowes understands and honors all Vets. I’m not sure HD gets it? I’m done going into HD and being scrutinized like I’m a wanted felon. I am giving all of my business to Lowes where they show and verbalize their appreciation for my service. I’m proud to be a Vet and Lowes people remind me that the general public does respect and honor all Veterans.
    Does anyone have a list of retailers that offer any type of a Veteran preference the whole year? If there is such a list then lets make it known and lets frequent them over their competitors……

  307. Roger says

    Here is what Lowes web site says about military discounts:
    “Lowe’s established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services1 and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients.2 This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family3 of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients.

    To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must:

    Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.


    Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).

    We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only.

    The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for Lowes.com purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations. It cannot be combined with the Lowe’s Price Guarantee, or promotions such as “Spend and Get,” “New Mover,” “Project Starter,” “Your Choice,” or discounts such as Quote Support Program (QSP) quotes.

    1 Armed Services — US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, or the National Guard and who are in active, reserve, or retired status.
    2 Retired Veterans and VA Recipients — Veterans who have retired after 20 years of service and/or those who receive VA Benefits
    3 Immediate Family — Spouses and/or dependent children (up to 18 years old.)”

    • Mitch says

      I have never read the web site but I can speak of my personal dealings. The bottom line is that I feel HD does not get it……When I go to Lowes I am whole heartily thanked for my service. Sure the 10% helps but the personal touch is what does it for me. Lowes honors our service. I’m done with going to HD and getting scrutinized like I’m a wanted felon. I’m going to Lowes where I am appreciated.

      Does anyone have a list of retail outlets that offer a Veteran program all year long. If there is such a list lets make it known so we can all give our hard earned money to the retailers that show their appreciation for all Veterans.

    • John P. Howard says

      Lowe’s in Leominster MA is everyday and they don’t make you feel bad about getting it. Can’t say the same about our HD no respect so guess what no business from me.

    • Nanette says

      Hi Roger, can you post the Lowes link where that information is posted, please. I have not been able to find it. Thank you in advance

  308. Mitch says

    Temple, TX
    Rudely denied at Home Depot! The 10% is not the issue. The issue is the way they state their point. It sounds like they are anti-Veterans? I know someone else who “qualifies” for the HD Vet discount but every time they ask for it the cashier examines the VA card then says something like “oh, ok” then turns to the register without making a verbal recognition or eye contact with the Veteran….One time the cashier stated “oh your disabled” (said in a rude manner). This Vet does not like to advertise that he has a Service Connected Disability. This Vet is now going to Lowes only.
    Lowes has always made me feel proud to be a Vet. Most every time I show my card the Lowes employee thanks me for my service. I do go out of my way to shop at Lowes. I would rather my hard earned money goes to someone who does appreciate my service and understands what all Veterans have done for this Country.
    I would love to see all of us Vets support only the retail stores that show us some appreciation.
    I do not work for Lowes. I do not have any family or friends (that I know of) working for Lowes. This statement I made is totally unsolicited by Lowes.

    • John P. Howard says

      They always honored my VA card at HD up until yesterday they gave me the discount that day but no longer and they were’nt polite about it. guess what they lost a customer. Lowe’s honored it but the have abuse issues, exactly what I don’t know a manager has to okay the discount. HD made me feel like I was looking for a free hand out.

  309. PAUL WALTON says

    I was getting the 10% at Home Depot in Cape Coral, FL for about a year. Suddenly, no more I was told on my type of ID. It is the pink Marine ID with picture and other information. I am also 10% compensable, service connected. I just do not get it. Lowe,s always gives me 10% on everything, even sales and close outs.

  310. Rick says

    I’ve been taking advantage of the 10% discount for a couple of years now and I don’t have a VA card, however, it’s in the works. Sometimes, however, when I tell them I get a vet discount they ask for the card and I show them my DD214 and they say that’s not good enough (DUH). I immediately ask for the manager who gives me the discount post haste.

  311. Jim says

    I recently had a msaor go-around with both the local and some corporate personnel from Home Depot. Their ads are extremely misleading. They use the term “Veteran” in their PR and ads, BUT insist on ID. How many folks like me who put in 4 or more years and were honorably discharged and NOT going the the VA for any reason have current military ID??

    Anyone who has served and was honorably discharged from the USA, USAF, USN, USMC or USCG will NOT have current military ID unless they were disabled and are using the V.A. and have ID for that or other special circumstances. RETIRED Veterans do have ID so that they have acccess to APHES, PX’s medical services, etc. at military posts, bases, and stations.

    When I finally got a straight answer rom Home Depot, it turns out that for the all-year discount (in addition to Active Duty or disabled personnel) and although using the term Veteran, they are in fact refering ONLY to RETIRED personnel.

    They need to PUBLICLY state that the year-round discount is only for:
    Active Duty Personnel
    Veterans with a service-related disability
    Retired Military Personnel


    • Howard Fisher says

      I have a VA issued photo ID and my local HOME DEPOT (Orange City, FL) refused to take it. Now I just refuse to shop any of their stores and drive 1/4 further and shop at Lowe’s where it is accepted.

  312. Keith Naylor says

    I was in Home depot last week for purchase. I showed my vet card. After waiting 5 minutes for manager, she said they no longer honor the discount but gave it to me this time.

    Home depot was in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Brown rd.

  313. Greg says

    Lowe’s in the Tuscaloosa, AL area just discontinued the 10% military discount other than on Memorial and Veterans’ Days. I truly appreciated it while it was available. Home Depot in this area has only offered it on the holidays, but I like Lowe’s better anyhow. Thanks Lowe’s!

  314. Glenn says

    I have come across this same problem. I think the problem is that they want the active ID card to say active on it. The ID card no longer says active duty on it. I had my retired reserve red ID card denied today. The girl said they only accept the VA ID card. I read the policy to her that I had a copy of. the manager gave me the discount. This was very embarrassing.

  315. Jan says

    Hey folks, there are a lot of you who sound pretty angry, but Home Depot or Lowes don’t have to offer the discount in the first place. If you got it for awhile, GREAT! Times are tough even for businesses and they may not be able to afford to give the perks the used to. My business is shutting down due to the economy. I’m sure Home Depot and Lowes doesn’t mean it as a slap in the face to any veteran. It’s just the economy and company’s trying to survive. If the help is rude, I don’t even care about the discout…I shop somewhere where I get a smiling face and some great customer service. HOWEVER, I would like to thank all of you for your service to our country. Including my wonderful husband.

  316. Jan says

    Both Home Depot and Lowes in Redding, CA have been wonderful about giving my husband the discount and most often thanking him for his service. I was looking online to find out how to get the discount online as there are a few things our store doesn’t carry, so we’ll try your suggestion. Thanks for the advice and thanks to Home Depot and Lowes for honoring out military personnel and disabled veterans.

  317. Wayne says

    Lowes of Vacaville Ca. and Fairfield Home Depot gladly give 10% discount to service members. as well as Orchid Supply I have had absolutly no problem getting these discounts and they are given gladly..I think these stores deserve a heart felt thank you.. Travis AFB is located within a few miles and this is a military retirment communityThank you all three for remembering us

  318. askins says

    my husband had military id and was denied the discount at the home depot in clarksville, tn. We never had an issue with the military discount with any other depot or lowes until we tried to purchase carpet (under $1000 purchase) at the CLARKSVILLE home depot. The cashier was rued about it so we walked and will never return. It is sad that a store in a military town denies some veterans and allows others. Home depot, WE WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE AGAIN.

  319. Hal W says

    I have previously been able to use my VA (picture) card for the 10% discount at both Lowes and Home Depot in Kerrville Texas at anytime during the year.
    I have now been turned down at the Home Depot, the cashier said I did not have the correct card, she had a sheet that had several cards shown (mine was not one of them) but it looked like to me that the only ONE they were honoring was an active duty ID. I have been using my VA Universal Access Card for over a year at both stores with no problem, in fact the day I was told my card was no longer good at Home Depot I had just used it there the previous day. Im not sure about the local Lowes but I do know I wont be going back in the Home Depot any more.

    • Hal W says

      Follow up: I went to the local Lowes this last weekend and inquired about the veterans discount and was told that their were only 2 days a year that Lowes dont give the discount and that is Thanksgiving and Christmas when they are closed. The Lowes people dont have a list or pictures of certain cards or question you about anything, you just flash a card, any card and you get the discount with a smile, and a lot of time thanks for your service. Obviously Lowes has one policy thats the same for all stores, Home Depot is confused and leaves it up to the manager of the store?
      Home Depot reminds me of that cheap *** friend you have that wont help buy the beer or the gas and only tips waiters 10%.
      A 10% discount isnt really as big of a deal HD is making of it (and us), say you spend 5 bucks and you get a 50 cent discount, so what, I could have paid the full 5 bucks but I have to wonder how many people wont be going back into HD to spend that 5 bucks, I know I wont.

      • Stormi says

        I went to both Lowes and Home Depot and got the same response at both places, I have to be active duty, retired or disabled in order to receive the discount at either place any day other than Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or 4th of July. I don’t like shopping either place as I was able to use the “discount” many times and then all of a sudden it was changed less than a week later….

      • Rich Glynn says

        Lowes has followed hd in my town . service related or retired only.
        sit at a desk for 20 and retire, you get it, be in a combat zone and make it out, your a second class vet. a vet is a vet, I do not need Lowes or HD to classify my service. Ask the 101st at yankee station if I qualify. If they say no i will accept it.

      • Rich says

        Correction 1stCav, not 101st.
        On 19 January, she rejoined the carrier task group which had moved to “Yankee Station” in the Gulf of Tonkin. Sproston was detached from 5 to 11 February to perform trawler surveillance and blocking. During this time, she observed a Russian Okean-Class vessel, the Gidrofon, which was believed to be gathering electronic and tactical information. She rejoined the carrier group which returned to Subic Bay until 22 February. Back at “Yankee Station,” Sproston was again detached for Naval Gunfire Support duty.

        She arrived off the coast, in the II Corps area, on 1 March and remained there until the 20th, firing 40 support missions for the 1st Cavalry Division and South Vietnamese Marines. The most eventful came on 9 March when, during a three hour battle, her guns helped to repulse a battalion-strength Viet Cong attack against Republic of Vietnam Marines near Tam Quan.

  320. Pat says

    Called customer service & ordered item by phone – was able to get the 10% military discount, so it does work.

  321. Jerry says

    How does the cashier know if your active, disabled, etc? Does it say that on the card? Do not believe a VIC classifies the individual??

    To avoid confusion maybe the big box stores should just discontinue the 10% discounts.

  322. a.baker says

    today 8-03-2011 i was turned down for the military discount after producing my va id and american legion card. at home depot in gates ny.do not know if lowes has also changed its policy but hopefully the american legion will get involved as to why home depot has a new attitude towards veterans.

  323. anthony says

    I am a vet who is a veteran of foreign war VFW was in Vietnam 1965 and 1966 was RA but this affects drafted men as well I got out and joined the VFW my ID has my name and on the back states, I was in combat in far east Asia now they both give a 10% discount for vets accept the Vietnam vet who did the fighting they say we need a picture ID which no one who was RA for 3 years or a Drafted man for 2 years has one , only retired people get a picture ID or unless they go to a vet hospital 90 % do not have this it’s not the 10% it’s the Vietnam vets are put done one more time, PLEASE HELP I have tried to talk to both companies at corporate levels both neither bother to reply I have talk to many other veterans which all say the same thing we are soldiers of a lost war..And once again the 80.000, men and women dead on the wall in DC we are not as important as the 1200 who have died in this war, so SAD
    Thanking you

    • Ron says

      If you take a copy, just a copy, of your DD Form 214 they will honor it as it is proof of your service.

      • andy says

        The Home Depot in Elk River MN would not give me the 10 percent discount after providing my DD-214. It must depend on the location

  324. saw4424 says

    Home Depot in Rockford, Il. 6-27-11
    I had a gallon of paint and was at the check out counter. The check out lady
    told me that I had a 10% discount coming because I was a veteran. I am a navy
    veteran (1959 to 1963) and I have my hat on with my ships name and the few
    ribbons I had been awarded. Thats all she needed to give me the discount.

  325. STEPHEN says

    I was so happy when i found out that Home Depot was giving veterans the discount until i purchased products last week and was told i cant get the discount because my time of service i n the Navy in 1968 was to long ago and cant be honored…….thanks for the honor Home Depot!

    • lew kelley says

      I have always shopped at Home Depot of Hickory NC for years and was informed 7 months ago that they do not give the 10% discount to any veterans except 3 days a year. Do not mind saying, Lowe’s of Hickory NC still gives the everyday 10% discount to veterans.

      I do appreciate the discount as I am sure they appreciate my service during Viet Nam. They sure did not like us back in the day. USMC-1969-72!!!

  326. aaron says

    down here in the Austin Texas area we are having the same problem with both Lowes and Home Depot not giving the veterans 10% discount “sometimes” Some employees will if you show them your dd214. I wonder if anyone at the corporate office every looks at all these comments on this web site? I know the local manager can’t change things himself, but he can pass this type of info up the chain of command. I know how it works I retired after being in retail management after 38 years with a national discount chain. When your in the store and they refuse you ask to speak to the manager. You might not get him but you might get the assistant manager on duty.

  327. David Robertson says

    In April, 2011 we attempted to purchase items at the Home Depot Store in Bainbridge, Georgia. I presented the cashier with the VA Card w/ Service Connected printed below my photograph and was promptly informed by the cashier that I was not eligible for the 10% discount. We promptly vacated the store to allow HD’s Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Non-Veteran employee to restock the items that I DID NOT purchase as a result of her decision. Be advised, the population of Combat Veterans (combat wounded or not) in the USA vastly outnumber those currently serving on Active Duty, Reservists, and Retirees. Therefore, Home Depot’s hollow Military Discount Policy is actually more discrimanatory than it is beneficial. The notion that spouses /dependents / family pets that have never been deployed in combat qualify for a mere 10% discount over and beyond those who can substantiate actual combat service is absurd and ridiculous. Does Home Depot really appreciate my military service? No!
    And I am willing to bet that there are no Combat Veterans in Home Depot’s Corporate Leadership.

  328. SJR says

    we were looking for a grill and home depot had the one we wanted, we usually always shop at Lowe’s and have never had a problem with the discount at Lowe’s. The first time we tried to purchase the grill from home depot my husband was denied the discount, using his VA card (they said it had to be a certain color) the one they are speaking of is a newer one and the VA has not gotten around to changing all of those over, my husband even ask if his retired car tag would work (you have to have everything to get one of those) and they said no. So we have to go come back later (more gas wasted) to bring back his DD214, there was no problem. However, he has never had a problem at Lowe’s with his VA card, if you have a VA card then obviously your are a Veteran. I do not think there is a problem at Lowe’s but Home Depot has a definate problem, either they need to honor the military veteran/active or not at all. and it seems it is more often not honored. Never has there been a problem at Lowe’s!
    hey, Home Depot your DD214 is the absolute defining paper for everything. get a clue and be consistant!

  329. HD Cashier says

    I work for Home Depot and I have amazing customers. I am also the daughter, niece, and cousin of Veterans (and never expected nor wanted to have 10% off because of what somebody else did), I also have some of my best friends serving our country right now. With that being said, I do understand where you’re coming from and I do feel for you. However, I also understand that Home Depot does a lot for their customers in and outside of the warehouses. We are always donating to charities and getting involved with our communities. Yes the discount policy has changed. In my time working there, they’ve changed it from every day with ID, to every day with the proper VA cards, and now to proper VA cards only on the four veteran holidays (memorial day, labor day, independence day , and veterans day). None of the cashiers or any other associate in any department enjoy telling you “im sorry, we are no longer accepting that” only to get yelled at by dissatisfied customers. However, to keep food on the tables at home, we have to do what we are told to do. The recent change has happened because The Home Depot signed a contract to donate $30M to Veterans family and housing. You’d think being Veterans, and knowing just what goes on, that you’d be understanding and happy for your fellow veterans serving. They could be someone who was in your squads’ own son or daughter. Maybe even your own. I must say that I am quite shocked with the selfishness of some of our countrys’ men and women that we citizens look up to and appreciate saying “they dont need it” or “wheres my share” over 23 cents. So when you’re complaining about not getting your discount and saving some change or a couple dollars, remember that. Also remember the Police, Doctors, EMT’s, etc dont ever get a discount. Or four national holidays. And remember just what you faught for. It wasnt so you could save 10% on your purchases. So be appreciative when its given, and be accepting when it isnt.

    • HorizontalMike says

      Dear HD Cashier,
      As I said earlier — I understand that Home Depot does not have to give any discount to anyone, BUT when they start discriminating BETWEEN veterans that is the last straw.

      HD’s $30m donation is a drop in the bucket for this corporate giant so don’t be fooled into thinking that that is SOoo generous. HD is continuing to profit from the false mantle of “honoring veterans.” WE ALL WISH THAT HD WOULD STOP, …JUST STOP!

      Take down all the lies about support for the military, for veterans etc. Take it all down HD, and quit trying to DIVIDE veterans by your discriminatory policies. We veterans don’t need THAT kind of assistance.


    • sharpie says

      Police, Dr.’s, EMT’s, etc all get to go home at the end of their shift to their homes and families. They also get paid substantially more for less hours (I’m not saying they’re paid well, just better than then E4 doing the same job for twice as long at half the pay rate). The charity donation is noble but in the end benefits only those who are already most likely to qualify for support from numerous other organizations. Most retired and disabled vets are living lives that are SUBSTANTIALLY worse than they would have been if they had instead chose to take a job at GM putting pop rivets in car doors.

      Ironically however, home depot does give a 10% discount if you are moving. So apparently moving is more noble than military service? Lets face facts, the bottom line is home depot offers discounts as a way of generating and/or retaining customers. Moving discounts is a great way to do that. Unfortunately, so is giving vets but someone in the marketing dept apparently let their liberal bias undermine the company’s bottom line and now HD will continue to lose customers like myself because of it.

  330. Bob B says

    With Lowes new requirements some don’t even have to have served, just be connected. Your local contractor but not a Veteran?
    “The Common Access Card (CAC) is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) smart card issued as standard identification for active-duty military personnel, reserve personnel, civilian employees, other non-DoD government employees, state employees of the National Guard, and eligible contractor personnel.”

  331. David says

    Thought I would share my experience with home depot yesterday.

    Went to make a purchase, was told by cashier that the gentleman who was holding up the line I was in was just complaining about that and that the store no longer offered the military discount except for on certain holidays. She suggested completing the purchase and calling the number on the bottom of the reciept. I told her I would just go to Lowes who would price match home depot and give a 10% military discount.

    On my way home I called and spoke to the manager Tommie to get some details on the Home Depot policy change because I had just used the discount the day before without any problem. Tommie supported what the cashier told me and said that the discount is no longer being offered except for on certain holidays.

    I got home and googled “home depot military discount” and immediatly found the following on their website:

    “All military personnel and veterans are eligible for a 10% discount during many national holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.

    In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.”

    Being both a member of the Army Reserve and a Disabled Veteren I saw that I doubly qualified for the discount. I called the customer care line at 1 (800) 466-3337.

    They repeated what the store manager had told me about the discount being offered only on holidays. I asked them to look up the policy on the website and they did and when they read the second sentence saying that “In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.” they asked me to hold to be connected to their corporate office.

    After holding, there were two people on the line and one said she was passing me off to the other. The lady said “I am going to attempt to go over the Military Discount policy with you” and then began to read verbatum what was on the website.

    After she read “In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.” I told her that is why I was calling because the stores were not honoring that.

    She told me that this was supposed to be taken off the webpage and did not match the policies on her computer. I asked if the manager should have still honored what was on the webpage and she said yes. She took my name and number and said someone would call me back tomorow.

    I then called the store back and asked for the manager. The lady answering the phone asked if was “about the military discount stuff” and I said yes. She asked if she could help and I said sure and asked her what she knew about the policy. She said she “knows it only works on holidays now”. I asked if she knew about the rest of the policy that was on the website and she said “no i didnt know I was going to be schooled on this”.

    I asked for her name, which she said was Linda, and told Linda that I was not trying to “school” her but just ask her about a recent policy change in the company that she worked for. She calmed down and told me she would try to find the policy on the website. after a couple minutes she said she was having trouble hiding it because she did not have manager access. she put me on hold.

    15 minutes later she picked back up and said she could never find the policy on the website. I told her that if she searched any search engine for “home depot military discount” that she would find it and she immediatly snapped at me that she tried that and does not have manager access.

    I asked to speak with the manager and after another 10 minute hold was put on the phone with Tommie again. I told Tommie that I was the person he had spoken to earlier about the military discount and that I had read the policy on the website and that it was not consistant with what he had told me.

    Tommie then told me that he knew what the website said but that he had been on a conference call on Monday and that the new rules for military discount had been clearly explained that no military discount should be honored except for certain holidays.

    I asked Tommie if he was willing to honor the discount for the $10 stud finder I had wanted to buy earlier and he said no. I asked him again that even tho the website said that I was 100% eligible for a discount is he still refusing and he said yes.

    It is clear to me that this is an attempt by a major corporation to use the sacricies made by military service members to appeal to the patriotic customer base without actually having to make any realistic attempt at following through.

    As a prevoius commenter pointed out, if thier new policy is to only offer the discount on holidays for all military regardless of status, then it is many times more insulting than to not offer it all. Offering something 4 days out of the year that your biggest competitor offers 365 days out of the year is silly. Why would anyone military wait for 4 dif days a year to pay the same price and get same discount from the competitor?

    It is clever what they trying to do… get the good exposure without having to pay any money for it, but in my mind it is criminal to exploit soldiers and service members that way.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Thanks for sharing, David. It’s unfortunate that Home Depot can’t be consistent with their policies. The good news is that Lowe’s is a little more accepting of the discounts, and you can usually find online discounts to both places, which can help save money, even if it isn’t in the form of a military discount.

      Thanks for your service!

  332. Robert Fovall says

    Employees of Home Depot receive a one-page summary of ID acceptible for the Veteran’s discount. If you are turned down for the discount, ask to see the training page. This summary has pictures about three ID cards at the top followed by about 20 lines of small print below. Employees seem to be looking at the ID cards but not the small print. About 60% of the way down the page, it says that a DD214 with a Photo ID qualifies for the discount. When I am told I do not qualify, I ask them to bring out this training brochure and sure enough I get the discount.

  333. Wes says

    So it seems that HD has gone back to 4 times per year. I was in store today in Arlington,Tx and was denied the discount and told by the self checkout clerk that they were told that about two weeks ago. If this is true, I’ll bring my shopping to Lowes. I support those that support the US and the vets.

  334. Rick says

    It was nice of Home Depot and Lowes to honor our past services. I also did my active duty. I guess nothing says they have to honor vets in the first place however, as today, They would not accept 214 or the Red/white/blue veterans card. Said I must be on active duty now. I did say well lets see, I would not be here shopping at Home Depot if was on active duty…would be Afg or someplace..anyhow, they had to put the items back i had in buggy…I will just have to wait for memorial day or july 4 for my discount..but do thank them for honoring it in the past….never change horses in middle of stream as they did with this policy.

  335. NELSON PEREZ says


  336. Jim says

    I have received the Vet discount at Home Depot so many times they know me and don’t even ask for ID anymore. NOW (yesterday) they tell me I don’t qualify for it any more. Thanks Home Depot for the past and thanks for nothing in the future. I will try Lowe’s from no on.

  337. James Willis says

    Home Depot says thanks for all you good men and women who served your country so they could enjoy the good life, wonder how many of the people who made this decision served their country, bet none.

  338. BOB PODESTA says

    I USE TO GET 10% off at lowes and home depot with a white honorable dischared card, now they tell me the card has to be in red or blue.

    US ARMY KOREA 1953/1955
    does any one know how to get a red or blue card?

  339. TOM SCHNEPP says






    THOMAS SCHNEPP ( SGT US ARMY 1962 -1965)

  340. SPENCER, RAYMOND says

    I’am sorry I mis understood Ithought it was for all vets. honorable discharged.

  341. SPENCER, RAYMOND says

    iI preseented my Department of Veterans affairs card at my local Homedepot and it was rejected. There was somthing writen below the photo on the example they had at the store. How can I remedy this situation?

  342. Mike Dilligas says

    Home Depot and Lowes will both honor a VA card if you are a dis-abled veteran. Must say “service connected” on the card.

  343. Ronald D. Walters says

    I was not able to get a military discount from one of your store due to the fact I only have a copy of my DD 214 form which proves I served, she showed me some IDs she accepted and as a vet we don’t get a military ID card. Why is this? I served my country honorably and have a honorable discharge. If there is a place we can get your acceptable card let me know.

  344. bill warren says

    I am a vet and have copy of my discharge papers.
    Have used this document for over a year to get the 10% discount
    Today ( 4/8/11) went to store and was refused because I do not have “an Army ID card.” After a useless attemt to explain to a semi literate cashier why there is no card, a so called manager was called who was even worse and absolutely could not comprehend was I was saying. Finally they relented just to get rid of me and gave me the discount which was a big $7!. As I was leaving they called me back and gave me a warning that next time I have to have a card!!!!. Amazing Think I will go to Lowes next time and see what happens.

    • Mike Dilligas says

      Look at it from their point of view. About 50 organizations told their members their cards were valid for discounts.. The program is for active, retired and disabled veterans. One utility company told Home Depot that all their workers were veterans. Civil Air Patrol was getting the discount. If those who served are to get the discount as intended those who did not need to be filtered out. Home Depot employees are not trained to identify DD214’s. They have a list and if you are not on it you don.t get the discount. If you are a disabled vet get a VA card. Also Lowes checked my VA ID for “service connected” yesterday. I have a disabled FREE pass for federal parks and forgot it one day and my VA card got me in. I would pay full price without question to not have earned “service connected” on my card.

  345. Jim Kozlowski says

    It is April 7, 2011. I went to the Home Depot near my house this morning and was told the discount was no longer available unless it is a holiday.

  346. WALTER J. CORBEIL says


  347. Mike Carter says

    DD214 should be enough proof. I was drafted in 1969, I had NO desire to be in the service. I did not want to go to Vietnam, but I did. It irks me that here in Colorado Springs many stores, ie: Lowes, Home Depot, Burger King, Chili’s, Walgreens, etc. offer the 10% discount to these active duty soldiers (who voluntarily signed up) stationed here, in the paradise of Colorado Springs, Co., but not me, while I remember the ratholes I lived in during my 2 years of service.

  348. Harry D Green says

    Im a guy that hates changes. I purchased thousands of items from Home Depot to the tune of between $40,00 and $50,000 (US Dollars) I rebuilt 4 differant propertys that I own with my wife. About 5 months ago I was told by a friend I was intitled to a military discount at Home Depot or Lowes. I asked and yes I was given the discount on anything I purchased after that but only if I asked. 10% discount Very generious. I wish I had known sooner. I now am retird and unable to earn extra money. And I guess I am no longer qualified to receive a discount. If I wait for the next Holiday I may get the discount. Then again I may not. The truth of the matter seem to be if you dont need it you can get it. My brother has the use of one arm and one leg, Retited Navy. He can not save a dime at eather Home Depot or Lowes. Because of his disabilitys Hes unable to take advantage of there discount. All veterans should have the same treatment because one way or the other we payed with our time and life to keep the rest of the population free. Do not discriminate All vets are veterans.

  349. CWO4GUNNER says

    My point is that I spent allot of time shopping to save and asking the right questions to get an honest question not sarcasm about my service and misleading answers to questions. I would have been glad to not buy if I received the right information. If Home depot would post it policy veterans and employees would not get frustrated with the policy employees think is unfair double dipping and veterans who just want a strait answer . Either post the policy in in the light of day or drop the policy all together.

  350. CWO4GUNNER says

    I called Home depot online Customer care to find out if I get the 10% discount on a refrigerator sale. They told me they did not know but I would need to go into the store so I did. The appliance attendant told me Home Depot never gives vets discounts but another older attendant from a different department (cabinetry) confirmed that Home Depot does give 10% to vets. The attendant was perturbed wanted to know why becasue being a Home Depot employee he received no discount. I told him it was for my 30 years of Navel service to which he answered “that is what your pension is for”. He told me if he rings up the sale there at appliances he can see giving the discount so I said Id take it up front. At front before paying I specifically asked and was very clear about receiving both the sale price and military discount and they agreed. When I asked why the total amount did not look right they pointed out it was becasue I had also bought $65 worth of plywood but that the discount shown on the appliance invoice plus the amount shown on the register receipt shows 2 separate discounts. I believed them and being tired went home. The following day I decided to add up the amount using a calc and it turns out they had only given me 1 discount so I returned to the store and after studying the receipts was told that I was misinformed and that the reason why I only received 1 discount was becasue double dipping is not allowed and that it was confirmed with the same gentleman that wrote up the invoice. I told them I asked this question 4 times and all that was needed was an honest conservative answer, the truth something we veterans expect to be told the 1st time. I then told them to please cancel my order and that on principal must look elsewhere for my refrigerator.

  351. John A.DiPietro says

    Home Depot stores all around the country should have the same policy from corperate so if a veteran goes in to a hd in one town from one day to the next it should be the same and not at the whim of manger or clerks feeling about how they feel towards our veterans most of our men and women serving in uniform today are not around to benefif from this benefitt and when they are any little thing that can be given to them is a plus AMERICAN LEGION VFW DAV Post members with proper IDS should be ok!!!

  352. Barry Schappell says

    I spend a lot of money at Lowe’s and Home Depot already but I just found out about this discount. I think this is great and nice of them to give back. Barry

  353. HorizontalMike says

    I am not veteran ENOUGH for Home Depot. Never mind that I entered the military under the draft in 1975. Had number 81 when they called up to nearly #200 that very LAST year.

    I did what I was told and kept my head down and never got shot or injured. I got out whole so I AM NOT ENOUGH OF A VETERAN FOR HOME DEPOT.

    I understand that Home Depot does not have to give any discount to anyone, BUT when they start discriminating BETWEEN veterans that is the last straw. If you want to know what a veteran is, ASK A VETERAN OR ANYONE WHO EVER SERVED.

    Take down your web page that lies about honoring veterans. I will never shop there again and I will give Home Depot all the FREE publicity that I can muster, albeit negative publicity. EVERY DAY!

  354. Victor says

    I became a employee at home depot seven years ago and they made a copy of my dd214. I used the 10% for six of the seven years and I have been told now the dd214 is not good anymore and I need a military card. Home depot recorded the dd214 and most likely received something for hiring a vet. I think they are just trying to get out of the 10 per cent off. I am still a employee at home depot. I worked with them in 3 different states . Now I am told my dd214 meant nothing.

  355. John says

    All of you complaining need to shut-up. Listen how child-like you sound. Boo Hoo….Poor Me…..I didn’t get the discount so they suck. SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You are NOT entitled to the discount! They do it even though they don’t have to. STOP WHINNING! And yes, I am a vet and do receive the discount at Lowes.

  356. nancy hall sugg says

    Military ID cards are only issued if the Veteran has Veterans Administration Medical benefits. Such card is NOT issued to all Veterans. Home Depot should have researched this when they decided to use the military ID as proof of service.
    Under the current policy Home Depot veterans discount is NOT available to all Veterans. Shame on HD…

  357. eric marquardt says

    I applaud Home Depot and Lowes recognizing those that are serving. I find it offensive, however, that they offer a discount to dependants that have never served a day. I feel slighted. I’ve spoken Home Depot and the only way they’ll change this disrespectful policy is for us to inundate them with our thoughts.

    So call Lowes at: (336)658-4000

    and Home Depot: (770) 433-8211

    and tell them that you find it offensive that they provide better service to some that have never served as opposed to those that have served.



    • sam says

      So your saying as a wife of an officer in the U.S. Army that has served 3 tours over seas that I don’t deserve a discount? I’m a dependant and have made MANY sacrifices while he was away!!! So your comment is very offensive to me and many others!!!

      • Phil says

        With all due respect, sam, you didn’t wear the uniform and put your life on the line.

        Did you serve your family, and support your husband? Yes. No one doubts that. You made many sacrifices and contributed toward the welfare of your family, and therefore, indirectly toward the mission of defending our country. But don’t mistake that with putting your life on the line and actually being in the military. The support of spouses is essential to the welfare of the military and making sure the mission happens. But it isn’t the same as serving a tour of duty.

        The issue at hand is that Home Depot offers spouses of retirees this benefit, but they don’t offer it to all military veterans, even those who can prove they served, or even that they were a POW or were injured in the line of duty. Unless you have a “retiree” card or are on Active Duty, there is a good chance a military veteran will be denied this discount, which is available to some people by benefit of marriage or birth. Keep in mind that not all card carrying spouses were married to a veteran while he was in the service either, making the sacrifice of being a military spouse an invalid argument in some instances.

        No one doubts the sacrifice of military spouses. But to say that it is a greater sacrifice than your husband made during his 3 overseas tours, or the countless sacrifices similar military veterans made during their service is a gross overstatement. Being a military spouse is a thankless job, much like military service is at times. But is a life that is chosen, not forced – just like our voluntary military service. How do I know? Because I served in the military, and later “served” as a military spouse. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and know what it is like to wear the uniform and the apron. Military service, and being a military spouse, is both an honor and a privilege. But it is not an entitlement.

      • Mike Allen says

        Phil – well said. Now if we could only convince the United States Courts of this. Since when a military spouse decides to cheat or leave their spouses while they are overseas fighting for our country the courts love to ensure that the non-military spouse leaches every dime from the service member in the form of alimony and retirement division. Not saying that some don’t deserve some form of payment – but in retirement division how can they possibly be entitled to half when they never once took a bullet or was fired upon for the need of our country.

        Don’t get me wrong, military spouses are essential for successful defense of our country but there are times when they are entitled to far more than they deserve.

        I believe spouses of active duty and reserve members should be included in the discount plan. I differ with the spouses of retirees receiving the benefit. I am retired from service, my ex-wife has a “retiree military dependent” ID due to the courts; how is she entitled to the discount? It should not be permitted to retiree spouses.

        Mike Allen
        Retired Disabled Veteran, United States Navy

      • Daniella says

        Eric, Phil, Mike, and Daniel Carrier — I was on active duty (met & married my husband), later I went into the reserve and now I’m a military spouse. Is that still not military enough for you? What I buy from Lowe’s and Home Depot is for our household — my husband and mine since my husband is still on active duty. No, he’s not going to come back from deployment to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase stuff for our household/family. Do you not realize how stupid you sound? And then the crap about cheating spouses. What the hell does your cheating wife have to do with Home Depot or Lowe’s? Cheaters cheat whether they’re a military spouse or not. And then that Daniel Carrier complaining about 18 year olds on active duty getting discount and saying they’re not military enough. Well, with that logic, you’re not military or you have anything to do with the military cause you’re not serving right now. What the hell does anyone’s age or if they’re new to the service have to do with whether they should get a military discount? All this for a damn 10% discount. Go attack Lowe’s or Home Depot for your little discount and stop attacking other military members and their families!

  358. Jeannette Scott says

    My husband is A Vietnam Veteran. Served there and has been out of service for over 40 years. We went to Home Depot a couple of years ago and one of their young sales staff saw my husbands Vietnam tag on his truck and asked if he got his 10%discount. We were not aware of this program, so went back in and was given the discount based on the tag on his truck. We have shopped their over Lowe’s. We bought items in February of this year and was given the 10% discount, but then came March and we ordered some bathroom fixtures and was tole that we were not eligible for the discount as my husband did not have a card. I sent a e-mail to Home Depot and got a form response, that we were not eligible. he is not a Vet. I am not happy when someone kicked any Vietnam Vet.
    So Home Depot is not on our list of stores to shop any more.

  359. Jenn B says

    My husband is a regular at Home Depot in Fuquay-Varina, NC.. All of the employees pretty much know him by sight since we moved to the area. He is at Home Depot at least once a week for a need for our house or to look at the tools. When he does shop there in the past he had used his military discount UNTIL TODAY when we were told that his card didn’t have the right color stripes on it. Like all others who have been posting he is retired from the military. What makes it even worst is the manager that was calleddown said that her retired husband’s card has the right color stripes whatever that means. It makes us so mad that they would treat a man who served for our county… their country with such disrespect. We will drive the ezra 15 minutes to Lowe’s from now on.

  360. Gil says

    This pretty well says it like it is in plain English. I don’t find this difficult to understand at all.

    The Home Depot Veterans Discount Program* (Updated)
    As we announced earlier this year, we offer a year-round, 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, at our U.S. stores to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID.

  361. James B. Griffith says

    I went to the Home Depot store today and when I went to check-out was told that my Universal Veterans Health card no longer qualified me for the 10% discount I have been receiving for almost 18 months. Effective March 1, 2011, The Home Depot doesn’t give the discount to anyone but those on active duty , retirees and those whose Veteran’s Universal Health card has “service connected” written on it. That means that if you served your country, in many instances placed your life at risk, but are no longer on active duty , a retiree of the military or have a service connected injury, Home Depot no longer deems you worthy of their discount. I guess support and admiration of our service men and women is limited when it comes to their memory or, more importantly, their “bottom line”. I will no longer shop at Home Depot. Shame on them!

  362. Denis says

    Went to home depot today and cashier refused my va id card becuause it didnt say service connected injury. I didnt know that if you were lucky enough to get out without being injured you are not considered a vet if you are going to offer something to veterans it should be for all vets. won’t shop there anymore

  363. Charlie says

    The Home Depot in Hermitage, PA refused the 10% discount to me after showing the cashier my Department of Veterans Affairs ID Card. She promptly pulled out a sheet showing various ID cards, and apparently you must be “active” or “retired” according to their policy. If The Home Depot is going to use the term “Veteran”, it should apply to ALL Veterans. When I left The Home Depot with my $100.00 purchase, I went across the highway to Lowe’s to purchase a few items that weren’t available at Home Depot – and LOWE’S GLADLY ACCEPTED my Department of Veterans Affairs ID card and applied the 10% discount. Bye bye, Home Depot!

  364. Terry Lampton says

    Was refused the 10% discount at Home Depot in Kansas City after showing both picture ID and my DD214. Although it probably means nothing to them, I will NEVER go back to Home Depot unless I need a SCREW.

  365. Ward Jennings says

    Just made a very small purchase at Home Depot in Louisivlle KY. As I was checking out the young lady saw my verteran’s baseball cap. She thanked me for my service, and applied the 10% discount without my asking.

    • George Kelly says

      I recently heard that Home Depot gave a 10% discount to veterans. I am not active or retired military but am a USMC Viet Nam Vet. I got a veteran’s ID card from my county Veteran’s Service Agency and used it several times at Home Depot. Today I was told it is only good on holidays. I spend thousands every year at Home Depot. We just ordered $4000. plus in cabinets without shopping around even though I didn’t get the veteran’s discount for that purchase. Now I won’t be so loyal to Home Depot.

  366. Bill Patterson says

    I served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, and had been receiving Home Depots 10% discount for Veterans here in Venice, Fl. for the past year. Yesterday when I reached the register and showed my Department of Veterans Affairs, I.
    D. card (which I had always done in the past) I was advised that I did not QUALIFY for the discount.
    The cashier then displayed placque with several I.D. cards, (non of which I do not recall ever having seen before) So Long Home Depot, there are many other places to shop that are not Patriotic on a part time basis.

  367. steve beers says

    I just left the home depot in Punta Gorda, Fl. for the second time today. The first time I was given the 10% when I showed my VA card. The last time I was refused because my card does not say active on it. Obviously Home Depot does not have a consistant policy toward the veterans who did what their country asked of them so H.D. could have the freedom to do its business in a free country. My thanks to H.D. for its respect for the veterans in our country.

  368. Kent Hawk says

    After a year of receiving a 10% US Veterans discount at my local Home Depot, tonight I was refused the discount because my _Disabled_ American Veterans Card was expired. I specifically asked was it store policy to provide US Veterans a 10% discount on purchases. “Yes” the manager replied, “as long as the Veteran has an Active Military ID card and we only have that policy because we’re competing with Lowe’s 10% discount policy.” I asked to speak with her manager. “Pfft, I am the manager” was her reply. HOME DEPOT Please note: Veterans by definition are not Active Military. Define your policy and educate your employees, in particular your managers as to the intention of the discount. Apply the discount uniformly and fairly. This woman made me feel like I didn’t count and wasn’t a Disabled Veteran because my ID card had expired. Worse, she treated me like I was someone attempting to scam a 10% discount on a $20 bag of fertilizer. Whoops.

    Last year I was a Home Depot stockholder. As a customer I spent over $1400 in Home Depot in 2010. It’s blunders like tonight’s treatment that will change my spending habits to add to Lowe’s bottom line whether they have a 10% Military discount or not.

  369. ERNEST J.KRUTKO says

    I recently experienced the disrespect o f a Home Depot employee reciting the options that were employed by the company and stating that I needed twenty years of service and then being able to use the the discount policy only on veterans holidays. I showed my discharge papers, dog tag and drivers licence which I was told they did not qualify me. I have spent thousands of dollars at the depot prier to getting knowledge that as a veteran I would be eligible for the so called and now disputed 10% discount. The company executives that set the parameters for this program should get an education on business communication with future buying personnel.

  370. Arlene Fauteux says

    My husband went to Home Depot where we have spent over $100,000 in recent years and he was declined a military discount on Thursday, February 10, 2011. He was told that they only offer it to active and retired Military. He is a Vietnam veteran. Most of us live on fixed income and this, to me, is a slap in the face. Lowe’s here we come. We are suggesting to all our friends that they boycott Home Depot (my girlfriend just ordered cabinets from Home Depot and cancelled her order and went to Lowe’s) once I told her what happened. This is greed pure and simple. This happened in Venice, Florida. Shame on you, Home Depot!!

  371. Donald W McConnaughey says

    I recently went to the home depot in Bradenton Fl. I asked about the discount, they said I had to be active with military ID. I am a Viet Nam vet. No discount for me.

    • Norman Ward says

      I,am a Navy Veteran who just went through this same situation at a Home Depot in Fenton,Mi. They said they have a new policy now and you have to be on active duty to get the discount. Might as well not even having the discount since the majority of active military are on military posts,or in another country and are not going into Home Depot shopping. Bottom line they do very little for the people who served their country,they apparently just want people to think they do. Home depot i guess don’t care about Veterans who stood up and served their country. The discount even if it did not amount to that much you felt someone cared.

  372. bob sanders says

    I am also a Vietnam veteran who cannot get the military discount at Lowes. They require a picture VA identifaction card. I am currently applying for one even though my local VA office in Lexington, KY tells me that Lowes will accept a DD214 as proof of service. Not true! Lowes refuses to accept my DD214 and drivers license as proof of service. However, Home Depot does accept my DD214, so I exclusively shop there and refuse to shop at Lowes.

  373. Larry Kissler says

    There is a hole in Home Depot’s Veteran Discount policy. Home Depot offers a discount to military members and their families, and in many cases veterans and retirees. The problem is you need wither a military ID card, or a United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card. You can only get one of these if you retire from the military.

    In my case I have 10 years active duty USAF first, and 25 years USAF Civil Service after active duty. I retired with combined service. I am not retired military, but I don’t thnk there is a question that I am a veteran. I have a Retirement Services Reference Card with a CSA number but that is not good enough for Home Depot because it does not have a picture on it. I cannot get my due and well deserved discount at Home Depot.

  374. mark dedrick says

    i served in the navy 7/63 -5/67, veteran of the vietnam war, have my old reserve card from 69, got refused by home depot for the discount ,they said i must have the red white and blue card to get the benifit. i went to va service officer in indian river county florida. you can only get the card if you use the va insurance. it is for the select few. mark dedrick florida

  375. Daniel Carrier says

    Barry Leach is 100% correct. For a couple of instances I was able to use my DD214 to show and prove I am a military veteran. I went to a different register and was refused. When I wrote to Lowe’s there answer was that I needed to provide a military ID. Barry is correct … an 18 year old who is in the guard and who may not be a vet gets a 10% discount but I am a Vietnam vet who gets nothing even though I can prove I am a vet. Thanks Lowe’s …. for absolutely nothing !!!

    • John Hummel says

      So because I hae not been shot at in combat does not make me a vet even though I currently serve in the military? Your crazy? Bad enough your screwing me on social security and medicare but know you want to complain about the 10% discount I get?


  376. Barry Leach says

    Contrary to popular belief Lowe’s does NOT give a 10% discount to all veterans. In order to receive the Military10% Discount a customer must present a military photo ID or a VA photo ID. So if you’re not currently on active duty, or a reservist, or a 20+ year retiree, or on a VA disability, you’re out of luck. Wrongly, this allows an 18-year old national guard reservist who’s never been out of his own state a discount and disallows Medal Of Honor recipient Jon Caviani and millions of other veterans who came under hostile fire and were fortunate enough to get out of there with their lives, a few bucks off. There’s something seriously wrong with that and Lowe’s should do something about it.

  377. Bob Wilson says

    I am a 27 year retired Navy Veteran.. In early December 2010 I presented my retired ID and tried to get the 10% discount at the Home Depot Store here in Lady Lake FL and was turned down.. They said that I am only eligible on certain days of the year like Veterans/Memorial Day.. Active Duty Military are eligible for the discount throughout the year… That was a bummer so I went to the local Lowes store and they said I was eligible year round.. Go Figure.. By the way their Customer Service folks were Outstanding..

  378. Dick says

    I was told about the discount by a Home Depot (USMC 1963-67). I said active or Veteran. She said they used to offer it to Veterans only on holidays but now it is any time. She gave me a discount. The next time in I ask for the discount and another cashier said it is also for veterans but military ID is required. I told her that I don’t have a veterans ID there is no such time. She said what the hell I will give you the discount but next time remember your ID. I do have a VFW card, I think I will try that.

  379. Jim says

    I’ve used my DD 214 and received 10% off at the Westland,MI Lowe’s.
    I was only in the service for two years.

    Good luck

  380. Mike says

    I’m a vet as well, (Vietnam) and I just cannot believe the number of posts here from people who feel everyone owes them something for their service. I read phrases like this from PH – “But he was treated like dirt.”. Just how does not being extended a perk that originally was extended to Active Duty members, constitute being treated like dirt? I think a lot of the people posting here need to take a look at themselves. The world around you does not owe you what you think they do. Gratitude is something people extend – not something you can demand. Maybe the reason you don’t see the gratitude you think you should receive is because of the way you approach the world around you. Most of the posters who seem to feel that the country as a whole owes them something, come across as if they personally did something uniquely heroic that we all should bow to. Sorry – I was there too, and that was just a part of my life. Nobody owes me anything for the bad times – and the good times that I had. Get over yourself.

  381. PH says

    Home Depot in Covington, GA only grants the military discount daily to active duty, retired, & disabled veterans and must present one of three types of picture ID. We found this out the other day when my husband asked for the discount – which they have always given to us in the past. Our GA driver’s licenses (we’re both veterans) have VET printed on it. Basically they told us they could not give the discount to those who just did a couple of years & got out. I was MAD! My husband did two tours in Vietnam, has a Purple Heart, & still has shrapnel in him (not enough to be declared disabled). But he was treated like dirt. As far as they were concerned he did his couple of years & got out, so was not worthy. I’m going to take my business somewhere else.

  382. ktauber says

    Just learned about these discounts and have yet to “try”. However, the differences in store policy for Home Depot extend beyond this I’ve discovered. When looking for parts for sliding door handales several stores offered them free of charge but one told me – in a nasty tone – to order them online and pay for them. You can guess that with several HD’s in my area I steer clear of that one!

  383. Patrick Martin says

    I took a chance and sent this info off to Menards and will try other National retailers. ie; Sears, Best Buy etc. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

    The Applebee Veterans meal started in my home town and has now gone national

  384. LARRY TOKACH says

    I just purched $333.00 worth of merchandise at our local Lowe’s Department Store in Wilkes Barre ,Pa. and they did honor the 10% discount at the check out register. THANK YOU LOWE’S

  385. DJ says

    First and foremost I would like to thank all VETS and Active for their service. I am currently serving and for 20 years so far! With regards to you all who think that we do not deserve a discount I say YOU ARE WRONG! If it were not for our sacrifice the enemy would be at your door steps! Have you all forgotten! REALLY! If you served for 2 years or for 20+ YOU GAVE and that is not “run of the mill vets” Some have seen some serious blood drawn! I for one have seen my share with 6 tours to Iraq! Would you say go away to my face! I doubt it! Yes I volunteered but if we did not then who would! It is because I volunteered that OTHERS WERE NOT DRAFTED! GET IT! It is the thought process like this that will cut our retirements and for those who left their legs or arms “over there” their disability programs. For those of us who gave everything in the belief that our country would benefit from our sacrifice YEAH I WANT THE 10% DISCOUNT I THINK I EARNED IT from making the corporate world a little richer for my blood, sweat, and tears!

    • Pez says

      Wow! I can’t believe what I just read. I am also still serving and have been doing so for the past 15 years. I just returned from my fifth deployment since 9/11 and I know I am already slated to go back in 2012. And I am sorry that you feel you deserve a 10% discount from anywhere other than the BX. I don’t serve so any company can prosper and pass that on to me in a form of a discount. I serve so the staff of said mentioned stores and every other citizen of this great nation can live free and without the worries of the next terrorist attack. If people want to be upset with a store not upholding posted advertisements that’s one thing, but to sit there and think anyone owes you anything for your service to your country you have been doing the wrong job for the past 20+ years. You collect a pay check and have free health care which is paid for by the taxes of every working American! The last thing on my mind or the troops that follow me into harm’s way better not be I hope I get a discount when I get home or if I get home! Remember why you singed up or even better why you continue to re-up because it better not be for the fringe benefits!

  386. Doug Faulls says

    I’ve never been turned down by any Home Depot in my area (far western suburbs of Chicago), and I’m USN retired. Their website clearly states they do honor all veterans — active, separated, and retired.

  387. Lee says

    I agree with those who said “these establishments that offer military discounts do not owe veterans ‘anything special’ just because they served. It IS very embarrassing to find out at the cash register, that you do not qualify. If it is a chain store [and not franchised] the policy should be universal so everyone is equally informed. I have seen store clerks/cashiers blessed out by customers for ‘not giving them their discounts.’ That is also sad. Do you really want the person to possibly be fired for going against the store policy? That cashier/clerk does not make policy for the store; but they ARE REQUIRED to follow that policy. Just think of this when ‘looking’ to get your discount: What about those who are serving the community, and fellow citizens, just as much as the military: Medical Professionals, Law Enforcements Personnel, Firefighters, etc. (and YES even those waiters, clerks, cashiers, public transportation personnel, etc.) who are REQUIRED to be at work on those days to serve those who have the holiday off to celebrate and/or do as they please. So, do we really need to be DEMANDING of those who just want to say thanks? I also agree with the comment that Lowe’s and Home Depot DO honor veterans in their hiring process. I have many family members and friends who are veterans and work at those stores. By the way, I am a veteran [three years of which was in combat]. I am not disable and not a retiree. I also worked in many places [law enforcement and stores] where the public ‘thought’ they were ‘owed’ some special treatment. Please just be thankful for those who give discounts, and not complain about those who don’t.

  388. tim mayor says

    I was a bit misled for military discount on clark howards hln program . it stated to go to a website for companies that offer some special for vetarans–we were to get something for being a vet that non-military people did not get—Home Depot had started its Black Friday Sale on Vets Day–My home depot said they did not give military discount on top of sale prices or other promos —treated like an average joe on vets day—can someone help them understand and unify their if they have a program in place and how and when it works??? GOD BLESS

  389. Brenda says

    The Home Depot in Tooele, UT does not offer the every day 10% discount for military or retired military personnel, because I’m retired from the service and presented my retired military ID to the cashier when I checked out and was informed that the manager has stated to the cashiers that this store does not offer the discount other than at certain holidays.

  390. vjklander says

    The Home Depot IS supporting run of the mill veterans. This is what I just took off the Home Depot website:

    The Home Depot Veterans Discount Program*
    Every day, we are proud to offer a 10% discount in honor and full appreciation of your past or present service. This discount is only available in our U.S. stores and a valid military ID must be presented (your DD214 and a valid driver’s license is acceptable).

  391. vjklander says

    Lowe’s is NOT supporting run of the mill veterans. This is what I just took off the LOWE’s website:

    Current and former military personnel and their immediate families get 10% off this Veterans Day weekend. Offer ends 11/15/2010.

    Offer available for all active, reserve, retired and medically discharged military personnel and their immediate families.

    Must show valid military ID or VIC card at the time of purchase. Offer is good for the purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5000 (maximum discount $500).

  392. Dan Runke says

    I read through this and have found a small contradiction. It says for lowes that you receive the discount if a disabled verteran as well. But they say you have to show a government issued ID card. I don’t have a government issued ID Card since my disability is only 30%. How would one go about proving this to get the discount if I am eligible.

    • Clint says

      Go to your VA medical center and get an id card. All service connected Veterans and low income non-service connected Veterans qualify for a VA card through the medical center.

  393. L Haslett says

    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

    Although the clerk had to have a supervisor verify, I received my 10% discount at Lowe’s.

    The last time I was a HD in Tulsa the clerk told me to show my ID card and there would be no problem.
    I even received a 20% discount today @ Belk’s Department store. This was a Nov 10-11 special.
    So far no problems with either Home Improvement stores in this area.

  394. Martin Mcosker says

    The Home Depot and Lowes in Albuquerque have been honoring the discounts for at least 3 years that Im aware of. A couple of times I’ve had to explain what a DD 214 is though.

  395. sandy says

    My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran and we have not had any problems at Home Depot getting the discount. Have not tried Lowes yet, but have found their personnel are not up to par on customer service, therefore, we only deal with Home Depot. Incidentally, he and I both have never had a problem getting military discounts everywhere we go, even at restaurants. We just show our military ids and get at least 10% off. We even get discounts for special events, like the local air shows etc. I would say just try asking for it with your military id or VA card = doesn’t hurt to try

  396. Lynne says

    In Hampton Roads, Taylors hardware store offers a 10 percent discount everyday to active and retired military and their dependents.

    A lot of places only offer specials to the retiree themselves. How about the widows/widowers they leave behind? We need all of the help we can get. Don’t forget, our spouse spent their time serving so we could be taken care of but we still struggle in today’s economy.

  397. Our Heros says

    At our Home Depot they will not give My Vietnam Veteran 66-69′ the 10% discount except on holidays. Home Depot’s official stand is all active, retired, disabled veterans and families get the 10% everyday. The veterans that have a veteran ID card but it does not say “service related” get the 10% discount only a handful of days a year.
    I wrote and called Home Depot corporate about their policy but I can not make a difference by myself. It will take the combined voices of our wonderful veterans out there that so bravely put your lives on the line for our country to speak up and out before Home Depot with understand our veterans are what make this country the home of the BRAVE and the FREE.
    Thank-you to all of you !!



  399. Cort Lott says

    It is the same story, people do not read instructions completely. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot say exactly who they extend this “everyday” very special discount to. Note as the below states, ACTIVE DUTY, GUARD,RESERVE, RETIRED and DISABLED (service connected, 100%). Also note a VALID GOVERNMENT-ISSUED ID CARD is required. A DD214 is NOT an ID card, it is only a piece of paper. The only card accepted is the government issued card from the DOD and CAN NOT be gotten at just any reserve facility.

    The Home Depot at Copiague, NY does honor this special discount the last time I used it November 2010.

    Please read instructions before you get mad at someone else because of your faults.

  400. Kelly says

    Both Lowes and Home Depot in Fayetteville, NC honor the discount. The salesman in the appliance section at Home Depot that we dealt with went out of his way to ensure we got the best deal – notified us of upcoming sales, told us about a set that had an overstock and had been marked way down online.

  401. Robert McKenzie says

    I was just told today at my local Home Depot (Exton, PA), that they no longer will give the discount to veterans, but only to active duty members of the military.

  402. Bill says

    Home Depot nor Lowe’s in Prattville, AL will not accept anything except active duty or retiree ID’s as proof of service. Carriers of VFW or American Legion cards (since the gov’t doesn’t issue ID’s to Veterans who served in combat and got out), are not considered veterans by these institutions. They will accept the VA disabled ID card. If you came back whole, you’re out of luck.

  403. Renee` says

    Our Lowe’s store in Lima , OH has always honored my husband’s DD214. He served in the Marines in Viet Nam 68-72. I agree that the lack of consistancy some of our military and family has endured is frustrating. But the bigger problem I see is the lack of respect for the customer. It doesn’t matter what you are being told “No” for, but it does matter that some of the cashiers that are the front line point of contact are so disrespectful. I know they often deal with unhappy people that only want to argue, but especially for our military, a simple response would go a long way in disarming a potentially angry situation. I have worked in customer service for most of my life, and the following response would be much more appropriate. “Thank you for serving our country. Unfortunately our local store policy does not honor that particular type of ID. Would you like me to call a manager for you? I would be happy to try that for you.” Any form of that reply would show that the customer was valued, and even if the discount was not able to be applied, that customer would leave the store without the anger and ill will. It’s not so much what you say as how you say it.

  404. David says

    I recently visited a HD in St Louis Mo. I asked the check out person if veterans received a 10% discount everyday, she replied yes and entered a discount on my purchase with no further questions. I thanked her and vowed to return to Home Depot and that I would spread the word about how supportive of veterans they are.

  405. Foxbat says

    I inquired about a military discount for veterans at Home Depot prior to having some wood cut and obtaining other items and was told yes, no problem. At check out with an order of $560, I handed the clerk a certified copy of my DD214. She asked what is that? When I told her she stated we don’t accept that form. Had I not been in a hurry to get a project completed that day, I would have left everything there and walked out. That was my last visit to the store and there won’t be any future visits by this veteran.
    Another Vietnam Vet ******* again.

  406. Leila Jane Doe says

    Forget Lowe’s and Home Depot and go to Bass Pro instead. THEY offer a 10% military discount and you’ll have more fun buying fishing and hunting gear!

    • Sandi says

      Leila, you made my day LOL! If everyone had your attitude the world would indeed be a happier place.

  407. Dale says

    Not all of us ‘volunteered’ to join the service. Remember the draft?
    I realize they don’t have to give a discount but it sounds like Home Depot stores aren’t consistent and often lie, or change the rules about the policy. That’s what bothers me. ‘Let’s cheat our veterans’ seems to be their attitude. Some thanks.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Dale, I don’t think the Home Depot has the policy of “Let’s cheat our veterans.” The Home Depot has a long standing history of hiring military veterans and spouses. Military Spouse Magazine (MilSpouse.com) recently recognized The Home Depot as one of the Best Employers for Military Spouses.

      That said, I am not a Home Depot apologist. I agree with you regarding inconsistency of adhering to their military discount policy. Many active duty military members, retirees and other veterans have either left a comment about this or contacted me individually about their experiences with this. However, there is also a lot of misunderstanding about their policy, since The Home Depot doesn’t publish it on their website. According to the information I have received, the daily discounts are only available to active duty military members, retirees, and their immediate family members. The discount is not available on a daily basis to all military veterans. However, The Home Depot usually offers a 10% military discount to all military veterans on military related holidays, including Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. The Home Depot could and should do a better job of communicating their military discount policy to the military public and to their own employees (specifically their cashiers and store managers). Better communication would eliminate a lot of misunderstanding and hard feelings.

  408. Jim says

    Folks! Take a deep breath. The managers at Lowes and Home Depot don’t “owe” you anything. The nation is not turning its back on your service, and the nation is not disrespecting you. For goodness sake, you or your spouse VOLUNTEERED to serve. Nowhere on my enlistment form did it say “….and everyone will give you a 10% discount.” It’s a gift folks, and you are not entitled to it just because you served honorably, or continue to serve. However, if your local Lowes or Home Depot manager has chosen NOT to give veterans (over 20 years service) or active duty a discount, ask him “why not?” Then write a nice letter to the editor for your local paper and be sure to quote what that manager told you. Then write a nice letter to the CEO (not customer service) of Lowes or Home Depot. Yep, a “nice” letter is the way to go. A caustic, demanding letter will earn you a spot in the round file.

    • Bill says

      Jim, if you read the dates of service for a lot of these honorable men and women, you’ll realize a lot of them were drafted, carried a selective service card until they were called up, yet they went honorably and served without volunteering. Yes, I volunteered simply because my number came up and to get the MOS I wanted, I had to volunteer. Else, I’d been in the infantry. Not that this is a bad thing (I was in the Big Red 1 anyway), but as intelligence, still fought, still in the muck, but a different job. The reception WE received when we came home was enough to send many over the edge. The lack of respect and even within service members families was atrocious. By the way, I sent a nice letter to the CEO of Lowe’s and got calls from regional manager on down to store manager that it’d be taken care of. It did. I went in an bought a stove, got the discount and was charged delivery (more than the discount) at a time when they were advertising, “Free delivery for appliances over $200.00,” the stove cost $549.00 plus tax. No, it’s would just nice to know when you put your life on the line for someone else they appreciate your service, and the service of those who didn’t come back home. But they advertise, “Yes,” and tell you, “No.”

    • JJ says

      Letter to the editor OR something better: put that information on the internet — alot of stores can be rated online now. That way other people who supports troops and veterans know which stores NOT to give their business too.

    • Rick says

      Jim, well said. I to am a veteran and don’t expect free handouts or discounts. I can pay my own way. If an establishment wishes to make these offers to recognize veterans that’s great and I’ll except with much appreciation. So people, as Jim said, this is not an entitlement but a kind gesture for your service. And from me, THANKS for your service to this great country.

  409. SSG C. says

    LOWES in Dedham, Mass has always honored the 10% military discount for me, everytime and everyday!

  410. Robert says

    I am on Active Duty and as many times as Ive been in the Home Depot here in the BIG military city where Im stationed, I ‘ve only received the discount a few times tho I show my Military ID everytime. However at the Lowes The cashier Always calls for a mananger to give me the 10% military discount.

  411. Larry says

    Home depot in ct and ri go out of their way to give military discount.. I was in line to pay and the clerk saw my id card, canceled the order and gave me the mil discount.. No questions asked. Of course I live in a big military town.

  412. Rebecca Miklas says

    I was just appaled with my last visit to Home Depot in Bethlehem, PA . I was in line and there was a woman who was being told that her husbands military ID was invalid. The store manager was called to the checkout and he then ok’d her ID. The next person in line was my father, who served in the US Navy for 7 years was told his discount cannot be used anymore. The teller stated that the store policy NOW is the only discounts for US VETERAN’S is RETIRED with 20+ years. She even produced a photo copy of the DD-214 and highlighted and marked in the column that RETIRED is needed to be on the card, otherwise NO DISCOUNT. I was taken back that a large company like Home Depot would do such a thing. The manager stood there and would not even speak only walk away when questioned. Seriously a 10% discount is not much to ask for ALL who served. Whether each store individually, or in a whole can make this decision is ridiculous. SHOULD be NATIONWIDE and not selective.
    So in closing I salute all veterans no matter the length of time you served! God bless you all!

  413. Bryon A. Hallman says

    I am a veteran having served in the USAF July 1958 – December 1962. Today I spent most of my day at the Veterans Administration in Allentown, PA. On my way home I stopped at the Home Depot on Lehigh Street. For the past several years I have been able to receive the 10 percent for my purchases, however today it was different. I was informed that the discount now applied ONLY for active or retired military; NOT veterans such as I. This was written on a piece of paper for the cashiers benefit. The manager of that Home Depot may have introduced the new rule for the military discount.

    Having just departed the VA and seeing all those men and women who were good enough to sign on the dotted line to give their lives, if necessary, for their country, and are now most of them, not retirees, do not qualify to receive the veterans discount. However it quite alright to the contractors who buy from Home Depot, who may even profit from a veteran, can receive a 10% contractors discount. One must realize that most active service men and women are not going to Home Depost to receive a discount. They are overseas protecting the behinds of Home Depot managers who have decided to exclude the veteran who has served but are not retirees.

    I hope enough veterans who fit in the same category as I read this comment. We do represent a significant percentage who frequent their local Home Depots. I will discontinue purchasing from my Home Depot, and hope veterans like me will follow suit. It seems that those in authority to make new rules have forgotten that perhaps if we had not sign that dotted line, they would not have the life they do today.

    • Ryan says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Bryon. This is the policy I’ve heard most recently as well, though I’ve also heard of some stores not honoring the discount for retirees, or in some cases, active duty members.

  414. Shannon says

    Somebody needs to tell them (Home Depot & Lowes) about this program. Both of the establishments near my base FINALLY started offering it 6 months ago, but ONLY if you ask. Today, the policy is still the same: you must ask first and the workers get in trouble if they remind you to ask.
    I find this particularly annoying considering both stores at my previous duty assignment had giant signs up that told everybody that came in about their military discount.

  415. Lyle says

    HD in Reno, tells me that the military discount has ended. OK, I’ll spend my $at Lowes and get my discount.

  416. Cecelia says

    From what I have been told, each store’s manager reserves the right to decide whether or not to give a discount. In Oklahoma where we are, the Home Depot down the street from the AFB does not give a discount, whereas the other Home Depot stores around town do.

    • Ed says

      I was told the same exact thing (each store’s manager reserves the right to decide whether or not to give a discount) by a borderline rude cashier at a Home Depot near Ft Meade, MD. So, I left my items at the counter and took my business to a Lowe’s right nearby who gladly gave me the 10% and a smile…….

  417. Alan Gross says

    I’m disappointed to read some of the earlier posts. I use a blog on my web site to get information like this out to military personnel. If Home Depot hasn’t made their policy clear to the cashiers, they should.

    • AD says

      They dont have the ability to tell who is ACTIVE or RESERVE. I know the navy is getting rid of the USNR and we are all now called USN. CAC cards only indicate you are USN…reserves or no reserves.

  418. Rebecca Miklas says

    If I lived near you I would make a copy and shrink it down for you. Then laminate it and you are good to go. We too here is PA have dealt with that as well.

  419. William says

    I am currently in the military on active duty and EVERY veteran can get an ID card. You have to have one to prove your DEERS enrollment to get your health benefits. (I know because I work in patient administration.) You can go to your local reserve/ national guard station and get one if you have a DD 214. My mother is a dependent of service member from the 60’s and even she has one.

  420. Ryan says

    Bob, apparently these things are on a store by store basis. It depends on what the manager wants to do. My advice is to give it a shot and see if they will accept it.

  421. Bill says

    Not necessarily, most Home Depot and Lowe’s in my area, indicate a military ID, and won’t evan recognize a VA Card or DAV Card. They are under the assumption that Veterans receive an ID card when they get out, and will not entertain anything but a current military ID card. Once again, those of us who served our nation years ago, get the shaft from an ungreatful nation.

  422. Woodsy97845 says

    The Home Depot in Ontario Oregon will NOT honor the disabled veterans ID card. I about walked out of the store, leaving $1500.00 worth of purchases on the counter when the manager finally “gave in”. He stated that the disabled veteran medical card is not acceptable ID for the discount. Needless to say, I have no intentions of shopping at a place that advetises a discount and then makes you fight to get it.

  423. Ryan says

    Bill, the Lowe’s and Home Depot discounts are only available on a daily basis to active duty, Guard/Reserve, and retirees – and those who qualify should have an official military ID card. Lowe’s and Home Depot often extend the discount to all veterans on military holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. When they do this, they usually require some proof of military service, such as a VA Card, DAV Card, DD Form 214, VFW membership, American Legion Membership, etc.

    I disagree that we have an ungrateful nation, and to make a blanket statement about our nation based on the actions of a few companies is a poor way to approach life. Take a look at these Veteran’s Day Discounts. These are just a few of the nationally available discounts available on Veteran’s Day; this doesn’t even take into account local and regional discounts. These companies don’t have to do this, but they choose to do so as a way to honor vets. And that includes all Vets, including those who served long ago.

  424. Mario DiLeo says

    Lowes does not honor the form DD214 as proof and there is no veterans card for us who served in the 50,s…went to every organization with no luck to obtain a VA Id Card

  425. Lloyd says

    Not every veteran gets a card or is eligible for DEERS. If they are a military retiree or rated 100% disabled by the VA they will have a card and be eligible for DEERS, including spouses. However, if one has registered for benefits through the VA (i.e. home mortgage, education, medical, etc.) they will have a card indicating they are a veteran. That being said, a store clerk, department head or store manager, if not themselves a veteran, may not recognize a VA document as readily as they do a DOD ID card. A little communication/education could go a long way here. It may mean elevating to regional representatives or corporate levels. I guess a place to start would be customer service 8xx numbers.

    Another avenue would be through one of the veteran service organizations (American Legion, VFW, AMVETS, DAV, etc.). There are many of these to pick from, and you don’t necessarily have to be a member to get their support. They will have the body count (#s of people) to be able to influence some of these corporations.

  426. James says

    I wish every veteran received an ID card. I got out in 97. I am only 40% disabled and don’t qualify for anything more than the check I get in the mail every month that drops every time one of my kids gets too old. Unfortunately, I have to partially agree with Bill. The nation seems only grateful to those who are actually still serving or were able to physically survive to 20 years. The rest of us forced out from physical limitations apparently aren’t as deserving.

  427. Lloyd says

    BTW, I forgot to mention (I got in a hurry), I am a 26 year active USAF retiree. I have been receiving medical care through the VA ever since the DOD kicked us out of the military health system 20 years ago. I have purchased a couple of homes with VA loans and used my VA education benefits to get a Commercial Pilot rating and an Airframe & Powerplant rating.

    I would like to take this opportunity thank all veterans for your service to our country. My hat especially goes off to those being placed in harms way currently.

  428. Joe says

    Lloyd, just wondered why you believe that veterans get an ID card upon using their benefits. I’ve used my entire GI Bill and have bought and refinanced a house since leaving the service in 1996. I’ve never had or been offered a card despite having gone to the VA for a medical review and dental work that were not completed prior to separation.

  429. Dave says

    I have a Military Vet.Card,( State of Ohio offers to all Vets,with their DD214,& drivers lin,) I have gone into Home Depot & used it no problem , The last two times I was in I was told,they will give me the Military Discount this time,But I’m really not allowed to have it unless it’s a special holiday with my Vet.card !

  430. Philip Blazek says

    North Olmsted, Ohio Home Depot won’t accept DD214 or drivers license so non-disabled, short-term veterans are not eligible.

  431. T. L. says

    Price matching applies as long as the items are the same item, same brand, same model. What you can’t do is double discount yourself. For instance, if you bring in a Lowe’s coupon that’s 15% off, you can’t use your military discount on top of that. That’s one of the few reasons Home Depot won’t give you the discount. The other being you don’t have an ID with you, or you have pictures in your phone of documentation.

  432. Airborne Johnny says

    I concur with this post. I just signed up and received a 10% discount on a new range which was already on sale at a pretty good price. I served four years and was honorably discharged but have no disabilities. Just a regular old vet. Hats off to Lowes!!

  433. Shawn says

    I go to Home Depot quite often and the items that are not on discount I tell them to take them back. I will get them at lowes… I have even had them tell me lowes wouldn’t give me a discount on sale items… so I called lowes and asked them while on speaker phone. They said yes they would. I told the manager to keep the product, a 2500.00 fridge, I was going to lowes to get it.. he tried to talk me into 5%.. lol

  434. S.Lantrip says

    I have been shopping Lowe for over 15 years and have used my DD 214 and never had any problems with any thing I bought. I have spent $894.57
    and used my DD 214 I got my 10% off no questions ask I live just out of Memphis, TN in MS. So it just might be the store you shop at.

  435. Al Wayland says

    We bought a dishwasher from the North Phoenix Lowe’s yesterday. The salesman told me all I had to do was provide my name and month/year of separation at the customer service desk. The clerk at the customer service desk refused to honor that discount unless I showed them a copy of my DD214. Her manager confirmed this. I called the salesman over and after he talked to the manager she relented but said I still need to show my DD214 before they will give any future vets discounts.

  436. Howard Hochman says

    Home Depot doesn’t care about giving discounts to a Vietnam era vet that served 8.5 years in the Navy, never suffered an injury and has a DD214 to prove service! Lowes is a great store and acccepts my credentials without question 365 days a year. I’ll never step foot in Home Depot again!

  437. Susan says

    Harold, I’m getting this too, i’ve tried 20 times and all different ways. Customer service didn’t help either, had no clue. Please let me know since you seem to be having this problem too

  438. Scott says

    Harold, try again with the online app. I had no problem getting mine done the day I applied and have been using mine every other month since to build a house. It helps tremendously, don’t give up on it.

  439. David Cambest says

    I do not know when you registered but now they REQUIRE a copy of your DD214 be attached to the application which in my book is a hughe violation of privacy. I even tried to register in the store with mt veteran endorsed driver’s license and they refused it.

  440. Rodney Sagan says

    Thank you for the CLARIFICATION , but still too much unnecessary tracking , and silly services ( paint colors ? ). I acknowledge the curtesy differences twix the two, however no thanks.

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