Lowe’s and Home Depot Memorial Day Discounts

Update: Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount Available Everyday.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are offering a 10-percent military discount for Memorial Day. The discounts at both stores start Thursday and run through Memorial Day.

Home Depot and Lowe’s Military Discount Eligibility

The 10% military discount is available to: Active-duty military members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, honorably discharged veterans and immediate family members of all those groups are eligible. Customers requesting a discount must be able to show a valid military ID card or other proof of military service (a DD Form 214 or VFW membership may qualify).

Lowe’s Memorial Day Coupon Updates

Lowe’s promo details:

  • Available Thursday through Monday, Memorial Day.
  • Good for purchases up to $5,000 (max discount of $500).
  • Offer is good for in-store purchases only and it does not apply to online sales, previous sales, purchase of services or gift cards.

You may also be able to find additional discounts at Lowes.com.

Shop Lowes.comHome Depot Memorial Day Coupon Updates

Home Depot promo details:

  • Available Thursday through Monday, Memorial Day.
  • Good for purchases up to $2,000 (max discount of $200 maximum).
  • Offer is good for in-store purchases only and it does not apply to online sales, previous sales, purchase of services or gift cards.

Clicking on this banner will take you to the latest online savings at Home Depot.

Guaranteed Low Prices…Now Even Lower
Here are some more military discounts, and other money saving deals.

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Date published: May 20, 2009. Last updated: August 30, 2011.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. says

    Did you know that most Lowe’s stores will honor a 10% military discount to ID card holders on almost everyday. The store’s management usually picks and chooses the specific days, but if you ask for the military discount, most managers and clerks will try and give it to you. It saved me a bundle fixing up our new house.

    • says

      Good tip, I didn’t know that! But I’m not sure they would offer it for veteran’s or family members like they do on the holidays. :-)

      • Frank says

        Proof in form of ID or DD214 will get discount all year long for current military members active, guard, reserve and retired. I used it many times this past year!

    • says

      Hi Dennis, Our Lowe’s gives it year round as well, but only for military members (must show current ID) – not for veterans or family members. Lowe’s and Home Depot usually have this type of offer around the major holidays associated with the military – Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day.

      For a veteran, but not active military member, this is a good chance to save some money. :-)

  2. Alfred MacLeod says

    I attempted to use the 10% discount for retirees at the Home Depot Store in Dover, DE about a month ago and was told that they do not give military discounts. Therefore your story concerning a discount at Home Depot is totally inaccurate. Please pass on this information to all veterans. Thank you.

    • heather L says

      My husband and I live in Dover and get the military discount almost twice a week at the home depot on rte 13. I believe at this particular one, it is only for active duty (which we both are). Home depot and Lowes give the military discount to active duty year round. We have shopped at many all around the northeast and have never ever been refused.

    • says

      Home Depot is totally Anti-Veteran!!! The Omak, WA store only now will accept “certain” medical VA ID Cards for the discount and refuse the Dept.of HLS picture I.D. for the permanent Disabled. Won’t discount a sale price, or lumber or for just about any reason. Manager doesn’t get it. Only on full price stuff and they pick and choose about that too. Totally Disrespected for Real Everyday Sacrifice for Country. Boycott ’em I say. Talk out both sides of their mouth.

  3. Heath says

    Just went to my local Lowe’s in Alexandria, LA and they gave me the 10% veteran discount without a problem. My brother-in-law is a veteran and uses the 10% veteran discount year round as well.

    • Victor Sellers says

      LOWE’S IS GREAT. Home depot won’t even Honor their own contract’s, and their installation crews can’t speek english, and the ones that can still can’t get anything right.

    • Robert says

      I used to get it, but as of today (11/5/10) I was told it NO LONGER APPLIES TO VETERANS, only to active military or those with service-connected disabilities (the VA card has to state that on it).

      • Mike Schmidt says

        It’s best when you shop to simply ask if they give a Military or Veteran discount. Two stores I’ve asked and been given discounts are, AutoZone and O’Reilly’s Autoparts.

        @Robert; As far as being informed that your not elligible because you’re no longer active duty, inform management that you’ll be shopping elsewhere, the reason why and mention the name of the builders supply who’ll be getting your future business. Just because we had previously served our country doesn’t necessarily entitle us to discounts, but it’s nice to have the recognition of appreciation from these companies , something that was severly lacking during the Viet Nam era. Also companies who are benevolent enough to offer discounts deserve the extra business these discounts generate.

  4. Fred H Fiedler says

    My local Lowes store gives a 10% discount on anything, anytime. Just show them your VA card. The Home Depot used to do the same thing, but a few months ago they reduced it to only those with a service connected disability. The phrase “service connected” must appear on your VA card in order to receive the discount.

    Just returned from Lowes with a discount over $21.

    It’s too bad Home Depot stopped the discount as they are also a very good store.

  5. Victor Sellers says


  6. Jack Mead says

    For about 3 months or so Home Depot is not giving their usual 10% Military Discount. After viewing my Military/VA ID, I’m told their discount applies to service connected disabilities only. This was not so in the past for more than 6 years I’ve received their 10% Military Discount using the same Military/VA ID then as today. As an Electrical Contractor over the years I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Home Depot and I received and appreciated their Military Discount.

    Lowe’s however, has no problem with my Military/VA ID or giving me their 10% Military Discount. Lowe’s now supplies my Contractor needs.

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