2023 Veterans Day Free Meals and Discounts – Over 100 Free Meals!

Each year, dozens of restaurants honor your military service with free or discounted meals on Veterans Day. We have all the details you need to find the best deals.
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veterans day thank you

Table of Contents
  1. 2023 Veterans Day Free Meals & Discounts
  2. Veterans Day 2023 (Nov. 11, 2023)
  3. Veterans Day Discounts – Rules of Engagement
    1. Proof of Military Service
    2. Participation
    3. Tipping
  4. More Ways to Save this Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Veterans Day will next be celebrated on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023.

Many restaurants and companies thank our veterans each year by offering them discounts or a free meal. There are also dozens of retail offers on Veterans Day and many free events and attractions.

To those companies offering veterans a free meal or discount, the military community gives a collective thanks!

Below you’ll find a continuously updating list of this year’s restaurant offers for veterans. Last year over 100 restaurants participated. Most restaurants announce offers at the end of October, up through Veterans Day.

We will update this page throughout the day on November 11th.

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Please credit this resource: We are frequently updating this list with new deals and offers for the military community. If you use items on this list, please direct your visitors to this page so they can find the most up to date information: https://themilitarywallet.com/veterans-day-free-meals-and-discounts/ Thanks!

2023 Veterans Day Free Meals & Discounts

Many restaurants offer free meals on different days throughout the year. We will do our best to list them in a way that will help you find the offers by date, as well as by alphabetical order. So we will list three sections: Free Meals Before Veterans Day, Free Meals on Veterans Day, and Free Meals After Veterans Day.

We will post updates for Veterans Day 2023 as deals are confirmed. Many meals and discounts will return from last year. Many deals have yet to be confirmed for 2023.

Please verify participation. We have done our best to include sources and links to each brand when possible. However, due to local restrictions, not all locations may be participating. Please call ahead to verify participation.

Without further ado, here is our list of free Veterans Day meals. Stay tuned as we are frequently updating this page as offers become available, and check-in with your locations for dates, participation, and availability.

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Veterans Day 2023 (Nov. 11, 2023)

Veterans Day Discounts – Rules of Engagement

Proof of Military Service

Most companies require some form of military ID or proof of military service. These include:


Second, always call ahead to verify locations, times, and participation. Many of the listed companies are franchises and may have different policies.

We will do our best to keep this page updated as we find new info, but the only way to guarantee you get your Veterans Day meal is by calling ahead and checking with your location.


This one may be a no-brainer, but you should tip your server thoughtfully regardless of whether you ate a free meal or not.

In other words, please tip your wait-staff on the full meal price. Show your appreciation for their service. It’s the right thing to do!

More Ways to Save this Veterans Day

We’ve written multiple posts to share even more military discounts and Veterans Day deals at your disposal.

In addition to paying an appreciative visit to one of the restaurants above, you can celebrate this Veterans Day with Veterans Day Activities, Events and Attractions and Veterans Day Retail Discounts and Special Offers, including free National Park Admission, Amusement parks, and retail and regional discounts.

Don’t miss out on all of the generous offers at your disposal this year.

Veterans Day Meals and Deals image and all written content copyright this site. All other images copyright their respective restaurant or brand.

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  1. Fred says

    How about Wal-Mart, what do they offer to our people in the military? They don’t even give their associates the day off as a holiday if you are a vet.

  2. Walt says

    I know it is a bit late but…..last year when I went Homedepot to pick up a snow blower the cashier rang up my bill and then noticed the retired veterans hat I was wearing and then told me she had to clear the bill and ring it up again because she did not give me a 10% discount I had no idea before this time about the discount. Thank you Homedepot. I have been shopping there ever since

  3. TSgt Robert M. Wade JR, (ret) says

    Give a vet a simple thank you or better a handshake or a hug. That’s all we really want is to know we are appreciated for our sacrifices. While I agree that a vets spouse also sacrifices a lot I feel the spouses posting in here are just sounding greedy and not appreciative of their own military spouse I served for 24 years and my wife was there beside me the whole time and she would never ever expect what these people in here are expecting. She was honored when I retired that government and the military recognized her for her sacrifices as well and she loved the two letters of appreciation they gave her. I have never taken advantage of any free meals from businesses that offer them but I appreciate the thought. And as far as Home Depot vs Lowes is concerned I have also experienced heartache when asking if I get the 10% discount at Home Depot but never at Lowes and that is why Lowes will always get my business.

  4. larry lanier says

    I am a veteran from the vietnam war era. I dont believe that many vets from that many years ago have a military ID card. I certainly dont but I do have my discharge papers as well as a photo in uniform. I have been refused the offered discount and been told that I can get a copy of my military ID from the veterans administration. The VA told me that every year they are inundated by vets who have been mistakenly told they can get a copy of the ID and it aint true.
    It would seem to me that if you have your discharge papers and a photo in uniform it should be enough to prove that you served. I think sometimes requiring the ID is just an easy way to get out of giving the discount or free meal.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Olive Garden has a free meal on Sunday too. Last year when I went, they presented me with a $10 gift card at the end of the meal!

    This year will be different. I will go out to eat on Sunday and Monday. Then on Tuesday I will send a check that was the cost for the meals to Toys for Tots and the American Red Cross.

  6. eblastman says

    I’ve gone to the Applebees here in MN the last 3 years and have gotten a great Vet Day meal each time. I leave a 25% tip of the value of the meal and buy one of the expensive drinks, makes me feel less cheap. I show my VA card but they don’t ask for an ID. Thank you Applebees. Signed a Vietnam Vet.

  7. Paul Robak says

    Great site for veterans info. Thank you to ALL who support present and past service members. You do not realize how much we appreciate the thanks we receive. I salute you all, and my brothers and sisters who serve now and in the past.

  8. Monique says

    Its so good to know you are thought of on Veterans Day! And all the offers are just wonderful thank you to you all…..

  9. Dr William B. Mount says

    Again – Thank You.

    I will use my spot on APFN to boost your readership.

    Thank you again for your work for us vets.

    If you are a sick vet – Please type into Google: THE CURE FOR GULF WAR ILLNESS UPDATE 1

    If you have no job then go to the DAV and apply for the VETERAN’S PENSION

    Its $1021 per month for the rest of your life if you have no other income.

    Thank you for serving.

    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount
    Cpt (Ret) USA

    • eblastman says

      Also for Vietnam Vets – check out the expanded Agent Orange coverages for heart, diabetes, etc. Its well worth the time to go to the VA website and check.

  10. Scott says

    If you live in the Northeast, Friendly’s restaurant is offering a free BIG TWO DO breakfast before 11 am on Monday, November 12th. That was e-mailed to me by Friendly’s. You may want to check to see if you need to be in their e-mail list for that special.

  11. Alishia Mason says

    Wow~I am so glad to see all this! Makes me very happy, to see supporters for our veterans and service members.. Hope everybody enjoys!

  12. Tom says

    Does anyone else think it’s a little rude for Gamefly and Netflix to be on here?
    They offer 1 month free trials year round to anyone not signed up. This isn’t something for V-day.

  13. Neil says

    HI, this is a great site, i am making a copy of all the places offering their services to vets. I will post it in the Veterans Hospital in West palm beach, Fl. Thanks to all the Vets for their service and to the ones still out there giving their best. Never let the ******** win.

  14. Del says

    Add Cheeseburger in Paradise to the list for Monday the 12th. This link just came in to me a few minutes ago. If the link I posted works, the information is there. It is under the “our company” heading.

  15. Ed says

    Lowes gives a 10% discount everyday to all active duty and veterans with a valid ID card on everything.

  16. Tina says

    Outback’s website states that they are giving away the coke product and bloomin’ onion on the 11th & 12th–NOT from the 7th forward. Just wanted to save someone potential embarrassment. Thank you for putting this list together, we appreciate it very much.

  17. SFC F Paul (Ret) says

    I consider my 22+ years in the military as the fulfillment of my own goal to serve this wonderful country. It was my way of carrying on a family tradition including every male since the 1900s and some prior. It was an honor to be able to serve and count myself as one of the few that protects the rest. As my shirt says “I’m here to serve and protect you, whether you like it or not!”

    I still get choked up when standing at attention for the national anthem. My flag is the first thing I look for when gazing out across my ranch every morning. It’s a quarter of a mile away on a 30′ flagpole, flying just inside our
    entrance. It can be seen from just about any direction, and I catch myself
    and others looking for it all the time…

    • Sheila says

      Awesome Thank you . I only served for 4 years 83 to 87. I still think in military time and the experience of serving is with me everyday. I still get “chocked up” also.

  18. Bellingham RV Park says

    15% discount to all military (active or retired) on camping rates daily or weekly.

  19. Viet Nam Vet says

    I’m a US Army disabled Viet Nam veteran with cronic PTSD, ’69 – 71; career military; retired; I can certainly speak to how WE were treated back then; it’s much better now – but still a hell of a fight with the VA to get anything; BUT – what is so, so, sad is that state employees in Missouri at the management level can discriminate against ‘Nam vets, like myself, and get by with it. I’ve got all the credentials in the world, but cannot get my job back because one individual doesn’t like strong, male ‘Nam vets. Go figure. I’ve been everywhere with my grievances, up to and including the Governor of Missouri, the EEOC, and various state elected officials, to no avail. I’m frustrated, don’t know where to go with my grievances, and no one wants to assist an old combat vet. Does it sound like I’m complaining? Yep.

  20. Chris says

    As a retired Navy vet (20 years) I am much honored to have served my country and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’m always appreciative on those rare occasions when someone actually thanks me for my service. I am NOT, however comfortable with being considered a hero because I am not. Technically I can call myself a vet of the Afghan war immediately following 9/11. I was in the area of operations so I received hazardous duty/imminent danger pay, but the truth is my job consisted of sitting in an air conditioned office onboard ship about 10 or so miles off the coast of Pakistan and a good 900 miles away for actual combat. I’m in more danger everyday just driving to work every day than when I was “at war”. I did my job which contributed to the overall mission, but really was never in any real danger.

  21. ATCS(USN) Robert Reid says

    Thanks for the information. It is important to note that Champps Americana, Krispy Kreme, and Outback Steakhouse all advertise a special for “Friday” November 11th, 2012. The problem is that last year (2011) November 11th fell on Friday…this year (2012) November 11th is on Sunday…I believe this is going to cause confusion amongst patrons and the restaurants involved. Note: Champps states Friday in the body of the text and the other two state Friday Nov 11th, 2012 in the title.

  22. Holly says

    You mention Olive Garden is having a free entree on Veteran’s Day, but it says Friday, November 11th. I’m wondering if this is current or from last year since November 11th is a Sunday, or maybe the free entree is actually on Friday, November 9th.

  23. Justin says

    I do not expect to be thanked all the time for my service. Being a Recruiter after serving 12 years in the Infantry and going to some of these schools and having kids ask me if I think of myself as a fascist, really gets my blood boiling. What hatred are they being taught at home and in school to come up to somebody they do not know and ask questions like this? But I just smile and thank them for their support and continue my day and actually talk to people who do show a genuine interest and support for the military. I would just like to say as one Service Member to all the others who may read this- I appreciate what you do everyday and what you have done to all veterans, regardless of what your MOS was!

    • Derrick Shoemake says

      I served for 23 years (active duty)…….it was just a job to me, and no one owes me a thing. Why do so many feel that they have a sense of entitlement ? I got paid to do a job just like the individual who works in a factory, drives a cab, or sits behind a desk all day. Just like Sunday morning Christian’s, there are a lot of Sunday morning patriots . Up until 911 occurred, there wasn’t too many supporters of the military out there…..now everybody flies a flag, and everybody loves a soldier. This quote says it all: ” God and the soldier we adore in times of trouble and not before…..when the danger has passed and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the soldier is slighted.”

      • Paul Robinette says

        Yeah, know what you mean. Getting shot at – told how to dress and what to wear; cut my hair and oh yeah, told when to move and where to live- everyone does that – right? It was not “just a job” for the kids who came home in a box. Therefore, we do thank you and your family for your service! May God bless you and yours this Veterans’ Day.

  24. Ms Shoshona Perelman says

    I’m a proud female Army Brat who also served (medic, Vietnam Era). My late Dad served for 28 years as both officer & enlisted (received battlefield commission during WWII & became a Military Governor in Japan following the war, fought in Korea, retired just before Vietnam ratcheted up). Between my Dad, my brothers & myself, we served in every branch of the US Military except for the US Coast Guard.

    I’ve always been patriotic & supportive of our troops. Back in Jr High School, during the 60s, there was a contest to design a poster encouraging people to hire veterans. I eagerly jumped in and designed a poster — not because of the prize, but because of the cause. I was ecstatic when I discovered I had won the contest — but my joy gave way to having my heart broken when I discovered that mine was the only entry! None of my classmates cared about our veterans, whether out of ignorance or by getting swept up in the nuttiness of the hippies…

    The 60s & 70s saw our veterans being assailed, called all sorts of slurs, being spit upon, and so on — it made me SOOOO angry… BUT, I refused to follow that hateful mindset and always showed rock-solid support for our troops & our veterans…

    BUT… The tide has finally turned and now there is so much being done for our troops and veterans. There are numerous incredible organizations that are helping the wounded (both with physical & mental/emotional issues) & very specialized groups that help the most severely wounded by building them custom homes to accommodate their disabilities. There are celebrities who work tirelessly for vets (for example, look at all Gary Sinise does) — and, surprisingly, some come from the far left!

    It does my heart GOOD every time I hear of a program or something special is done to show appreciation to our troops & vets. It isn’t that I’m a vet & sometimes benefit. My service was nothing compared to those who were ACTUALLY in harm’s way, served in combat zones, and those who suffered for that experience — whether a physical injury or PTSD or something as complex & difficult to treat as TBI. Whoever coined this phrase gave the USA one of the most aptly put & profound statements in decades: “Some Gave All, All Gave Some”…

    So… I thank ALL those who give so generously to support our awesome active duty troops and those who are now vets. It is incredible for people to genuinely say “Thank you for your service” — something that has taken me aback to hear directed at me, someone who never set foot anywhere near any combat, who worked thousands of miles away in a safe environment. I also go out of my way to thank our troops & vets, seldom revealing my own background (unless they happen to see my National Defense Service Medal ribbon on my khaki baseball cap & it opens a dialog) — because, it is about THEM, serving now and being in harm’s way during this horrible, protracted War on Terrorism.

    God Bless our Troops…
    God Bless our Veterans…
    and Thank You to ALL for your Service!!!

    (and thank you again to all the service organizations, as well as the generous support shown by so many businesses!!!)

  25. Rob Vena says

    Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11th.

    This national holiday is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans.

    As a veteran myself, I know and understand the needs of these special men and women who have sacrificed so very much in service of their country. And, although I offer special rates to veterans and active duty military personnel year-round, I like to offer them ‘extra special’ savings in observance of Veterans Day:

    During November 2012, active duty military members and veterans are entitled to receive one acupuncture treatment at a discounted rate of $50!

    This offer is valid during the month of November 2012 at my New York City and Englewood, NJ offices while availability lasts.

    Valid military ID or proof of service must be presented at time of treatment.

    Patients are seen by appointment only, so please call to book your session in advance.

    Manhattan, NYC Office: (212) 863-9219

    Englewood, NJ Office: (201) 357-0904

    My office hours and more information about Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can be found on my website at RobVenaAcupuncture.com.

    Follow Rob Vena Acupuncture on Facebook and Twitter

  26. Leon Walker says

    A group of Senior Veterans need H. & S. code 1569.1 et.seq.” Residential Care
    for the Elderly” and CCR’S Title 22.

    We are an IRS 501(c) (3), California non-profit.
    Donation doners receive a full IRS Income Tax Drduction for their donation.

    The cost of these 2 laws is $319.00 for the books and $153.00 for the supplements each year.

    Call Leon for more infomation. 310-826-3536.

  27. Julio says

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of discounts at restaurants for Veterans on Memorial Day?

  28. Janaye Lawson says

    Hello Vets and active duty…

    A Big thanks and a note to let ya’ll know that any pharmacy will bill your RX’s if you have your ID card. Lots of people don’t know this and pay for RX’s all the time. Next ti me you get one filled , give them your ID card and have them bill them before your ins co…most time your copays are free… 🙂 Have a great Valentines Day everyone…

  29. JEN says

    AWESOME Articale I just posted the Link on my Facebook page being that my husband is a soldier and most our friends They got really excited for the Free CarWash! Thanks again for putting this together!

  30. John A Whiting says

    USMC Viet Nam 1971 – 1975. Thanks America. Don’t forget my Brothers & Sisters Who Gave Their All and are not here to receive your Love & Thoughts.

    This slide show consists of photos taken at a formal dinner at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico , VA.

    It is a beautiful presentation of the honor, commitment and pride that today’s heroes share with yesterday’s. It is touching to the point of tears.., and questions of how any American, even if everyone cannot fight, would not support and be loyal to this country and the remarkable, courageous people who do give their all.

    If you know a Marine, or a soldier of any branch of the Military (of any age), make sure he or she sees this. It wouldn’t hurt if all other Americans saw it too!

    Dinner at Quantico http://www.jensensutta.com/slideshows/RTB/

  31. Mr.Formula says

    There will also be free shots given out to all who have military I.D.s at Liam’s Irish Pub in Colton, CA there is going to be live music and lots of great drink specials if you’re in the area don’t miss out.

  32. STEVEN R. says

    I wish to thank all the businesses for doing this for me and for my brother and sisters who have served. No matter when you served you are my brother & sisters. No one who has never been in the military can truly understand that. When I served very few businesses did this so I would like to thank them all. My family has served this country for over 7o years and we still and always will answer that call…


    The colors of our flag never run and never will the members of this family as we will always answer the call to serve.

  33. PROUD ARMY GIRL says

    Thank you to all veterans young and old, it is nice to see the older veterans getting the recognition they deserve after all this time. I proudly tell any vet thank you when I see them. whether they know I am a vet or not. I dont do it for the thank you back but its nice to see the smile on their faces when someone acknowledges them, especially someone young. As to all the things being said about the free meals, you dont have to partake of them. Although every restaurant I frequent , also gets my patronage the rest of the year. So I also give back.

  34. Ary says

    Hi Debbie. Please don’t take this offensively, but I’m not sure what sort of recognition you are looking for other than a “We thank your son for his service” and a hand shake. I’m saying this from the viewpoint of a military spouse who feels I shouldn’t be entitled to anything. Our job as family is to support their decision to serve and pray for our troops, not benefit from their hard work through occasional freebies and discounts.

    • Angie says

      I’ve been a military wife for 17 years and I’m pretty sure we have earned a little bit of a thank you. We are the ones that hurt the most when our spouses leave and we are the ones that have to explain why Daddy can’t come home or be there for our childs birthdays and some never come home. I agree that they work hard and I don’t agree with wives “wearing their husbands rank” but I am proud to except a Thank you and I feel that if you offer my husband a free meal, I will gladly buy my own to be able to eat with him. It would be nice to get honored as well but we are the silent ranks and thats ok. It takes a certain type of person to do what we do. Not everyone is cut out to handle deployments, army life in general is a hard life for families but it is all what you make it. In the end, I think family members are not recognized enough but that is what sets us apart, we don’t NEED it.

    • Dan says

      Ary, thanks for supporting your husband and other vets. But, my dear, you are actually dissing those businesses and organizations who offer discounted items and/or free meals with your comments. These folks are not obligated to do anything but they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart. It’s not an “entitlement” they are offering – you can get that from the government.

  35. KeithC says

    The Home Depot in Petoskey Michigan offer the discount everyday to all active, retired and disabled vets. All Vets get it on those 3 Holidays. They are always very nice and respectful about it (there’s Vets that work there too).

    I’d like to thank all the businesses for recognizing we Veterans as a whole on this day. Even if it’s just a free drink or a burger…the point is, is that we’re recognized and appreciated. None of us signed up for free stuff once a year, but it’s a great gesture that’s appreciated. 😉

  36. Trulena Soares says

    I feel absolutely spoiled when my community celebrates this day. It makes me sad to know that our country wasn’t always as appreciative to our vets as today. And I’m not just referring to the free food, I’m talking about the common knowledge that any soldier can feel supported in general by people around him/her. So I want to thank everyone for their support, because the job would have been harder to do without it!!!

  37. IHOP2015 says

    The IHOP Restaurant in Newport News on Warwick Blvd. near Ft Eustis, is honoring veterans by giving them 50% off there entire meal, on Friday November 11, 2011, between 4:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. 15447 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, VA 23608. This location only. 757-877-3991. Valid I.D. required.

  38. John McGee says

    If you are into offroading or just drive a 4×4, Tennessee Offroad in Lebanon TN offers a 10% Military discount every day and another 10% on Veterans and other Military Days. The owner and employs are all vets.

  39. Daisy says

    Thank you for the info, it is unbeleivable how many Veterans and their families don’t have any idea of the amount of bussinesses who give discounts or free entrances to many locations. I just wish they would honor both past and present Veterans, many places only give discounts to active military. My husband served and has been out for 15 years and alot of bussinesses won’t honor the discount, because he is no longer active.

    • Holton says

      Thank you my husband and I are both veterans and he still is in the guard. We are blessed that we were able to serve. Thank you and God Bless America

  40. Rosa says

    I appreciate a good meal or the discount, but I want a job! I served almost nine years in the Army, deployed three times and now that I am out and a RN working on my BSN. Need a full time JOB!

    • Mar says

      Contact your local JobCenter or Onestop. They have Veteran Reps (who were Veterans) who only assist with employment. But it is a joint effort. You only get out of it, what you put into it! They are wonderful and work hard for the Vets! I know, they helped guide me to get the job I have !

  41. E Wigfield CMSGT USAF(RET) says

    I shop at Home Depots several times a week and in more than one location. Each location has always honored my ID card. Please remember that this gesture on their part is intended for your personal use only and not for any business purpose or for friends and family. It was for you who served. Don’t take advantage of this privilege.

    • Holton says

      My husband is active and i am a veteran. The home depot by us only offers it on memorial or veterans day, but Lowes accepts everyday. in case anyone else experienced this. I would love it if someone would tell our home depots in Colorado to make it an everyday thing.

      • Frank Brown says

        Our Home Depot in North Carolina, offers 10% 24/7. If you mention that Lowes gives it, then they will match it.

      • Paul F. Msgt Ret. USAF says

        From the Home Depot website, with a number to call if any problems:

        The Home Depot Veterans Discount Program*
        The Home Depot offers a year-round, 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, at our U.S. stores to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID.
        In addition, a 10 percent discount is also offered in recognition of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day at all U.S. Home Depot stores for all other military veterans.
        If you ever have difficulty getting your discount, or if you have questions about the discount programs, please call The Home Depot’s Customer Service line at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), or leave a message on our Customer Service page.

      • tj says

        It is very hard to get the military discount anytime at Homedepot, much less get it at all. I live in a town with 4 military instalations & there have been many times I show my ID card & the folks at homedepot thank my for my service but then say that they will not honor a discount. LOWES on the other hand is AWSOME!!!

      • Frank says

        I have never had a problem getting my! 10% discount at any Home Depot. I have even ordered from Home Depot over the phone and they gave me my military discount over the phone. All you have to do is be polite and ask for it!

      • willie hines says

        The Home Depot here in Mesquite Texas always give me 10% discount any time and so does Lowe’s.

    • Frank says

      Home Depot does not offer the 10% discount on everything, they exclude the 10% discount on building materials, I’m disabled Viet Nam Veteran and I shop at Home Depot forever and only for my own personal use I’m constantly doing remodeling in my own home, I recently swithched Lowes, where I get 10% off no questions asked

      • willie hines says

        The Home Depot here in Mesquite Texas always give me 10% discount any time and so does Lowe’s, Captain D’s, Furs Cafeteria, Harrah’s give 20% discount at the buffets.

    • mike says

      yuo must not go to coldsprings ky. you must have a service connected disability or you only get 10% off on vetera.ns day only.i am also a vietnam vet.

  42. Joe M says

    Thank you for this great website, it is very informative and helpful.
    I am a Vietnam Veteran and will always support our troops no matter where they are, and I would like to Thank all Veterans and thier families for the support over the years.

  43. Dashawna says

    I also want to say Knott’s Berry Farm has free admission for military year around.. At least here in California they do.

    • Richard says

      One of the oldest restaurants in the country “Durgin Park” (in Boston) is having free meals (ANYTHING!) on November 12, 2012…..They have changed it a little this year for AFTER 2:00 P.M. because of a very large reservation they had already…..WOULD YOU PASS THIS ONE, PLEASE?

  44. Ky Towers says

    Just like to say wow! Never knew there was so many discounts or free offers for vets! Thanks for putting this out there for all to look into. Thank you for your service as well.

  45. RJ Ronyak says

    Just a Thank You to the Business that are honoring us Veterans, I really appreciate it. My oldest brother was killed in the Korean war, he was in the AirForce died at 27, my other 2 brothers, both servced in Germany, One was Army, Other was Air Force, I myself Vietnam Vet 67-68 AIR FORCE , Don’t know why I was sent there, but Uncle Sam needed me, so I went their to serve our country, We are damn proud of this country even if it has a few problems, so THANKS all you veterans for job well done, an GOD BLESS THE USA RJ

  46. John & Geraldine says

    We both served over 50 years ago. John Army, Me Air Force. Very proud of our present day service people, but ashamed of the treatment they received when they come home. Come on America can’t we do better than this?

  47. Robert says

    I served 23 years of active duty and never thought of how civilian business acknowledge the service of the men and women who served. I would like to thank you for all of your support and thank you for the years that you have continued to support our troops of the past, present, and the future. Thank you!

  48. amanda says

    Yes your support we all need it, but your not going over seas and risking your life, so you do not deserve the free stuff for it.

  49. Julie says

    Thank-you for this site, it has really helped. Thank you to ALL the men and women who have fought for our Country, including the Vietnam Vets who sacrificed a lot, which whom many of them suffer from Agent Orange. They are ALL HERO’S… God Bless!

    • Korean War Vet says

      Julie, I know that you didn’t purposely forget the Korean War Veteran, but you failed to mention him/her in your comments. It seems rather odd, that for all the conflicts that this nation of ours was involved in, from the Revolutionary War, right on down to the present war in Iraq, the only war that has become “The Forgotten War” was the Korean War (1950 – 1953), in which many thousands of American lives were lost, many are still missing, and who knows probably incarcerated somewhere in the Frozen North or in China; both places where life is worthless.

  50. Heath says

    Last time I checked, your CHILD joined the military, not you. No offense, but your child is the one who deserves the recognition and the appreciation. Why you feel like you’re doing just as much as he is and deserve the same recognition, I may never know. Try not to be selfish, and let him have the well earned glory. I’m also in the military, and I hate when those who didn’t sign their life over to protect the citizens of our country think that they, too, deserve something for it just because they are family it close friends. Please realize your child gave up everything, and the only thing you gave nothing. You can’t say you gave your child, because he makes decisions on his own.

  51. Frank Romaniello says

    There are so many special days in a year, Mothers Day, Fathers day, Etc…..I believe that if not for our BRAVE Soldiers, we would not be celebrating these days. These discounts; Wow, such a small way of saying Thank You…I don’t think that there are 10,000 Soldiers visiting one restaurant or store…Give em a break…they really deserve it…Thank you for keeping us safe….

  52. Cindy O says

    As a person who has fought for Veteran’s for thirty years, it’s nice to know that these companies in this economy are truely SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS. Now if we could get better financial support for the VA, our bases, DAV, and Salvation Army, my Veterans would be good to go. Thanks to all corporations and businesses for saying “Thanks.” (22 year wife of a Veteran of three wars).

  53. Linda S Bowden says

    I am looking forward to going to eat a free meal on Veterans Day. Plus the establishments that offer this gratitude will benefit because we will bring other family members with us to enjoy our day. Thankyou to all businesses that remember veterans on this day and every day.. linda b

  54. Roy says

    If Lowes or Home Depot fail to give an active, retired, or disabled veteran the 10% discount contact their corporate office. just do a serch for their website.

  55. kb says

    I do not feel that it is right for you to ask for recognition. Your recognition is that as a mother/father you raised an incredible human being that regardless of the risk, he/she is willing to stand up and fight for our country. That should be enough empowerment and recognition. The offering of a free meal is just a way for this country to say thank you. A free meal is minimal to the life threatening job that they do, but we as a country will do what we can to support our military men and women, even if it is a free meal on veterans day, its something that doesnt have to be given, but it is proudly. Not that I do not respect you, your patience, your strength, and your ability to go day to day without knowing if your child is ok. But you have to have faith in our troops, that on their end, they are doing everything they can for us, and for themselves. To be able to come home, and bring home everyone they can. God Bless America and its people!

  56. Notachance says

    So becuase you birthed someone that is in the military you think you should get free stuff too??? Wow typical american thought process we have a day to honor their service but all you can think about is what about me!! Get a life!

  57. John H says

    In OH, Lowe’s used to be great – polite and pleasant – about the 10% vet discount. Now they require manager verification, act put out, and tell you that it’ll be going away.

    Last time they said “You’re lucky because this is for active service and retired, not just veterans”.

  58. Hawk says

    Awesome job Tom, thanks,

    Also, Famous Daves offers 10% to military everyday, you just have to ask for it.

  59. daniel says

    Ryan, Thanks for all the good info on special deals for Veterans Day. I had 35 years of combined service and its nice to receive a freebie now and then. I look forward to future mailings. Regards, Dan Taylor

  60. Leslie Q says

    It’s interesting that so many of you are having problems with Lowe’s and not with Home Depot. In San Antonio, Texas, it’s exactly opposite. The Lowe’s near my home has won my business by giving myself and my husband 10% off everything, including installed products. Home Depot will not give the discount on installed products and were really nasty about it. I guess it varies from place to place.

    Thank you Veteran’s, for your sacrifice and service. Without you, I wouldn’t be free to write this comment.

    • Michelle says

      I have noticed folks also having issues with one or the other too….interesting. Here in Tennessee I have not had an issue with Lowes or Home depot, they give me the discount 365 days a year, no $ limit. They won’t give it to my husband if I am not present, but that is it. Must be the managers.

      • erik esquerra says

        yes, i’ve also been very fortunate with Lowe’s in my area. always honoring the discount and giving great service. have had repeated trouble with Home Depot, but i still appreciate the recognition very much.

  61. Soldier says

    Buffalo Wild Wings in MN, 15% all day every day. Never knew it till I went in with my Assault Pack on. Cashier asked me if I was current and when I showed my ID card I got the discount.

  62. Ric R. says

    Here in Grand Rapids,MI the Home Depot offers 10% of all year with some sorat of proof of service. I show them my V.A. card and always get it, no problem. On the other hand, we asked at the Lowes stores and we were told Lowes wants to treat everyone the same and does NOT give any discounts to service people or others.

    • Michelle says

      How odd. I get a 10% discount at lowes all the time. No issues or hassles, just show my va card….. There is no amount limit either of what I am purchasing at Lowes or Home Depot.

    • Robin says

      Lowes does the military discount with your VA card as well as military ID no matter if you are active or retired, some stores you have to get a override for it but we honor our military vets regardless of status.

  63. Mike F. says

    I would just like to say as a veteran, thank you to all the companies that show their appreciation to us. Coming home from Afghanistan on my second tour I was walking through the airport and I don’t think I made it ten feet without either someone thanking me or shaking my hand. I have never been more humbled in my entire life. I think it is really amazing that there are so many companies willing to give us freebies and discounts. It just goes to show that we as a nation stand together for each other. Thank you!

    • Korean War Vet says

      Mike: WELCOME HOME, Soldier; than you for a job well done, and thank you and your family for the sacrifices endured by both of you! We hope that your tours of duty are over. Your country thanks you!

  64. Lynn says

    Ponderosa in Johnstown Pa at least, offers free breakfast every year to the vets and active members, proof of service req.

  65. Debbra Salo says

    Thanks! Good information. I hope the word gets out to the scores of homeless vets that could REALLY benefit from these appreciative meals.

  66. Garry says

    You need to add Bojangle’s Restaurants to your list. They were offering 50% off, but had to cut it down to 25% due to rising food prices. They offer this every day and every meal. My wife and I make it a point to eat there once a week.

    If you are a vet who is making a living wage, honor others who are not so fortunate. Simply ask the manager to create a gift card in the amount of your discount and tell him or her to pass it on to a needy vet, firefighter, teacher, or policeman who could use it. The managers know who is needy and who the players are. They will make sure the gift card goes to someone who truely deserves and needs it. Don’t let a person go hungry just because you wanted a discount you really didn’t need.

  67. Coleen W says

    This is to everyone serving or retired etc in the Military. You may not expect anything and say it was just your job, but there are many of us who deeply appreciate the sacrifice you have made to protect our lives and freedom. To us a mere Thank You just doesn’t seem enough. So enjoy a dinner or discount or whatever is offered where you live, you deserve it! It takes special people to do what you have done or are doing. Happy Veterans Day and Thank You Very Much 🙂

    • Korean War Vet says

      Thanks for your good wishes, Collen! Many of us, retired and beyond active military duty age, would be more than happy to return to active duty; you see, the “old man” is one cranky individual now, and so, the enemy wouldn’t dare try to face us down…cross us and beware! What have WE got to lose? The young man is too interested in girls and as a result he won’t concentrate on the demon facing him. That’s meant to be a joke, incidentally. I salute the military people of today and hold them in very high esteem. Thanks again, Friend.

  68. Ron says

    I’ve lost my Veterans Military ID Card. Anyone know how I can get another one?? I was in the Navy stationed at Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1976 to 1980.
    Thanks ….Rocket


      Ron/Rocket I know you can call the armory nearest you and make an appointment to get a new one. Also if you have a VA near you they will give you a VA ID card for just getting in the system. If there is a base near you, you can get an ID there as well, by appointment. I don’t know about the losing it part, if it’s expired I don’t think they care. If it active there might be an additional process to go through. Good Luck and Thank You!

    • Michelle says

      Go to your VA hospital or you can go online and register but you will still have to get one at the VA.

    • Robin says

      take your discharge paperwork to the VA in your area and they should be able to help you, local military ID should be able to hook you up as well

    • Pat Brady says

      All the places I’ve gone to have honored my VA medical benefits card. Please, and ALL VETERANS, go to your nearest VA medical center and REGISTER. It doesn’t matter whether you use their services or not. VA funding is based on the number of veterans in each facilities service area. So, help other vets by registering.
      Thanks …Sail Army

    • erik esquerra says

      if it’s still a valid (not expired) id card then any mil installation should be able to replace it for you. regardless of branch, any installation should be able to help you out.

    • Boats says

      Try your Veterans Representative through your local, county job service, or employment bureau. Or, call the American Legion, VFW, or AMVETS, and ask for their Service Officer. I got copies of my DD-214 for free. Fair winds, and following seas…

    • Bill says

      You have to currently be enlisted or be a retired veteran to have a Veterans Military ID Card. Otherwise you use your DD214.

  69. JACK GROSHANS says


  70. CAROL J. says

    I know the military men + women didn’t serve for rewards after they got out (other than what they knew about going in), or while they are still serving, but I think it’s great that all these corporations have chosen to use part of their budget (prolly billed to advertising or public relations) to give these folks a treat on Veterans Day.


    Real military wives don’t ask for recognition either. This offer of free meals is nice because of the gesture. Whether or not military families active or retired choose to go we should all recognize that ANY recognition is a nice thing for others in our country to do. Vietnam vets got crapped on and the vets that are from our newest wars are coming back w problems the health care system they were promised is not equipped to deal with. They ask for understanding. That simple. These offers are a step towards that.
    Semper Fidelis

    • Soldier says

      Thank you, never knew that, shop there all the time. Always use my ID card too. Of course I always used my ID card at Home Depot, but never got the discount until I asked.

  72. pete ruiz says

    god bless all veterans and those who are serving now far away willnot be forgotten bless all for the freedom we have today amen

  73. Christina says

    Boscovs offers military discount with ID as well. 15% off clothing and 10% or 5% off other items in store. You have to go to their service desk to get the paper to use at the checkout desks.

  74. doug walters says

    the hy-vee grocery stores in and around omaha ne. are offering free breakfasts to vets. 63ARMORED DIV. BIG RED ONE

  75. Al in SoCal says

    Hey All,

    Got an email from Sizzler – buy one steak dinner get one free w/ proof of service.


  76. Gabe DeFabrizio, (Army Vet.) says

    “OUT FREAKIN STANDING,” ………..to all of those businesses honoring our past and present Heroes!!! Keep up the good work, because if it wasn’t for our Brave men and women fighting for our freedom, you’d most likely be speaking German or Japanese……..or even Arabic……..Think about it!!! “USA, ALL THE WAY!!!!”

  77. John says

    I took my 90-year old father to Lowe’s to get a 10% veterans discount earlier this year. We had his original discharge papers from the end of World War II. Lowe’s refused to give the discount. Check carefully as to what Lowe’s considers acceptable documentation.

    • Chrystal says

      John, that is horrible that they wouldn’t give your father a discount! Especially for a WWII vet, that makes it a million times worse!!!!! I hated Lowe’s before I read this; even more so now.

  78. Karrie says

    I am offering photos for all vets in my studio on friday the 11th from 10AM til 7PM. Digital copies will be emailed to the vets or they can order a print for a hugely reduced price as well….located in COLOMA, WI, at 159 front street (huge grey building on the main drag) you can see my work at ootophoto.com.

  79. joe says

    Home Depot actually does 10% for ALL Veteran’s everyday. When I shop there I show them my VA Card and that works just as fine.

    • Steve says

      No Home Depot does not. I stopped shopping there. Only Lowe’s appreciates Vets, 365 days a year.

      • Shannon says

        Have always gotten a discount with my military spouse ID at Home Depot. Lowe’s was mad when I asked, demanded to see my husband’s ID instead and refused to offer it because he was only a reservist. And the manager was rude. Will never return to Lowe’s.

      • Soldier says

        Home Depot does indeed offer a 10% discount everyday to Military personnel, as does Lowes. Since the ID cards are the same, they should not be discriminating between Active military and Guard/Reserve.

        The difference here is that HD only offers 10% up to $500 normally. On Veterans Day, it goes up to $2000.

      • Kim says

        I think it really depends on which home depot you are at and who is working. My husband is a veteran and sometimes they honor it and then sometimes they don’t.

    • Drew says

      Closest HD to me (35 miles) offers the discount 365 days, I will not return to Lowes (5 miles from me) because they will not offer it 365, plus the manager was rude and I was told by him that he didnt care for the discount and really wished they wouldnt offer it to any of the military! Needless to say I have excersised my right not shop there.

      • Korean War Vet says

        Drew; fortunately, this is just a local problem of which you speak. Our Home Depot and Lowe’s both provide Military and Veteran discounts throughout the year, and are cheerful about it (Home Depot is 2 miles away, and Lowe’s is about three miles distant). Perhaps it’s because we live in Nebraska and not very far (12 miles) from an Air Force installation that folks here are so gracious to the active duty, Reserves, retireds that we receive such greatly appreciated recognition from them, and a host of other businesses, both large and small. My personal thanks go out to you, Drew, for your service and sacrifices to the Country!

  80. Ron says

    This is always refreshing. I was in Iraq for 15 months, and Afghanistan for 12 months. Given, it is a volunteer job just like any other, but it’s a bigger step than most. I like seeing promotions like this because it shows that it’s really not a forgot thing in America. Many places say they have military/veteran preference for jobs.. that’s not true. Some do, but most just say it because they’re being watched. So from a recent Vet, Thank You!

    • Tricia says

      Thanks goes to YOU Ron! Also to the other volunteers who have served and those who continue to serve.

      THANK YOU!

    • Korean War Vet says

      Thanks, Ron, for your unflinching service to the United States of America, and for the many sacrifices you, AND your loved ones endured during your time of service. My wife and I salute you!

  81. Eileen Gery says

    Thank you for the info, Ryan. Beef O’Brady’s is supposedly offering free meals on Veteran’s Day, too.

  82. Bob Swindler says

    This site is absolutely fantastic. I am passing along all the above to as many
    veterans as I can. Thank you for your service and for your much needed and
    appreciated information.

    Thank a veteran today and every day!!

  83. J.R. says

    PEP Boys also gives a 10% discount year round, they have it on display on a tiny little poster by their window. It’s only for active personnel though.

  84. Ron Fetty says

    I even think that the BX/PX, Navy/Marine Corps. Exchange, and the Commissaries should open their doors as well. Especially the Commissaries as they are DoD anyways. I work, and shop at them but I think, (at least) for Veteran’s Day all Veteran’s, and dependants should be eligible.

  85. Michael Migel says

    This information is HIGHLY appreciated, especially to those of us who have been more than 12 months/currently unemployed!

  86. Rodney Edelman says

    Thank you so much for putting this information together – Thank you for your service.

  87. David says

    First, thank you to Ryan Guina for putting together this website, this list of generous merchants, and giving veterans a place to express their feelings. Second, I wholeheartedly agree with many of the comments. Citizens don’t join the military and serve their country with the hope of a free meal. Excluded from these offers are those who paid the ultimate price, those who lost a loved one and don’t hold a military ID, and our brave women and men currently serving in dangerous and/or distance deployments. God bless them and let us not forget them. And to all veterans, have a good Veterans Day, free meal or not, and thank you for your service.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Thanks, Tom. I wasn’t able to verify this from their website, and since they are franchises, this may be on a location by location basis. So it’s recommended everyone check first before assuming it applies across the chain!

  88. York. C says

    I wish to say Thank You to all of my Brother’s and Sister’s. Past, Present and Future. I come from a long line of military family. I was a Seabee 71 to 75. My father was in WW two. 3 rd army 102 inf. Patton’s army. My grandfather in WW one AEF. Many of my cousin’s also. The most famous Sgt York. We all served this country to keep it free, not for free deal’s. All gave some, some gave all.

    • Steve S. says

      York. C, HOORAH Seabee. I was a CM in NMCB-1 from 1993-1998. Thank you for your service as well.

    • Wayne W. says

      York, I too come from a long line of military family. My grandfather was in the very first division of green berets when they first started. My father retired from the U.S. Navy being in 26 years. I was in the U.S. AirForce for 9 years. And I have three other brothers who also served in other branches of service, some still do. I have been deployed to the middle east 5 times, but many other places as well. Your right, we all serve to keep our country free but Ryan Guina put this site together to help veterans like us find places for a free hot meal. Some and many of us are on the brink of being homeless and this, I believe is a good thing for us veterans. People need to quit complaining and be generous for some of the help people are trying to give us!

    • Allen Little says

      Hi York,
      I stumbled across your reply. It is very interesting to me as my third cousin was Gracey Williams who married Sgt. Alvin York. Perhaps you knew my 2nd cousin, Sgt. Jerry Campbell, that gave his all fighting in Vietnam? God bless his family! I was in the 3rd Army 73-75; my dad was a top sergant that refused 3 offers to go to officer candidate school….he told them it was the sergant’s that win wars. Not a very common attitude in the U.S. today. My grandfather went to grammar school with Alvin. Would love to hear from you.

    • Don says


      I am a 22 year Vet of the Marines and Navy and come from a Family of Seven Brothers and 6 of us served in the Military. My oldest brother and I both made it a career. My father also served during WW 2 Thanks to all Veterans for their service.

  89. Cricket Staggs says

    Dont forget that Cadillac, Buick and GMC offer a special discount on a new auto to military members year round! If you love your country, thank a Vet!

  90. Robert says

    I kinda like the little extra nice gesture from resturaunts. I am not only a veteran, but it’s also my birthday on Veterans Day, so for the two weeks a year I take to see my family, I’ll enjoy the nice things generous companies offer.

  91. David says

    It is sad that veterans living in Puerto Rico never get the same treatment as those on the mainland. Almost none of the offers for free meals or discounts are available here. There are thousands of us vets living here yet no appreciation is given to us. But hey we served with love and will be, ALWAYS FAITHFUL. “Semper Fidelis” . D. Vega USMC/USArmy 1987-2001

  92. Melissa says

    Actually, Lowes only does 5% discount everyday. At least the one here in out town. So 10% is a nice jump.

  93. Craig says

    Netflix is offering a one months free trial. Great but they offer that if you are a Veteran or not. Looks like free advertising and should it be on this site where there are legitimate offers being made by companies who are offering a gift to to Veterans for their service to the country?

  94. Tom says

    I just spent $600 at Lowes on a snow blower two days ago and they gave me a 10% discount, retired military.

  95. Brian says

    Call me ungrateful…but I find it a little unnerving to see Lowe’s advertising a Military discount for Veteran’s Day. Until this summer they offered a 10% military discount every day of the year…

    • Theresa says

      They still do. My dad is retired and my husband recently separated and is IRR and we get it every time. If they told you they didn’t you might want to call corporate.

  96. Stella says

    As a seperated vet I haved recieved discounts on Veterns Day by showing my DD Form 216. You may have to explain what it is but they should honor that also

  97. Teresa says

    @Patrick Robertson October 30, 2011 at 2:36 pm
    ” THese deals are great, but unfortunately for those of us that are deployed, there is no rain check…Would be nice if they would give the deal out to our spouses instead while we are deployed”

    I will buy you a meal when you get back! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!


  98. william says

    james. i agree – i was in nam 1966-68.i remember being spit at when i reurned.trhey also spat at the dead. people have no idea what went on over there. but i plan to take advantage the way things are going everything helps a little.

    • Tim Turner says

      And on top of what both you and James have said, I detest having some bozo burp out the ‘Thank you for your service’ mantra just because it the correct PC thing to say when they find out you’re a vet.

      I served for MY pleasure (read “Pride”), NOT yours.

      Navy, 1970 – 1993

  99. Jesse says

    Cheeseburger and Paradise in Exton, PA will also being serving a free entree to all Veterans and Active Duty Members. All you need is a Military or Veteran ID!! Check it out all day off Rt 100, across from the Kmart by Exton Mall!

  100. James says

    The following is Dave’s quote.

    dave October 30, 2011 at 12:03 am
    sorry fellers. but, i do believe these groups of men and women risk their lives just as much as we do. maybe not as often, but, they still do none the less. and if you think about it, even though it aint broad casted like the week in may james mentioned for the police, soldiers are appreciated year round. im sorry, people are gonna see otherwise, but i think they should have just as much right as any military personnel past and present.

    The only problem I have, is the part about soldiers being appreciated year round. Well Dave, as a Vietnam Veteran, I want you to know how much I have been appreciated, since I returned in July, 1967. I have been told 50 times, thank you for your service. That’s 50 times in 44 years. That’s a little over 1 time a year, but the first thanks didn’t come until the 1990’s. I along with the Millions of other Vietnam Vets, deserve better than that. I have a wife of 43 years, who went through the hell with me. I have two children, and 4 grandchildren, who don’t associate with us. And you want to put your two cents in about us getting a free meal on Veteran’s Day. Get a Life! Or get a job that doesn’t allow you time to post.

    • sanh says

      Hello, James: First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your family for your and their great sacrifices for our great country (USA) and my former country South Vietnam. My heart still aching for what our men and women went through during the war there and then again at home after they have served. In 1965 my mother, brothers and sisters and me were rescued from the communist occupied territory in central of Vietnam during the S. Vietnam and US militaries search/ evacuation/detroy operation. My father was in the Army but was not allow to accompany his troops because it would be too much psychological involve if something would happened to one of us. So we went through the battle field with out him but the Great American Soldiers took care of us as we walked/ran through the battle field with them. They shielded our body our life with their when the fighting became to intensive so that we won’t get kill and they rather take the bulletsthen us, after a long journey they freed us from the communist and reunited us with our father. We forever appreciate their bravery and sacrifies for our life and freedoms. We lost our father two years later and I was old enough to work so I worked for the United States Army and Airforce as a civilian personel. I met my best friend while he was in the Army and married two years later and we are married for almost 42 years now and we do have two children and they also serve in the militay one is oversea still, we also have four beautifull grandchildren. However, some live very far away and some have nothing to do with us and my husband suffering many health problems since he returned from S. Vietnam almost forty years ago and now he is near total debilitation with blindness, neurological, psycholoagical and physical impairment. It is difficult for people and families to understand the side effect of military life and wars and I have been a military daughter, wife and mother for a half of a century and still. My heart and prayers are with you&yourfamilyand thank you again for served our country. Please give your wife a huge hug from me. Thanks!
      God Bless you and yours!

      To all of our Armed Forces members and their families Thank you for your great sacrifices. May God Bless and be with you always.

  101. Patrick Robertson says

    THese deals are great, but unfortunately for those of us that are deployed, there is no rain check…Would be nice if they would give the deal out to our spouses instead while we are deployed

  102. saydie says

    I think it’s great that Anheuser-Busch wants to honor the Heroes (Active Duty), but obviously their “Powers that be” that makes these decisions have never served in the military and have no concept that the Veterans that have already served and are NOT currently on active duty but are retired and have already given a huge portion of their life and in some cases “their limbs” for their country should also be deserving of the same complimentary entrances into those parks. Please educate yourselves when handing out “Here’s to the Heroes”. This is NOT to take away from the active duty that currently are serving, but to point out that there are many that have justly earned those same benefits that you have denied them.

  103. Jim says

    I don’t think anyone is complaining about the free meal or store discount or any of the other “freebees” being offered on Veterans Day. I think most people are upset or unhappy with the treatment of most veterans. We enlisted or were drafted, served our time and have tried to move onto our own lives. But it is very hurtful to a number of us who lost either a physical or psychological part ourselves during our time in and couldn’t make it to retirement. We qualify as disabled veterans, but not for a veterans card. To those that served, a vet is a vet, regardless of when or for how long. But to those that never served, vets are only those currently in or retired. The rest of us are just “former military.”

  104. Patty Frensemeier says

    We offer 10% military discounts year around at our cabins and we welcome active duty and veterans. We love when servicemen come home from being deployed and spend time with families in the cabins. Please come and see us.

    • Jesse says

      Hey Patty, if you happen to have a cabin in PA or NY, I would love to give you a reservation for this up coming Valentines Day.

  105. Supa says

    I just got this computer, a wireless printer and mouse, and carrying bag, etc. that the V.A. sent to me to go along with a $500 scholarship that the P.V.A. gave to me so that I can finally finish school this year. I did not have a chance to finish on my GI Bill. Some visiting professor from Poland used the fact that I rolled over in my car as a chance to give me -3oo on a paper, because he did not agree with the Vietnam war, so as to flunk me. I am glad that some people now express some token of gratitude these days to veterans of wars. This is a good thing that I hope continues, and, I for one, am very greatful. There is no record of what I did for real. I do not really care. It was my job and I made $125/Mo. I saw it as an honorable job that somebody had to do. I have a toast to those that did not return every year for Veteran’s Day like we all promised to do if we made it back to “the world”.
    Semper Fi

  106. Blood says

    I like to thank all of you who served in the military in the defense of your country. May you receive the blessing of the Almighty for your bravery and your unselfish love for your country and the constitution of the United States of America. Cheers.


  107. Ray S says

    The only reason why i joined the military was to get free meals and stuff on veterans day. 2001-2006 Just kidding but really thank you to everyone who gives us offers and respects us. It would be nice if more people had the balls to serve their country!!!

  108. Lisa Elam says

    Wow… Just came to site to learn of Free Meals? To all those little peeps with ignorant comments… You could not even make it through Basic Training, ‘Boot Camp’! 8 glorious weeks in the heat, being yelled at & awakened @0400? I saw many weak cowards get mad because they did not have the Character to Endure!! Until you have walked in my shoes… SHUT UP!!
    PTSD is very real… Have Sisters dealing with this & MST!
    Semper Paradis… Always Ready… US Coast Guard 1984-1990, Petty Officer, Port Security…

  109. Nathan says

    @ Captain Boyd

    Well said. I found myself slipping into that thought process when I called a local restaurant and found out they were not offering any sort of discount.

    Appreciate your insight into this matter. Happy veterans day to all former, current, even future vets. =)

  110. Sapper says

    Love to all my battle brothers and sister’s out there, whether you still wear the uniform or not. People that have never served will never know the bond we share and how strong it is! Happy Veteran’s Day!

  111. djflystephiepop says

    I served my country and I am proud to say Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served and will continue to do so in the future. May God bless each and every one of our service veterans.

  112. Capt. Boyd USAF says

    Folks, I am sure some folks will look at this website, maybe even the corporations doing the benifits here, and see some folks pouting about a 4 dollar six inch sandwich not being free. I don’t think I signed up thinking… “gee I can get a free lunch every November… and a military discount at this store… This will be great.” Nope, didn’t even cross my mind.

    I am very grateful that people come out on Veterans Day and offer stuff to those who have served. They don’t have to… and to see folks whinning and complaining on here about those establishments that do not participate stinks of self righteousness. I serve my country because I want to. Not because of perks that may or may not be offered to me. I gladly thank those who may give me a free meal on veterans day, but at the same time, I don’t go demanding a free sandwich, or post where a resturant may be on the internet that isn’t participating. I appreciate the fact that thse who served before me, did so honorably and kept our country free so that I might have the chance to serve an honorable nation such as ours. If it wasn’t for the veterans before me, I might not have the chance to live in a country as free as ours. Times change, and those who may have been greeted with slurs and hatred at one time, can now see the difference our culture has made by now honoring those who have served.

    Lets not screw up a good thing. Let us be humble today, and say thanks to those who have served, and to those who recognise that service. Let us say thanks to those who have lost friends and loved ones. Let us concentrate on the deeper meaning of this holiday, remembering those who served in the name of liberty.

  113. Roy B says

    Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow vets. Thank you for your service to our great country and God Bless. A special prayer for those men and women currently in harm’s way and may you come home safely and whole.

  114. 11CMortarMan says

    4 year Army Infantry Vet chiming in here.

    @Vets: Happy Veterans Day! Don’t let any of the negativity get to you. Let all of the insults and derogatory remarks roll off of you like rain off of an Army-issued poncho!

    Here’s the last few lines from “Tommy” (Rudyard Kipling) to express the vet mindset:

    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

    God Bless all Patriotic Vets and God Bless America!

  115. Al says

    I just finished talking to a group of middle schoolers. I read them the story of Major George “Bud” Day, then asked them to articulate his values or principles. Determination, persistence, and courage were the standout qualities of the man awarded the Medal of Honor after 6 years of imprisonment in North Vietnam’s Hanoi Hilton. I also asked them how they could practice those same virtues hare and now. They felt it was important to have the courage to stand up to the same types of hatred, *****ry, and tyranny on the first battleground, within their own thoughts. Whoever says kids these days don’t have an appreciation for the sacrifices veterans have made is probably wrong. The essential spirit of unselfish sacrifice, lives on every time one of these kids (or any of us) takes a stand, defends the helpless, or soothes a broken spirit.

  116. Joel says

    I served my country not for a free meal but for the continued freedom that we all enjoy. I would do it again too. This Veteran’s Day we need to remember those that are in harms way everyday overseas. My God Bless you all and Thank you for your sacrifice for our Freedom.

  117. Christine says

    I sat here in shock, amazement, and awe of many of the comments that I read on this website. I have been around the military, in one way or another for the past 25 years now. During this time, I was married to a Marine for nearly 15 years and the girlfriend of a now retired Navy submariner for 6 years. Speaking for myself and on behalf of other military girlfriends and wives, we sacrifice and deal with a whole lot of difficult situations due to the sacrifices that our men and women make on a daily basis. NO ONE knows what we go through, unless you have been there, done that. We are left beind dealing with all that life throws at us and most times, we are dealing with it all on our own because we are away from the rest of our extended family. We sit and wait and wonder how our significant other is doing. Are they safe? Are they taking care of themselves…eating, sleeping? Are they going to actually come home safely? We lose sleep. They lose sleep. As the girlfriend of a submariner, I have had to go for weeks at a time with no communication at all from my loved one. You can’t imagine how difficult that can be! But, I know, as bad as things were for me at home…it was NOTHING compared to what my loved ones were going through out there in the midst of devastation and destruction and death!

    Before I met my Submariner, I was dating a Marine. He had just come back from Iraq. It is impossible to imagine what he went through in Iraq. He told me many horrible stories but had to leave out some of the worst details. He had PTSD and ultimately took his own life.

    When my Submariner retired from the Navy in 2008, we were in Norfolk, VA. That is when the economy was going down hill fast. Finding a job was non-existant for him. I had medical issues that were keeping me from working at the time. We were paying $1175 in rent per month but his retirement pay was just over $1200. He wasn’t entitled to unemployment because according to the ESC, he technically quit his job. And on top of all of this, he had to pay $600 a month in child support. We had to pack up and move to NC to be closer to our families.

    I saw changes in him. He was depressed all the time. Our relationship was suffering. We had a baby right before he retired and he wasn’t spending time with the baby. He was closing himself off from the rest of the world and his family. We did almost end up homeless.

    Until you walk in someone elses shoes, you have no right to judge them. None of us are perfect. If you think you are…ask someone else and I guarantee they will tell you otherwise. You don’t know what another persons story is. Stop putting other people down and appreciate what others have done for you….they fought for YOUR rights and YOUR freedom!!!! It won’t hurt YOU one bit to swallow your shallow pride and just say Thanks!

    Thank you to all Vets that have walked the walk, talked the talk, and fought the fight for me and mine! You are appreciated!!!

  118. Gene says

    The Subway off of business 190 in Killeen, right next to Ft. Hood the most populated Army post, is not honoring the free six inch Sub. They changed it to buy one get one free, so I ordered two six inch BMT’s (which was the sub of the day), and I basically ended up paying as much as I would have for a footlong anyway, because I couldn’t get the sub of the day special along with the buy 1 get 1 free deal. So basically you are going to spend the same amount there anyway u do it. So much for honoring veterans.

  119. Daniel & Jesse says

    We were so unaware that veterans could get so much on this day. Next year we’ll be ready. Thanks so much! This is AWESOME!

  120. Patrick says

    Hello, and Happy Veteran’s Day to all. My name is Patrick and I just shared a photo on Facebook and VH1 donated $1 to the USO’s Operation Enduring Care program. Be sure to visit http://divas-mosaic.vh1.com to check out how you can help “Salute the Troops!”

  121. Travess Hatcher says

    i am torn between hooters and Apleebees. I served 9 years in the Marines and have recieved hugs and thanks all day today. I didnt do it so I could get thanked but it makes me feel good that we are appreciated. I thank the veterans before and after me for thier service as well as all active duty members no matter which branch you served for. OOORAH

  122. Wes says

    Note, I wasn’t commenting about ALL the restraunts just the
    Anheuser-Busch Parks. Anheuser-Busch Parks which only offers Active Duty Service Members the free admission , but not those of us that were in the militray and are not now but get spit on by this company for not being active now.

    I appreciate the companies that do give to all military active and veteran, and wish them a successful business.

  123. Gulf War Vet says

    How about the ones who also made sacrifices in their lives….the Spouse of the Veteran. They don’t get the recognition they deserve, yet they too make sacrifices while their loved one is away. Not only do they have to worry each day about their loved one, but they raise their children, work multiple jobs, pay the bills, and I’ll bet they’ve even cried themselves to sleep some nights. Do they get recognized…not really. Hallmark or American Greetings don’t have cards for them. Today I honored my wife with a flower basket and I’m taking her to dinner tonight. She’s my hero. Not only do the veterans deserve honor, respect and thanks…but so do the spouses.

    • Wes says

      Yeah with Anheuser-Busch Parks.If you WERE still active they would let your family in free. But ONLY if active. especially a slap with the economy the way it is!

    • PO3 USN says

      I have seen both sides of the fence. I was an army wife then when my husband got out I joined the navy, I will say that I think it is harder to be the one at home. I respect my husband for what he does and my spouse also is my hero! 🙂

  124. Wes says

    It companies like this that are honoring present military but just spit and then slap those of us that have already served in peace time and not during a war, we get pushed to the side and are told so what,
    you were in the militray but yuo aren’t now so go to he…

    I would go back in and be actvie if I wasnt now too old and had health issues that are a direct relation to my military service that prevent me from doing so. I have a Va disability card and get treatment for my issues but little public recognition cause I server during peace time.

  125. melissa says

    Happy Veterans Day! To B.Ferreira for sacrificing so much, and to all of my fellow shipmates on deployment at this time! Be safe guys, we miss you!

  126. Lou Vasaturo says

    Enjoyed a great free lunch today at Chille’s in Toledo, with my friend of the Vietnam conflict. I was a Navy hospital corpsman with the Marines in Korea. We appreciate the token of thanks for serving. God bless America.

  127. kthom says

    I am the wife of a retired SF Master Sargeant. I want to thank ALL Vets for their service. My husband served 23 years and retired with 90% disability. Numerous times in his service, my husband was put in combat situations, and training situations, that caused him to suffer PTSD. He(we) worked through those times. Many Vets who service have physical and mental disabilities that are not apparent. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen have an unspoken need to continue to appear strong and in control, and very often have trouble saying they have need of help. Their families and support systems deal with self destructive behavior, denial, self loathing and fear of suicide, or homicide. Vets have had very little proper medical help and the help that has been there has been overwhelmed and under staffed. Now the government is struggling to catch up and provide what medical help they can, but it still is not enough. Iraq and Afghanistan has been catastrophic to our military personnel and the government medical system. REAL Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen go into the prison system, and many will continue to go in because they cannot deal with the repercussions of their service. Please be appreciative of their service to our freedoms, and try to be less judgemental of their failings and their pain.

  128. Lou Vasaturo says

    Enjoyed a great free lunch at Clille’s today in Toledo. Appreciat the token of thanks.


  129. crystal says

    my husband went to Tim hortons to get free donut…he was in the Marines… they had no idea what he was talking about and said no they havent heard of Tim Hortons giving away a free donut to veterans and if they do they arent participating!

  130. Iraq War Vet says

    I am a veteran of the Iraq war and have served three tours since its beginning. I really do not believe in the cause for war anymore it seems to be quite pointless and fruitless. I am still proud of my service and most importantly proud of Justin H. Hilbert who served with me in 2007. He was killed when an IED detonated under his vehicle instantly killing all four occupants. He was only 21 and left behind a wife and a new born child who he never was able to see. Me and Justin were buddies from the beginning and he will always be in my mind and in my prayers. Many people will never really understand the true soldiers bond. Even my wife does not fully understand me and that is the most frustrating part. Happy veterans day to all.

    • PO3 USN says

      SPC Johnathan D. Welch killed by an IED last year 19 best friend to me and my husband, our boys will never be forgotten!

  131. PO3 USN says

    Here is to all of those I have lost, my husband has lost, my father has lost, and to all of those familes who have lost loved ones! Lets think about them today while we are enjoying our free meals and discounts. I keep the fallen in my heart every day, one day is just not enough for the men and women who serve. I am proud to serve my country I never thought that I would be serving but I made that choice and I am proud of it! So happy vetrans day to those who are alive and to the fallen! God bless us all!

  132. SSGT Hedge says

    I want to thank you all, who have thanked us. I served with honor in the U.S.ARMY, and my youngest son Paul is currently serving, and I would just like to remind everyone that the thought for most of us was to do what we thought was right for our country. To protect it’s borders, freedom’s, and like my father who served in Vietam said, To make sure grandma does’t have to learn Russian. We served for our families future, and yours. We know the sacrifice, and thank you for acknowledging that you recognize it. It is nice to get a nice meal, but the true reward for us, is when you walk up to us, and shake our hand, and say thanks. I understand that things are never perfect in this country, but it’s ours, and if we want to keep it free, all of us will know someone who has, is, or will be serving to keep it that way.I thank all of you who thank us, and I thank everyone who served in any branch. We did it so those who couldn’t or wouldn’t, can still live free. SSGT HEDGE U.S.ARMY Med.Ret.

  133. steve says

    Did anyone think that he might have gotten into trouble AFTER his discharge? Happens to a lot of vets…..

  134. Tiffany says

    How about we just simply say thank you to all the soldiers and their families who’ve made so many sacrifices for our great nation. I salute you all! You are truly heroes!

  135. JWM says

    Things really have changed. I went in 1967. Got an honorable discharge from the USN. Came home on leave during this period 1967-1971 and the hippies called you a baby killer. It’s a whole new era now.

  136. Mitchel Churchill says

    i don’t mind putting my name on here because 13 bravo’s aren’t cowards & I welcome the feed back. Female Vet nailed it as did others when saying PTSD is real. We are all different. War & the service plays differently in each of our lives. Some of us are waaaay stronger than others & go through life with blinders on, not seeing that just because you served doesn’t mean you were bad to the bone. How many of you have seen folks get kicked out on bull, bad leadership cracking potential heroes & all other sorts of scenarios? We survived because of the guy to our right/left, but when you go back in general population things are different. In allot of cases these people have little to no support & what they did in the service may not have a civilian counterpart, so they are basically like a non-skilled worker. In a sense allot of us are treated like we were in prison & just got out. I work in the welfare system & trust me I’m a hard dude to get over on put I will NEVER turn my back on someone who served without gut checking them to see where their head is. We are owed & owe each other that respect. Screw the ones who continue to screw up, I agree but to those that reach out, you should extend yours. OUT!!!

  137. Veteran says

    I totally agree with D. Scott’s comment. There is a Subway here in New Mexico on an active Air Force Base and THEY are not participating but Subway is heavly advertising a free sub to vets. This Subway is making $$ off all the active duty, reserve, and retired veterans but will not recognize them ONE day out of the year!!

  138. GIBrain says

    Veterans Day is our chance to remember and honor the sacrifices of all soldiers, regardless of how we feel about the wars themselves. Here are some staggering and compelling numbers, which was realized during the long conflict in Vietnam, three million Americans served and 58,193 died. More than 150,000 were wounded and at least 21,000 were permanently disabled. We must never forget these soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who did everything their country asked of them despite the bitter controversy about the war back home. Being a US Navy veteran myself, I fully understand the plight of those Vietnam Veterans who made it back home. While the free food and gifts being thrown at us today are all greatly appreciated. We (veterans) are still treated like second class citizens by many. I pray that the sacrifices made by veterans, regardless of the campaign/war in which they served will be honored not just today, but everyday. To all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms, I salute you and you are always in my prayers.

  139. Kenneth L. Hughes says

    We thank ALL who served. I was a tank commander upon volunteering for the army and then was drafted into the Special Forces as a sniper. My wife will tell you about the ptsd; and YES we were spit upon coming home and called all kinds of names!!!! In my case,however “they” lost my files, so I need some one to step up to write a letter saying they served with me. I was looking for Albert “Cookie” Holt with whom I did basics. The VA refuses to acknowledge me. Those jungles of Nam were dark but God got me and my men through it , for the most part. God Bless all who served and are still serving. God Bless America. Ken Hughes

  140. williams says

    I retired after 20 yrs in the AF and I must agree w/John, civilians have no idea what military people go thru and have to endure. So unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes you have no idea what that person has gone thru. A simple “thank you” goes a long way but a donation to some form of militaty/veteran org. goes even further. Happy Veterans Day to my fellow veterans.”

  141. D.SCOTT says


    • Bob says

      I just called 7 different SUBWAY oputlets in Redding California. They are all participating in the Free 6 inch sub for Vets today.

      Thank You Subway Franchise owners in Redding, California

  142. big dog says

    Well Scotter! Id put you in the classification, of a “DisHonorably Discharged Vet”! Who was outside he wire taking a bullet for you and me while you were playing basketball in a Federal Prison? Who was picking up the tab for every meal you ate, etc etc?? You wouldnt make a pimple on a Real Veterans ***!! As far as the other vets ? as you like to call them are in prison for breaking the laws ww who served all had to adhere to. Im ashamed to be associatted with excons and Im sure you were innocent as all the violators are?? You did nothing but bring disgrace to a uniform too many real veterans died wearing . LR Castle Us Navy Seabees 1964-1970 w/ two tours of VietNam w/ a bronze star and a purple heart, just in case you wanted my credentials to speakout against people such as yourself..

  143. army wife and brat says

    thats true bill…i am 23 yrs old and have seen young men come home tramatized..all for this country even the ppl who are ungrateful and judgemental..they leave normal and full of life and come home with nightmares. my husband talks to himself because of all the time he has spent alone on missions for hours or days. it is no joke and the sacrifice is great. i have met men who have been on 9 deployements to iraq and only been in for a short time..not to mention what families sacrifice..wives give birth to their first born while their men are away. Children grow and their dads miss out. And the biggest sacrifice is some don’t come home at all.
    And the thing is we make these sacrifices happily knowing we are serving our country.. So be thankful and give honor where it is due.. 😉

    • Sgt Argo says

      Look I don’t know what this world has come to but I am currently in the Army National Guard. I was injured and had back surgery and cannot go back to work and the military will not pay me. I am waiting on the VA to do their part. It was my choose to join the military and don’t regret it at all. Thank you to all the VETS past and present. And also thanks to all the companies that offer a free meal for us. I have no income coming in and its nice that some people out there still care.
      Sgt Argo
      Also you should not be ashamed to post your name everyone has an opinion and if you have served remember your VALUES!

      • Sgt Argo says

        That was not towards you army wife and brat. I didn’t know I could post stuff at the bottom of this page. Sorry.

  144. Sophia G. says

    I just went to 2 different Subway locations and both denied me a free 6inch sub. Don’t bother going there guys…

    • Bob says

      & different Subway outlets in Redding California all are offering free 6 inch subs to Vets.

      Thank you Subway Franchise owners in Redding, California

      Vietnam Veteran
      Semper Fi

    • EAS2 Burris says

      I just came back from a Subway 1 hour ago. I got a free sub and drink. I also could have received a free bag of chips and 2 cookies.

  145. army wife and brat says

    i would just like to say that regardless of what someone has done in their life if u have served this country we all should be greatful! no one knows the sacrifice unless u have lived the “military life” and yes a lot of ppl who are vets have a lot of issues u don’t come out of a war the same and some bad choices may be a result of that so to every man and woman who have served THANK YOU! and to all the families of the service members THANK YOU ! HAPPY VETERANS DAY! God bless you all!

  146. CH-47mech says

    I would like to take a moment to say, this is absolutely pathetic. This is a day to honor, not belittle. The person said they were a vet and a felon. We so quickly jump in to judge someone, however we don’t even know the story. He simply asked for prayer for other vets incarcerated who made wrong choices, for what ever reason. It’s not for us to judge, they have already been judged. It’s for us to remember and uplift those in need. We fight to protect and defend those those who can’t do so for themselves. We do it without question, we do it with honor and we do it willingly. Never have I known a soldier who at one point hasn’t made a mistake. Never have I known a person who is without fault. Many have been accused falsely, look at the Vietnam Veteran’s who were shunned for things other’s may have done. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and then Let God judge those in need of judging. I am a combat veteran, I am still serving my country and you honorably, I have lost my children because of my service to this great country, but I don’t ask for your sympathy. I ask you to honor any and all veterans, they have all made sacrifices. Some you will never know, but all veteran’s relate to loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Shake the hand of a Veteran, give them a hug, join the rest of the nation as they stand today to recognize every veteran, even those who chose a lesser path than honor. Pray for a Veteran, many of their battles are private, internal and intimate. Some pain time will never heal, but prayer and God can heal all things. God Bless The USA!

  147. Sherry says

    Thanks to all the vets, present, past and deceased, for serving our country and keeping us safe from these enemies. I am a former military spouse of ten years and relocated five times, and trust me it is not an easy task, BUT someone got to do the job. I also worked side-by-side with the military servicemembers throughout my entire federal career.

    Many veterans are homeless because they couldn’t transfer their skills in our society, PTSD, drug addiction because they could not cope after being at war, and remember the agent orange. That had a major affect on our servicemembers. Besides that let’s not forget they are having to deal with life issues while we sleep in our warm beds and run safely in and out of stores. They could have received divorce papers or found their significant love one ran away with another man/woman and took ALL their money!!! .

    They also leave here whole physically and return back with limbs missing or mental issues. DO NOT JUDGE anyone because no one knows what they are going through, and guess what????? It could easily be you without even stepping foot out of your state.

    Thank you to ALL our SERVICEMEMBERS – present, past or deceased. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  148. John C says

    To those on military men and women on this site who choose to argue back and forth with these civilians shame on you. This is what makes us soldiers, airman, marines, sailors because no matter what someone says or how much you don’t like it; on any day, at any hour, we could be called to give our life in defense of this country and our allies. Regular civilians cannot comprehend the magnitude of that responsibility and they are not sppose to. Its our job to protect america so people have those rights to B**** and complain. So just take it in stride and understand the honor in our profession. HAPPY VETERANS DAY

  149. Mickey says

    Some of you may not realize, but a soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can easily fall between the cracks, become homeless, or even be guilty of acts of anger, aggression, flashbacks, etc. Please don’t hang them out to dry. Only thru years of counseling and having support from family, friends or groups can they overcome the nightmare of Vietnam. I’m sure there are others who served in the middle east that suffer the same. I know this for a fact…. I’ve been married to a Vietnam Vet for over 40 years and it has NOT been a walk in the park. Without the support from me, he would have given up years ago and God only knows where he would be today. I thank all of our vets, they are our unsung HEROS. I love all you guys and gals who serve our country.

  150. Pete says

    To all who post something here, this is a day to thank our Vets, whoever they may be, not attack them, yes there are some bad apples in the basket, and they have paid their debt, so let sleeping dogs lie, the are the ones that have to live with themselves for the crimes they committed, but always remember they were Vets 1st before criminals, and that is what should count, yes they may be in prison serving their sentence, so does that mean we take away the fact that they served their country, no, they know what they did was wrong, and I do not excuse it by any means, but they did put their lives on the line for all those in this FREE nation, and they protected your FREEDOM of RIGHTS, so some of them are still paying the price by serving time in prison, but always remember not all prison Vets were bad service members, they just bad mistakes in their lives, I had to escort a very close friend of mine to prison because he lost a court martial, not for a crime, but something stupid, but he was a good soldier, so should I hate him because he went to prison?

    They are still Vets in every way no matter what!

    Thanks to all who served and those who are about to serve, that is why this is the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!

  151. jason says

    just to let yall know at the top that i am a line medic in the army and most of my guys are in the army cuz they were going to do fed time up sate but the court system said jail or army. so yes many of us are the **** ups of the usa but were puting our lifes on line, if you put your life on the line for your country you still deserve respect

  152. Darrell E. Brown says

    I hope that in the future, when vets get together, anywhere, that there will be people that will be present or have information available for some of the problems as jobs, educational opportunities, medical recovery, homes lost due to the changes in the economy (homeless vets), etc. Thank you.

  153. Darrell E. Brown says

    HyVee in Kansas City fed a great breakfast to us/vets I thank at all locations – for I think, the third year. The management expressed their appreciation – I really appreciated. And the HyVee locations with vets comparing notes and memories. I did not realize that the reunion with other vets would be such an emotional time – I must have needed this time talking out experiences. The HyVee people at the Englewood location were wonderful!!!! Thank you.

  154. MedlifeSemper says

    STOP B%@$&ING!! In response to the prison issues. . . get over it and just realize that veterans are veterans. I have met some veterans, police officers, politicians, nurses, teachers, firefighters, doctors, and even little league football personnel that have some sort of history with the law, yet, should still be given that basic human respect for doing what they believe to be right. I SALUTE you all, my brothers and sisters in arms from past to present to future. I LOVE YOU for your COURAGE, DEDICATION and AMBITION (whom little have to join) to keep my friends and family (and even those complaining in this forum) safe along side myself. God Bless you all and, please, take advantage of what this country has to offer, especially, today (coupons and discounts) because you have earned more than that. . . . . . . SEMPER FIDELIS!

  155. Good Meal Convo says SSG says

    Wow….I just came to this site to see if I could get a free meal for being a vet (10 yrs Army)…these comments were all entertaining though….now I have something to talk about while I eat my free meal!

  156. Dimmer 37 says

    The judgmental words and tone of many of these comments is shocking. My years of service were during and in Vietnam. All of my children and their spouses have served or are serving.
    Those of you who have not served and some of you who have served, but not in combat, are very presumptuous in making adverse comments. You do not know what a service member may have experienced; what life changing experiences they may have endured. Every veteran deserves appreciation and respect for having stepped forward to protect the freedoms of those who do not risk themselves in service of our great country.

    • Jane says

      I agree with your thoughts.

      My hats off to all veterans and current military folks. Thank God there is a Veterans Day that acknowledges the service members (both past and present) lest we forget the price paid to provide the country we live in today.

      Proud Navy Vet

  157. Chris says

    How dare any of you stand in judgment when many veterans were forced into the service of their country by the “draft”, then returned home from the war to be spat upon by their own countrymen for doing what they had to do as a soldier to protect our nations freedom. Once back in this nation of ours, they were ignored, mistreated or treated as sub human beings by local citizens, the police, and society at large. I am not surprised many of them ended up homeless, or in prisons, or ended up begging for handouts to survive. The VA puts many of our Veterans through a long unnecessary process to get a claim processed that can take years, or even decades, just to be compensated for their injuries, medical, or mental issues. To those Veterans who have been ignored or mistreated, “thank you for your service”, and as for those Veterans who allow themselves to stand in judgment of others. I will pray for you.

  158. Tony Weathers says

    Thank you to all the veterans who served to keep this great country free. Also sending a shout out to all the sailors who served onboard the USS Midway (CV-41), more affectionately known as the USS Neverdock. Hahaha! Keep up the good work,vets. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!

  159. jim says

    Don’t fall for deceptive advertising. the Sports Clips in Kenosha.

    NO FREE HAIRCUTS for active or retired military.

    7127 120th Ave. Kenosha, WI 53142

    • Ryan Guina says

      Jim, thanks for sharing this info. These offers are for “participating” stores. I believe Sports Clips is a franchise, which means they are owned by individuals, not the corporation. Each owner has the option of participating in this offer or not.

  160. Patty McClafferty says

    To my husband who served in Vietnam as a combat medic and stay in the Army for 10 1/2 years. Thank you sweetheart. And to my son who is active duty in the Air Force station in Pomona California as a reserve recruiter that just got promoted to senior master sergeant, I’m proud of you Michael, and I love you both.
    And to all the veterans out there, thank you for serving our country. A job well done, and God bless all of you and God bless America.

  161. Mo says

    I am part of a proud military family, my father-in-law served in the Navy during WWII and was part of the D-Day invasion. I served in the Army and was in country in Vietnam 67-69 and had the honor of being spit on in the San Francisco airport. It took 35+ years before someone besides my family welcomed me home. My son was part of the 101st Airborne in Iraq. I want to thank all the men and women who served in the US military, whether during war or peace time, it’s a small sacrifice that some of us deem necessary to preserve peace in the world and to protect our freedoms at home.


  162. Judy Cook says

    Proud to have served in the U S NAVY!!! I am now married to another NAVY vet. We are very glad to have served our country and would still be except I have been stricken with MS. I am glad to see that so many citizens of the US support our troops, past , present, and future! GO NAVY !!

  163. Dimitri C. says

    Happy Veterans Day to all of our men and women who have served and still serving!! Enjoy your day. God Bless.

  164. randall nazareth says

    i think today , where all african american vets, should be first class, not second, many have die,it just like a plane goes down,it doesnt matter, first class or coach. today is a day we shall get away from hate, we all U.S. citizens, to all vet.have a great day,

  165. Sharmane says

    Just wanted to say Thank to all the men and women who have served in the military and who are currently active. All you do is very much appreciated. God Bless!

  166. woohoo2010 says

    I too am a vet and still serving, and I thank all of the military veterans that have ever been in the military and those that are still going strong. God Bless America!!!

  167. Anonymous says

    I just want to say “thank you” to all those who have put their lives at risk for the American people. You have done a selfless act in doing what you believe(d) to be right. Some of you have seen loved ones die right in front as you as you fought the good fight. Its not easy when you know your expected to just pick up and carry on in spite of trying circumstaces. Im very appreciative of your love and deviontion for this country. God bless you all!

  168. EZ Martinez says

    I would like to thank all those who served in one capacity or another to preserve the freedom we now enjoy. I served proudly, for almost 30 years and have no regrets whatsoever. My prayers are with those who are now following the tradition of honorable service and are scattered throughout the world putting their lives on the line so we can continue to enjoy freedom.
    I would like to share a writing that I picked up along the way while I served. title “Soldier”
    I was that which other others did not want to be,
    I went where other feared to go and did what others failed to do.
    I asked nothing of those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness….. had I failed
    I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love.
    I have cried, pained and hoped….but most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten.
    At least some day I will be able to say that I AM PROUD OF WHAT I WAS…A SOLDIER.

    God bless America!!!!!

  169. Dawn says

    Thank you to all the veterans who are serving and have served. My husband was a Sgt in the Army and passed away this August. So I am honoring him today and all the men and women of armed forces who give us the freedom we have today. We need to also thank the families of the service men and women for all they do behind the scences to keep the moral up for our soldiers.

    • Erick says

      We are all blessed to have people like you and your husband. Your husband placed his life on the line to protect each and every one of us. He would be very proud of you for your continued support. Comments like yours makes the honor of serving that much better.

  170. Mark Dexter says

    Please do NOT eat at Applebee’s

    Last year my buddy an ‘ex’ (yes I know there’s no such thing as an ‘ex’) Marine went to Applebee’s alone and ordered water with his meal on Veteran’s Day. They ended up charging him $8.00 for ‘silverware usage.’

    What the hell is that?!? He even asked before he sat down if they were doing the chain’s special!

    Please do not give this company any bussiness.

    • charles says

      I’m sorry, but this just couldn’t have been true. I ate at Applebee’s last year for the vets meal and it was fine.

    • big dog says

      Silver Fu**&g Usage?? How would applebees like us ex Marines to charge them for Ammo Used?? or Blood spilt? or putting our ***** outside the wire time and again to keep their franchises going??? Hoooorah and Semper Fi Brother!!

    • Robert says

      I too ate at Applebee’s last year and did not have to pay a PENNY. Nada, nothing and received a Thank You when I was finished.

    • Bob says

      Just got back from Applebee’s in Redding. Meal was Free – No Charge. Thank you Applebee’s for the generosity this year and also last year. I wonder wherre that guy ate that was charged $8.00 for silverware? Let us know and let them respond

      • Sgt Argo says

        I ate there as well last year and to be honest the only problem was we had to wait for a long time and now that I look at it that wasn’t a problem my wife and I talked to a lot of VETS and we pretty much told war stories. Thank you Applebee’s

  171. Rod Douthitt says

    I am a proud US Marine VET. I just want to THANK ALL who have served and still serving our great country. FREEDOM is never free I only wish everyone could understand that. Happy Birthday Marines and God Bless our country….Semper Fi

  172. WILLIAM LEBRON says


  173. Susan Hale says

    Companies who acknowledge our Veterans with a free offer or discount are to be commended! Veterans need to know that they are special today and every day. I love my Veteran husband!

  174. Tess says

    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. An American can thank their freedom of speech to the efforts of the US Military. Regardless of my feelings on the current wars, when I was in the AF I followed orders. That was part of my responsibility. The troops do their job, plain and simple.

    As a disabled Veteran, who teetered on becoming homeless, I appreciate these offerings. A university degreed professional who has seen her income decrease by 35% in 3 years, I am very happy to receive a nice meal au gratis. It means I do not have to consume my own resources today, be it money or food.

    To my fellow Veterans, I salute you, especially our disabled brethren. Those of us who face challenges every day due to our disabilities need and deserve extra care, which includes a free meal at a restaurant. Unbelievably a simple gesture like that makes us feel appreciated.

    Happy Veterans Day!

  175. RedOctober says

    I give thanks today for all who have served and are still serving. My life has been surrounded by the military for three generations and counting. All the important men in my life have served, as well as many, many male and female friends and other relatives.

    I wouldn’t be able to send this post without their service…

    THANK YOU! from the bottom, top, and all around my heart…

  176. Jane says

    I served on active duty in the Navy from 1973 to 1981 enlisting during the Vietnam War at the age of 18. Serving in the armed forces was one of the best ways that I could give back to this great country. I “grew up” during my time in the Navy: the Navy made me a better person. I completed an Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degree upon separation from Navy all thanks to the Montgomery GI Bill. The education assisted me in my career enabling me to continue giving back to the community. I have learned many things over the years, but taking care of the vets is uppermost in my mind today as I reflect on the men and women who have served over the years and I think of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Song Lyrics: “Some Gave All”. Excerpt from lyrics:
    “All gave some and some gave all
    And some stood through for the red, white and blue
    And some had to fall
    And if you ever think of me
    Think of all your liberties and recall
    Some gave all”
    The vets are the ones who put their lives on the line for preserving our freedom and liberties in this great country.
    A Proud Navy Vet

    • Carrol says

      I love that song!!! It has such meaning to me. So Billy Ray was not a “one hit wonder”. This song was a hit for me!!!

  177. Blair Augustine says

    ATTENTION: Marines ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES [November 10, 2010 ] and a Happy Veterans Day [November 11, 2010] and thank to our Navy Corpsman.

    Semper Fi
    Old Salt

      • big dog says

        Blair Youve got that right but you forgot to thank us SeaBees, who built your hooches and lzs and fire bases right along side our brother US Navy Corpsmen “The most under appreciatted of all combat personnel”!!

      • EAS2 Burris says

        Way to go fellow Bee! As a VN Vet I agree that the Seabees are not recognized for there accomplishments. We build! We Fight! and serve along side of the of branches of the military. For those that do not know, the Seabees are the construction arm of the US Navy. They have served on every continent, including Antartica and every conflict since WW2 when they were organized.

        Having read many of the comments to this point all I want to say is – this is about Veterans Day and the men and women who have, are and will serve in the US military. Why not keep the coments positive and not dwell on the negative, or a single person.

        I salute the Veterans that we are honoring today and the veterans of all nations that have and are serving their country. I may not agree with all of them and they may have been my country’s enemy at some time they are serving their country the best they can.

  178. Tom says

    Just remember when you see the letters U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corp, and U.S. Coast Guard. The first two letters are US. It’s US vs Them. Doesnt matter what uniform is worn, Its still US. 25 Years of serving, now a member of the US Coast Guard Aux. So IM still serving. I salute you all. Stand up and be proud of who you are and what uniform you wore or are wearing.

  179. Corpsman HM2 says

    I would like to say Thanks to all Vets and lets remember the families of the ones that were lost or injured. I was in Kuwait 2005 and it can be hard on the familes as well as the soldier.

  180. CW4(Ret) Bruce Taiji says

    I want to thank all Veterans.. I too am a combat veteran who served in the US Army for almost 39 years.. started as a draftee in the VietNam War and retired in June 2006 as a CW4. I served in many locations and traveled extensively thoughout the US and Europe. I want to thank those soldiers who are in harms way now and those who are about to go there. My heart and prayers are with you for your safe return…. and those of us who did our duty.. well we were just doing our job .. and what was right for us as citizens of this great country.. God Bless you all and God Bless the USA forever..

  181. Pete says

    I would like to start by saying “Thank You” to all my brothers and sister in arms, I offered my service from 1977 – 1992, U.S. Army, Air Defense Artillery, from Texas, to Germany, to Colorado, to Korea, to Colorado, and back to Germany, was selected in the 1st Gulf war, but was put on standby, after we found that we had no planes or helicopters to shoot down, but was proud to serve my country when I did, I lost friends in 9/11, and Iraq, but still kept the soldier in me, now that I am a disabled vet, I hear all the lines like, “boy I’m glad I did not have to go fight”, nobody wants to fight, but when called upon, you do what is asked of you, some of the civilians really do not know how good they have it, if it wasn’t for me and many others who defended their freedom from those who threaten the very freedom we cherish, so this day belongs to us, the service member who ever they me be that has served in any branch, and if they want to show their thanks with a free meal at our favorite place so be it, but just going up to a vet and saying “thanks” is all we really need, not saying the free food does not help, it does for those that were treated with disrespect and are unable to get support, that society has forgotten, those are the ones we should really show our thanks to, my brothers and sisters in arms!

    • Jackie says

      Those of us who have not served our country can never understand all of the sacrifices our vets have made so that we can be free. All we can do is say thanks – and gladly offer a free meal. I pray that God will open the eyes of the disrespectful and ungrateful people who enjoy their freedom and rights today because people like you willingly gave up yours to serve.

      • Carrol says

        I agree with you. So many of these people that protest, burn our flag, etc. really make me mad!!! All these freedoms they enjoy all came from many lost brave souls! And these people don’t really appreciate the sacrifices made.

  182. Gulf War Vet says

    I’ve read these comments and I have to say they are very interesting. But, a lot of them state the individual didn’t serve for freebies. You’re absolutely right. You volunteered to serve your country. However, if I am out and someone offers me a free meal, haircut, appetizer, cane, handshake, hug, thanks, or whatever, I will accept it as their thanks to me for doing what I did. Because, I can almost guarantee that if the roles were reversed and a veteran or active duty member turned down my thanks, I would feel unappreciated. You all were taught that if you were in a foreign country and a local offered you something as their thanks, and you turned it down, it was a sign of disrespect. What makes this country any different?

    • Chrissi Myatt says

      Freebies aren’t free. They’re compensation for unpredictable and significant sacrifices.

    • Disabled Gulf War Vet says

      Thanks Gulf War Vet,

      I like your commentary!!!!! I am a disabled veteran working through the Gulf War Syndrome. Its been quite a fight for me on my body, but I “Leave No Man Behind”!

      I also want to say thanks to the many businesses and individuals who are serving us today.

  183. Chris USN retired says

    Did 20 years, and 5 in fed prison. Now I am free. But 140,000 Vet are still in prison across this Nation. Please remember them in your prayers. I salute them, even though they made a wrong choice in their life that cost them dearly.

  184. robert says

    As a combat vet/combat wounded vet i served to help people i stayed in for my brothers in arms, and i was hurt protecting my brothers in arms. I love you guys and miss all my friends who payed the ultimate sacrofice.

  185. Lance Boyle says

    I served in the Marines for 3yrs and the ARNG for 6 more. I got my paycheck and my GI bill. That was the contract. Paid in full. Nothing more nothing less.

    I do appreciate the businesses that took the time to honor the veterans but I don’t think I’d ever accept the gratuity. Just the offer is enough of a thanks. Frankly last year the mob of 100 plus RA soldiers lined up outside Applebees was enough for me to go someplace quieter. Nothing against the young hardchargers, I just don’t have the interest in investing my time waiting in a line. Did that enough back then!

    As far as showing proof of service. Sad but probably necessary to keep the undeserving freeloaders at bay. The scammers are out there.

  186. Marine Wife says

    I just want to thank my husband and let him know how proud I am to call myself his wife! Happy Birthday Marines!!!! And a HUGE thank you to all of you out there who have ever served! You are appreciated!

  187. Harry McNeill says

    I am a SGT in the Army and I have did 4 tours and I would like to thank everybody out there for supporting the troops.

  188. Proud Wife & Daughter says

    Well, There is a lot of interesting comments here. I just wanted to Thank my Husband who served in the USMC, my Father in the Army National Guard, Step father USAF and Grandfather USN WWII and all the men and women who have served or currently serving. Im very proud of each one of these men. To me they are very Brave and I know I could never be that brave of a person. I work as a Travel Nurse going from different Va’s and have met so many great people, each with a wonderful story that makes me proud to be an American and have all the Freedom me and my family have. As a Nurse I enjoy caring for other’s. But what I do is nothing compared to what the Military does. Just enjoy the day, and if you dont want to take a free meal, give that waiter or waitress a nice tip………

  189. myda says

    My favorite is the bumper sticker that reads:
    Love your freedom? Hug a Vet!
    I married one.
    Gave birth to one.
    Now have two grandsons serving.
    I hug them all whenever I get the chance.

  190. JWGold says

    I’m active duty, but i just want to say thank you and God Bless those who serve, God Bless those who appreicate those that serve, and more over God Bless America.

  191. MsParrish says

    Veterans/Soldiers give America so much more than most American’s will ever know and or appreciate. I’m glad there are companies such as these who value and acknowledge the tireless work these men and women do for our country.
    God Bless our Veterans/Soldiers and may you all have a wonderful Veterans Day 2010!

  192. Dawn Evans says

    My husband did his 4 yrs. and was discharged honorably. He would have loved to have stayed in, but being a newly wed with 3 step daughters he put his family first. We left England in 1966 and he came back to his home town of VA where have lived to this day. He immediately went back in AF Reserves and served 8 more yrs. until his job could not be without him for those 2 weeks. He may not have served in any war, but he is a very proud American and would have done so in a heart beat to protect his country and family. God Bless each and everyone of you milatary personnel for what you do and have done to keep us free. Enjoy your free meal even if it is the restaurants choice because they care too and the economy is in bad shape.

  193. Mechelle Boatman says

    I do not believe anyone “owes” anything but I do think it’s a good thing when someone say “Thank you for you service”. That is like saying “thank you for putting you life on the line for me”. Which is exactly what they do! Most service members do not ask for this, but I can see the pride when someone takes the time to say thank you. No I am not military, but I am the proud wife, mother and mother in law of active duty soldiers.. And trust me I could not be prouder!!! I want to thank ALL military for you service. God Speed!!!

  194. Peter says

    I’m a submarine veteran, and although the appreciation is great, I firmly believe that the fact we served should be rewarding enough.

  195. robin cook says

    ROOSTERS WINGS RESTAURANT AND BAR ON NORTH MAIN ST IN DAYTON OHIO is giving 10.00 credit to veterans and milatary persons nov 11 2020 all day eat in

  196. Sapper says

    Hmmm, I am a Desert Storm Veteran, Airborne, Combat Engineer/Sapper. I have a couple of observations. First, restaraunts are not obligated to give me free anything. If they choose to do that then I applaude them no matter how large or small their contribution. Some businesses are more financially able to do more than others. Secondly, I get embarrassed if someone offers me free or discounted anything for my service. I always have a veterans hat on because I’m proud of my service not to get free stuff. I also deeply appreciate it when someone says thank you. I sacrificed a lot and went through hell in service to my country. Third, to VETx3……RA, active and reserve are not branches of the military and RA is an acronym for Regular Army which is…..active duty. Branches would be Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard. If you had really served you would know that. Lastly, I really appreciate Sams for the free cane. I don’t need one yet but I do have a bum knee that really hurts when it acts up and I have considered using a cane so I can relate to how helpful one would be to a vet who really needs it. Also, shame on the guy who castigated the girl for saying she’s glad she doesn’t have to go. Being a combat veteran I don’t blame her a bit. I’m glad she didn’t have to go and I don’t think it is dishonorable for a person to admit they don’t have the nerve to be a soldier. Most people don’t which is what makes us veterans so special to begin with. That said, I’ll be frequenting the businesses listed here more often. I didn’t know they did this. I’ve never sought out these kinds of things as I don’t need discounts or freebies. I make enough money that it never occurred to me to wonder about it. I should say that recently I’ve noticed Autozone and Advance Auto both gave me 10 percent discounts because I had my ODS Vet hat on whent I went to get parts. I didn’t ask and they didn’t say anything, I just noticed a discount on my receipt and I asked about it so they told me it was a veteran discount. I go there anyway but I’ll admit I did kind of get a warm fuzzy feeling about it. Anyway, thanks to all my fellow vets out there and Hooah. Happy veteran’s day.

  197. Computer Doc says

    I would first want to say my thanks to all who are and have served this great country of ours. I served 8 years with the AF, and disability prevented me from serving more.
    With that, I appreciate the businesses that are offering a meal or whatever to vets, they don’t have to do it.
    The wife and I were in Branson, MO this last weekend for the start of Veteran’s Homecoming Week. Branson honors vets all year round but especially during this week. Saw several shows for free (many are always free for vets) and all had tributes in the shows. Other discounts all over the place. Many people thanked me for my service, and I can’t tell you how great I was treated. I did not nor do I expect that, but when it happens, it is realy nice.
    God Bless our Servicemen, and thanks again to those establishments who choose to honor the vets.

  198. Atlanta's Frugal Mom says

    Thank you for posting about these deals — I have posted them on my blog, giving you proper credit.

    Thanks, also, for all our men and women -past and present- who have bravely served our country. God bless you all!

    Thanks again, TheMilitaryWallet! :o)

  199. Oakes says

    I am a United States Marine. I have noticed something wrong with business owners. Call any hotel anytime and ask if they give a military discount. They will tell you no or maybe like 10%. Right after they tell you “no” they will say that if you have AAA membership then you can get a 15-25% discount. So if I pay some company money I get a good discount, But if I give my life for this county nothing at all. MMMMM just does not seem right. Some one up about had the quote “Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.” To me that is all well in good, But when you give everything to your country and yet you can still get protested for protecting it. When do we stop defending it?????

  200. Daniel Block says

    Be thankful for what you have each and everyday. Be thankful for your family, your friends, your coworkers. Thank those of us that are serving if you wish, it certainly does not fall on deaf ears, but be thankful for those that are not with us to enjoy this day and the next. It is the honor of the fallen that must be remembered and treasured always for they have paid the ultimate sacrifice for all that we enjoy each and everyday.

    I only hope that my efforts while I spend time in Afghanistan help to bring as many home to their families as possible, and I can never forget those who fell and board that C-17 in a box of pine draped with the American flag.

  201. DeWayne says

    Thanks to all those restaurants and others who are giving ANYTHING, and also to those who are not. If a Bloomin’ onion doesn’t satisfy someone it will surely be appreciated by others. All Vets can find somewhere to eat on Veteran’s Day as well as several other days throughout the week (Golden Coral is free the 15th.) I am a proud Veteran and am more than happy to pay for my meal and another less fortunate Vet’s meal if he should walk in beside me needing to eat. Happy Veteran’s Day to all and best wishes to all of those still serving abroad.

  202. John Schlosser says

    I’m pleased to see any acknowledgement of and gratitude for our service at all! For years I was depressed on Veteran’s Day because it appeared to me that the people of our great nation no longer cared anything about us; we were either on our own and taking care of our own, or even facing disdain and rejection from the people we served.

    I’m deeply, deeply grateful to these businesses. We veterans who are doing reasonably well owe them our gratitude, and should show it by patronizing their businesses throughout the year.

    We know there are vets out there who aren’t doing so well; this Veteran’s Day they can have breakfast at Krispy Kreme, lunch at Subway and dinner at Applebee’s, assisted in getting around by a free cane. And it’s all for free! When I think about it for a minute I almost get a lump in my throat.

    Let’s thank these businesses for thanking us!

    John Schlosser
    101st MP Co, 101st Airborne Div

  203. SSG Smith says

    I don’t serve for the discounts and freebies. I hope you don’t either. Appreciate them but don’t cry like a child when you don’t get them. Noone owes me anything. For those who do offer, thank them and go on. If the reason you serve is for perks. Then “GET OUT” !!

  204. MARK says

    Thank you to all who have served or are serving. Most places I encounter will give @ least 10% or better discount. Its not posted, you must ask. It really works.

    Just ask. Have a Great Veterans Day. Remember those who have falled.
    USN retired

  205. Amanda says

    I would like to take this time to thank all of our fine military men and women for their choice to serve our country. I said choice because that is what many, not all did, you made the choice willingly to protect all the things that make this country great including giving us the choice itself to serve! I feel that is another thing to think about. Some countrys you dont have the freedom to choose, its required. Thank you for the sacrafices of missing out on things at each of your homes to protect our homeland itself! I would like to share one last thing I heard a young soldier tell a nonmilitary friend back home when discussing an issue the friend wanted to fight someone else about the friend wanted “beat up” the guy and this is what the young soldier while on his second deployment to Afganistan said:”id like to do this peace fully. i spent meny days asulting the real bad guys. when it comes to fellow amaricans id like thare to be no blood shed. iv seen enough of that in my life. the stains on my hands have been washed away but the blood on my soule is forever.” I cried! Our men and women dont just serve and come home they live with thier duty forever, Im forever greatful! THANK YOU

  206. Areo Scout says

    Thank you my Brothers in Arms and welcome home. As a Vietnam Combat Vet and I’m sure I speak for most Veterans, a simple “thank you for your service” is all we need. You can’t imagine how grateful we are for those few words. Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom Vets need to be found and encouraged to see a DAV service officer for benefits and look for a Vet Center or VA Clinic for readjustment counseling.

  207. Delbert H. David U.S.A.F. Retired says

    I served my country in the U.S. Air Force for 33 yrs (Vietnam Vet) and my state (Texas State Guard) for 18 years after that. I’m proud and honored to have served. No one owes me anything! I do however enjoy the “Thank You” that people give me from time to tim.

  208. William Baldwin SGT Army (Pers. Gulf 90-91) says

    I seen a couple comments on here from some that state being a VET is enough and (perhaps its my interpretation) service is enough of the honor and shouldnt be taking “hand-outs”. First of all to start this off, if any of you ever been to a holding station and didnt go up and take the Red Cross gift packs, cookies, coffee, or juice because you felt it was shameful, then shame on you. You know the amount of joy that person gets knowing they didnt put all that out just to have it shunned and the gift turned away. The disrespect comes when those that demand it, abuse it, or expect it better. If a business offers a gift, its just that, its a gift of appreciation. You have a right to accept or decline no dishonor either way. I signed up for service like the majority of people to recieve a pay and benefits. Lets be real about this we didnt do it for free. While you may or may not have supported the cause if you were called to duty thats a personal opinion and a discussion that doesnt belong here (as you know your supporting when you signed up to support all the rights of the consitution), the understanding is, you signed a contract and you fulfill that contract to the best of your abilities. If someone wants to add to those benefits theres nothing wrong with that. Just be respectful about using it. Dont be a REMF about this.

    • Delbert H. David U.S.A.F. Retired says

      The Red Cross workers made my life much more enjoyable while I was in Korea (1958-59) and for that they have my eternal gratitude!

  209. Stacy says

    First of all God Bless the USA and our veterens. I served over 20 years in our fine military and got deployed to several counties outside the US and know first hand on how good we have in the USA. Second I agree that people should be grateful for your service however to think that businesses should provide everything for a veteren is very unrealistic, especially if they want to stay in business. So to get a free burger is one thing but to have a complete stranger sincercly say “thank you for your service” should mean a whole lot more. What do you think…

    • Bint alshamsa says

      Thankfully, I was brought up to do this. To this day, whenever my father sees a group of vets sitting in a restaurant, he anonymously pays for their meal. I’ve watched him do this time and time again. Now that I am an adult, I am teaching my daughter to do the same. I don’t care if I have to cross the parking lot to say it, but if one of you ever saw me, I’d be the crazy lady with the afro who made sure you knew how much your service meant to her. LOL 🙂

  210. Melanie says

    Be thankful that we are all still alive and well and with our families daily. Much love and appreciation for those who made the ultimate sacrifice (their lives), and those who are still in harms way.

  211. Bob Dowd says

    Listen up. folks!!! Most veterans I know (and I know more than a few because I served from 1968 to 1994, USAF Retired CMSgt) have never asked for anything or expected anything for their service. One of the most significant issues that America has to deal with today is that too many folks, veterans, as well as those that have never served is that they have their hands out expecting something for nothing. It was an honor to serve my Country and I would do it all over again. I thank all my brother and sister veterans for their service as well.

    • Willie Stovall says

      Like you, I am retired, USAF (Msgt). I remember being spat on, called names as I made my way through the airports of this country when returning from overseas assignments. There is nothing I regret about my service to my country. The right to express ones opinion is but one reason we served after all. One of my fellow service members expressed it this way, ” Everyone has a right to be stupid.”
      I am grateful that many folks chose to show respect for our service. I didn’t expect it. I do show my retired ID any chance I get. It reminds people that some of us have already paid the price for their freedoms.

  212. Bob Early says

    If you are a “true” veteran, you should not have to worrry about showing proof. There are too many wanna be’s out there that would that would take advantage of this wonderful gesture by these merchants. I am a Vietnam Veteran and want to express my thanks for all of those establishments that are offering the free meals in recognition of Veteran’s Day. I also want to wish a very Happy Veteran’s Day to all of my fellow veterans of all wars.

  213. William Baldwin says

    Lowes offers 10% Military discount year round. I get a discount in Wichita, KS all the time. This was notified to me by a supervisor employee whom is a VET and he recognized I was one and informed me to make sure I use my benefits. NOTE: you will have to wait a little longer when doing this as it requires a supervisors badge to over ride the sale. Sometimes to expedite they will just give me a employee discount rather than wait for supervisor. You have to provide proof. I just use my VA card. Cheers.

    • Dennis says

      The Lowe’s here in Fairbanks AK does the same thing. Home Depot does not. I’m not expecting something for nothing, I think it’s great these stores offer a discount to Active Duty. I appreciate Lowe’s much more though because they do extend the discount to veterans as well. The issue I have with Home Depot not extending the same discount is that it tells me that our service as veterans has somehow come to mean less because we are no longer active duty. As a Vet and now a DOD employee I am offended that my service past and present is belittled by any company that won’t extend the same benefits to veterans that they do to Active Duty.

  214. Kathryn says

    It is not an insult at all to have people show proof. Unfortunately the world we live in today people that aren’t associated with the military would try to take advantage of their kindness. I’ve been in the military now for about 7 years and plan on making this a career; I’ve been all over the world. I don’t have a problem with proving I’m a veteran.

    • Stuart says

      Why does everybody talk about the world we live in today? It has happened forever, not just today. Remember, you fought for the rights of all Americans, not just to get a pat on the back or a freebie. The people giving these free handouts don’t have to do it. It seems too many veterans forget this at times. By the way, I am retired from the US Navy and say thank you to the many men and women who have served and sacrificied for our country.

  215. Ekoesling says

    I would like to start by saying that my father is a Vietnam Vet, and while I am not, nor have been enlisted, I have read a few comments above that are extremely selfish and selfserving. This is not what our great country is about. Understand the vast majority of United States citizens are endlessly greatful for the service of our brave men and women of the armed foroces. Not everyone will be as greatful as others, but remember that you fight for freedom, and freedom has many faces.

    To the person who feels it is an insult to ask a veteran for proof of service, understand that it is always the few who will spoil it for the many. Should an establishment adopt your philospohy and provide free meals to whomever claims they are a veteran, it would quickly be exploited. Then when that establishment has to close its doors, the veterans will loose out on what would have been an intended gesture of kindness undoubtedly provided by the freedom you fiercely fight or have fought so hard to keep.

    God Bless, and I personally thank each and every one of your for the service that you are or have provided, to afford me the freedoms that are cherished by millions and envied by billions.

  216. Paul says

    I appreciate all the resturants and businesses showing their gratitude to us. I served in 1968 to 1970, and it has taken almost 35 years before people have started to appreciated our service.

  217. Arlis Kennedy says

    I have to agree with SFC Branford. I was a small child when President Kennedy uttered those words, but I took it to heart over the years. I was in the military when people spat on our uniforms and called us baby killers. I am still in the Military and still proud to serve. It is a different mindset these days toward the Military and I am extremely proud that the American public has gotten on board to show their appreciation for our young troops that serve.

    • Delbert H. David U.S.A.F. Retired says

      I want everyone to know when I returned from the Vietnam War – EVERYONE was nice to me! I never ran into anyone who was disrespectful. Thank you America!

  218. judi says

    I feel it is an insult to ask a veteran to show proof they fought for our country. Why not just say thank you to them and show them to their seat?

      • john says

        Becky is right, there are way too many people who would jump on this and take advantage, and then impersonate being a soldier. That is what I find an insult. I too Becky am proud to show my veterans card. I served 11 years and would do it all again. You shouldn’t feel offended to show your id, you should feel grateful that they are keeping the fakers out there from taking advantage of something that they didn’t earn. I earned this day. This is my day, along with my fellow soldiers. NOT impersonaters!

      • Bint alshamsa says

        My grandfather’s military ID is the only thing my mother has from her father’s time in the service. It is a prized possession and I love showing it to people. When I was a college student and worked as a cashier, sometimes vets would come through my line and use their ID in the place of a license. Technically, the company policy was that only a driver’s license or state ID was acceptable for liquor and cigarette purchases, but I’d be derned if I was going to turn someone away despite the fact that they had served this country.

        To me, vets cards and military IDs are precious and everyone who has one should be proud to show it. I honor your sacrifices and wish you all the best.

      • TEAMERICA says

        Last year I heard about the Applebee’s offer so I planned for an early dinner by myself and a reflection on my 20 years service and the meaning of the day. I got to Applebee’s and the parking lot was overfull and the line was out the door and around the corner. No hope for me. Seems like every Vet has 5 other friends to go with. I ended up at the Sonic Drive-in before going home.

    • John says

      That is a silly thing to say. I am proud to have served and I don’t mind showing proof that I have served. Otherwise they would have every ***** out there saying they served.

    • Cdub says

      I know of many people who would claim to be anything or anyone to get something for free, especially if it was known that no one was checking for proof …

    • Sgt Ghost says

      I am a former Marine Special Forces Operator. Although the enemy never saw me, my presence was always felt. I, like everyone in the post Vietnam era, volunteered to serve. I find it apalling that vets expect the people we fought to protect to give us “freebies” when they are experiencing tough economic times. I will partake in the free events just to show that we appreciate the fact they go above what they are expected to thank all of us. As far as being insulted that they ask for your “credentials” I’d fly my DD-214 on my flag pole if it was strong enough. Get over yourselves vets, be proud of the recognition our Vietnam era brothers NEVER got! Semper Fidelis, Sgt Ghost USMC 05/81 -12/91

  219. robin cook says

    To all veterens and active or retired brave men and women, i wish you all a great veterens day. you are the greatest persons i know. may god be with you all and keep you safe, and thanks so much for all you have done, or are doing for our country. we love you

    • manus says


      Well said. On behalf of many vets, thank you for appreciating what service we could provide. Those of us from the Viet Nam era didn’t hear many thanks. Your’s is appreciated.

      Manus O’D.Army 1966-1969

      • USAF Vet says

        Excellent Comment, Manus!
        USAF ’68 – ’72
        During those years, we kept our Service quiet, as the sentiment was almost a hatred for all the returning vets. So thrilled to see the turn-around in attitude from most.
        God Bless you, and ALL of you that have offered your thanks to us as Veterans.

  220. BATTLELORD-45 says

    To be honest, I served four years of my life and if I had to do it again, so be it…..but do take advantage of military discounts throughout the country and, don’t forget to tip….these people do not owe us a thing!!!

  221. Wiley Coyote says

    I think we shoud be happy that so many food changes and other companys are showing their respect and gratitude with free meals and discounts. All this attention makes me feel pretty good. It has been about a 40 year wait for me. A lot longer for the “Forgotten War” Vets. I hope it’s all appreciated.God bless all past, present,and future vets.

    Past Army vet
    W. Coyote

  222. Chris says

    Bottom line, be thankful for what you got . we as veterans, as americans today are very blessed for what we have,

  223. Edwin says

    I am a proud veteran who had served in iraq and afghanistan. i would like to say that i’m very proud of what i have done and accomplished by serving our nation. I served for 10 yrs and also believe that active duty, reservist, and veterans need to be recognized through out the whole year by employers and businesses by giving us some kind of discount of their products for serving our country. Finally happy Veterans day to all my fellow service man and women out there.


    • Anne says

      Thank-you to Edwin and to all our Armed services soldiers. Without you, our country would be like the ones you are sent into. Everyone, young and old owe you a debt of gratitude…..

  224. Gusmcoy says

    I’m gonna’ have to agree with Bill S. It’s called service, not ‘gimme.’ Sometimes I fear my fellow vets are becoming dependant welfare ******s. Be grateful you served a country that will pay for your college, set-up an elaborate medical system for you like the VA (I know it sucks, but it’s the best in the world), and give you discounts at every corner. Regardless, I’ve noticed that the individuals who expect most for their service are usually the biggest POGs anyway.

  225. Bill Sorenson says

    Seems to me that we should all be grateful to these companies for expressing their respect and gratitude. These are tough economic times folks and instead of complaining or critiquing, let’s be thankful. I for one, considered it an HONOR to serve my country.

    • Pete Sorenson says

      Hi Bill,

      Great name, I’am a Vet from the U.S. Army, from 03/06/1959

      thru 03/23/1962. Two and a half years in Japan up in Hakkaido.

      Have a good vet day,


  226. Bullet Ispector says

    I feel like this. No matter where you go, you prove your a vet and without a question every restraunt should shake your hand and give you a free meal of your choice not there’s. Please dot get me wrong here, I’m not trying to complain. We Active, Vets, or DAVs need to be recognized! I still have a burning soar spot in my heart from the start of the Gulf War when I was dressed in my “Chocholate Chip” uniform and a teeny bopper in McDonalds said “I’m glad I don’t have to go”! I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT. She needs to find another country to live in. Ok enough, I will stop. TO ALL SOLDIERS THAT WEAR OR HAVE WORN THE UNIFORM “GOD BLESS YOU ALL” AND THANKS. LOVE YOU ALL.

    Yours truly U.S. Army Retired

    • SFC Benjamin D. Branford says

      Anyone who agrees with “Bullet Ispector” (I assume he means “Bullet Inspector”) would do well to remember that U.S. Soldiers serve the country, not themselves. Here’s a quote that needs to be brought back into our collective memory: “Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.” Furthermore, a true, honorable, noble, humble, content, proud, respectful, and dutiful Soldier needs no external recognition… if you do, you are in the wrong line of work for the wrong reasons.

      • John says

        I did not join so I could get freebies from my favorite or “unfavorite” restaurant. Thanks to those who choose to say thanks in such a way. Did not we all serve so America could be the grand nation our Founding Fathers intended? Our service is our gratitude to our nation. We served so that whoever could be free, so that restaurant or other business would be there when we needed it. We only expected our nation to honor our service by remaining the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”
        Thank You to those who choose to express their gratitude with some gifts.
        Semper Fidelis (1969-1975)

    • Grateful to Vets says

      I agree with Bullet Inspector about free meals at restaurants. It is the very least we can offer individual soldiers (once a soldier, always a soldier). I understand it’s not the free meal you are talking about, it’s the recognition and respect you deserve. I would like to offer you a different look at your unforgetable experience. Her saying “I’m glad I don’t have to go” could have been followed by “I have you to thank for that”. I think if she didn’t mean it then, with a little life experence, she will come to know how true that is. Thank you, one and all, for what you do and what you have done. I’m grateful.

    • Becky says

      I’m a proud Air Force wife…and I’m glad I didn’t have to go with my husband to Iraq. Just because some people don’t want to go to war zone doesn’t mean they should find another country to live in!

    • VETx3 says

      I’ve been in 3 branches of the military, RA, active and reserve and yes overseas and in wars. So please understand this and I hope you don’t take it wrong. I’m glad she doesn’t have to go. I’m also glad my daughter doesn’t have to go. I went to war hoping that someday no ones little girl or boy will have to go. My daughter has always said that she will not hesitate to go if called upon, but pray she will never be called upon.
      To all that has served thank you for trying make it so my little girl does not have to go.
      SSGT. RJ (Retired)

    • John says

      Bullet inspector;
      I did serve, I volunteered and I don’t think what the girl said was at all out of line. I’m glad my boys did not have to risk their lives too! I am glad we can volunteer and have the right to say we are glad we do not have to serve if we do not want to! I’m sure she meant that as a compliment to you. After all these years of self torment, let it go and be proud of your decision to serve. Get it, “serve”! If you were not drafted, you had a choice. I love this Country and think it is great we have the freedom to make choices. I hope the rest of your life you can be happy. I am also thankful that restaurants offer whatever they offer. Another choice! I do believe our politicians should serve in the military whenever they vote us, the USA, into a war! They would choose more carefully if their *** was in range! We as a nation shopuld take care of our vets better especially if they are injured! Their wives and children should be made as whole as possible when they are casualties. We as a country need to man up and take responsibility for them when we ask them to serve!
      God Bless America

      • Bullet Inspector says

        John and all others who commented about the girl. Yes I know I need to let it go but it was the tone of her voice that seem to have ame across the wrong way. John I love and agree with your statement “our politicians should serve in the military “. Maybe then they would think twice before acting.

    • Robert Baker says

      I am a 60 year old Vietnam Veteran. I have never been aware of these events until last year. I did go out and enjoy 2 meals last year and will do so again this year. I regret I have just found out. I have passed along reminders to all veterans I personally know. I am glad that stores and restaurants are showing such appreciation.

      R. Baker

    • MJ E says

      I disagree with your comment. I served in OEF/OIF and just got back three months ago. It makes me feel great when I see the commercials that thank military members and invite them to a free lunch or dinner. Will I be going to any of these places to eat free, absolutely not. I didn’t join for the perks or free hand outs. I joined to defend my country and do what was/is necessary. At the same time, I don’t look down on military members who will be standing in line for a free meal either. They deserve it, but I recommend a slice of humble pie instead! Happy Veterans Day y’all!

    • Gunny says

      Hey Bullet Inspector, I think it’s great when service members are recognized for their service to this great counrty. However, if it becomes an expectation… then you served for the wrong reason. Show appreciation for what you get, and be humbly thankful to have been allowed to serve.

      God, Country, Coprs… Semper Fi!!
      The Gunny
      1971 – 1991

      • Bullet Inspector says

        Gunny, I wasn’t trying to send the wrong message. I am very grateful that there are many establishments that honor us Vets. It was a sad time when I retired and hung up the uniform. But the job I have now is just as meaningful to those whose still serve. I inspect their bullet to ensure they function as intended.

    • Smith says

      So many of our youing people have no idea how lucky their are to live in the USA. I would like to THANK all the MEN and WOMEN who serving today. I know it can be hard at times but you are the ones who keep us free as I did and my father before me


    • judy hager says

      Like many people have said THANK YOU is not enough. So here is in my opinion a way for me to relate to, past, present and future members of all branches of the military how much I appriciate what they do and the sacrifices thay make for me. Here goes, Because of you I get to spend time with my grandchildren in a place where we live in relative safety. We don’t live in war torn cities, We are basically free to say and do the things that make us happy without getting killed or maimed for who we are. You all have made that possible. So even though it’s not enough I say it anyway. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS. Love Judy Hager

  227. Pete says

    I don’t want to poo in the punch bowl, but the day itself is the richly-deserved honor bestowed to the men and women who served our country.
    I think giving them free stuff is unnecessary. How about donating the amount budgeted for the free meals to the local food shelter.
    That way, you’d help several struggling families eat for the price of your free Outback Bloomin’ Onion.

    • Katie says

      I think they deserve this honor they go over there eat sh*t food (I have deployed 3 times the food blows) get the crap kicked out of them, barley sleep, don’t get to see there families, and for what your freedom? And you don’t think they deserve a free meal once a year! There are plenty of wounded soldiers and vets who can’t afford to go out to eat and people coming back from deployment who haven’t seen good food in months! They deserve this special treat, for all they do for us!

  228. Doc USMC says

    To those who service the public servants of all kinds thank you. I went from 3rd recon corpsman to police officer to medical school. I got out during the height of the recession to return to school. It was pure hell to find a job, but a police department called me up right away and offered me the only position they had. I didn’t get to be on patrol for over a year, but they did call up to say hey we have this, its not what you want but its a job. I have been on both sides and I have worked equally as hard on both sides.

  229. USArmyWife says

    I think its great for the soldiers to be getting recognized. But so often, the families (ie: the wifes (or husbands dedpending on who serves) and their children are left out of the loop. We sacrifice a lot as well, and rarely get thanked for what we do. Look at how many spouses and children, are left without a mother or father, and when a national observation comes around, we are lost in the shuffle. Just think for once it would be nice to honor the families for our sacrifices we make while our love one serves.

  230. Chris says

    I have seen a flier that also states Little Caesars Pizza is offering a free Crazy Bread with no purchase or coupon required. Just present a valid military ID.

    You may want to add that to your list, which I appreciate you putting together. Our unit was only aware of perhaps five of these.

  231. Vivek says

    Masala Wok restaurants in Northern VA are offering military members and veterans a free entree on Veterans Day(Nov 11th). Simply show proof of military service and select any free entree from the regular full menu

    MasalaWok® is a Casual Asian and Indian Diner featuring best of Asian and Indian dishes.

    Asian menu features a blend of typical Asian and Indian inspired Chinese dishes.

    Indian menu features traditional curries prepared with fresh herbs and seasonings, and meats cooked in tandoor oven.

    MasalaWok® is a better place to eat because of the fresh, made-to-order food prepared with fresh-grounded spices, fresh vegetables and meats.

  232. Christina says

    Here in Chester, Va we have a Lowe’s and Home Depot less than a mile apart. We have just finished spending the last year renovating a house we bought so I became very familiar. My husband is active duty Army. Lowes gives us the 10% discount regularly with no problem just by showing ID. Home Depot would only give it to us at “holiday times” and we asked every time we went in and the answer was always the same. Guess where we shop regularly now?! Why should I have to fight/argue over whether you offer it or not. If they don’t then I will go to the retailer that does.

    • JESSICA says


    • Jess says

      Same here in TX for Home Depot I NEVER shop there anymore. Lowes is a better supportor of the military!

  233. mary says

    Oh and you all do get a free meal at applebees,chilis,golden correls,hooters, texas roadhouse,and a 6in sandwish a some subways in San Antonio, Texas enjoy all

  234. mary says

    I hope all veterans active or not have a nice relaxing day on their day. My hole family are vets all uncles, and my father may he rest in pease as well as Roland and, my husband did his time,daughter is active and my baby boy is a marine in afghanistan now i say baby cause he just turned 21 so it doesnt matter if your active or not, young or old your all a member of the arm force which entiles you all to be a vet, so dont let anyone tell you any different. So you should all get the same repect as a military veteran. God bless you all. THANK YOU

  235. Karen O'Keeffe says

    All military veterans and active duty military personnel can enjoy an FREE individual one topping pizza this Veteran’s Day 5-7 PM! There are two Boston’s Gourmet Pizza & Sports Bar locations in the Denver area. The Highlands Ranch location is just off of C-470 and Broadway, at 53 W. Centennial Blvd. The newly re-opened Parker location is just off of C-470 and Parker Road at 19340 E Cottonwood Dr.

  236. Army chica says

    That’s awesome that they’re doing this for the firemen and police too. I think that public servicemen, Border Patrol and Coast Guard as well, get underrated so much. When you throw in all they do with meeting the daily violence, and that our Coast Guard and BorderPatrol are our first line of homeland defense, they don’t get their rightful recognition. During 9/11, Katrina, and all other threats, natural and man-made, they deserve a freebie too!

    Yea, it’s veteran’s day, and as a member of the US Army, I say thanks for all the freebies! And glad to see someone else is also getting their due praise.

  237. william DeFreece says

    I concur.. Mark. Mayby the time they do, It will be to late. Any way thanks for the imput. Vet ,Bill.

  238. Patty says

    Just curious, my hubby’s been out for some time and doesn’t have a military id handy…VA won’t give him one even though he’s registered. I’d hate to have him carry around his DD214 all the time to benefits from the year round discounts. Any suggestions?

    • Army chica says

      Honestly, I’d walk into the local IG (inspector’s general) office and file a complaint and the the VA will get off their butt and give him one. IG complaints, especially by a veteran, are taken very seriously. They have no reason to deny him one, and it takes only a few minutes. Be sure that it’s not a DEERS issue first tho.

    • Maria Maldo says

      Patty make a photo copy of his dd214 so he doesn’t have to carry the original one, we did and it works good too,
      take care and good luck

    • Rican says

      Exactly the VA has to do with deers. Just head in too any military post with hits DD214 And they will hook him up with a new id card.

    • Mike says

      Try a VA Hospital, I got mine there, although I am rated a disabled vet, I almost would think they would make a pic ID for a Vet

  239. Claude Perry says

    I concur. You cant please everyone. Accept the gift and move on. Before so, thank them for even thinking about us. We’ve served so that there freedom will continue the same as ours.

  240. Jonathan Nguyen says

    Unadvertised and not sure if alot of them are participating, but Little Ceaser’s is offering FREE BREADSTICKS on veteran’s day with no purchase required. Just provide proof with a valid military or veteran ID. Its advertised up here in Wisconsin in the paper and a flyer in the mail. Just thought I’d share.

  241. Leif Nielsen says

    I tried to go to McCormick and Schmicks this past Sunday (Nov, 7th). I was at the one on Pratt street in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. I showed my Military I.D. and everything and they turned me down! They said that technically I’m not a veteran because I’m still active duty. The Veteran’s Affairs Office classifies a veteran as anyone who has been in the military for over 180 days. I’ve been in the Navy for 5 years. I pulled all of this up online on my phone and showed the manager, and all he said was “Hey, I don’t make the rules. This comes straight down from corporate.”

    ^ I highly doubt that.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Leif, you’re a veteran if you’ve served, even if you are still on active duty. And I agree with you – I don’t think it came down from corporate – My wife and I went to the McCormick and Schmick’s by our house and both got a free meal. The restaurant staff were all very nice and there were several signs throughout the restaurant thanking veterans for their service. It sounds like the manager at your store either didn’t get the memo or chose to ignore it. I would write a polite letter to their corporate office to inform them of the situation. Sorry it didn’t work out, and thanks for your service!

      • Bob says

        Actually, according to published VA policies, a veteran is one who has:
        -served in the active military, naval or air service, AND
        -was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

      • Ryan Guina says

        Thanks for the info, Bob.

        Federal law (United States Code, Title 38, Part 1, Section 101) states:
        (2) The term “veteran” means a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable.

        But I believe most people would agree that Veteran’s Day includes anyone who has worn he uniform, past or present. 🙂

    • Maria Maldo says

      Oh I’m so sorry you went through that, the McCormick and Schmicks in Oregon do give a free meal to all vets, we always go to it.. at the Marina and the one in Beaverton Oregon too…..I thought it was great for them to do this and all the other places that do either a free meal or a great discount… God Bless them, we do need people to recognize what military people go through, just to give their time and lives to protect us I for one thank them and love them, May God Bless them all

  242. Danny Pike says

    I would love to see this on FaceBook, I did share this site on my page for my friends to see the restaurants that were giving Vets a meal this week, just stumbled across this on google. Great Site

  243. Christine says

    Home Depot will not give the discount in the Dayton, OH area unless it is a holiday (Veteran’s, 4th of July, etc) Lowe’s gives us the 10% discount all year….guess where we spend our money? 🙂

    • Natalie says

      They should based on the corporate website, but I must say I have found particular stores doing that (I’m a vet so I run into the issue as well).

      Here is what is on their site: The Home Depot(R) is offering all active duty personnel, reservists, retired military, veterans and their families a 10 percent discount off their purchases in honor of Veteran’s Day. The offer is valid on purchases of up to $2,000 for a maximum of $200 and is available at The Home Depot stores, The Home Depot Design Center locations, Yardbirds and EXPO Design Center(R) locations. The 10% discount is available everyday for active duty and retirees, but not all veterans. Home Depot makes this offer available to all veterans on most military holidays. You can also find Home Depot discounts online.

      Also, our Lowe’s honors the 10% discount all year long (in Raymore, Missouri, even a dependent ID) but check out the policy info on their site: Lowe’s Companies, Inc. will offer all active, reserve, honorably discharged, retired military personnel and their immediate family members a 10 percent discount on in-store U.S. purchases made during the Veterans Day holiday. The discount is available Nov. 7 – Nov. 11. The discount is available on in-stock and special order purchases up to $5,000. To qualify, individuals must present a valid military ID or other proof of service. Excluded from the discount are sales via Lowes.com, previous sales, and purchases of services or gift cards. Like Home Depot, Lowes offers this discount daily to active duty military members, but not to veterans. However, they extend the offer to military veterans on military holidays. You can also find exclusive discounts at Lowe’s.com.

      Interesting how some stores in both chains do the discount on days other than holidays and others don’t.

  244. Sabrina says

    Does anyone know of any specials that are ongoing during the weekend? My fiancé is returning from his combat tour in Afghanistan the day AFTER Veterans day so I would love it if I could find somewhere that was offering something during the weekend as well. I know it’s a long shot but it would be much appreciated if anyone could share this info with me.

    (There is no Golden Corrals in our area so that one isn’t an option).

    • Ryan Guina says

      Sabrina, Glad to hear he is coming home! Check out T.G.I. Friday’s – Buy one get one free Nov 11-14. At participating locations for anyone with an old or current military ID. source.

    • Carma says

      Last 2 years I had to work on Veterans Day, so my husband went to one of the participating restaurants (Golden Corral one year and Applebees another year) and asked if I could come in the next day for my “free dinner”. The manager was more than willing to give us a note for free dinner on the back of his business card and it was honored the next day for me.

      God Bless America and All Veterans and their families

    • Natalie says

      Not sure if you have a McCormick and Schmicks or M&S Grill nearby, but they are doing their free lunch or dinner on Sunday, Nov. 13. Just need any form of ID (such as military ID, VA card, VFW card, American Legion card, discharge papers, DD214, or other veteran’s ID)

  245. Jim says

    I notice above that it states that Lowes only gives retired military and vets a discount on certain days. I know this is not true in at least North Carolina, here they give Retired Military a 10 percent discount every day if you ask for it and provide a milittary ID card.

    • Christine says

      Here in Dayton, OH, you can get the 10% military discount every day at Lowe’s….just show your card. Home Depot does not offer the same thing – I give them trouble about it, but they say it is corporate’s policy not to. They lose a LOT of business from our family by not giving us the discount! 🙂

      • Kate Mortensen says

        Home Depot does offer active duty and retired a 10% discount every day. That does not include every veteran, only those who served for more than 20 years and then retired. Their Veterans Day deal includes ALL veteran’s regardell of length of service. This all applies the same to Lowe’s too.

        It says this in the above text, you just have to read it rather than skim over it :-). Happy Veterans Day!

      • toni says

        I am a military spouse, and use my military ID every time I shop at Lowes or Home Depot and have never been denied.

        Also our family used the Applebees promo last year and the waitress comped my meal as well. (needless to say she ended up with a great big tip!)

      • Dan says

        I do all my shopping at Lowe’s in Cranberry Twp , Pa because they give you the discount everyday if you present proper I.D. Home Depot is a loser on this one, I shouldn’t even mention their name on the same page as Lowe’s.

      • Zeke says

        Home Depot gives a 10% discount to all military and retired every day…I’ve used it many time and have friends who work there. They were the one’s who told me about it..

    • Dy says

      In SC Lowe’s always gives military discount for active and retired military! Not sure about Home Depot–not one close to me

    • Daughter of a Ret USAF Vet says

      Here in Fort Worth, Texas, both Lowe’s and Home Depot give the 10% discount every day of the year. My pop does a lot of home projects and it’s a great way to save a few dollars on my parents part!

    • Orena Salvo says

      Lowes and Home Depot gives 10% year round, to all vets and also their spouses (to all who have military ID cards) here in Huntsville, Alabama

    • Mike says

      Dont need to be retired either. I served 4 years, out in 73. Lowe’s gives me a 10% discount 24/7 anytime. All thats required is an ID or DD214, Thank you Lowes, Thank you all

  246. Erica says

    And if you have a disability rating you can go to any national parks office and ask for the permanent Veteran’s Pass which then gets you into any National Park free forever (and anyone else in your vehicle as well!!)

    Same goes for a lot of state Department Park & Recreation offices. You can get a state park’s pass that gives that and more discounts and freebies.

  247. Erica says

    Lowes and Home Depot here in Washington state give the 10% discount to veterans and active duty all year. You just have to ask – and sometimes the cashier has to call a manager since they don’t all seem to know about it, but the managers have always been really nice and showed the cashier how to do it 🙂

  248. Elise T. says

    Thought I’d let everyone know about the discount that GM is offering to military retirees this month as well. If you are looking to save on a new eligible GM vehicle, check out this article to learn more about the GM Military Discount. Happy early Veteran’s Day!

  249. Bob Walker says

    Busch Gardens and SeaWorld parks are no longer Anheiser Busch parks. I don’t think this applies.

    • afwife says

      We visited Water Country USA (A Busch Gardens theme/water park) after the buyout happened and they were still doing the free visit.

  250. Joel Albertson says

    Hey could everyone remember please, and I say this as a Vet AND someone who has made a living serving customers.. The restaurant gives the food away and God Bless em for doing it, but I remember last year and the poor servers and hostesses and bartenders were getting killed and doing it with smiles on their faces, but the restaurant that gets all the credit and all the publicity in the end didn’t pay them and sadly neither did some of the Vets. They get taxed on it whether it was free or not.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Great point, Joel. My wife and I always make sure to tip based on the full price of the meal, regardless of whether it is free or not. And since we aren’t paying, we usually tip extra – usually around 25%.

      thanks for bringing this up!

  251. MSG .Arnold Zimmerman says

    Thank you to all these fine places giving honour for our service to preserve freedom for all Americans.

  252. Fred Rat says

    Hooters in Oklahoma is offering free meals on Vet day to Vets!!!! Thank you HOOTER’S!!!!!!

  253. Mark H says

    First, let me thank each of you for your years of service to our country, especially those who have fought for our country in far-reaching places over the past 60+ years. Every warrior deserves the respect, admiration and thankfulness of this country. The free meals and store discounts are like icing on the cake. Let’s not forget to extend our own gratitude for their kindness. We need to make sure that their willingness to continue this tradition is there for the next generation of warriors. There is certainly no obligation on their part to do so.

    • Judy says

      Very nicely said Mark and I also wish to add my special thanks to my father (deceased), brother, husband, son, numerous friends and other family members for serving our country!

  254. Jessamine says

    Would love to see things offered for military members currently serving overseas living at APO addresses, there’s military bases in Italy, Germany, England, etc… and with them being outside the US (especially for years at a time) the only thanks they get is $30 shipping fees from certain companies to get things they order online “because it costs more to ship” which is untrue. It doesn’t cost anymore to send a package in the domestic US than to send to an APO address. Also, would like to see certain states that charge more $$ when you own a house and can’t sell it and get military orders and can’t live in it, to not up taxes because you can’t claim homestead exemption due to living in a different place.

    • Jess says

      If you call places they will usually ship for free. Shop online find your item then call customer service. The computer doesn’t always know that the APO is a deployment and not a duty station in Germany. Call and they usually will do free shipping or a huge discount on items if it is shipped to an APO in a hazard duty location.

  255. kim g says

    Thank you to all the men who serve n have served..Thank you for the discounts..My father is a Vietnam Vet and my son is presently serving..So, thank you again to all the men n women..

  256. Bill says

    I really appreciate all the discounts and freebies that these companys do, but they are the same ones every year. I was wondering what about the million of other companies out there – dont they benefit from the freedom the american soldier gives them. I feel there is a lot of ungrateful people out there that runs these business

    • James Spearman says

      I served my country only to serve my country. I appreciate these business that remembers all the Service Personnel and Veterans of all wars. I don’t expect anything from anybody for my time in the Service of my country. It was a duty that I owed it, and it was a privilege to serve.
      God Bless these people that do remember and show appreciation.
      The ones that do complaining on this site can go to hell.

      • Mickey says

        Way to go James. I feel exactly the same. I did what I wanted to do, be a Marine. It was an honor and a privilege.

        Not so lean, after 50 years, but still mean.

        German, Irish, Catholic, Marine from New Orleans.


      • Jack Read says

        As a WW2 combat vet I thoroughly agree with your attiutude–I enlisted and served because my USA was at risk and am proud to have done so for without us the freedom of all would have been lost—all servicemen and women plus Merchant Mariners have a special place in my mind and heart—the only heroes to me are those who are resting under a white stones, here at home or abroad—I asked for nothing and expected the same–my personal thanks to the companies and folks who remember us—all citizens should learn and teach your children the history of America and ereasons for your freedoms or you will surely lose them to the freeloaders, whiners and commies and fellow travelers—God Bless my America, if she deserves it

  257. Michael Widner says

    Don’t know about all Menards but Lowes & Home Depot in Valdosta, Ga. always gives 10% to all active and retired military, 24/7. Maybe because Moody AFB is here, but anyway great people there at both stores, some will even thank-you for serving.

  258. marine says

    Listen, not to take away from our Police,Fire and EMT’s but there is a reason it’s called Veterans Day! If they are Vets great and Thank You but you should keep it as a Veteran Holiday.

      • dave says

        sorry fellers. but, i do believe these groups of men and women risk their lives just as much as we do. maybe not as often, but, they still do none the less. and if you think about it, even though it aint broad casted like the week in may james mentioned for the police, soldiers are appreciated year round. im sorry, people are gonna see otherwise, but i think they should have just as much right as any military personnel past and present.

      • Dennis McQueen says

        If veterans are to include the fire and police, why not the halaburton security and every other security agency etc etc etc…
        A fireman or cop deserves special consideration- but if they ain’t a vet then they ain’t a vet PERIOD..

      • Scott Jawors says

        Can I get an AMEN on that!!! Acitve duty is 24/7 and mostly out of the Country for up to a year.

      • Navy says

        You`re absolutely right .
        if they`re gonna do that then lets include the Boy Scouts and brownies and high school Cheerleaders and garbage truck drivers. How about railroad workers and coalminers?
        if they can show a VA card or a Military ID, feed`em if not get out of line and let a Vet eat…JMHO

      • Vincent says

        Sorry but I do not agree with this. Veterans sacrifice more than LOCAL responders. EMT’s, PD, FD do not leave thier entire life behind for unknown periods of time. Active duty VETS on deployment know that the possibility of not returning home is much greater than the local responders who get to see thier wife, sons, daughters on a DAILY basis. I also get tired of seeing local news channels giveing weeks of acknowledgements to fallen local heros and having thousands of people turning out for memorial services for these local heros, and the fallen soldiers get a quick 3 min spot on the news 2 or 3 times and then done. So if you believe EMTs, PD and FD should be treated the same as VETS, when do the VETS get treated the same as local fallen heros?!?!!?!?!?

      • Amy says

        My husband and I had gotten married in 2002 and 7 mos later we were both deployed due to 9/11. We were separated for 2 years and put our lives on hold for that time. We missed our first anniversary together. Our marriage was a wreck when we got home and we almost divorced. Fortunately, we survived it, but how many EMTs, PD, FD, etc. have done that?

      • Johnny Campbell says

        I strongly disagree with giving Veterans benefits to Police, Fire, Ect. Many are Veterans, and benefit anyway. The others have been much better compensated for their “duty” than the average Veteran. I just figure they already got what they had coming. And as far as the “putting their lives on the line for America”, I think truck drivers are more important to our society than Police are. With out Police you might have to barricade your self, but with out trucks, life is pretty much over, as we know it. And I believe a trucker has a more dangerous life than the average Policeman.

      • Travis says

        WoW!! Is all I can say to some of these comments about the Police. First of all I do belewive Veterans Day should be all about the veterans and No one else. I am a Veteran and have been an active Police Officer for fifteen years, But really Mr. Campbell your comments really have no basis. Truckers may die more often than Police but look at how many of them there are vs. Us. And the average Police Officer makes very low salaries. Many even qualify for food stamps and other help just like some of our service members. Sounds like u just dont Police Officers.
        God Bless Veterans!

      • Darl says

        Johnny, I cannot agree with you more. I was wounded 3 times in Vietnam defending the cause of freedom. I can verify that truck drivers have a dangerous job. I just retired today from a 40 year driving career and I can attest to the fact that there are some VERY inconsiderate and dangerous people driving four-wheelers. Also, my son’s father-in-law retired last December as a deputy sherrif after only 20 years of service and he is getting half again as much retirement as myself. Something is not right here.

    • Riley says

      Agreed 100%. This reminds me of how everyone says we should honor those lost in 9/11 on Memorial Day..there is a separate day of memorial for them every year on September 11. We need to keep our Veteran’s holidays separated from other days of remembrance. We owe it to them! Thank you all for your service!

    • John says

      everyone has their holidays….lets the vets have theirs.

      Lets not forget that vets make 20-30K a year for 24 hour duty, people are out to kill them on a daily basis, they are in a war torn and unknown country, and leave their whole lives behind. Also that they never know what is going on at him or when they get to go back if at all. They cant talk or callt heir family everyday and dont have normal everyday things we have as americans in the US. It is not only 1 year always….i have known poeple out there 15 months 24 months, and even 3 years almost. Serving our country.

      They dont get overtime and other benefits. Volunteers here for fire emt, etc do greats jobs here too and i get the soldier is doing his job. But tell me one “paid” cop, not volunteer – who does 24 hour work in foreign places for 30K or less with no overtime and never seeing family or anything. Then i can understand its all the same. Plus it is not like we dont treat them special anyhow all year round. They get free food, treats, coffee, etc all the time from everyone. They have their uniform on epople treat them different. Military dont pull their ID out everywhere or wear their uniform all the time – very humble solders who know the cost of war….sorry if im babbling a bit…but everyone has their day and we should honor them for they’ve sacrificed for us. EVERYTHING.

  259. Justin says

    I am an active duty soldier been deployed three times and strongly believe that they should do something for the spouses besides MyCaa because my I out rank the requirements.

    • Jim says

      As a old retired soldier that served in two wars, Korea and Vietnam, I also believe that the spouses of military personnel, both active and retired, should be honored as well.

      • Sharon says

        Last year when my husband and I went to enjoy some of the Veteran’s day freebies (we went to Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, Applebee’s), I showed my military ID card (spouse) and I got everything for free too.

      • GYSGT USMC says

        I will agree with you 100% I have been Deployed 5 times to a combat Zone , 4 out of 5 my wife have always been there to support me , take care of the house , bills and the kid eaven moved from Florida to California all alone and by her self ,to add more stress to her she have had to deal with me durring my transitions from kill mode to my hell i am back in the USA mind set , in my eyes she is more of a hero than i will ever be ….. Good bless all military Wife’s (the good ones of course) Semper Fidelis and Happy Veterans Day.

  260. Elena says

    Great information! My boyfriend is a veteran of 2 wars, and I am sure we will go out on Veteran’s Day, so it will be nice to have a free meal for him.
    He was wounded in a Desert Storm War, and totally deserves a little treat on a Veteran’s Day.
    Thanks for your valuable information!

  261. Lindsay Gigler says

    Central Florida SUBWAY® restaurants are also saluting veterans and active military with a complimentary 6-inch sub on Veterans Day, Thurs., Nov. 11. All day, veterans and active military personnel are invited to show their military I.D. card or proof of service at any Central Florida SUBWAY® to redeem their sub. The special event is only valid at participating SUBWAY® restaurant locations in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Brevard, Osceola and Marion Counties. The offer will take place during normal business hours.

  262. Vince says

    Kragen Auto Parts has a 10% military discount in affect all the time. Not sure if they have a special for Veteran’s Day.

  263. Brent says

    Home Depot honors it year round as well. The magic words are that “Lowes does it year round”. They’ll basically price match the discount. You dont even need to talk to the manager. All the clerks are trained to give it (but only if you tell them Lowes gives the discount).

    • Emily says

      Both Lowes and Home Depot give the discount if you show your ID and ask for it. No fuss, its policy and its extended to family members with a military ID card 🙂

    • Christine says

      I have tried that at several HD’s in the Dayton area – they will not budge. I shop at Lowe’s where I can get the discount year round! They accept my dependent ID too.

  264. cyng says

    Just so you “ALL” know, it is not publicized, but Lowe’s honors the military discount every day. All you have to do is show your military ID, active, retired, DAV, reserve, etc… and you will get the 10% discount any day of the week.

    • Miriam says

      I never knew Lowes or Home Depot gave military discounts. We have spent so much money there and they obviously don’t advertise it. Good to know – thanks!

      • Dennis McQueen says

        Not all will- ours only honors DoD ID cards so discharged vets not retired cannot get it- as they cannot get a DoD card

      • Thomas says

        Miriam, I did not know that either but when I found out that lowes did, the clerk at the register told me that I should gather all my receipts for the last 30 days and bring them back and they may credit me for them. I did that and the customer service manager actually had to go back and do a refund for all my purchases and then had to key enter each and every upc code for every item I had purchased. I could not beleive she did that, it was so kind. I got a total refund of over $80 so my total had to have been over $800 dollars to begin with. And I can also tell you that none of those items would have been over $50 dollars so there where a lot of items and a lot of work for her which took over an hour. THAT is the reason that I will only shop at that Lowes store if at all possible….

    • Ray says

      The Lowes 10% discount is only good on veterans day for all. Active duty get the 10% everyday. For all others the dixcount is 5%.

      • Mike says

        The Lowe’s I go to gives me a 10% discount everytime I go, without question. Doesnt matter if your active or not. Ive been out of military since 73 and get 10% everytime without fail. I do need ID or DD214

      • Thomas says

        Not true Ray, the Lowes here on the East Side of Tucson, AZ always gives the discount with my VA id card.

    • nan says

      had about $200 worth of lumber and my Marine Mom t-shirt on, cashier said if your son is avail we have to see the id then u can get the discount……called told him to get his butt over there,,,got my discount..LOL

  265. Angela says

    If you live where there are Zaxby’s Chicken resteraunts. They will be giving free meals on Veterans Day.

  266. Richard says

    Hy-Vee grocery stores in the midwest (Iowa, Illinois, etc.) is giving a free breakfast buffet from 7 – 11 am.

    Not sure if/what proof is required.

    • John says

      My local Hy-Vee uses the honor system, but then we are a small town, not too many deadbeats, maybe larger towns would require some sort of proof.

  267. Susan says

    Subway in Florida is giving the free 6″ again this year…I was just there and there was a poster inside advising it (you do need to show proof of current/previous service).

  268. GG says

    last year Subway in Florida gave us a free 6inch sub. We will see this year. heard nothing yet though.

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