How to Get a Veteran ID Card (VIC)

Learn the essential steps to obtain a Veteran ID card (VIC), including eligibility, necessary documents, and the application process.
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Veterans Identification Card (VIC)

Before 2015, veterans had few easy options to prove their military service. The military only issues ID cards for current service members, retirees, and certain veterans with a 100% disability rating.

Veterans can use several ID card options to prove their military service. These include a Veteran ID Card, a VA Health Identification Card (VHIC) used for health care (if eligible), or a state-issued driver’s license with a veterans’ designation (most but not all states currently offer this).

However, many veterans who were not eligible for the above ID cards had difficulty proving their military service and often carried a DD Form 214, which contains personal information that should be kept secure (such as the veteran’s SSN, birthday, etc.).

Then came the Veterans Identification Card Act of 2015, allowing veterans to apply for an ID card directly from the VA as another method of proving military service. This guide will discuss the Veteran Identification Card (VIC), who is eligible, how to apply for the VIC, and provide additional methods for proving your military service.

Purpose of Veteran ID Card

The veteran ID card is only valid for proving military service. These ID cards will include a photo of the veteran, their name, and a non-Social Security identification number. As of September 2022, all new veteran ID cards are digital photo IDs. Veteran ID cards can be used to get discounts at stores or restaurants, and you won’t need to carry discharge or proof of service papers.

Military veterans and retirees may not need to apply for a VIC if they have another official ID card that proves their military service. For example, The VA states veterans do not need to request the VIC if they already have other official proof of service, such as a Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC), a Next Generation Uniform Services ID Card, a military retiree ID card, or a drivers license with a veterans’s designation.

However, you can still apply for a VIC if you would like one.

What a Veteran ID Card Can’t Be Used For

Veteran ID cards cannot be used for benefits through the VA, to access military installations, or to receive some other military or veterans benefits, including:

  • Prove eligibility for any federal benefits
  • Access military bases or installations
  • Access military commissaries or exchanges
  • Be a form of identification at the airport
  • Check into the VA hospital
  • Show as proof of retirement from the Armed Forces
  • Show as proof of wartime service to receive a special license plate from the DMV


Who is Eligible For a Veteran ID Card?

To qualify for a veteran ID card, you must satisfy both of the following requirements:

  1. Served on active duty or in the Reserves/National Guard
  2. Received an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions

Other than honorable, bad conduct and dishonorable discharge ratings are not eligible for a veteran ID card. Learn more about how to get your discharge rating upgraded.


How to Apply For Veteran ID Card

The VA has announced the VIC application process will be online.

Below is the veteran ID card application process:

  1. Gather necessary documentation (specifications below)
  2. Create or sign in to your,, DS Logon, or My HealtheVet account.
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Submit your VIC request
Veteran ID Card Application

1. Gather Documents Needed For Veteran ID Card

  • A copy of a state or federal-issued ID (driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or Passport)
  • Your Social Security number
  • A digital copy of your DD214, DD256, DD257, or NGB22 in .pdf, .jpeg, or .png format
  • A digital color photo of yourself

The photo of yourself must meet the following specifications:

  • Square-sized such that the top of the head and the neck or sides of the face are not cropped, similar to a passport photo.
  • The face, head, and shoulders are visible, with no hats, sunglasses, other head coverings, or shadows obscuring the face or hairline. Individuals may request an exception for religious attire.
  • Provides a full front view of the face with a neutral expression and both eyes open.
  • Taken within the last ten years.
  • Have a white or plain-color background.
  • Uploaded as a .jpeg, .png, .bmp, or .tiff file.

If you have a decent cell phone, you should be able to get an image fairly easily. Have someone take your photo (or take a selfie) and crop the image to size. Otherwise, you can go to Costco, Sam’s Club, or another location to take a passport photo.

2. Create or Log in to Your Account

Once you have the required documentation, you must log into your,, DS Logon, or MyHealtheVet account. If you don’t have any existing accounts, you must create a free or account to proceed.

3. Verify Your Identity

Secure Your Account with ID.Me

You may need to verify your identity if you do not already have a premium account or if you signed in with your DS Login credentials. There should be a link to click to verify your identity with

This usually only takes a click on the page, and then the website verifies your veteran status with the database. You may need to contact the VA if you run into issues.

You may be prompted to link a cell phone number for dual-factor authentication, which provides two verification methods when logging into a site for added security.

4. Request Your VIC

After completing these steps, you should be taken to the VIC application page. This is where you will enter your information and upload a copy of your ID card and a photo of yourself. Some information, such as your name and address, may already be populated on the application form. Verify this is correct, then move to the next section.

Make sure you have your copies as described above. The following screenshot shows where the images are uploaded. Click the “Upload ID” button (#1 on the image below), and navigate to the file on your computer. Ensure you click “Upload Photo” (#2 on the image below) to upload the image to the VA website. Repeat the process for your photo of yourself (steps 3 & 4), then click “Preview Card.”

VA ID Card Image Upload

You should then see a preview of what your veteran ID card will look like. Here is a preview of my card:

Sample VA ID Card

Once you preview your VA ID Card, you need to submit your application to request your VIC. Simply click the “Request Card” button, and your application will be submitted. You should receive a message stating your VIC application is now pending review. Here is the final button to click:

Submit VIC Application

When Will You Receive Your Veterans ID Card?

After applying for a card, you should receive it fairly soon unless additional information is required. You can check the status of their cards through their AccessVA account. If you have any issues or need to replace your veteran ID card, email [email protected].


Veteran Proof of Service Letter

There are several methods for proving your military service if you have not been able to obtain the new veterans ID card. One way is the VA proof of service letter. You can print this letter by first logging into your your existing,, DS Logon, or My HealtheVet account. If you don’t have any of these accounts, you can create a free or account.

Before you download your VA letter, make sure your address on file is correct since it will be listed on your letter. Also, you’ll need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to download your letter.

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  1. Carlotta mckelvey says

    Hi the problem my husband is having is we can’t get copy of dd214 to get his benefited but has va health card national archives say they don’t got device records but we got 4000 pages of medical records he did 37 years we need help

  2. Larry McElyea says

    I applied for the ID card …gosh, been so long I can’t recall how many months….many though, over 6 months at least…have rec’d nada, nix, nuttin honey;
    sent all info asked for compled request etc…nuttin honey…now what?

  3. benny olsen says

    I was refused benefits because I make to much money. I retired early for medical reasons so I did not receive full retirement. I have ss and disability. I was in Air Force on flight line crash crew for jets and airplane fires. I thought if one was honorably discharged they could get medical help bu now I am told that is not true they denied me.

  4. Don Henson says

    After almost 2 hours of taking pictures, scanning documents, trying to download to the form, setting up ID, Verification etc etc, I mistakenly placed the facial photo where the Drivers Lic should have been. Now I have decided that the discount isn’t worth the hassle.
    One note though: I have a State of GA Veterans Drivers License, which is acceptable at most places, e.g. LOWES Building Supply, but Home Depot will not accept it for the 10% discount; their discretion, I suppose, but rather low brow in my opinion.

  5. Dennis Hobert says

    Instead of carrying around our folded up, wrinkled, disheveled DD-214 with sensitive information on it we were issued valid VA ID with pertaining information on it.
    Yet the local towns and states can MANDATE that VA ID is “not legal” for our tax codes under veterans eligibility. I’m 60% disability, had my VA ID as well as my VA form letter stating my dates and rating, still not good enough for the state of RI, you know the one, the smallest state that wants to tax our VA disability, but NOT tax welfare….yeah that one.
    So much for having a one-stop-shop ID card

  6. Janel Whitehall says

    Hi Ryan
    My husband is a Vietnam Vet with an honorable discharge in 1975. He registered with and has an Arizona drivers license showing vet status. He has no other log in to use and when he applies on line for a VIC cord gets an error message “We can’t process your request-We’re sorry. We’re having trouble finding your records in our system right now. Please go to ACCESSVA to request a Veteran ID Card” The only reason he wants a card is that Home Depot will not honor the drivers license or his DD214. They require a VIC card. He has no desire to register for any other benefits or log ins. Who can he contact to get this resolved? We tried emailing the web site but they were no help. Is there somewhere he can go to apply in person for the card? We can’t get past just the log in or we could send a copy of his discharge or the DD214

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Janel, Thank you for your email. I would contact the closest VA clinic, hospital, or office and ask if they can process this card in person.

      You can also try signing up for the MyLowe’s membership program if he doesn’t mind shopping at Lowe’s instead of Home Depot. The program is easy to sign up for and his driver’s license will work once he is in the system.

      I wish you both the best.

  7. Richard A Leto says

    My application for a simple ID card has been saying pending review for quite a while. Is there a phone number I can call?

  8. William says

    Hi I have a question I been out of the service since 1983 was thinking of getting a military I’d not sure if I need one or not but on these holidays I would at least like to get a discount on a meal at least for my service

  9. AnnetteH says

    I applied for my card in March of 2018. I just received it this week. I’ve gotten married and moved since I applied. Very frustrating.

  10. Cecile Nessler says

    Hello Ryan,
    My husband applied for a Veterans ID card online over a month ago. Now that we know that it takes at least 60 days, we will be patient.
    What concerns us it that we never received any kind of confirmation by email. Did we not complete the process? We uploaded his driver’s license as requested.
    Also, how do we get a Veterans Dependent (Spouse) ID Card? Do we have to wait until we receives his card?
    Thank you so much for all the information on this page.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Cecile,

      I believe I received a confirmation email from the VA. He can contact them to verify. I do not believe there is a dependent ID card for veterans.

      Best wishes!

  11. Robert Wireman says

    Why are Veteran ID cards not a valid ID in stores, gas stations, Walmart, etc.? That is the only ID I have had for several years, and now I am being told that it is not valid because it does not have a birth date. I do not have residency in any state, I just travel.

    • Reno says

      I read on this site that Veteran I.D. cards are not for Veteran discounts, eligibility (health care) or entitlements, I guess it would be for a dishonorable discharge or less than honorable discharged veteran to show military service only.

      • Reno says

        Forgot this part… If you have a V.A. Health Card that is your id for discounts, healthcare, etc… Some places restrict the discount to those of us veterans with a service connected disability. I hope this answers your question, you may have uninformed people that does not know the V.A. id system.

  12. John Driscoll says

    The site has been not working for over 1 yr or bogus. The site finally worked one day i. Mar 2019 and then could not verify or find any records of my 8 yrs of service.

    As stated above, the card looks home made, not very official. It it looked similar to s CAC card, then it might have pull. Just use a state DL. If you can not get a state DL with Veteran on it, you probably were not a vet or not honorably discharged.

  13. Jim Mullady says

    Waited almost a year to receive my VIC. First time I tried to use the card to get a discount at a store which offered a veteran’s discount, card was not accepted as proof of service. Card is worthless as far as I can see.

  14. Chuck Heinze says

    I received my Veterans Identification Card a couple of months ago. I went to use it at a Home Depot for the first time. When I ask about the veterans discount and showed her my card, she replied, “oh, we don’t accept that card”. Man was I bummed out. Did I do something wrong? Do I have the wrong card? It says in big letters, Choose VA, Veterans Identification Card. I do t get it. Oh well.

    • Lawrence says

      Inquire of Home Depot Corporate, and that stores Manager. 10% Veteran discount is supposed to be company wide. I have had my VA VIC now since about June 2017, and have no issues at any Home Depot that I have purchased at in So. CAL

  15. Martin Ballard says

    The Veterans Identification Card Act authorized the VA to begin issuing a national Veterans Identification Card (VIC) to all veterans with an honorable discharge,

    Here are the instructions provided by the VA:
    Visit and click the “Sign in” link in the upper right corner.
    Sign in with an existing account by selecting “Sign in with DS Logon” or “Sign in with”. If you don’t have an existing account, select “Create an account”. is only good if you have a USA address and a telephone registered in YOUR NAME ONLY.

  16. Jason Tucker says

    Hi Jon, im going through the same issue i believe. i get all the way through idme process, then it wants my home number, which i dont have?! who has a home phone these days lol. Anyway, it appears that you can get verified alot of different ways, Im about to try some of these. Ive taken pics of all my ids and docs-gonna send them all of it lol. Ive also sent a couple messages to them inquiring about this. Ill let you know what works-ive got nothing but time right now. And i will figure it out.

  17. Jon says

    All the phones in my house are in my wife’s name. Since my name is not the ‘account holder’, the identification authentication fails. The ever friendly phone company will not change the name on the account. I have to end my phone service and open a new phone account so that I can go through the application process again. I am fairly certain that I am not the first to experience this – absolute BS to have to do this. Plenty of ways to authenticate, picking a “user hostile” method is not the way to do this.

    • Jason Tucker says

      Hi Jon, im going through the same issue i believe. i get all the way through idme process, then it wants my home number, which i dont have?! who has a home phone these days lol. Anyway, it appears that you can get verified alot of different ways, Im about to try some of these. Ive taken pics of all my ids and docs-gonna send them all of it lol. Ive also sent a couple messages to them inquiring about this. Ill let you know what works-ive got nothing but time right now. And i will figure it out.

  18. David says

    I applied for mine towards the end of June 2018. Just got the email that it has been approved and sent to printer. So seven months of waiting now. Hopefully, I will get it soon. Not sure why the long wait but they seem to be really far behind. VA did tell me that they have been flooded with card requests though.

  19. Larry says

    Heads up to those who apply for the new VIC (Veterans Id Card) card , after months

    of going thru the process, I finally found out why it was never going anywhere.

    The “system” could not confirm my identity because…get this … I use a prepaid

    cell phone that “they” ID.ME could not confirm. Although they had received my

    DD 214 and my current GA drivers license with the veteran stamp on it. So if you

    avoid paying $$$ for name brand cell service, forget the VIC card.

    Not gonna happen….

  20. SgtH USMC says

    I just received my, much anticipated Veteran’s ID card…and I feel like I’ve been the victim of a scam!

    The card I received is an absolute joke. If I were a vendor, I would laugh at anyone presenting this card as ‘proof’ of anything other than the fact that I am laughably bad at making fake IDs on my home computer.

    I have permanently filed mine away in the trash and save myself the embarrassment of whipping out such a worthless piece of junk that is supposed to prove my service.

    I would rather pay for a ‘real’ ID, than to get this joke for free.

    Thanks for reminding me what my service was worth.

    • bill8008 says

      I agree completely. The Veteran ID Card is a joke. The picture is distorted. The wording at the bottom is almost cut off on the right side. Read somewhere that it was printed free by Office Depot; who, by the way, does not offer a vet discount.

      I would be embarrassed to use it.
      I’m now waiting for my duplicate DL with a Veteran designation.

  21. Jeremiah sewell says

    The funny thing in this thread is that people are complaining about not getting a discount that, hey, is a nice feature, but serving for 4 years does not constitute an entitlement that you are owed anything by anyone. The government paid you for your service. If you were wounded you can receive disability compensation. For 4 years everything in your life was covered. A home, food, clothing, and you still got a paycheck. Unless you wear a purple heart, a CAR, or a medal with combat V, then likely you did a job like everyone else does in this life. Contractors go to the same places we all did, they dont get the discount even though they fight like many of us did. Stop crying about a 10 percent discount. The true heroes never ask for something in return. They do what they did because it was the right thing to do. Those that serve for patriotism, or honor, or to defend those that can not defend them self, need nothing in return for the time blood sweat and tears they gave.
    We should honor them yes. But if someone is crying for some entitlement they think they “rate”, they deserve nothing because they did it all for the wrong reason.

    JJ Sewell
    SSgt USMC (Ret)`

  22. Bob says

    Smoke and mirrors…I’ve been trying since the Government passed legislation two years ago to get my VIC and still cannot. The first time I tried after the VA set their web site, I got an error they were unable to process due to the large number of inquiries. Since then, I’ve been denied every time and most recently, there is no option on their sit to apply for the VIC. Shame on the US Government and shame on the VA for making this process so difficult that it discourages the men and women who faithfully served!

  23. Josie Kelly says

    I can,t get records on my husband that was in the army. His records were lost in the fire in 1973. I need his DD214 so I can use it for some banking and other things. They tell me they have no record of him being in the service. He was in for four years.
    Thank you for you help.
    Josie Kelly

    • Andre Brown says

      That’s not true you can get those records for your husband don’t give up call them number 800. 827. 1000
      They tried me like that after 30 something years I finally got my records January of this year

  24. Alan says

    I’m a bit confused by some former reservists saying they didn’t get a DD214. You should have received one when you completed your initial training (IDT). The DD214 will list your date of entry and separation and the total number of days on active service. For a reservist, it may be something like Yr-0, Mos-6, Days-11. I spent 27 years in the USAR, several of them as an adjutant (personnel officer) and have seen hundreds of DD214’s issued to reservists. Additionally, if you were National Guard, you got a NGB22 when you completed your service.

  25. Leigh T. says

    Applied for my VIC in March 2018…..approval notice received in April.
    Have folks been getting their VIC within the 60-day timeframe or has it taken much longer?

  26. Justin Russell says

    I served in The Pentomic era, (1954 -1964) we get no notice or respect. This era is not recognized on any service listing or forms

  27. James says

    I have the veteran designation on my CA drivers license. Am always granted the 10% discount every time.
    I had to register at Lowe’s with my cell number one time and now they punch that in at Check out for every purchase.
    Sorry to hear some are having trouble getting the discount.
    Clearly the corporate level approves of giving the discount for military service past and present. So must be a disconnect at the store management level.

  28. Lawrence Westfall says

    According to the website, one can apply if living in a foreign country – as long as that foreign country is Canada, England, Germany or the UK. Living in Thailand means I can’t apply.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Valerie, Thank you for your question. There isn’t a paper application process that I am aware of. But you may try contacting the VA customer service to see if it’s possible.

      Electronic verification is the most efficient means to roll out this program, as there are millions of veterans, and the VA is already processing tens of thousands of applications. I wish you the best, and thank you for your service!

  29. Phil Pearson says

    I went through the process and was verified. When I was returned to, I got “We couldn’t find your records with that information.” When I finally reached the Help Desk, I was informed that pre-1982 discharge records are not in their system. What next?

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Phil, Thank you for contacting me. To be honest, I don’t have a good answer. You can ask them if it’s possible to send in a copy of your DD 214 or if there is another way to verify your information. They should either have a system in place, or be in the process of developing a system.

      Please let me know if you find the answer. I will be happy to update our article to help other veterans. I wish you the best, and thank you for your service!

    • Kelly D says

      I had the same issue but wasn’t able to get through to speak to someone. I was discharged in 1991. I’m assuming they have no records for me because I was in the Reserves and not active duty.

  30. Jim Hamlin says

    Get a “My Lowes” card, if you don’t have one already. Take a copy of your DD-214 to the service desk and ask to associate your “My Lowes” card with your military service. After that you will receive a 10% discount every time. The cash register will display, “Thank you for your service,” and it will also be printed on the receipt. I don’t know what Home Depot’s policy is.

  31. William Scott says

    As A veteran I have found to expect anything from my country, I did fight for discounts, I served because I want to serve my country, I do not care about the discounts from restaurants, or any other place. If they want to give discounts so be it, and if they don’t so be that to. I get tire of veterans complaining about not getting a discount. Is that why you serve? Or did you serve because you love your country?

  32. Stan Okumura says

    Lowe’s 10% discount is given to any active, retired or honorably discharged Vet. Strictly speaking Home Depot 10% discount is given only to active or retired military, not to Vets. However, workers don’t understand military, IDs and discharge papers so you could get the discount as a Vet. if you present Vet ID.

  33. Mitch Wilkerson says

    Arrrgh! Can’t you people take a break!!!???

    Every Veteran should get an ID when they ETS (get out), period. We pay/the country pays (should be the country but…).

    Retirees, disabled, they get their ID and their just benefits, not what the rest of us have necessarily earned, so there is a delineation.

    Discounts, sure, whatever, that’s not why I served or “went to war”.

    So, in summary, ALL Veterans get an ID, Federal, not some random state crap, for what reason, well we served. Got the T-Shirt if nothing else. Is that too much to ask???

  34. Tom B says

    So it’s now November 13, 2017. I just got off the phone with the VA and, when asking about obtaining the new Veterans ID Card, their reply was the same as it’s been for the past two years: “They’re not ready yet”, even though the latest update states that they’ll be ready this month.

  35. Doc Johansen says

    I see a lot of whining on this board. Maybe some of you need to get your expectations straight. Never was I promised “honors.”

    I joined to serve, not to get freebies and discounts. They are nice when offered, but never expected.

    I’m proud of my service, and possibly of yours too, but I don’t flaunt it or cheapen it by using it to leverage free gifts, services or discounts.

    I made a deal with my gov’t and we both held up our end of the agreement…the end.

    • Mitch Wilkerson says

      Yes Sir. Discounts are hardly what I expected. I do think the ID is a good idea for whatever reason. Like my post says, I think when you leave the service they should trade your active ID for a Veteran ID. Would that be such a big deal? For your years of service?

  36. Will Brown says

    As a (former) Army Reserve member for 8 years I would love to have a card showing I “served”. Many places don’t even know what a DD214 is and because I did not serve 20 years I can’t get the designation on my drivers license (Iowa). It’s been frustrating that I am a “Veteran” and yet I seem to not be since I “only” served in the Reserves.

    • Kelly D says

      I agree. I served in the Reserves and didn’t receive a DD214 either so I am in the same situation as you. I was honorable discharged in 1991 and the government doesn’t seem to even have records that I served (I’m working on it but it’s almost not worth it), and my copies were lost.
      And it’s not about the discounts; I’m a fire fighter and am able to get a lot of discounts for that but I never show my ID to receive them.

  37. William R. Humphrey says

    I still do not have a firm date as to when I can apply and received a Veterans ID card. I received something earlier about a Beta trial and the exchange, but I need a physical card for other cases.

  38. Bud Clark says

    So does anyone know how to apply for the new VA Veterans ID Card? I cannot find any form or any information on how to get one.

  39. Brian says

    Hi all,
    OIF vet here, now a welder. I have been to many states and I spend lots of money on tools/consumables/materials. Yeah stuff for work can be tax deductible, but why not save some cash in the first place? I’ve never had a problem with Home Depot honoring the 10% discount, unless there was a free promo item in the deals that they do every once in a while. Easy enough, just do 2 separate purchases. Most of the time when I bring up the discount, they just do it. I have my expired id from 2005 and that’s good enough for them. Lowes on the other hand, has always given me a problem. I’m usually told the id is expired, or we cant use DD214. Nope, no legion card, my Ohio license has vet endorsement on it as well. Not good enough, I’m told they will get in trouble. I will drive 25+ miles away to Home Depot to avoid the local Lowes. Wondering if this card would change that? Still got a few months left in 2017, so maybe this year??

      • Bob says

        Not true…most recent message from the VA web site: “We couldn’t find your records with that information.”

      • Andre Brown says

        That’s not true because they’ve been looking for my records ever since at 1977 finally the one on the computer after me 10 times for my injury and they found my records with the proof that I got shot in the military. So do I get paid back from the time that I filed back in 1980 up to now because. Are they going to pay me back pay for my way back then since they kept saying that I need evidence to show them that I got shot in the military now they got the evidence

  40. Bill says

    I was in the army for 2 years , after this I worked at the VA hospital, then went to work at the US Postal service , after this I retired with 30 years in the government. Every time I try to get Va health benefits I am told no because my wife makes too much. You know my wife didn’t sign up with the army . I did and I can’t even get a vet I’d or benefits why did I think that my country would help me. Where is this country for the homeless vets? It seems we have our priorities all messed up.

  41. Antonio says

    I went shopping today at my local Home Depot. When i presented my Drivers licences showing the veteran tag it was declined. It was a little embarrassing to be denied when it was accepted prior. The associate did explained the new requirements. I wasn’t upset, rules are rules. The Manager so happens to be standing there during this. He felt bad that I didn’t have the required ID. He still provided the discount since it was 9/11. It does make me feel weird asking for the discount but when the discount is over two hundred from my total purchase. I consider it worth trying.

    • Mark Hurley says

      Yes same exact story. Cannot prove you served for your country as no one understand a DD 214 – which is also not a great way to prove your status. You don’t walk around with your birth certificate do you?

      State I live in – Georgia – is willing to add to your drivers license, but not all companies (Home Depot) recognize this as a form of “official status”.

      This is tiresome – we ought to be taking better care of our vets. And then people wonder why we don’t ask for the discount or advantages when we go places.

  42. Johnnie Hutson says

    I’m a Chaplain at Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant, Oklahoma and also served as a Chaplain in the Army National Guard. Our Players Club Manager is wanting to know why some Veterans Identification Cards have expiration dates on them and some do not?

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Johnnie, Thank you for contacting me. I honestly don’t know. It may have to do with the veteran’s age, status of their disability rating (permanent vs. temporary), or for some other reason. (this is all speculation on my end). You could try contacting the VA and asking them if they can give you a specific reason.

  43. Belle Carter says

    Hi Ryan,

    I am a vet and I also working at Lowe’s. Our company policy is veteran’s with a valid VA id card (active, retired or disability) get 10% discount all year round with all veterans getting the 10% for a few days around Memorial day, Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day.

    I hate that some of you feel slighted by these companies and I know people may not like my next statement. I don’t mean to be mean, disrespectful or ungrateful. But the fact is that when a company does offer a military discount, they do so as a privilege and not a right.

    I have been there several times when a veteran without a VA issued ID would come to the checkout, ask for the discount and was told that we could not give it to them. Many know how the discount works, but still complain to us when we did not make up the rules for use. Some will try and make you feel guilty, put us down, ask to speak to a manager and/or say some “not-so-nice stuff” when we don’t give them the discount which is really not fair to us.

    I have personally been around cashiers and even had vets talked down to us, curse, threaten, treat us like crap because we won’t give the discount. I had a guy once tell me that we had no respect for vets, threaten me and let me know that he was taking his business to Home Depot all over the 10% discount (about $1.80) for the $20 worth of merchandise that he bought.

    In our store, all discounts are monitored (That may account for why some store give it all the time, while others won’t). We can get a write up or possibly be fired for issuing a military discount with out the proper identification because when we ring up a military discount, there is a prompt on the screen asking if we checked the proper military id. Saying yes when we have not is putting us in a compromising situation.

    I don’t know how this will all pan out, but one thing I do know is that companies do need to be more consistent about how military discounts are handled.

    I hope this sheds some insight on the situation.

    • Ryan Guina says

      Hello Belle, Thank you for contacting me. It’s wonderful to hear from someone on the other side of the table, so to speak. I agree with everything you wrote.

      Military and veteran discounts are given as a privilege and should not be expected. I feel terrible about the way some veterans have reacted to this and other situations when they were not given a discount. My hope is that there is only a small percentage of veterans who give the rest of us a bad name. and my hope is that other veterans will read this comment and realize there are guidelines in place for a reason and that they shouldn’t get upset at someone who is doing their job.

      Thanks again for your thoughtful response!

  44. Victor pignata says

    Ryan I know its not your fault, But I tried to get Veterans proof of service Letter using the links provided in this email. After spending around 4 hours playing games with the VA and etc. All I got was a returned call from someone that said I have to go to the Dept Of Defence and play games with them. Sorry this is BS. The last time on went on the DOD website I was told my info might have been stolen. Also Please don’t tell me to get a health care Card as I don’t qualify for that either as I am a 8G with no chance of getting health care. As promised once I was drafted back in 1969. Again more BS. So being a veteran during the Vietnam era service really sucks Nothing but lies and BS

  45. Jorge says

    The bill was approved and stated that by September 2015 it should be implemented.
    IT looks like they stated the wrong year. It must be a political issue and not a VA issue. Probably after elections are over they will dedicate some time to this. They got all the press they wanted on the subject, the hell with the actual execution of the law and the support to veterans.

  46. J Davis says

    My biggest and personal issue is that I don’t have the ability to shop on or access the base if I wanted to. Served over 12 years, been to 2 combat zones and Korea, 90% disability rating and was honorably separated because I didn’t want to leave medically. So I’m punished by not being allowed to access any military facility because of it. People wonder why some vets are disgruntled. This card does nothing for me except wanting to take more money from me. Where is the help for finding steady work card?

    • Lawrence says

      I see these posts are 4 years old.
      Perhaps you have up to date on these type things. The Army/Air Force Exchange offers online purchase as of Nov 2018, and Navy and Marine Corps exchange followed suit last Nov.

  47. Stan says

    When will we be able to get the new Federal Veterans ID card and where? I the bill was passed last July I would hope that the computer systems would be up and ready to process these ID’s by now. However its Govt process that could take years.

    • Ron says

      You can go to your nearest VA hospital or clinic and get the new I.D. card. I got mine last year and it also has your medical records on it as well. You can also have your military emblem be it Air Force, Navy, Marine or Army on it as well. While there they will take your photo for it.

      • Ryan Guina says

        Hello Ron,

        Thank you for your comment. The new ID Card you are referring to is the new medical ID card. Not every veteran is eligible for that ID Card. This article refers to a new VA ID card that will be available to all US military veterans, regardless of their eligibility for VA medical care. Congress has authorized this card, but the VA has not yet begun issuing this card, nor have they announced a timeline for it. We will update this article when the details have been announced.

        Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your service!

    • Victor says

      Reply to DD214 battered.
      Make copies!, several and keep files in different places. I mine with Birth records, VA records, SS records. as well as income records.

  48. RICHARD says

    What scares me is more data about veterans/Americans that can be hacked. The government is not pro active, they only seem to react after the fact.

    By the way watch Home Depot a veteran can only get the discount on certain items, whereas Lowe’s gives the discount gives it on all items. Veterans need to stick together on this if the business does not offer a discount let management, and email customer service, that you will buy from business that do offer a discount you will go buy from one that does.

    Take the time to email business that they need to consider offering a discount to vets where they can be listed as veteran friendly for advertisement. Power is in the numbers both for the business and the veteran.

    • Lawrence says

      Not sure where you live, in Southern California I have never been told at a Home Depot, only certain item qualify. In fact some locations have Veteran Parking.

  49. tom says

    as new policy at HOMEDEPOT is they only accept IDs that look like the ones they have pictured on employee advisory, they refuse any other ID, including expired id card issued in active duty time. HOMEDEPOT only offers discount 3 days per year, and it seems LOWES has the same stupid policy. ANY veteran who served & has any honorable discharge should get discount every day, not only on 3 holidays, hey, when we served it was for 365 days every year, not just the 3.

    • JuDee Lynn Janowitz says

      You have to register with Home Depot as a Veteran. Basically showing proof of service and another official form of identification. After you do this, every purchase is entitled to a 10% discount. You will need to tell them at the checkout and then enter the code you chose upon registering as a Veteran into the payment keypad. I have been doing this for years. Home Depot is good to the Veterans!!

      • Bill says

        I have been shopping at Home Depot for 15 years and have yet to find one in 5 different states the did not honor only my retired military ID card. I have only shopped at a couple of Lowe’s Hardware and haven’t had a problem there either. Don’t bother trying Manard’s they don’t give any discounts of any kind.

      • tom says

        Thank you for your service which earned you the retirement…

        A vet has had to be a lifer to get the retired ID, but those of us who choose not to make the service a LIFE career & were fortunate enough to NOT have any service connected disability only get a kick in the pants at HOME DEPOT and LOWE’S, and they only honor our service 3 days out of a year, but we all SERVED every single day of the year.

        All you have to do is LOOK at the poster they have at the checkouts and see that only certain cards are permitted. I have a VETS ID from my county, but it ain’t good enough for HD, hopefully, when the bureaucrats get their act together, they will issue the card for no fee, or at least cheap enough for us to participate.

      • Rick H says

        I don’t understand thos that are including Lowe’s in this thread/discussion. I had no problems at multiple Lowe’s only showing my USAF tattoo to the checker to receive my discount there for years, until their managers started cracking down on them. Most employees there don’t have a problem giving Vets their recognition. Anyway, Early last year I got denied (very politely) but the Checker told me to go online and register for a MyLowe’s reward card (not their Credit Card), and when registering, check the block that says Veteran. I did that as she said, then I received my rewards card in the mail, have used it too many times to count AND on every receipt it shows my 10% military discount on it… everytime, not just a few days a year. Check it out for yourselves, Lowe’s supports our Vets!

      • JOSEPH L. SEXTON says

        The same with Lowe’s, I showed them my DD214 in Florida, it’s good everywhere, the Lowe’s in Chester NY treated me like a Prince, the Lady in charge was nice & sweet. I prefer Lowe.

      • Sherwood says

        Only if you are active or retired. As many have already stated, those of us that served, even in combat, but did not retire, or become disabled are not eligible for their discount. Sometimes you may come across a sympathetic clerk and they may apply the discount, but it is at their own peril. Not a fair practice. I think if they won’t honor all vets, all the time, they should clearly call it a military active and retired program.

      • David says

        I got the discount today at a Lowe’s in Bellingham, WA.
        I am not retired or disabled and did not have ID. She took my word for it and said I should bring in a copy of my DD214 next time.
        I didn’t know about the discount – cashier brought it up.
        I was straight up that I served (9 years) but was not retired or disabled vet. She said it didn’t matter – 10% good every day.
        Possibly she was misinformed or possibly the policy varies some by store. I see comments in these threads that seem inconsistent. I am just sharing my own experience that happened today – 8-10-2016

      • DYoungberg says

        NM Home Depot and Lowe’s does not honor that without military ID- No DD214, no “veteran” designation on DL, or proof of service printed from e-benefits site. told they are too easy to forge. No excuses – and the cashiers that take our word on it are transferred to stocking if they are caught. Our Dept. of Veteran Services office has been trying to negotiate with them for the last 4 years I’ve worked in Veteran Services. Retiree ID and VA Health ID only- and VA Health only if it says “service connected” under the picture… I can go to El Paso (166 miles away) and they see my plates say “women veteran” and get a discount immediately, or see my DL that says veteran above my picture and get immediate discount as well. Seems that each area is allowed to treat veterans as they please and there may not be an across the board policy for these places.

      • Duane Knudsen says

        I served one term in the Air Force under Reagan. Lowes let me submit my DD214, connect it with the MyLowes account I created. Now everytime I go to any Lowes, I just give them my phone number at checkout, it automatically ties the 10% discount on every purchase, even if it was a discounted item.

      • John fields says

        I did the same with my DD-21, here in North Carolina and have no problems at any Lowe’s store. John fields Lumberton NC.

      • Charles says

        This is not true. Lowes and mean other retailers offer discount to military personal. This is also extended to veterans. You must have an ID from the VA, or the designation on your state drivers license. I served 6 years got out in 1980 an I get the same discounts as activity duty in retail. Get your id from the VA and you should be good.

      • Duane Knudsen says

        TRUE. If you have a DD214 you can get the 10% discount year round on every purchase. NOT at Home Depot. That’s why Lowes gets my business.

      • H.Gamberg says

        I served 11 years in the Army and exited after an unsuccessful attempt at Ft. Sam Hotel to fix a knee shattered in Honduras. I only have my VA card with the SC annotation. I use it at Home Depot and Lowes in Middle TN every week I would guess and never once have I had any issue whatsoever. Sears is a different story, however. They do limit vet discounts to very specific hours on only a couple of days a year. For such an “American” company that touts supporting those who served this really rubs me the wrong way.

        The employees at HD and Lowes are always very gracious each time I ask them to apply the discount. I dont use it on every purchase but when it is an amount that offsets $8 or $10 in taxes I do. The stores that do this also offset that in their books at tax time as a charitable loss.

        Sorry for those of you who have to deal with those stores and employees who dont recognize the sacrifice we all made regardless of when and where we served. The bottom line is that we did serve.

        Take care.

      • John says

        You are correct. You can register you vet status(retirement or disability not required), get a Lowe’s reward card which is NOT a credit card. Scan your card at check out and get automatic 10 %. 365 days a year. AND, register online, get a login and password and get 10% off your online purchases, as well. Try that at Home Depot. I contacted Home Depot cooperate for clarification and was told active, retired and service connected disabled is 365 days and all other vets get 3 days a year. And forget about it if ordering online.

    • Guy Christian says

      I always receive a discount at Lowe’s. I only show my VA card then get a discount and almost always a “Thank You for your Service”. Home Depot is another story, I have been refused the discount more often than they have given it. One employee told me it doesn’t apply to “older veterans who haven’t served in the “War on Terror.” Consequentially I no longer shop at Home Depot.

    • Elizabeth Hale says

      yes, we just experienced this with Home Depot last week. Seems that it is getting more and more difficult to prove with long lengthy processes and complex forms on everything and not to mention the time. Things shouldn’t have to be so challenging. But I do appreciate the details in this website for those of us who are not a technically savvy. What a great help for you, God Bless.

      • Lyle Summerfield says

        Yes Joe, you are right ! Here in Saginaw Mi., I have heard this on the radio adds. Glad some one has stepped up to the plate for us vets! 10% is good… just don’t go to Bass pro shop or Cabalas, they will NOT give you a discount on ammo or fire arms, it WAS only 5%, it all counts.,because they have changed their policy, must be a cry baby thing.?

    • MACS says

      Stores do not need to give a discount; it is entirely up to them to do so and to set the policy. It may be frustrating that the policy is not carried out consistently in all stores across the country, but that is an isolated issue at each store. They are under no requirement to offer any discount.
      I find many posts exude a sense of entitlement. I did not serve (seven years active duty USAF, with no VA service connected benefits) in order to get discounts. It was a privilege to serve and it is a privilege when I receive any veteran discount. I am not entitled to it.

  50. bud bright says

    I think the identification cards should be free. Military people even though they volunteered gave several years in service of their country. Though most never got into a war zone the possibility was there. Plus if you only serve four years you have two years of inactive service where they could recall you back to service. With the way the VA administration handles their money, their buildings, their medicial care for veterans do we really want them to charge money for an ID card that they probably mess up the accounting for.

    I also think that the companies that give a discount should get a thank you. In lieu of making more money they are saying thank you to service men and women who at one time could have had to put their life in jeopardy in defense of America. I just hope that once the VA gets more ID cards outthere that they don’t change their mind.

    • MohawkChieftain says

      It’s like the I-355 Tollway in Illinois, just west of the Chicago area. They named it in “honor” of veterans. And… everyone, including veterans can travel on it… as long as the tolls are paid. Honors are cheap.

  51. Jonathan Smith says

    GREAT IDEA …………….you shouldn’t have t be sick to be honored………..hey there is a veterans day parade in honor for all vets …hey everything isn’t about government benefits ……Yes its a great idea now maybe private businesses,lodges ,clubs, and other veteran associated organizations can see that you served on veterans day…

    Great its about time people not going to the VA can get a official card to show service as a Vet…hey even students and illegal aliens can get some kind of greencard why not our Vets too,so maybe now people that want to honor their service men like triple AAA can show the new vet card when it comes.

      • Tonya K says

        I applied for mine when it first went active here we are MANY MANY months later and I still don’t have my card it still shows “PENDING” in the system. Absolutely INSANE the VA can’t get these printed out faster. Got to love our government (NOT!!!)

      • jessica says

        Same as Tonya K. Applied in the beginning of April and still waiting for my card. Shows “pending” in the system.

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