How Your MWR Saves You Money

Morale, Welfare, & Recreation (MWR) works together across every branch of the military to support military families by making leisure and recreational activities more affordable.

The MWR offers quality of life improvements for active, Guard, or Reserve military members, their families, civilian government employees, retirees, and veterans with 100% service-connected disability. The goal of the MWR is to help these military families live the same kind of life as the civilians they’re fighting to defend.

Each branch of the United States Armed Forces has its own version of MWR services, and each MWR location is unique in what it offers. The benefits available at each location will also vary from base to base, depending on the size of the military installation that particular MWR supports.

US Army MWR Program

Although the actual services will vary by location, you will have access to free or price-reduced activities, services, and equipment. Each MWR installation or program works to improve your quality of life and help save you money.

These are just a few of the cost-saving benefits you have access to through your local MWR installation.

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