Military Discounts

Military members make daily sacrifices to secure the freedom that many of us take for granted. Sometimes a simple “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough to properly thank all military members for their service on our behalf. Perhaps this is why thousands of stores around the nation offer military discounts to active service members, retirees, veterans, and in some cases, their family members.

We have done our best to verify each offer on this list of military discounts. Please help share this list with other military members and veterans who may be able to use these discounts. You can share them via FaceBook, Twitter, E-mail, or word of mouth.

General Rules About Military Discounts:

Here are some general rules of thumb regarding military discounts:

  • Most military discounts aren’t publicized – it never hurts to ask.
  • Most military discounts are only available to current military members. Some military discounts are available to all veterans, but in general, most discounts are for actively serving military members (some military discounts are extended to all veterans around major military holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July or Veteran’s Day).
  • Valid ID usually required. Most military discounts only apply if you have valid ID – usually a current Military ID Card or a retiree card
  • Other forms of ID may be acceptable. A Veterans Organization Card (e.g., American Legion and VFW), DD214, discharge paperwork, or other form of identification may work for some military discounts, particularly those around the major military holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July or Veteran’s Day).
  • Many military discounts vary by location. Many franchises leave discounts at the discretion of the owner.
  • Military discounts are not always the best offer. You may be able to find better deals by shopping around (airlines, hotels, and travel are good examples of times when shopping around may lead to bigger savings).
  • Many hotel chains will match max per diem rates for your area. Always ask.
  • Military discounts are a blessing, not a right. Discounts are offered out of kindness and respect for your service.

For veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan, please check out IAVA. Members there are offered vouchers to many retail stores, such as JC Penney.

Military Discounts and Special Offers

Additions or suggestions? Please contact us if you know of additional stores which offer military discounts. Please send a link to the store or discount so that we may share it with everyone. If you are a company representative, please send an e-mail from your company e-mail address so we can verify the offer. Please indicate if the military discount is an ongoing offer, or for a special event such as Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day (see our list of Veteran’s Day Discounts for specific offers).

Military Members File Taxes for Free!

Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other Retail Discounts

Guaranteed Low Prices…Now Even Lower

Education Benefits

You’ve earned your education benefits so use them and increase your earning power! Search GI Bill schools and other education opportunities.

VA Loan Information

A VA Loan is one of the best ways for a military veteran to afford a house. Be sure to get the right information before applying for your VA Loan!

Travel Discounts & Discounts on Flights

Traveling can be expensive. Thankfully there are a few good ways to save money. Many companies and locations offer military discounts. We have an in-depth article that discusses how and where military members and veterans can find travel discounts. Popular amusement parks such as Disney World, Sea World, and Anheuser-Busch offer discounts or even free admission to eligible military members. Find more info in the following links:

Try some of the following discounted travel outlets when making your next travel reservations:

Freebies and Sign up Bonuses

A little free money never hurt anyone! Try some of these discounts and freebies for a little extra spending money!

Check for updates!

Be sure to check back often! I will try to make new listings as new new deals become available. Be sure to spread the word. Your family members and squadron members will thank you!

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Date published: June 23, 2008. Last updated: July 15, 2014.

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Ryan Guina is the founder and editor of this site. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. You can also see his profile on Google.


  1. Ray Wheat says

    I didn’t see anything about old Navy on here. Here in Texas they give 10% off on the first every month , but most cashiers will give it regardless f the day. A VA ID is all I have ever used for the discount. Every bit helps.
    Thanks for a great site, and Thanks for Serving.
    Ray Wheat

  2. Shawn FActor says

    My wife and I have set a rule for our credit cards- On the back instead of signing, we have written- see ID, and everytime that credit card comes out of the wallet, so does our military IDs. You would be shocked how many companies are happy to thank you for your service and give you a discount. In these economic times, every little bit helps….and if all they do is thank you for your service well that will do too!

    • Ray says

      Great idea Shawn. I already do the “See ID” thing, but in the past have used my drivers lic. From now on I’ll use my AF retiree ID. Thank you.

    • thomas sutherland says

      Shawn my wife and I do the same on all of our cards, he is a funny for you. One day this elderly lady wouldnt take my card because my name was noe CID I had to tell her (about 10 times) that is not my name but asking you to c my id. anyways.

    • jack cooper says

      I’ll go you one better, I have check Military ID on my cards so that if one ever gets lost or not returned, it’s a lot harder for the incorrect user to have the proper ID requested.

  3. Edward Murry says

    Is there a reason Veterans don’t get that day off with pay ? Congress does banks even people who have not served. i have to take a vacation day to be off. y is that? i think every veteran should get that day off with pay.

    • B says

      I agree. I fought for that at the company I was with last year but ended up having to use PTO. Needless to say I’m not with that company anymore. Was discriminated against for being a disabled vet

    • gene strouth says

      I am a retired Army Vet. If all the military had Nov 11th off, who would be there to protect the USA? Obama

  4. ROSA GREEN says


  5. Lori says

    Sittercity (a nanny and sitter placement service) offers free memberships to military families. I don’t know if they offer special rates for deployed families, though. You’d have to ask your local branch. You can also visit their website:

  6. Ray S. says

    Once I was in Nike t0wn at the “outlett mall only,” my wife and I was doing one of our twice a year no hold bared or money limit shopping RV vacations and I was in niketown reaching for my debt card and laid my wallet on the check out desk; (I usually don’t carry my ID where it can be in public: however, I was previously on the base for the day and switched my driver lic with the Mil ID card now the ID could be seen and the check out young men said 10% I said for what? Military and the rest is history.. Remember Niketown and also Reebox.. Rebox I found out the same way..

  7. LeSa says

    I like to thank all the men and women who wear or have worn a uniform and who serves/served this great country of ours. Proud to be the daughter of a Vietnam Purple heart receiptient and the fiance of a 25 year vet.

  8. Steve Yang says

    in my experience… a lot of bars and clubs that aren’t around a military base tend to allow you to enter without cover when i submit my military id when i get carded…
    hey… 10 bucks saved to get in works for me!!! some even offer a free drink… good luck!

  9. jerry swinehart says

    pepboys in ne ohio will give a 10% discount to military and vets on tuesday-thursday on products and services. found out when i have a brake job recently …just asked manager at checkout was great about it absolutely no problem he said

  10. Rantana says

    Applebees will provide a free dinner on 11/11/11 for all Veterans… at least in Illinois they will.. They did the same discount last year as well.. Enjoy !! :)

  11. sarah tilford says

    thank you all serves men and womenfor all your giving so my childern, grand chnildern and great grand daughter are free to live in this country. to all who have lost love ones i pray for you all. God be with you.

    • Mary says

      To Sarah: Thank you for your expression of gratitude. When I was a young mother in 1985 I was called to active duty quite unexpectedly. I was in the middle of a divorce. I lost custody of my daughter (now 30) because the female judge said that women cannot be mothers and soldiers. I am so happy to see that the sentiment has changed in terms of appreciation, not condemnation. It makes me feel as though it was all worthwhile. May we all remain safe and secure in our county due to the sacrifices of our military members yesterday, today and tomorrow! I join you in thanking the men, women and families of our military.

  12. kathleen mcgregor says

    Please send me a list of retailers in lower bucks county who accepts the gi discount. Keep me updated. Thank you.

  13. Paul says

    Autozone gives a 10% discount every day to FOR I’D card holder.
    I live near Ft Campbell and many places offer a discount.
    You will find places that will give a discount near many bases even if the company normally doesn’t offer one. You need to ask.

  14. Steve S says

    Since I joined the American Legion I have found that even places that don’t offer a Veteran Discount will give one if asked. My wife has gotten to to ask where ever we go. So for all veterans out there reading this no matter where you shop or go ask for that veteran discount. You never know where you might get one. We were building a new garage a few years ago and when my wife was calling around looking for a dumpster she would ask and those who said no she thanked them and called another till one said “Well we’ve never had someone ask so we will cut out the drop off and pick up charge” Saved us like $150.00

  15. Dale says

    I resently went to Hoem Depot with a vic card. They would not accept it unless it had service connected disabled on it. I sereved my time during vietnam and can’t help it if I came home in one piece.

    • Kathy says

      Sorry but maybe you need to change Home depots. Because you get 10% no mater what, they just did not know what they were doing. All I am asked for is some kind of ID that I am a vet. I show them my VA card with no disabled on it, but I do have a disable. I wish you luck next time or just go to Lowes they also give a discount.

      • Jeff says

        I worked there this year. It has to say Service Disconnected and they have a photo copy of that at the registers. But, most do not check for that. Just do not be mean if some kid follows the rules. Most time you wont be asked though. ANd, for the record, they are he largest supporter of hiring and helping vets as far as retail goes. So they are doing their part even if they have that rule.

  16. Mike74 says

    Boardwalk burgers gives a wopping twenty percent discount to veterans and service members … their small fries is a extra large at any other place…
    I am not advertising ….

    I eat there all the time and I just cannot beat their deal and how much that is given for a small fry.

  17. Lori says

    Albertsons grocery stores (regional to the Southwest) offers one 10% Military discount day a month, and I get it all the time with my dependent card, my husband is retired and has no disability. They advertise this in their fliers and they always do it on or around veteran’s day.

    I have never had a problem using my dependent card at Home Depot for the discount, and my husband has zero disability, so if someone denies you, ask to speak to a manager.

    I also just found out recently that my state offers free admissions to all state parks to vets on veterans day, and also to many of the museums. Since the museums are $7 per person – I know what my family of four will be doing every year on veterans day! So look into what your state offers as well, I found that on our State VA website.

  18. Kathy says

    Thanks for the great info. I usual make a copy of all the discounts that Veterans get and give a copy to my American Legion post every year. I also send a copy to my sister and brother-in-law who served in the Air Force and my uncles that also served. I send a copy to my son but he always is out at sea for Veterans day.

  19. Debra says

    You would think that with how big McDonald’s and Burger King are, that they would do something for Military and Veterans, even if it was just the one day a year (If not all year long). But I have never seen anything about either one of them doing something for the military or veterans.

    Has anyone ever seen/heard of them doing something for us?

    • says

      Burger King and McDonald’s are typically franchises, and many are owned by individuals, not corporations. Usually discounts are up to the manager/owner, not the head corporation. That said, I have been to both restaurants and received a military discount. You do have to ask, and it is not a 100% guarantee since it is up to the owner’s discretion.

  20. Judy says

    My husband and I are both Vietnam veterans and all we have are DD214s. Would these savings also apply to us if we each carried a copy of our DD214 with us? I wish there was simple ‘veteran’ card available.

    • SGT " Stormy Weather " Tomsett says

      A lot of states are now putting a VETERAN stamp on your drivers licence,u might check with yours. Kentucky started it this year now my wife can get it on hers so she won’t have to carry her dd-214 around anymore.

  21. Laura says

    We were recently buying a car at a Kia Dealership in Beaverton, OR. On the walls they had ” I (heart)” stickers with every profession you could think of, including veterans. I asked the salesman if they,by chance, happen to give a discount to veterans & he said they did. All my hubby had to do was show his DD214, which he didn’t have on him. We filled out all the paperwork & took the car home that day. They trusted him to bring the form back the next day. I can’t remember if we saved $50 or $500, but I was glad I asked. Since OR has no sales tax, we saved a ton of money there, as well. If you live in the Portland, OR area, & you are looking to buy a car, go see James Salon at Beaverton Kia. James even drove papers up to our house on his day off, in order to get my signature on a form we didn’t know I needed to sign.

  22. gene strouth says


  23. Larry says

    Thank you so much for this website. Very cool and useful. All of the free meals are overwhelmingly appreciated. It is too bad that this was not happening to vets after Viet Nam. Not so much love shown.

  24. Lisa Brown says

    Payless Shoes and New York and Company both offer 10% military discount any day of the week. Outback Steakhouse gives a free appetizer with military ID any time you ask about any special deals for the military. Lens Crafters also offered us a military discount the other day.

  25. John says

    I was getting discount at Lowes till early 2012 with DD214, but manager said company has change policy and only give discount to those holding current and maybe retired ID’s, no more DD214.

  26. Bill Abdale says

    I was in a local Subway recently, and they had all these “We support our troops” signs all over the place, so I asked if they gave a military discount of any kind. The surprising answer, considering all the signage? – “NO.”

  27. Bo Ngiraingas says

    Nike Premium Outlets give 10% military discount everyday. Show valid military ID at register to receive discount.

  28. Bridgette says

    Just moved to AR and was asked if I wanted to include Vet on my lic. Not sure yet who may offer discounts. We live close to Mountain Home AR and about 2hrs from Branson MO. Does anyone have names of merchants that offer discounts? I’d also like to to thank all my fellow VETS and current service members for all they have done to help keep this country free for my family. God Bless and keep you.

  29. Frank J says

    I ran into the problem with Lowes not honoring their military discount. I’m a disabled Viet Nam veteran and I’m in the process of building a new home. My intention was to buy lots from Lowes using their 10% discount. I was told that I must have a military ID or a VA card. I told them I did not have either, but I did have my DD214, my VA letter stating my disability and my Bronze star letter for Viet Nam service. They would not even look at my letters and just stated that I must have a VA card. I told them that I have not used the VA in over 25 years and I have no need to, so why would I have a VA card? They refused my discount, Lowes does not care about veterans at all.

    • says

      I understand your point of view, but unfortunately, Lowe’s and Home Depot have both had a lot of fraud from people claiming to be veterans when they weren’t. They instituted policies to streamline which forms of ID they accept. It’s unfortunate some people would try to take advantage of Lowe’s and Home Depot, but it’s their policy.

      The good news is that you can qualify for a VA ID Card. Here is the information we have about VA health care eligibility and VA ID cards.

      Getting a VA ID card may make it easier to get a discount. It may also help to let the manager know that you are planning on buying a lot of material in the coming weeks, and you are happy to take your business to the competing store if they aren’t willing to work with you. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are extremely competitive with each other and won’t want to lose your business. Best of luck, and thanks for your service!

  30. Dennis L. says

    Ryan Guina: A rep at the VA office told me you can only get a VA ID card if you are eligible for health care benefits. My income makes me ineligible, so I couldn’t get the ID card. Wish I could – it would make getting the discounts much easier.

    I do appreciate all of the information and comments.

    • says

      Thanks for the feedback, Dennis. This is true, you need to be eligible for VA Health care to be eligible to obtain a VA ID card. However, many veterans are eligible for VA health care based on their service dates, service connected disabilities, or by other means, I encourage everyone to at least apply for VA health care to see if they are eligible, even if they would have to pay out of pocket. That would help many people obtain a VA issued ID card, or give them another means for health care should something happen to their primary means. Here is an article with more information about VA Health Care Eligibility.

  31. Jon says

    Check out they are getting the retailers to use online military verification. Awesome stuff and tons of useful discounts like Troopswap, under armor, etc.

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